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5 Best Table Tennis Rackets In India (November 2022)

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Playing one or the other sport is really important in today’s world. It keeps us lively, fit, and up for the game of life and helps us to focus on our goals and objectives in a better manner. Be it any kind of sport, indoor or outdoor, it requires the player to have a certain level of fitness. But, you may also play the sport to get into shape and stay fit. To start off, the best indoor game that you may play is table tennis, which is going to help you develop some decent motor skills and improve the level of agility pretty effectively.

Hence, today we have come up with the Best Table Tennis Rackets in India to get on to gaming ways using the finest equipment so that you get a top playing experience. According to the level of expertise, we have lined up the table tennis rackets for beginners as well as the professionals. For every type of budget and usage, we have a table tennis racket available on our listing. So, if you don’t play any sport, start off today and help your body in getting into a decent shape and amazing level of fitness.

Editor's Picks: 4 of the Top Table Tennis Rackets In India

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The Best Table Tennis Rackets In India Online

1. Stag 5 Star Table Tennis Racquet

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Searching for a top-quality table tennis racket? Here we are with the Stag star 5 TT Racket, which is the perfect racket for any player who has grasped the fundamentals and requires taking the expertise to the level above. It comprises of a 5-ply blade along with an internal Power Grip Sponge that grasps the vibrations for amazing control. This TT racket’s ergonomic grip technology permits it to fuse in the best manner with your palm for a further skillful game. Having the performance grades of 84 spin, 80-speed, and 86-control, you are going to become a professional within no time.

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Offers the ergonomic grip technology for amazing blade control
  • Comes with a inner power grip sponge that absorbs the vibrations
  • Ideal table tennis racket for all those who want to up their game
  • Incorporates a five-ply blade handle to offer a nice level of control

2. Donic Waldner 700 Wood Table Tennis Bat

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For all those intermediate players of the sport of Table Tennis, here is the Donic 2.0 mm Waldner 700, which is going to assist you in learning every single sort of playing skills owing to the decent spin together with the control concave handles. It provides you with top-class handling throughout offensive in addition to the defensive mode of playing table tennis. Further, this table tennis racket has been layered with the vari slick rubber for outstanding control on your game. To provide more information about this racket, the Waldner ranger has been dedicated to Jan-Ove Waldner.

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Appropriately suits the players who want to have an attacking game
  • A top-notch line or range of bats dedicated to Jan-Ove Waldner
  • Comes with a cool cover to keep your rackets safely when not in use
  • Offers a really good spin along with the control concave handles
  • Facilitates an excellent control with the vari click rubber coating

3. DONIC Waldner 800 Table Tennis Bat

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Do you want to buy a table tennis racket for your kid to prosper his skills? This fundamental table tennis racquet is utilized by any level of TT player. It is typically crafted out of layered wood shielded with rubber on a single side or both the sides as per the grip of the player. Different from an orthodox “racket”, it doesn’t comprise of strings wound through an open frame. The TT players have several choices and differences in the sheets of rubber on the racket. The kind of synthetic or wood layers utilized to craft this blade is going to regulate the speed of the blade.

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Appropriate to use for table tennis players of any skill level
  • Provides you with best speed, spin, and control whilst playing
  • Really light in weight, hence maneuvering the wrist is real easy
  • Delivers an appropriate bounce owing to the nice and thick rubber
  • A top-notch racquet with the professional quality at a decent price

4. GKI Offensive XX Table Tennis Racquet

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Playing table tennis with a mediocre level of racket might not provide you with a superior experience. The lightweight and fast table tennis rackets, which has been developed to provide faultlessness for both attacking and offensive all round TT players, is here from the house of GKI. In the manufacturing process of these TT racquets, the company has solely utilized the quality verified imported and Indian apparatuses so as to make these Table Tennis Bats last for a really longer time period. It certainly is an essential TT racket to triumph any TT championships of a higher level.

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • An amazing table tennis racket to buy for any intermediate player
  • Provides you with an appropriate balance for the best experience
  • Comes with a long handle so that you can move your wrists easily
  • Offers a really magical control over your game with the top-spin
  • Appropriate for offensive mode of play as it easily blocks the shots

5. Stag Power Drive Plus Table Tennis Racquet( Multi- Colour, 174 grams, Intermediate )

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On our listing, many of you might be looking for a tennis racket from Stag. So, here we are with the Stag Power drive plus TT rackets that are amongst the best racquets available on the market. These rackets provide you with a decent experience and are pretty appropriate for beginner as well as the pro level players. The Stag power drive plus is an appropriate racquet for the players that are enthusiastic to learn the essential skills of the game and zealous about refining their proficiency. Having a top-class grip that offers extraordinary control functionality, you might be able to deliver neat shots precisely.

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Provides similar level of speed and spin with high-quality rubber
  • Crafted out of top-class selected wood for a superior experience
  • Offers amazing grip and control over the blade for improvement
  • Appropriate table tennis racket for beginners with balance & control
  • Light in weight, hence allows shot control and long hours of practice

Things To Consider Before Buying A Table Tennis Racquet

Table tennis is a fun sport, requiring a lot of concentration. Therefore, it needs a huge amount of practice and dedication. However, had only practice and dedication made everything perfect, the world would have become a different place. The thing that every sport requires is the perfect instrument. And for the games like table tennis, it is the racket which has to be up to the mark to meet the expectation of a player. So, as you are here searching for the best table tennis racket on our site, you probably are the person having a deep passion for sports. Or, maybe you are starting to explore the game. In any such scenario, our team is committed to offering you none but the best. And best requires certain unique features. Therefore, we have presented a list of certain features or aspects that you should always justify before buying a table tennis racket. Consider the following points and make sure your purchase comes with them. 

But before that, we will be knowing about the parts of a table tennis racket that matters the most while buying one. So, if you are new to table tennis and looking for the best racket, keep on reading this. When you are buying sports equipment, you must make sure that you get the right gear that is suitable for your level. It will maximize your performance while keeping the costs at a minimum.

A table tennis racket has five main components that you should consider. These components are the handle, blade, grip, sponge, and rubber. Each of these components varies according to the player's level. So, at first, we have to decide at what level you are playing at present. 

Level Of Playing

Before purchasing a table tennis racket, one must always consider the level that they belong to at the present. For example, you can be a beginner- exploring the game, or an intermediate or an experienced player. Depending on the level of playing, the components of the bat will vary. It will not only help you understand the game better but will be cost-efficient. 

If you’re a beginner, you do not need to worry too much about all the different rubber, handle, and blade options available. A ready-made bat that has good all-round control will be the perfect fit for you. It should not be something too fast or too slow either. 

Now, as you progress from being a beginner to a more experienced intermediate player, you probably should start considering buying your first custom made bat. It is the time that you need to buy rubber for your forehand, a rubber for your backhand and a blade.

Now, once you have crossed this too and entered into the experience or pro level, it can be really difficult for you to choose the right bat. But now as you are an advanced player, you most probably know all the aspects of a racket and know the features better. So, consider what you have learned throughout these years and feel the game. 

Size Of The Racket

The size of the racket plays an important role in these games. The racket in this game has a direct connection to the game. In this game, there is no such variety of the size of the rackets. Most of these rackets have a width between 5-6 inches, with a length of 9-10 inches. However, the official rule of table tennis suggests that a racket can be of any size. Therefore, there is no specific rule regarding a racket. Choose a length as per your comfort and convenience. 

Grip Style

Stronger the grip, the better the game. Hence, grip style is another crucial point to consider while buying a table tennis racket. Table tennis rackets 2 main grip styles in table tennis, Shakehand, and Penhold. There are differences between both the grips. Depending on your size of palm and comfort, you have to choose either between these two. 

The Shakehand table tennis rackets have a longer handle, giving you more space to hold or grip. Playing the forehand and backhand shots are extremely easy with these bats. However, this type is a little harder to control but offers better performance for both offensive and defensive games.

On the contrary, the Penhold rackets are mostly for beginners. They have a shorter handle, allowing you a better and controlled grip. These rackets are easier to control and help you to learn the game faster and more precisely. But hitting the backhand shots is quite hard. These rackets are better for offensive gaming. If you prefer playing table tennis in Japanese or Chinese style, these rackets can be the perfect option for you. Both the Shakehand and Penhold grips possess their advantages and disadvantages. Both types are used by professional players. So it is best to try both to see which one suits you best.

Pre-Assembled Or Customized

Tennis rackets can be both pre-assembled or customized. So, you always have the choice to buy one or have something custom-made as per your preference. Custom made table tennis rackets are costlier than pre-assembled ones. So, if you are a beginner who has just started learning the game, you should better go for the pre-assembled models since they are cost-efficient and a great choice to learn with. But as you advance with the game and experience, you should look forward to having something custom-made which supports your gaming style. To have a custom-made racket, you have to acquire knowledge about the sport and the racket itself. 

Read The Reviews

If you are interested in the game and want something of your own, you should better start digging into the community. There are sites where the table tennis players post their reviews on gaming styles, components, and most importantly, about the rackets. There you can know more about the different parts of the rackets, the efficiency of different rackets. You can also find reviews by the players of most rubbers and blades. They are an invaluable source for people interested in this sport. 

What are the Kinds of Table Tennis Racquets on the Market?

The recreational TT players might not every so often care regarding the kind of racket they are utilizing for a game; they are contented on condition that the table tennis racket doesn't appear too shabby and they might be able to hit the ball above the net. The players eyeing to develop their game might select from a diversity of TT rackets, every single one of which generates diverse results whilst the ball is hit.

There are 2 kinds of table tennis rackets as far as the mode of playing is concerned:

For a Defensive Game

You might be able to select using a defensive racket whilst playing, according to the challenger's playing mode. The defensive rackets might not permit you to put your definite spin on the ball, but reverse the kind of spin placed by your opponent on the ball, as per the USA Table Tennis. For an instance, in case your challenger employed the backspin over the ball, striking it using a defensive racket is going to give rise to a topspin return shot. The 2 kinds of defensive rackets are the long pips and anti-spin.

The anti-spin defensive rackets, as per the USA Table Tennis, comprises a smooth surface crafted out of the soft sponge. The surface turns the racket so that you aren’t able to employ the spin over the ball. You don’t need several offensive choices using the anti-spin defensive rackets and might leave yourself exposed to attacking mode of play.

The long pips defensive rackets comprise the extended, thinner pips as compared to the customary pips-out TT rackets. The quality of the paddle alters on every single occasion you strike the ball using a long pips racket, which might give rise to unanticipated shots for your challenger.

For an Attacking Game

The 2 most prevalent TT rackets are pips-out and inverted, as per the USA Table Tennis. The coating of rubber over the inverted kind of TT rackets comprises rows of minor pips or pimples. The pips are facing inwards and generate a smooth surface that upsurges the extent of control that you are going to have over the ball.

The pips-out attacking rackets are akin to those inverted rackets apart from the pips pointing outwards, providing the racket with an uneven texture. A pips-out racket isn’t going to permit you to employ a lot of spin over the ball, but you might be able to hit the ball harder. Every single kind increases the grip of the racket on the ball, permitting for amplified spin and solider, precise striking. These rackets permit you to generate more solid attacking shots in your effort to triumph rallies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is table tennis racket called?

A basic table tennis paddle (also known as a “racket“,club, or “bat“) is used by table tennis players.

2. Why is a table tennis bat red and black?

To help a player distinguish between different types of rubber used by his opponent, international rules specify that one side of a paddle must be red while the other must be black, allowing a player to see what side of a paddle hits the ball mid-play.

3. How do I choose a table tennis paddle?

When you pick a ping pong paddle, go for a handle that suits your grip. The basic rule is the penhold grip require a penhold or short handle, while the shakehand grip needs a longer handle (which can be straight, flared or anatomical). If you haven't already, study the above section on the different types of handle.

4. Is table tennis table touching allowed?

you may not touch the table with your non-paddle hand. You may touch the ball or the table with your paddle hand (after reaching in to return a short serve, for example), or other parts of your body. NOTE: If the table moves at all from your touching it during a rally, that is your opponent's point.

5. Is there a difference between table tennis and ping pong?

In table tennis only the serve has to hit the table on each side of the net, whereas in ping pong every shot has to hit the table on both sides of the net.

A Final Word – Personal Recommendation

As of now, you all must have recognized the features that you need to have a look at to find the best table tennis racket after going through the detailed reviews and analysis provided above. The table tennis rackets that we have provided in our listing comprise of at least one racket which is going to suit the budget or requirement of every single user. Apart from that, all the table tennis rackets on the listing have been crafted using the best import quality materials to deliver awesome control.

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But, in case you are unable to come to a decision as to which table tennis racquet you must opt for yourself or your kid, then we are going to help you find one through our personal recommendation. The table tennis racket that we are going to suggest to our users is the Donic Waldner 700 Wood Table Tennis Bat, which suits every single mode of play and the skill level of every player. Additionally, the Donic brand has dedicated with top-line of table tennis rackets to the legendary Jan-Ove Waldner, who has been the world champion several times during his career.

So, if you are facing any sort of problem in choosing a decent-quality table tennis racket, this unit is certainly going to provide you with the best game play and performance. It also comprises of a cover, which is going to keep your racket safe as and when you aren’t playing the game. For the people who solely want to improve their skill set, this table tennis racket has been tailor-made for you.

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