10 Best Usha Ceiling Fans In India

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Need a ceiling fan for the coming summer season? Reviewed here are the Best Usha Ceiling Fans, which are going to provide you with the cool and pleasant breeze that you need to resist that scorching heat of the summers. This Top 10 Usha Fans listing comprises of every sort of Usha ceiling fans available on the offline market for a discounted price. If you want to keep yourself prepared for the approaching summer season, buying any one of these Usha fans would be the best option.

10 Best Usha Ceiling Fans In India


Apart from that, in case you are planning to give your living room a makeover and want to install a lighting ceiling fan, we have provided it to you in the below-given Top 10 Listing. So, for every sort of ceiling fan need or requirement, we have an option ready for you. Go through our comprehensive ceiling fan reviews, and we are certain about the fact that you won’t be experiencing any problem.

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The Best Usha Ceiling Fans In India You Can Buy Today

1. Usha Striker Platinum 1200mm Ceiling Fan

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The stylish and powerful Usha Striker Platinum Ceiling Fan is a unit which is definitely going to add even better aesthetics to your bedroom or living room. This ceiling fan comprises of aerodynamically designed blades that offer wider air spread owing to the high-lift angle.

The ball bearing is of V2-grade, which provides you with the quiet operation as well as durability. To enhance the performance and for longer life, this ceiling fan has been laminated with the superior-grade electric steel. Since this fan has been amazingly designed to augment the décor of your room, it becomes the best choice for you.

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Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Superior aesthetics with lacquer metallic paint
  • Blades with aerodynamic design for wider air spread
  • Quiet operation and durability with the V2-grade ball bearing
  • Amazingly designed to match your modern living room décor
  • Longer life with high-class electric steel lamination or coating
  • Performs pretty well even at low output voltage

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2. Usha Diplomat 1200 mm 3 Blades Ceiling Fan

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The range of Usha Diplomat ceiling fans provides the finest of styles as well as performance even at a really reasonable price or costing. The modest, characteristic design matches every single kind of household décor. The polished, powder-glazed finish imparts them an eye-catching design and appearance.

These ceiling fans from the range of Usha fans perform pretty well even when there voltage outages or the voltage is low. The blades of these fans comprise of a high lift angle that makes it eligible to offer a pretty wider air spread for utmost relaxation for the user.

[amazon box=”B01FXDS2XA”]

Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Designed having a classic outline to match every home décor
  • Glossy powder coated paint for amazing finish and durability
  • Offers high-lift angle blades for extensive air spread
  • Clocks amazing rotations per minute for superior airflow
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty for user convenience
  • Performs pretty well at the time of voltage outages and low voltage

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3. Usha Fontana Maple 1250mm Ceiling Fan

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For those who want a classy fan for their modern living room, the Usha Fontana Maple ceiling fan offers the aesthetics that you need to match the feel and appearance of your room. This ceiling fan from Usha comprises wide tip blades for superior air delivery and 3-speed pull cord control for regulating the speed of the blades as per your convenience and requirement.

Also, the stylish high-gloss electroplated motor with detachable under light to enhance the performance of the fan. Furthermore, it comprises of separate chains for controlling the lights and the speed of the fan.

[amazon box=”B009ZBCP0S”]

Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Chic high-gloss electroplated motor with detachable under lights
  • Offers distinct chain cords for controlling the light and the speed
  • Comes with wider tip blades for maximum air delivery
  • Comprises of a 3-speed pull cord control for regulating the speed
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty for after purchase support
  • Works pretty well even when there is a voltage shortcoming

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4. Usha Doraemon Basketball 1200mm Kids Ceiling Fan

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There are a few people that design and arrange their kid’s room in really distinct and fashionable way so that the person who enters into the room immediately gets the feel that he has entered a kid’s room.

Designed for such rooms is the Usha Doraemon Basketball ceiling fan, which is going to make you child really happy seeing his or her favorite character whenever he or she is off to bed. Apart from that, the 2-years warranty from Usha is going to take care of all the problems that you face after the purchase. The bottom cover of this fan is stationary and doesn’t move with the fan.

[amazon box=”B009ZBCWKG”]

Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Exclusively designed for kids having a stationary bottom cover
  • Offers a really extensive air spread with the high-lift angle blades
  • The ceiling fan works pretty well even during voltage outages
  • Comprises of the wider tip blades for amazing air delivery
  • Easily matches the interiors of any room assigned for kids
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty on the product

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5. Usha CF Verta Plus 1200mm Ceiling Fan

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This ceiling fan from Usha comprises of a specially intended motor coupled up with the broader tip blades to deliver optimal air delivery. It further comprises of an eye-catching big size motor consisting of the embellished rims and twin-tine outcroppings over its blades.

The high-grade electric steel lamination or coating blesses this fan with a really long life and lower power intake. This fan has capability to save nearly 25 percent of the electricity, credits to the 5-star BEE rating. The V2-grade ball bearing that has been installed in this device makes it whisper quiet and enhances durability.

[amazon box=”B014CX5XV6″]

Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Uniquely designed motor having extended tip blades
  • Enhances the look and feel of the room owing to the glossy finish
  • Offers an amazing air-delivery for utmost comfort and relaxation
  • Comprises of decorative rims to further enhance the appearance
  • Clocks at an RPM of 330 for offering air to every corner
  • Covered with the 2-year warranty for after-sales support

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6. Usha Aerostyle 1200mm Ceiling Fan

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The Aerostyle Ceiling Fan from Usha is here to provide you with an eye-catching design and grander performance. The shiny powder glazed paint offers this ceiling fan an amazing finish and a superior durability.

Comprising of an astonishingly high speed of about 350 RPM, the Usha Aerostyle 1200mm Ceiling Fan is certainly the best fan for your house within this particular category. Having this ceiling fan allows you to enjoy the abundant air spread in every single junction of your room even while the fan is experiencing a voltage outage or is operating on a pretty low voltage.

[amazon box=”B06X1CH2YR”]

Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Offers superior performance coupled up with an attractive design
  • Provides you with a wider air spread via high-lift angle of blades
  • Comes with a shiny powder-coated paint for providing longer life
  • The ceiling fan is capable enough to work easily at low voltages
  • Superior air delivery, 350 RPM high-speed, and 1200mm sweep
  • Covered with a 2-year warranty for the user’s peace of mind

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7. Usha Striker Galaxy 1200mm Ceiling Fan

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From the range of Striker ceiling fans from Usha, comes the Striker Galaxy 1200mm Ceiling fan, which comprises of the lacquer metallic paint for superior aesthetics. This ceiling fan also comprises of the high-lift angle blades for superior air spread and has been further intended to match the interiors or the décor of your room with a whole lot of ease.

The superior grade electric steel lamination of this ceiling fan ensures durability and provides a longer life. Furthermore, the Usha Syriker Galaxy comprises of the V2 ball bearing for a really quiet operation and blesses the fan with a longer life.

[amazon box=”B06WW8BLJN”]

Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Offers superior aesthetics with the lacquer metallic paint
  • The blades have been designed aerodynamically for superior air spread
  • High-grade electric steel lamination provides it the essential durability
  • Comes with V2 ball bearings for really quiet function and longer life
  • The fan has been intended beautifully to match the overall décor
  • Provides at outstanding RPM along with a decent air delivery

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8. Usha New Trump 1200mm Ceiling Fan

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This ceiling fan from the wide-range of Usha fans offers you with the ideal combination of outstanding quality and splendid performance. Recognized for its smooth, care-free outline and superior operating speed, the Usha New Trump color ceiling fan is perfectly going to turn every single turning of your room pretty cool as well as comfortable whilst further corresponding its décor immaculately.

The users or the buyers must purchase the Usha New Trump ceiling fan for its dependable functions, eye-catching looks, and the inexpensive pricing.

[amazon box=”B009ZBCUU8″]

Why Do We Recommend It?

  • This is a sleek, care-free fan at optimal and appropriate cost
  • Comes with high-lift angle blades for extensive air spread & thrust
  • Offers superior finish and durability with glossy powder coated paint
  • Improved life owing to the high-permeability electric steel lamination
  • At low voltage as well, this ceiling fan does the job pretty effectively
  • Covered by a 2-year warranty for the user’s peace of mind

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9. Usha Spin 1200mm 3-Blade Ceiling Fan

[amazon fields=”B06XMXHVZL” value=”button”]

There are a lot of people who don’t want a really chic ceiling fan model for their space since they just want them to install them in their shop or their working place where the look and feel doesn’t really matter that much. The Usha Spin ceiling fan is a really modest ceiling fan having the classic design coupled up with the standard white color.

Apart from that, this fan comprises of the high-grade electric steel lamination for enhanced durability. It further comprises of the glossy powder coated paint for superior finish as well as longer life or durability.

[amazon box=”B06XMXHVZL”]

Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Consumes pretty less power for decreasing those electricity bills
  • Comes with superior high-permeability grade electric steel lamination
  • Performs amazingly well even when there is a voltage outage
  • The shiny powder coated paint provides longer life and superior finish
  • Appropriate for those who don’t want any frills with their ceiling fan
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty on the product for after purchase support

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10. Usha Striker Galaxy 600mm Ceiling Fan

[amazon fields=”B07RCVWSS1″ value=”button”]

Accurate to its tag, the Usha Striker galaxy ceiling fan is capable of swiftly circulating the cool air to every single corner of your room where you have installed the unit. The shiny powder coated paint provides this ceiling fan with an exceptional finish and the sophisticated brown color flawlessly complements any panache of color penchant or the décor of your room.

Having a 600mm of air sweep together with the outstanding 830 RPM, this Usha fan is ultimate for small bedrooms, room for kids, the study region, and even the office compartments and promises unruffled indoor relief in this hot weather.

[amazon box=”B07RCVWSS1″]

Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Functions pretty amazingly even when the voltage is low
  • Offers wider air spread with the high-lift angle blades
  • Comes with superior high permeability grade electric steel lamination
  • Effective for smaller bedrooms, study rooms, or office cubicles
  • Comes with a superior finish of glossy powder-coated paint for long life
  • Usha covers the ceiling fan with a 2-year warranty for after-sales support

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As India is a tropical nation, the ceiling fans are a necessity for all the homes. These fans would help you feel relaxed inside your room by air circulation. There is an extensive diversity of fans to select out of, from modest finishes to embellished, 4 blades to 3 blades, low noise to dominant air delivery. Such manifold choices would turn it tough to select an appropriate fan, so here we are to make your choice easier: Below we are going to discuss some important facts that are going to assist our users in selecting the right fan for their house.

Benefits Of Using Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are the most popular type of fans seen in almost every Indian household. Using ceiling fans have many benefits to offer. So, when you are spending thousands behind your purchase, you should better know some of those benefits that you should expect from your fan. Knowing the advantages help you to understand the product in a better way. Therefore, we have come up with a list of such benefits that any ceiling fan would offer you. So, you would know it better whether you need one or not. Also, make sure you consider the buyer's guide thoroughly to get the best fan out of your budget. Remember, only a quality purchase can offer you something that you desire.

Makes Your Room Windy And Breezy 

Ceiling fans are the most famous type of fans available in the market. They are powerful enough to fill your room with cool breezy air. During the summer, a ceiling fan can simply make your room feel up to 8 degrees cooler than what it is. You can lean the blade edges further to get even more air effect inside your room. Go for a powerful fan that can fill every corner of your room with soothing cool air during summer. 

Can Keep Your Room Warm During Winter

All of us are aware of the fact that the ceilings fans are used to keep the temperature low during summer. It drags the cooler air up, thus making your room cooler during summer days. But, when you rotate the blades or run the fan clockwise, the effect becomes opposite. It then pushes the warm air downwards, making your room warm during winter. This rotation not only warms up your room but also creates a breeze which can help relieve the stuffiness in the room. Hence, ceiling fans are also a great appliance that you can use in winter to keep your room warm and fresh. 

Energy Efficient 

Are you tired of paying hefty electricity bills every month? This bill increases even further during the summer. Nowadays, most of the families in town use air conditioners which consume more energy than ceiling fans. Research shows that using a fan can save you up to 40% on your electricity costs. You can also run a ceiling fan while using your air conditioner to cool your room faster. Thus, your AC will have to work less, and you will be able to save more energy. Also, in case your AC stops working, ceiling fans are always a great back up option to consider. 


Ceiling fans are safer as compared to the pedestal fans. If you have children at home, they are always at a risk of getting hurt by those pedestal fans which are easy to reach. But, unlike pedestal fans, ceiling fans are installed on the ceiling. Hence, these are always out of reach of anyone in your home. Thus, you can use a ceiling fan without worrying about anyone getting hurt.

Some Things To Know About The Mechanism Of Ceiling Fans

How does a Ceiling fan cool the room?

A ceiling fan is going to cool your room down by generating the “wind chill effect”; and not through decreasing the room temperature. The effect generated by the fan is going to make you feel comfortable by quickening the vaporization of sweat on your skin. It is the sensation you acquire whilst the window of a moving car is opened.

In case you turn on the ceiling fan of a room having a temperature at 27 degrees, it is going to generate a “wind chill effect” making you sense like the temperature has gone down to 22 degrees. When utilized in combination with an AC, a ceiling fan might help in diminishing the energy costs, since you may fix the thermostat of your AC at a greater temperature setting.

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How Does A Ceiling Fan Cool The Room?


How essential is the ceiling fan’s motor?

A ceiling fan is equipped with a motor, which is the most indispensable component. For an instance, the motors having high power proficiency might be harmonized with high pitch sweptback blades to supply high-level of air at minor speed/RPM and henceforth lower noise. Therefore, for a ceiling fan to function competently and commendably, the motor’s features should be planned to counterpart the blades.

The customary ceiling fans comprise single-phase electronic motors. Such types of motors are characteristically of lower productivity. With the requirement to save energy alternative, motor equipment is being discovered. The Brushless DC motor is a kind of technology, which is above two times as proficient. There are constant active improvements to turn BLDC further cost-effective to quicken its arrangement.

What is the blade pitch of the ceiling fan and why is it significant?

It is an angle, which is calculated in degrees, amongst a 180-degree horizontal surface and the blade tilt of the fan. It is the blade angle that makes a variance in the volume of air the fan would be able to flow all over the room. This blade pitch degree is going to permit your ceiling fan to circulate the appropriate volume of air – not extravagantly or really little.

A decent manner to comprehend how the blade pitch maneuvers the air movement is to associate the fan blades to the rowboat oars. In case you have ever had a shot at rowing a boat, you recognize that if you place the oars inside the water almost flat, it is going to require really less effort to row; but even though you row really fast, the boat would move pretty gently. However, if you slant the oars at a sharp angle inside the water, it is going to become pretty tough to row the boat, but every stroke would make considerable progress. You are going to require being much stronger and in superior shape to withstand a greater rate of speed for any time period in the latter situation.

This norm relates to the ceiling fan’s airflow too. The ceiling fan’s air delivery is an outcome of its aerodynamics. The aerodynamic is administered by its blade length, blade pitch, and motor features. Therefore, greater speed /RPM don’t certainly affect a greater air delivery. This is a conjoint slip-up one does in choosing a fan by taking decisions relying on a distinct parameter such as RPM.

This is the reason why the prominent fan manufacturers continuously experience several testing and designing procedure to make sure that the blade features and the power of the motor match one another.

Can we use ceiling fans during the winter season?

It might appear somewhat odd if you use the ceiling fans during the peak winter season, but the contemporary fans are manufactured for constant use and save your money equally on cooling and heating charges. This might be attained by altering the rotational direction of the ceiling fan. Relying on the model you select, the direction of the ceiling fan might be altered by means of a reverse switch provided on the motor of the fan or by using a remote control.

Ceiling Fan Direction in Winter Season: Clockwise

Throughout the winter season, the ceiling fans might assist the heating systems to function more competently. Get the direction of the blades reversed and make sure that the fan is at a low-speed setting. The ceiling fan's moderate ascending draft is going to power any warm air aggregated close to the ceiling to flow down and about the living area.

The contemporary ceiling fans are crafted relying on the lifestyle requirements in which a ceiling fan not just acts as a device to make the setting comfortable but moreover adds an artistic appeal to your space.

Ceiling Fan Direction in Summer Season: Anti-Clockwise

At the time of the summer season, you need to make the fan blades move anti-clockwise to make the air flow downwards and generate a cooling gentle wind so you might be able to set the thermostat at an upper setting and even then feel cooler whilst saving your money on electricity.

Personal Recommendation

Since we have now extensively reviewed every single Usha Ceiling Fans on our Top 10 listing, it is going to be really easy for customers to choose the ceiling fan that would appropriately go with the overall aesthetics of their room and fulfill their requirements. The Best Usha Ceiling Fans that we have reviewed here comprise of at least one fan which is going to match the requirement of one or another user. But, in case, there still are a few customers that aren’t able to locate the ceiling fan they must buy or are unable to make a choice, then they must go with our personal suggestion for sure.

The ceiling fan that we are going to recommend to our customers is this one:

[amazon box=”B009ZBCP0S” template=”list”]

The Usha Fontana Maple 1250mm Ceiling Fan, which comes in with the most eye-catching appearance that is going to match the need of every person who needs a premium ceiling fan model for their modern living room. But, in case, you don’t want such a lavish ceiling fan model, then you may buy the Usha Striker Platinum 1200mm Ceiling Fan, which comprises of all the specifications that a customer would like to have in a ceiling fan.

Top Usha Fans To Buy – Products Table


Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide For Purchasing Ceiling Fans

The fans are an appropriate and inexpensive solution to dodging the heat that you experience in the Indian summers. The decisive aspect for choosing fans previously was the functionality as well as the performance, but during this point in time, people are often also searching for the fashionable and elegant fans.

Obtainable in an overabundance of shades and textures, fans are at present an interior beautification item. There are several points or aspects that one should bear in mind when they are buying a fan for their house or any commercial place. This ceiling fan buyer’s guide is going to assist you in narrowing down your hunt for the impeccable fan centered on your need and budget.

Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide For Purchasing Ceiling Fans



The determining factor of every single home product is the price tag that it comes with. The price of fans varies from the inexpensive to some really expensive ones. The cost of the fans rests on the brand as well as the fan’s performance. In case you are on a constricted budget, then you might find it easier to opt for the used or second-hand fans. Although these ceiling fans might not offer you with the topmost performance, they are sufficient for reasonable usage. In case you are searching for a large commercial fan for installing in the offices, events, or the warehouses, you might as well get these fans on rent.

Some more features that you must bear in mind whilst choosing a ceiling fan for your home are as follows:


A majority of fans have been made up of plastic material, which is durable as well as light in weight. A few fans might be having metal embellished accents. In case you might be able to spare some time and strength for maintenance of such fans, you may readily go for them. Or else, you may opt for the basic plastic units that are stress-free to clean and preserve.

Speed Control

The majority of fans usually possess adjustable speed controls that might differ from 2-5. The ceiling fans that only function on a single speed fans are not commonly favored except you will be utilizing the fan for a specific kind of usage.

Safety Tips

The blades of the ceiling fan generally rotate at some really great speeds, so it might be pretty dangerous in case there are kids or pets at your place. In these situations, in case you are making use of a table or pedestal fans, you must assure that the fan blades have been enclosed with a defensive covering.

Whilst setting up the ceiling fan, make sure that the channel as well as the motor has been clipped pretty tightly, so that the fan doesn’t drop down whenever it is functioning.

Maintenance & Installation

The electrician that is available within your locality is going to be capable of installing a ceiling fan with ease since it is their bread and butter. For any other kind of fans, you might not require any sort of installation. The fan generally has been fully assembled, and you solely need to plug in and switch on the button to begin using the fan. The fans are commonly free of any sort of maintenance. You only have to clean or dust them at consistent time intervals to avoid any sort of dust and dusts from mingling together with the air. In case there comes any major reparation or part replacement essential for the fans, then you must call the native fan reparation service center or any electrician that you know.


As soon as you purchase a fan from a seller, check for the period of warranty that the company is offering with the product. Don’t only verify the period of warranty, but you must further discover the maintenances and services that is offered in the warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is a 4 blade ceiling fan bigger than a 3 blade one?

Not necessarily. A four-blade or even a five-blade will surely look unique and eye catching, but do keep in mind that it will need a bigger motor to keep up with the speed of a three-blade ceiling fan.

2. Does blade design affect the fan speed?

Yes, the more streamlined the blades are, the more efficient will be the air flow, and the higher the speed. Thus, the modern aerodynamic design will give a boost on boost.

3. How should I clean a ceiling fan?

Good question. Before going on to the process of cleaning, we are mentioning one very important precaution: be sure to not exert too much pressure on the blades lest they may bend.

Turn off the fan and use a ladder to climb up to reach the ceiling fan comfortable. It is important you get a comfortable height to clean the blades. Only wipe the blade horizontally, making sure no upward or downward force on it.

A Final Word

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