Top 10 Table Fans In India 2020 – Best Reviews & Price List

Indian summers are nothing less than that of a nightmare. To get relief from the scorching heat makers have brought up the most stylish and effective table fans with a cost-effective budget for consumer satisfaction. The Table fans are compact and portable in summers they come handy most of the times and are good for ventilation around the home. These fans are affordable and good enough to cool rooms during blistering Indian summers.

With global warming on the rise, it’s no brainer that summer season is going to take a toll on us by making gradually difficult to bear weather conditions every season. To get past this blazing heat you can’t simply rely on air conditioners alone. For any middle-class family paying the extra bill for electricity is a big pain. To get consumers a sigh of relief table fans, pedestal fans comes handy. We’ll explain about pedestal fan in a bit. Getting back to table fans they’re capable of giving you direct air. Having a table fan is portable and one of the best ways to escape the blazing blistering heat of the sun. To help you get the best table fan we’ve come up with the top 10 best table fan options you can choose for your home this season. This list is made after a careful observation bearing in mind all the important aspect from a consumer perspective including the latest technological advances.

Best 10 Table Fan in India

V-Guard Multiutility Fan- Selfee 225mm Yellow Black

The warm days of summer can turn out to be exasperating. Save yourself from the blazing scorching heat this summer, all you need is to invest in any of these best table fans and enjoy the Indian summer season. It can be placed effortlessly and is the best answer for all your cooling needs.

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  • A personal compact fan which may be mounted on wall and table
  • Offers bi-axial position adjustment (a 180 degree and the other is 360 degree)
  • Operates at full speed only to offer an unmatched wind speed
  • Provides an adequate sweep size at 225mm for an average-sized room
  • Comes with air delivery of 40m3/min and dominant speed at 2600 RPM

Usha Maxx Air 400mm Table Fan (Blue)

Table fans are exceptionally suitable as you can place them close or in any space for prompt relief from the blistering heat. The Usha Maxx air table fan is a handy fan which not only marks better on performance but then also has nice facets. This Usha fan is incited by a robust motor that gives a striking performance with 400mm sweep and air delivery of 85cmm, which is appropriate even for large size rooms. The fan moreover features a pivot design that lets jerk-free and continual oscillation for consistent air supply.

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  • Novel base design and embellished style
  • Fan with high air delivery
  • Aerodynamically designed see-through PP blades
  • It is Jerk-free and uniform oscillation
  • The product comes with one year warranty

Usha Maxx Air 400mm Table Fan (White)

Stay chill despite hot summers with the help of Usha Maxx Air table fan. With a reach size of 400mm and aerodynamically built oscillation, the Usha table fan will give incessant and cool air flow even over more spaces, making it an enjoyable choice for your living rooms. With jerk-free pulsation, a quick promptness a high-performance motor, the table fan will shield every angle of your spaces. The fancy base and embellished design of the fan will add up to your home décor.

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  • Multi-purpose fan
  • Novel base design and decorative style
  • Table fan with high air delivery
  • Aerodynamically designed lucent PP blades
  • It comes with a uniform oscillation and Jerk-free properties
  • The product comes with a one year warranty.       

Grow more Enterprise High-Quality JY ER 5590 Powerful Rechargeable Fan

Your home and office need the finest cooling solutions during the hot months of summer. This high-quality table fan is the best solution for all your needs in any manner. Offered to you by the reliable manufacturers, the fan is best for cooling all those hot climates that are a nightmare. The rasping design of the fan allows it to be used in both your offices and home spaces and is easy to uphold and use.

top 10 table fan in india

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  • This table fan can be charged using solar panel boards. The 2 in 1 7″ Inch leaf table fan works in AC and DC when you ran out of power
  • The table fan can be easily mounted in fall and can be placed on the table, and also can be approved wherever easily; it comes with the light-weighted rechargeable fan.
  • It is flexible and the fan height can be attuned sheer.
  • The light can last up to 8 Hours, fan lasts on high speed 4-6 Hours Low 6-8 Hours. 21 LED bright light, high-speed fan with 2 Level flexible speeds.
  • The color-changing lights come with batteries which have good hours of light-time and can be relieved naturally.

Powerpak 4-Inch Rechargeable Battery USB Mini Fan

This summer, bring home this Powerpak table fan which can be simply placed on a table to provide you fresh air. You can use the same in the kitchen and also on your work table or office space. This multi-featured fan is the best way to continue stress-free. With a powerful 3-speed level providing you a strong breeze of air at a velocity of 2800rpm, this fan will give you faster cooling. If you are looking for a stylish table fan, then the Powerpak table fan is certainly the best table fan of your choice.

best table fans in india

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  • It comes with USB Rechargeable Fan
  • It offers high-speed fan with 3 Speed Level
  • It is small and compact in size
  • It comes with a replaceable battery
  • The product has a rechargeable battery which works for 30-35 min only.

Absales Mini Portable Super Mute Metal USB Cooling Desktop Fan for laptop PC etc

If you work in a compact office space and require good aeration for your space then this could be your best pick. As this table fan is a strong and handy fan that gives a strong cooling effect with less consumption. It has two step speed controls as well as multi-directional change for a simple 90-degree revolution in the vertical plane and 360-degree rotation in the parallel plane.

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  • Power source plug: USB
  • Mesa:155 x 105 x 155 mm
  • W.: 416 g5) Voltage: DC 5V
  • Voltage: DC 5 V .6)Power consumption: 2.5±0.25 W
  • It is eco-friendly, good for performance, easy on the pocket 

Prime Ecom Mini Portable USB Rechargeable 3-Mode Fan

Prime Ecom Mini Portable High-Speed Table fan brings the best of fashion, remarkable design as well as performance to your home as well as an office. It is made to perform even under low power circumstances and increase airflow which makes it one of the best table fans. It typically comes with high speed and efficient blades. It increases life to your living and work rooms even as it pacifies and fresh every corner. The fan is made for better air transfer in addition to lower temperature rise. It is made for various spaces and room bear in mind the different needs of each space.

top best table fans in 2018

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  • The structure of this fan is exceptional and trendy.
  • Using the brush and unblemished motor, to make sure the high winds and canned.
  • An intelligent control system, dependable performance, which is a fully useful and easy operation.
  • The standard USB interface, can mix and match digital devices, such as desktop computers, laptops, USB connector, car charger and so on, plug and play
  • Battery Specification 18650Li-ion
  • The fan is functioned by USB of Rechargeable Battery and charge via An Android charger.
  • Using the worldwide standard 18650 capacity lithium batteries, that can be castoff and low cost, more worldwide.

Bajaj Ultima PT01 14 Inch Small Table Fan (White)  

Stay cool this summer regardless of hot summers with the help of Bajaj Ultima PT01. With a range size of 14 inches and aerodynamically erected oscillation, the Bajaj table fan will give incessant and cool air flow even over more spaces, making it a pleasant choice for your rooms. Through jerk-free vibration, a rapid speed a high-performance motor, the table fan will cover each corner of your home spaces. The elegant base and attractive design of the fan will add up to your home décor.

best table fans in india

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  • The range size is 14 Inches
  • A graceful high-speed fan with modern looks
  • Powerful motor for higher air delivery, particularly intended for Indian conditions
  • Aerodynamically designed with PP blades
  • It comes with a compact design with powder coated guards

Havells Swing Platina 400mm Wall Fan (White)

Havells Swing Platina is an ideal choice for your compact office space and good ventilation.  The Havells swing platina table fan is one of the most famous fans from Havells. It has two step speed controls as well as multi-directional modification for a simple 90-degree spin in the vertical plane and 360-degree rotation in the horizontal plane. In the parallel world, unlike most table fans, these Havells fans offer quiet operation that allows you to think about your work minus the off-putting noise.

top 10 table fans

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  • High-performance motor for better air delivery
  • Jerk free oscillation and smooth running
  • Aerodynamically designed balanced heavy duty PP blades
  • It is superior low voltage performance

Orient Electric Desk-25 400mm Table Fan

This summer, bring home this Orient Electric Desk-25 400mm Table Fan which can be easily placed on a table to provide you fresh air. You can use the same while making food in the kitchen and working on your table. This multi-featured table fan is one of the best ways to remain stress-free. This fan will give you faster cooling. If you are looking for a stylish personal fan, then the Orient Electric Desk Table Fan is definitely the best table fan of your choice.

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  • Equipped with an aerodynamically intended resin blades
  • Offers an assembly of 3-speed piano button controls
  • Provides all-around air delivery with 90-degree oscillation
  • Comes with adaptable downward and upward tilt mechanism
  • Added protection with the powder covered guard with polymer ring

Best Table Fan – Buying Guide

For selecting the best table fan, you would need to understand what actually makes a table stand-out among the rest. There are certain parameters that resolve whether a table fan is worthy or not. We have come up with some of the top aspects below that would help you catch hold of a quality table fan:

Fan Size

The table fans are available in a variety of sizes. The smaller ones are ideal for placing on shop counters, desks, or for any other personal usage. Additionally, the average sized table fans are perfect for a single room that is accommodated by a small family or bachelors.

Build Material

In the olden times, the table fans were manufactured using metal. The table fan’s body was generally crafted out of steel or iron. Gradually with time, the manufacturers started incorporating several other materials and metals like PVC. The metallic table fans are appropriate for heavy-duty or outdoor usage. They are pretty prevalent material for the bigger fans but the difficulty with metallic fans is that tend to catch rust pretty easily. Hence, you should always opt to buy a Fiber or PVC designed table fan. They are not just cheap but are moreover practical and durable.

Detachable Grill or Mesh

The table fan’s central functionality is to rotate and allow the passage of air from several directions to a single direction. Therefore, it is completely reasonable that it can certainly attract dust. The table fan comes with a front attached grill, which requires being easily detachable since it assists you to clean the fan when needed. Preferably, choose the table fans that don’t require being assembled using screws but are quick fit.


Another serious problem associated with the table fans is the noise generated by them. However, the latest table fans are virtually noiseless or generate lesser noise. The level of noise generated by a table fan varies from one table fan to the other. On the other hand, there are a few people who in fact like the sound generates by the fan. It is the idyllic white noise that tends to relax a few people in some manner.

Swing Oscillation

The table fan oscillation signifies the capability to move, swing or rotate or move side-by-side to deliver air in several directions. Whilst there are some fans, which provide automated swing, there are some more fans offering either unidirectional flow of air or need to be oscillated through manually. Thus, you need to have a look at the specifications of the table fan to check whether it comes with swing oscillation or not.


The manufacturer warranty is another significant factor since it is going to defend you against any damage that is caused owing to a manufacturing defect. A classic table fan offers a warranty ranging from 1 to 2 years. Moreover, in the market, there are table fan manufacturers offering a warranty period that goes past the 2 years mark. So, going through the product specifications is pretty significant if you want to purchase a quality product be it a table fan or any other electronic appliance.

What are The Benefits that you can Leverage after Buying a Table Fan?

As we said, a table fan is very efficient. It is just not only a fan but can give you a cooling effect just like an air conditioner. Read below to learn the benefits of buying a table fan.

  • It is way too cheaper than other air circulation products.
  • It requires no installation or fittings.
  • It is environment-friendly and doesn’t cause pollution as it gives minimum carbon emissions.
  • It ingests significantly less wattage power which means it is easy on your pocket.
  • The best part about using a table fan is that it makes the most of the working efficiency of an air conditioner by consistently mingling its air. This will cut over usage of the air conditioner and thus, cut electric bills and environmental pollution.
  • As it is a table fan you can place it close and experience ultimate cooling experience.

we all know a good air circulation is an inevitable way to good health. In fact, it is one of the best means to stay fit and energetic as good aeration keeps bad whiffs, detrimental gases, and all sorts of scums at bay. Here’s when pedestal fan comes handy dandy.  An appropriate aeration device keeps you away from any sort of catastrophic damage. These types of fans are a means to make sure proper aeration in at your place. These are necessary almost in all areas of your home particularly in restrooms, kitchens as these places carry most of the odor, gases, fumes, and moisture. Who likes to sit in a room full of the odor?  The ideal resolution to keep such galling situations away is to invest in a good pedestal fan, exhaust fan or a ceiling fan to leave your room fresh and healthy. Since we’re living in the age of variety and there are so many brands offering the same kind of products with various revisions and features.

Advantages of the table fan

The most convenient accessory to cool easily is undoubtedly the table fan. It is compact and lightweight, to be carried easily from one room to another, and to take the least possible space in the house. It allows us to support more easily the hot weather, both day and night.

Why choose a table fan?

This is the simplest of all fans; it is small and compact and usually serves to refresh a single person. The table fan keeps the rating and it always sells better than column fans or ceiling fans. It has indeed some non-negligible advantages.
The price: We know that the price remains an important criterion of choice. Not everyone has a huge budget for the purchase of a fan and the table model remains the least expensive. There are actually table fans at all prices, with performance equivalent to tower fans, much more expensive.
A table fan takes up little space. It can be easily placed on furniture in the living room, in a corner of the room or on a bedside table. It is small and light, easily transportable from one room to another. In addition, at the end of the summer, it is easily stored in a closet; it does not clutter us too much. Of course, it's ideal for an apartment.
It is very simple to use and move. Thus, everyone can use it without any problem, including the elderly, sometimes unaccustomed to this kind of equipment, or not having enough strength to move a much heavier foot fan.
Good Performance
All table fans are usually powerful enough to effectively refresh their user. Even the entry-level devices provide a certain airflow that will be sufficient at a short distance. They are small but effective!

Characteristics of the oscillation

Now, what is this? These table fan features allow your blade to rotate 180 degrees in a different direction. If you have a small meeting in your home, this fan can also circulate air throughout the room. Another important advantage of this function is that you can control this mode when necessary. By turning on the switch in normal mode, you can get air in one direction
Smaller fans, often used for one person, do not always have oscillation. Indeed, we will not necessarily need the fan to walk from left to right while we are alone in front of him. The larger models with a diameter of 30 cm all have this function. This effectively ventilates the room.
The high-end fans will offer some additional options. One can, for example, find a “Turbo” mode, which allows ventilating in maximum power. It is quite noisy, but we will quickly refresh a room, or evacuate the smell of cooking. It is rather practical. A night mode will bring a fairly low speed, with an ideal positioning of the engine that makes the least noise possible. This is obviously perfect for those looking for a bit of wind, but do not support the thud that some table fans do.
Finally, some models may offer a timer to program the fan shutdown. It is rather useful for a room when you want to fall asleep with the fan to cool off, but you do not want to be awakened by the latter if it is cooler in the morning.

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