10 Best Ceiling Fans In India

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Looking to buy a new Ceiling Fan? We have reviewed some of the Best Ceiling Fans in India that you can buy for your home! All the fans on this page are best-sellers and will provide the quality that your home deserves! We have also created a Buying Guide and listed out advantages and disadvantages of each fan. Read below for more info!

A majority of people tend to focus solely on the dominant cooling equipment such as split air conditioners, window AC, portable AC, air cooler, etc. but they forget the fact that you need the proper circulation of air as well. Moreover, the cooling appliances offering a powerful performance do consume a lot of energy and may even put a hole in your pocket. Owing to this reason, people use the bigger cooling equipment for a smaller time frame to make the space comfortable and out of heat and then turn on the best ceiling fan to keep circulating the cool air inside the room.

10 Best Ceiling Fans In India


But, there is a wide selection of fans available on the Indian market, which could turn the decision-making process a bit tricky. Therefore, today we have lined up the Top Ceiling Fans in India that would provide you with dominant air circulation and keep your room comfortable. Additionally, we have also discussed a few aspects and features that are going to make sure that the unit you purchase aligns with your requirements, budget, and preferences.

With the summer heat becoming more and more intense day after day, it is really pretty significant to have a decent flow or circulation of air inside the house. Several air conditioners are also not that efficient as far as the air throw or delivery is concerned and hence don’t cool down the place as effectively as required. Be it a smaller room or a large one, proper ventilation of air is what is required to get a decent as well as comfortable environment going throughout the summer season.

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The Best Ceiling Fans In India You Can Buy Today

1. Eveready Super Fab M 1200mm Review

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Eveready is a company well known for its rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries for a long time. But this time it is their ceiling fans that have hit the market and are selling along with decent growth. The Eveready Super Fab M ceiling fan contains a double-ball bearing that offers high speed and an improved life. The fan blades are of standard size but the decoration on the motor and the blades provide it even more of an aesthetic value.

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Product Information

Brand                   Eveready
Model                Super Fab M
Colour           Cream
Power                70 Watts
Stars Rating    4.8

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Double ball bearing for an extended life The unit isn’t dust repellant
The decoration offers an aesthetic appearance
2 years warranty on product

2. Luminous Dhoom 1200mm 70-Watt High Speed Ceiling Fan

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Increase the aesthetic value of your house and experience the splendid home comfort like never before having this amazing Luminous Dhoom decorative ceiling fan. This ceiling fan comprises of a lustrous ring on its powerful motor and further contains eye-catching trims over the blades along with a sturdy design, which makes this ceiling fan a mixture of both operability and efficiency. This elegant pearl finish colored fan has an anti-rust body as well as blades together with the Double Ball bearing, which is an added charm of this fan.

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Product Information

Brand          Luminous
Model           Dhoom
Colour               White
Power                 70 Watts
Stars Rating         4.7

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Full rust resisting body The motor of the fan isn’t stable while functioning
Influential motor together with quiet operation
Double ball bearing for high speed

3. Orient Electric Adena 1200mm Decorative Ceiling Fan (Pearl Metallic White/Chrome)

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The Orient Electric Adena is one of the best ceiling fans in India which comprises of the chic blade edges and metal finish to enhance your room’s décor. Intended with courtesy to feature, this Orient fan is going to serve as a striking central point for your room. This unit is as proficient as it is trendy and the fan contains broader blades that make sure that you get ideal airflow through your room. The packed copper motor offers commanding and quiet airflow.

[amazon box=”B01LXUZZX8″]

Product Information

Brand                Orient
Model                  Adena
Colour              Pearl Metallic White/Chrome
Power                  80 Watts
Stars Rating   4.7

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Reliable and effective copper motor Only 1-year warranty on the product
Provides a higher thrust and air delivery
The fan with the highest speed

4. Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm Review

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This simple-looking fan from Orient is very dependable and hard-wearing and a top-quality ceiling fan for your house. The Orient Electric Apex-FX is available in 2 unlike colors and the fan has the ability to flawlessly merge together with the design and décor of your space. Comprising of an influential motor made up of copper, the Orient Electric Apex offers you a high-grade air circulation as well as thrust to provide the finest form of comfort and relaxation. The coating of powder on the fan offers high-durability to this ceiling fan.

[amazon box=”B01M0505SJ”]

Product Information

Brand                Orient
Model              Apex-FX
Colour            Brown
Power              78 Watts
Stars Rating   4.5

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Offers reliability through the effective copper motor This ceiling fan is a touch noisy
Higher air circulation and thrust
Strongest motor in its category

5. Havells Vogue Plus 1200mm Decorative Ceiling Fan Review

[amazon fields=”B00J5DYKH2″ value=”button”]

This Havells Vogue Plus attractive ceiling fan is a major specimen of rich appearance. This ceiling fan comprises of a remarkably gorgeous body that is efficient and appears striking with its aluminum intended appearance, silver and blue frame and an eye-catching ring over its motor. The Havells Vogue Plus is a decorative ceiling fan having an influential motor that helps in offering the noiseless action and provides a string performance every single time you use it.

[amazon box=”B00J5DYKH2″]

Product Information

Brand                  Havells
Model                 FHCVOPLSBL48
Colour             Silver/Blue
Power                   72 Watts
Stars Rating        4.3

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Beautifully designed ceiling fan The unit is not dust-resistant
Noiseless functionality
Fabulous air circulation

6. Havells Pacer 1200mm Ceiling Fan Review

[amazon fields=”B00B4BBI9G” value=”button”]

This amazing ceiling fan from Havells has been stylishly intended in brown and merges flawlessly with every kind of home interiors. The appearance is restrained yet fashionable with a modest stylishness. Including the double ball bearing, it provides an influential operation by bringing in higher cooling performance. With a power of 72 Watts, this Havells Pacer ceiling fan is an inexpensive choice too.

[amazon box=”B00B4BBI9G”]

Product Information

Brand                     Havells
Model                    Pacer
Colour                    Brown
Power                    72 Watts
Stars Rating         4.3

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
The fan offers high-speed air flow The installation is not provided from the company
Double ball bearing to provide endurance
Provides nice performance even at low voltage

7. Atomberg Efficio 1200 mm BLDC Motor with Remote 3 Blade Ceiling Fan

[amazon fields=”B01DSP5G0C” value=”button”]

Gorilla is one of the best ceiling fans brand in India that offers several energy-saving fans that come with a remote to control the speed and to turn the fan on or off. It is said that this energy-saving ceiling fan from Gorilla is the most energy-efficient fan in the market as of now. The smart remote provided with this fan provides the sleep, timer, and boost modes and along with that the fan delivers no humming voice. The brand further offers a 3 year warranty on the product which is higher than other brands.

[amazon box=”B01DSP5G0C”]

Product Information

Brand           Atomberg
Model                   Efficio
Colour         White
Power                28 Watts
Stars Rating      4.2

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Most energy efficient ceiling fan A bit noisy at full speed or boost mode
Smart remote with timer, sleep and boost mode
Produces no noise while being used

8. Crompton Hill Briz 1200mm Ceiling Fan Review

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Crompton is a very well established brand in the field of fans for a very long time. It offers a wide range of fans with different options and appearances. The Crompton Hill Briz is a nice fan having a standard design, size, and appearance. This standard ceiling fan offers really great reliability by means of the double ball bearing offered in the product. The double ball bearing is also responsible for providing a sturdy and high air delivery so that you get away from the hot environment. You can find more fans from Crompton by clicking here!

[amazon box=”B015H0AKTS”]

Product Information

Brand              Crompton
Model                   HLB1200BRN-WOR
Colour         Brown
Power                   77 Watts
Stars Rating      4.2

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Comes with double ball bearing The blades are really thin
Offers a very high reliability
The air circulation and delivery is really good


[amazon fields=”B078NV53MB” value=”button”]

Orpat comprises of a broad variety of ceiling fans which have top-class design and their performance has no match to be precise. The ceiling fans from Orpat are vibration free and are pretty less noisy. The motor provides an amazing speed as well as a sturdy transfer of air. The razor blades have been formulated out of aluminum and offer great sweep for supreme delivery of air. These fans further have the ZZ sleeve kind of ball bearing for the suave working of the fan.

[amazon box=”B078NV53MB”]

Product Information

Brand                  Orpat
Model                Air LEGEND
Colour             White
Power               75 Watts
Stars Rating   4

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Heavy-duty and high-speed motor The unit isn’t dust-resistant
ZZ sleeve type ball bearing
2 years warranty on the product

10. Crompton Senorita – Metallic High Speed Decorative Ceiling Fan – 1200 mm (Opal White)

[amazon fields=”B078M6ZQV6″ value=”button”]

This amazing decorative ceiling fan from Crompton has all that one desires to have in their ceiling fan to offer durability, power, aesthetic look, and high air delivery. The blades of this fan have been designed in such a fashion that they offer even more effectiveness to the unit. The decoration on the blade provides it the aesthetic loo that many people desire for in a ceiling fan when they have to install it in their living room. The power offer by its motor is also sturdy at 75 watts so that the air reaches every corner of the room.

[amazon box=”B078M6ZQV6″]

Product Information

Brand             Crompton
Model              Senorita
Colour          Opal White)
Power                   80 Watts
Stars Rating      4

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Stylish decorative ceiling fan Consumes a lot of energy
Curved blades to offer more air
Powerful motor for good air delivery

Features Of Ceiling Fans

The ceiling fans might be able to govern your space a bit once they are installed, so relying on your priorities and decor, the design may be an important aspect of your final decision. A decent retailer, irrespective of how fancy, must be capable of answering your queries regarding any of the subsequent considerations and features.

Ceiling Height

The minimum ceiling height requires being in the range of 2.1m to 2.4m, relying on the model you select for the finest performance. In case your ceiling is considerably higher, you might require the extension rod to get the fan hang lower at an ideal level. Some of the modest models we verified permit you to get the fan installed inside a room having a lower ceiling height than the standard one.

Blade Material

The blades of the fan might be made up of stainless steel, wooden, plastic, or aluminum. During the tests, we've discovered there's normally no variance in cooling capability amongst the diverse blade materials. Fans that comprise of plastic or wooden blades incline to be quiet, turning them further appropriate your bedrooms.

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Reversible Rotation

Getting the fan’s direction reversed is going to draw the air upwards in spite of downwards, helping in moving the warm or hot air all over the room during the winter season devoid of producing a downward wind inside your room. This is suitable for itself, or whilst it is utilized together in combination of a heater or reverse-cycle AC.

Fan Balance Kit

This assists in correcting the wobbles, which might deprive a fan of its productivity and moreover give rise additional noise whilst it is on.


The controls of the fan comprise the pull-cord regulator on the fan’s lower end or any wall switch that generally substitutes any light switch. A remote control might not just offer a decent level of control, it moreover facilitates effortless fan installation in circumstances that might turn it difficult to redo to the light switch.

Ease of Use & Settings

A few fans are controlled through the pull-cord that hangs from the fan. The fans that come with a remote-control are the ones that are easy to use and to alter the settings on. The wall switches are moreover effortless to use, but they necessitate expert installation.
The smart fans have begun appearing in the market and get automatically started whilst the temperature touches a definite degree or utilizing a proximity sensor linked with an application on your mobile phone.

Integrated Light

This might be a really convenient feature – in case you depend on a prevailing light fitting attached over the ceiling fan, you might finish get a strobe lighting effect. On the other hand, a few ceiling fans that comprise an integrated light like a preference whilst you purchase the product isn’t going to support the addition of the light afterwards. Thus, in case you consider you might require a light, it can be a decent notion to purchase it.

Installation & Wiring

A few ceiling fans require being wired in by an expert electrician or the warranty cover might be voided.

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Advantages Of Using A Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are one of the most used appliances in India. Almost every household in India uses a ceiling fan. Hence, the market of the ceiling fan never ceases. You can use a ceiling fan in any season and always afford one thanks to their prices. So, as you have thought of buying one, you most probably would like to know about the benefits that you are going to receive from these machines. Our team has prepared a list of certain advantages that one can expect to receive from their purchase. Irrespective of whichever you buy, all our mentioned ceiling fans are efficient enough to serve you with these. 

Fills Every Corner Of Your Room With Breezy Air

One of the major benefits of having a ceiling fan is the performance that they offer. Ceiling fans are capable of filling up every corner of your room with a cool and windy breeze. So, they are a convenient option when you want something to fill up your room with comfort, even during hot scorching days of summer. 

Energy Efficient

Another benefit of a ceiling fan is they are highly energy efficient. Although these fans feature a powerful motor, the motors do not need much electricity to provide you with a powerful breeze. A survey says that a 30% to 40% reduction in your electric bill is possible when you are using a ceiling fan. You even can enjoy the same cooling as other cooling devices at a much lowest cost. 

Looks Elegant 

A ceiling fan is no more only about its performance. Rather, a ceiling fan can offer you much more. The modern ceiling fans feature a cool design that goes with your interior and enhances the decoration. So, while filling up your room with cool air, it also enhances the beauty and makes your room look different. 

Cheaper Than Most Other Options

Ceilings fans are also affordable. While someone may not have a budget to afford an air conditioner, a ceiling fan can be a far more efficient option that he or she can go for. They cost you very little as compared to air conditioners while providing you with powerful performance and super efficiency. 

Use It Along With An Air Conditioner

If an air conditioner is a primary source of cooling in your room, you can use a ceiling fan as the secondary source. The air conditioners consume more energy than ceiling fans. So, when you do not need to run the ac, you can simply switch on the fan and enjoy the comfort. Or, you can run both at the same time to cool down your room faster. In this way, you can also save more money on your electricity bills. 

Use It All Year Round

If you think that ceiling fans can only be used in summers, then you might not be picking everything out of your purchase. A ceiling fan can be used all year round. While in summer it keeps your room cool, in winter it can keep your room warm. But to do that, you have to turn over the blades or switch the direction of the fan's movement.

How Do Ceiling Fans Work?

The best ceiling fans might not particularly lower the temperature of the room, but can function in the same manner in which the breeze does that is by stirring air all around and over the skin, which is going to cool you down by speeding up perspiration evaporation.

They might be an effectual and low-cost substitute to the reverse-cycle ACs and portable ACs. There are moreover numerous well-planned options that might essentially enrich the appearance of your room – a retro-flair ceiling fan may be appropriate for your house in comparison to the hefty, wall-mounted AC units.



Personal Recommendation

A lot of people must now be sorted about the type of ceiling fan they are going to buy as per their requirement and their budget but many would still be confused since the models provided above are too close to one another as far as specifications are concerned. But, don’t you worry guys since we have you covered by offering our personal suggestion.

The ceiling fan that we are going to suggest all of you is this one:

[amazon box=”B01M0505SJ” template=”list”]

The Orient Electric Apex-FX (Brown) offers you all the utilities that one may like in a ceiling fan. This fan is very reliable owing to its efficient copper motor, which is the strongest motor in its class. So, buy this product without any hesitation and we are quite sure that you won’t have to repent anyhow.

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What Are The Different Ceiling Fan Styles & Finishes Available?

An appropriate ceiling fan is going to complement the look and feel of your house with ease. Whilst you plan to purchase a ceiling fan that complements the style of your home, you need to keep the following in mind:

What Are The Different Ceiling Fan Styles & Finishes Available?


Contemporary Ceiling Fans

These ceiling fans are an amazing addition to every contemporary and transitional room. The contemporary-type ceiling fans offer suave metallic finishes, clean lines, and slight adornment. Purchase a ceiling fan delivering a contemporary texture and brace it with off-the-cuff contemporary furniture and normal textiles like linen, cotton, or wool, and nickel, chrome, or stainless steel hardware. The bold color palette coupled up with geometric accents would keep the look intact.

Antique Ceiling Fan Designs

These types of fans counterpart vintage and customary home decors. They generally feature attractive filigree as well as scrollwork on the housing of the motor in addition to the blade brackets. A majority of light kits feature a warm spherical light. To attain a vintage-motivated appearance, purchase a ceiling fan that comprises an antique-flair and couple it with the American Empire furniture, floral textiles and prints, and warm copper and brass finishes.

Tropical Ceiling Fans

These types of ceiling fans match the island, coastal, and seafaring home interiors. The island-motivated fans comprise natural palm leaf, bamboo, and rattan blades coupled up with distraught wood finishes. To attain this appearance, purchase a ceiling fan having a tropical look and feel and brace it with bright colors, rattan furniture, and normal patterns, handcrafted articles, and tropical plants and flowers.

Rustic Ceiling Fans

These fans are going to match with the mission, country, and western insides. These rustic-motivated ceiling fans comprise dark wood finishes and straight lines coupled up with simple accents. To get this sort of appearance, purchase a ceiling fan having a rustic gaze and couple it up with the lodge-type furniture, striped or checkered prints, handmade accents, like carved wooden bowls, baskets, and hand-forged metal accents, and pottery. The soft, gentle colors, hand-forged metal accents, roughhewn wood are going to make up for this appearance.

Ceiling Fan Textures & Colors

As soon as you chose the style you want, you may be speculating how to select the ceiling fan finish and color. The most significant aspect to recall when choosing a color for your ceiling fan is to make sure that the down-rod counterparts the remaining parts of the fan. One more decent strategy is to match the color of the ceiling fan with the most protruding hardware features inside your room.

4-Blade and 5-Blade Ceiling Fans

The primary difference between a 4-blade ceiling fan and a 5-blade ceiling fan is about the aesthetics and the individual taste. On the other hand, the laws of physics also dictate a minor variance in the performance amongst the ceiling fans having blades in different numbers.

Most of the time, with the increase in the totality of blades, the fan inclines to be silent and circulates a lesser amount of air. Supplementary blades upsurge the strain on the motor of a ceiling fan and would slow down its working. This is a reason why the industrial fans (such as the wind turbines) commonly have just 2 or 3 blades. They might move faster and circulate extra air, and noise would not be that big a concern.

A majority of ceiling fans intended for home use usually comprise of blade arrangements ranging from 3-5 blades. Past devising an attractive symmetrical feature, it's on the 5-blade and 4-blade level that the perfect balance is realized amongst the volume of air distribution and amount of bearable ambient noise.

At the moment, you are suspect to perceive any key difference in task performance amongst the fans with lesser or extra blades. Developments in general home ceiling fan balance, design, and the low-strain blade shapes and pitch make sure that the ceiling fans with additional blades are capable of performing their job effectively. Even though you choose a ceiling having a spread-out seven-blade arrangement, you might rest certain it is still going to perform in an appropriate manner.

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What Is The Difference Between Dry, Damp, & Wet-Rated Ceiling Fans?

The open-air and patio ceiling fans comprise a rating that specifies if it might be utilized safely in the exterior regions. The provided rating, generally called the UL Rating, is given to describe the quantity of water the fan may be uncovered to.

What Is The Difference Between Dry, Damp, & Wet-Rated Ceiling Fans?


Dry Rated Ceiling Fans

The ceiling fans can’t be installed outdoors. When these ceiling fans are exposed to humidity and open-air elements, they would get destroyed pretty swiftly, predominantly its blades. This kind of ceiling fan is intended for indoor installation only.

Damp Rated Ceiling Fans

These ceiling fans might be able to handle the moisture that is present in the outdoor air but can’t be in direct contact with water, snow, rain, or other fluids that are present in the open air. The damp-rated fans moreover utilize materials that avoid corrosion and rust from outside elements.

Wet Rated Ceiling Fans

These ceiling fans are weather resilient and appropriate to work in every type of weather. The motor covering and the blades of the wet rated ceiling fans are unaffected by ice, snow, rain, and even water coming out of a hose can be used for cleaning them. The finishes utilized in the wet-rated fans moreover help avoid rust and corrosion.

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Things To Consider When Buying A Ceiling Fan: Buyer's Guide

It is normal that when buying a ceiling fan one does not know which one to choose and more there are so many models in the market, because nowadays there are a great variety of designs with infinite possibilities depending on the needs of each one.

We help you with a series of tips that you should take into account when choosing a ceiling fan or another.

Size of the room

The size of the room will be the first thing you will have to consider, as this will determine the size of the ceiling fan. The larger the room, the larger the size of the fan, more specifically the larger blades, since they need to move more air with less speed.

  • From 76cm to 105cm of rooms of about 12 m2
  • From 112cm to 122cm of rooms of about 20 m2
  • De 132cm of rooms from 25 m2 to 30 m2

Height of the room

The ceiling fans should be at a height between 2.30 and 2.50 meters above the ground. If the height exceeds 2.80cm you should put an extension tube. And always in the centre of the room to move the air proportionally.

With light or Without Light

Choosing a fan with light or without light will depend on whether your intention is to replace it with a ceiling lamp, so it will kill two birds with one stone or if you are looking for more lighting. If your objective is not one of these two options, in that case buy it without light.

Decoration of the Room

Do not forget that the fan is a decorative element of the room, so the design of the room where we will place the ceiling fan will also determine which fan model to choose. There are plenty of designs to choose from: modern, classic, rustic, for children's rooms, etc. There are also some that include reversible blades, with a different colour on each of their faces to exchange them with just turning them over. A very useful option in children's models since it can show a pastel colour when the child is smaller and then turn the blades when the child grows, leaving the wood colour visible.

Things To Consider When Buying A Ceiling Fan: Buyer's Guide


Materials of the Blades

  • The wood conveys warmth and is easy to combine with the furniture in the room. But it has the disadvantage of deforming with heat and humidity, which is why it is not advisable for outdoor spaces, kitchens or bathrooms.
  • The plastic is easier to maintain over time, and is often used in modern style fans. It only deforms under conditions with high temperatures.
  • The metal is quite strong, durable and easy to clean. But nevertheless it is a dangerous material in case of contact with the fan in motion, so it is not advised in children's rooms.

Turning Speed

And finally, consider where it is going to be installed and what it is going to be used for.

If it was for a bedroom, a model with a low speed of 70 to 90 rpm is recommended so that it is not annoying at night but creates a slight breeze.

For a kitchen or spaces with fumes or odours, better than the fan has a rather high speed of rotation, about 200 rpm.

Type of Ignition and Fan Control

When buying ceiling fans one of the most fundamental aspects is the management and comfort in terms of control. That's why among the models of ceiling fans you can find the chain, the remote control and the switch. You choose the most practical.

A Decorative Touch

Probably an air conditioner or a common fan does not add much to the decoration of your home or space that needs freshness, however the decorative ceiling fans can give a subtle and sophisticated touch to your spaces.


Depending on your requirements and your pocket, in the market you can get ceiling fans with light to illuminate your spaces, as well as common ceiling fans, without lighting.


As we have spoken before, there are numerous materials, so it becomes important when deciding the material of the blades of our new fan. Not only is the criterion “more beautiful”, but we needed to adapt the materials to the chosen room: we should not buy a fan of wooden shovels for a kitchen.


It is important to know the measurements of the room where we will install our fan. A fan for a room of 10m² is not the same as for a room of 20m². For safety and performance, minimum distances must be left between the fan and the wall or floor. So you can serve as a reference:

  • Leave a minimum of 1 meter between the blade and the wall.
  • Leave a minimum height of 2.5 meters between the floor and the lowest part of the fan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How does a ceiling fan work?

The principle mechanism is simple. The spinning blades of a ceiling fan direct air down onto the ground. You feel immediate coolness when you switch the fan on, in contrast to turning on an AC, which takes more time to cool the room.

2. Why is a ceiling fan faster than an AC?

That's because the mechanism of a ceiling fan is very simple. The spinning blades simply cool down the immediate area below the fan. The fan does not cool the whole room like an AC does. That's why the bigger the room, the longer it takes for the AC to cool.

3. How should I do maintenance for my ceiling fan?

Clean the blades using a wet cloth. Use a step ladder to climb up to it and then carefully clean the blades horizontally. It's imperative you do so horizontally with a clean stroke, lest you bend the blades!

A Final Word

A ceiling fan is something which we use all day all the time (except for winter, and even then sometimes on low). It's easy to take such a thing for granted. But the market is now filled with many premium features like the remote control and aerodynamic specialization. Thus, with this post, you are now up to date with the best ceiling fans in India and the best brand ceiling fans!

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