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10 Best Tower Fans In India (November 2022)

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Looking to buy a new Tower Fan for your Home? Finding one without good knowledge can be a hard task but worry not! We have found and reviewed some of the Best Tower Fans in India! We have also picked a final winner which you can get for yourself. We also have covered a Buying Guide that will educate you more about Tower Fans and what to look for when buying one.

The name is self-explanatory. Tower fans are tall enough to be called towers. And they tower over other fan types in many areas as well. As you will read in this post, tower fans are energy efficient and fashionable to boot. What's more, it's very popular nowadays.

10 Best Tower Fans In India

We have reviewed the best tower fan on the Indian market. While exploring these products, we came across an interesting service bachelorarbeit schreiben lassen kosten, which offers specialized assistance for students. Know that all 10 of the fans we've reviewed are top-quality products. We have listed these 10 items to give potential buyers a wide range of options to choose from. On our list will be tower fans with supreme quality, and there will also be efficient tower fans for those on a budget.

Editor's Picks: 5 of The Top Tower Fans In India

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The Best Tower Fans in India Online

1. Deco Air Tower Elegant Indoor Fan with Remote

[amazon fields=”B07NLC8NHG” value=”button”]

Deco offers a wide range of cooling products, among which is the deco air tower. This elegant fan can be just what you were looking for, be it for your household needs or more. When considering home improvements, it's often helpful to explore various services, such as diplomarbeit schreiben lassen, which can assist in academic endeavors while you focus on enhancing your living space. It is very important for the tower fan to be able to adjust its airflow according to the situation, else it will not be able to give efficient cooling. This tower fan has 3-speed options, which allow the fan to be adjustable and appropriate for different settings.

The fan has 3 types of airflow, which makes sure that the fan is very adaptable and adjustable. The modes available are slumberous, stimulating, and natural or normal wind. The tower fan is operated with the help of remote control as well from the buttons and controls available on the fan. The remote control enables you to change the settings of the fan easily and effectively. The fan is provided with a warranty of a year, thus ensuring the reliability. The fan also has a pure copper motor which enables the longer lifespan for the fan.

[amazon box=”B07NLC8NHG”]
  • Remote Control
  • Variable Speed
  • Suitable Air Flow
  • Non Adjustable Height
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2. iBELL DELUXE Tower Fan 

[amazon fields=”B0824RLWBZ” value=”button”]

iBell is one of the leading companies to produce assured quality electronics. This tower fan  is no different, the powerful features of this fan will leave you astounded. This aesthetically profound product will fit perfectly into your needs, with varied features. There is more to this fan than just what appears to the eye, These are some of the highlighted features. The tower offers an excellent airflow of 2300m3/hr in 4 ways, which offers the best cooling results. There is more to this fan than just what appears to the eye, These are some of the highlighted features. The tower offers an excellent airflow of 2300m3/hr in 4 ways, which offers the best cooling results. 

[amazon box=”B0824RLWBZ”]
  • Powerful Air Throw
  • Additional Air Conditioner
  • Rust Free
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Affordable
  • It is heavy, weighing about 6kg

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3. Kelvinator Revolving Tower Fan

[amazon fields=”B01DE8C2ZA” value=”button”]

You may sustain a cooler setting in your house having the Kelvinator KTF-051 Tower Fan. It comes with a 40W motor, which offers a decent cooling experience for quite a long time duration. The tower fan possesses a striking and stylish design that merges decently with your home settings. Its solid outline turns it really easy to be set up anywhere in the house. Designed from quality stuff, this fan is tremendously durable.

[amazon box=”B01DE8C2ZA”]
  • Top-Speed Air Blower
  • Shiny powder layered paint for amazing finish & endured life
  • Turn Swing On or Off
  • A touch noisy at times

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4. Victory Cool Breeze Tower Fan

[amazon fields=”B00Z1NHJNC” value=”button”]

Make your house chilly and comfortable having the Victory Cool Breeze Tower Fan. It has a 68 W motor that offers a decent cooling experience for longer durations. The fan possesses a striking & stylish design that merges nicely with the setting of your house. Its solid outline turns it really easy to be positioned at any place inside the house.

[amazon box=”B00Z1NHJNC”]
  • Glossy & Fashionable Modular Outline
  • Sleek design offers supreme air throw
  • 3 Distinct Fan Speeds provide 4-Way Automatic Air Swerve
  • A bit expensive

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5. Symphony Diet 12T 12-Litre Air Cooler

[amazon fields=”B00IYD419Q” value=”button”]

This Cooler unit is one combined air cooler designed especially for your house. This Air Cooler is resourceful and impeccable for your everyday usage. It comprises of a water storing capacity which is about 12 liters in capacity.

Furthermore, this unit comprises of an outstanding air throw of 1,000 cubic meters, which efficiently cools down every room in just a few minutes. You might moreover choose the desired fan speed with the facility to choose among the low, medium, and high speeds. But, you may buy the Symphony Air Cooler online on a really profitable cost and relish the cool air whenever you want.

[amazon box=”B00IYD419Q”]
  • Modern & Stylish Make
  • Ice Chamber & Multi-Directional Wheels
  • Potent Air Throw and High-Class Honey Comb Pads
  • Deficiency of Sleep Timer

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6. Bajaj Snowvent Tower Fan (Blue-Turquoise)

[amazon fields=”B07SPVPSP7″ value=”button”]

Bajaj Snowvent will provide you the ease of portability and many more significant features to make you lean toward this product. This product has a remarkable air throw, therefore giving the environment optimum cooling. With the air delivery of 2300 meter cube per hour of cooling, this can be almost perfect for any kind of ambiance. The fan consumes a power of about 150 watts at the maximum speed, which is easy on the pocket.

The product has an amazing feature of varying speeds. This is particularly useful when the cooling has to be in a limited space or other factors like the number of people present in the room. This ensures the optimization of cooling.The fan is fitted with a very user-friendly control panel, much like the straightforward approach used by Rohrreinigung Berlin for their plumbing services. With easy-to-turn knobs, it is quite an easy task to alter the speed and swing. The swing option enables the fan to provide cooling all around the room, ensuring a comfortable environment similar to the efficient solutions provided by professional plumbers in Berlin.

[amazon box=”B07SPVPSP7″]
  • Varying Speed
  • Portable
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • No Remote Access

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7. Lasko 42″ Wind Curve Fresh Air Ionizer with Tower Fan

[amazon fields=”B0843VRQS9″ value=”button”]

This Tower Fan’s stylish and contemporary design fits inside every house or workplace. The 42-inch tallness having broad range oscillation offers wide area cool environment. It provides average breeze & rest setting, breeding a decent open air wind, and is going to keep you comfortable and pleasant under all settings. This is a perfect answer if you want to update your home setup, workplace, and affluence and yet be power saving. The built-in ionizer adds millions of negative ions to the air, creating a fresh air feeling like the great outdoors. An ionizer generates negative ions and disperses them to combat and dispel air pollution. As the negative ion levels grow, the air feels naturally fresher. The Air flow is to optimize maximum delivery of Ions

[amazon box=”B0843VRQS9″]
  • Sturdy design
  • Portable and compact
  • Fresh Air Ionizer
  • Very Quiet
  • Built In Stand
  • Very Expensive
  • Less Air flow

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8. Croma 45 Watts Air Tower Fan with Copper Motor

[amazon fields=”B08GCSRGL1″ value=”button”]

Croma CRAF0028 Slim Tower Fan offers a 60 ° oscillation and space-saving design that fits seamlessly into any home decor. The airflow of this high-tower fan is 9 m3/hour and comes with a 3-speed setting, and blade-free design to deliver maximum air delivery and good area coverage. It delivers a high volume of air circulation while maintaining minimal noise output. It comes with a detachable base and is simple to assemble. It comes with 100% high-quality copper motor. The copper metal helps to reduce energy losses while generating less heat, so your fan will last longer.

[amazon box=”B08GCSRGL1″]
  • Blade Free Design
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • 60-degree oscillation
  • 100% Copper Motor
  • Outlook could have been better

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9. Deco Air Tower DIGI Indoor Fan with Remote

[amazon fields=”B07NLD5NGH” value=”button”]

Deco introduces its consumers with a sleek and attractive option for a tower fan. The compact yet powerful tower fan has a number of admirable features. Looking into the varied features of this fan and along with the affordability. It might be one of the popular choices for a tower fan for any purpose. Going into the features of this fan we have. The fan is installed with an option to vary the speeds and thus making sure that optimum cooling takes place in every condition. This powerful fan can even save you a huge amount of expensive cooling systems. With a low power consumption of just 45 watts, this fan will not rise your electricity usage. The fan is equipped with a programmed 7 and a half hours of the timer, which ensures that the fan is not overused by also switching off automatically as soon as the set time is up.

[amazon box=”B07NLD5NGH”]
  • Varying Speed
  • Remote Access
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Efficient Copper Motor
  • Not Very Portable

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10. DISHA High Power TOWER FAN

[amazon fields=”B0843RB535″ value=”button”]

Disha fan is accompanied by a 3-speed setting, which ensures the fan is not consuming excess power to cool a small room. This setting makes the fan more adaptable and hence can be used as per the requirements. The fan is designed to save space and more. If you are looking for a fan with powerful features but a smaller size, this fan is the perfect choice for you. Let the small and compact design not fool you about the varied features this fan hides. This product comes incorporated with a motor that can deliver a maximum speed of 1350 Rpm. The manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty on this product. Yet another thing that makes this tower fan unique is that it consumes only 400-watts power

[amazon box=”B0843RB535″]
  • Timer Installed
  • Compact Size
  • 3 speeds for adaptability
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Height is not Adjustable

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Best Brands of Tower Fans and Price List

ProductModelFeaturesBuy Now
10 Best Tower Fans In India (November 2022) 1 Lasko Lazer- TE-MODEL U11300IN May also be used as a Table Fan Amazing Thrust and Air Delivery 10 Best Tower Fans In India (November 2022) 2
10 Best Tower Fans In India (November 2022) 3 Crane Natural Breeze Tower Fan EE-5608 Swift-Start High on Torque Motor Double Ball Bearing 10 Best Tower Fans In India (November 2022) 2
10 Best Tower Fans In India (November 2022) 5 Kelvinator KTF-051 Top-Speed Air Blower Shiny powder layered paint for amazing finish & endured life 10 Best Tower Fans In India (November 2022) 2
10 Best Tower Fans In India (November 2022) 7 Victory KR187 Glossy & Fashionable Modular Outline 3 Distinct Fan Speeds provide 4-Way Automatic Air Swerve 10 Best Tower Fans In India (November 2022) 2
10 Best Tower Fans In India (November 2022) 9 Symphony Diet 12T Modern & Stylish Make Ice Chamber & Multi-Directional Wheels Potent Air Throw and High-Class Honey Comb Pads 10 Best Tower Fans In India (November 2022) 2
10 Best Tower Fans In India (November 2022) 11 Hiwin Tower Fan Offers toughness, protection, and ease Comes with an ice chamber & multi-direction wheels 10 Best Tower Fans In India (November 2022) 2
10 Best Tower Fans In India (November 2022) 13 Bionaire BT150R-049 Amazing air throw Super-proficient motor needs only 40WCome with ice chamber and movable wheels 10 Best Tower Fans In India (November 2022) 2
10 Best Tower Fans In India (November 2022) 15 Bionaire BT16RBS-IN Provides an amazingly cool surrounding Really peaceful, Elegant Outline, Power Efficient 10 Best Tower Fans In India (November 2022) 2
10 Best Tower Fans In India (November 2022) 17 Oster OT16RBS-049 Digital Controls 8-hour timer functionality and sleep timer Really silent & moving fan with slim design 10 Best Tower Fans In India (November 2022) 2
10 Best Tower Fans In India (November 2022) 19 Bionaire BT14BS Sturdy fan having top performance Nice design 10 Best Tower Fans In India (November 2022) 2

Personal Recommendation

As we mentioned above, not many people have the luxury of assembling the Centrally Air Conditioned unit in their houses nor do they have the amenities. So, today we have reviewed some great tower fans that can provide the much-needed reprieve that you need, especially in the summer season, to somewhat beat the heat.

These appliances are not very expensive and nor do they take a lot of space to your place. These are really the buzz nowadays and everyone is buying one to make their lives comfortable in this scorching summer heat!


After going through the list of tower fans that are available in India, we can certainly recommend a tower fan that might best suit all your needs and requirements. The tower fan that we recommend is this one:

[amazon box=”B00Z1NHJNC” template=”list”]

This tower fan is very powerful, and gives a full fledged pedestal fan a run for its money when it comes to power. Furthermore, it scores high on usability and adds aesthetics to your surroundings to boot.

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Why Should You Buy A Tower Fan?

Why a tower fan, though? Aren't normal ceiling fans or at most table fans and pedestal fans more than enough for daily needs? Yes, you can surely opt for a table fan to complement ceiling fans. However, there are plenty of advantages that tower fans provide, and they provide these above and beyond other fan types. Read for yourself how tower fans are the rage these days!

Why Should You Buy A Tower Fan?

Energy Efficiency

You require tower fans for a diversity of causes. Tower fans are really energy efficient appliances. The energy that is saved diminishes the costing of electricity and thus saves a lot of money. The feature or setting that the tower fans are the pretty energy-efficient cooling appliances further turn them into one among the desired products.

Functions like an Air Purifier

Like a veritable Air Purifier, a tower fan moreover purifies the air of the setting in which they are installed. We recognize how contaminated our surroundings are, both inside and outside your home. Furthermore, the air that we breathe whilst relaxing in our house is impure, it turns out to be significant to purchase a tower fan and install it in your place. Tower Fans are manufactured using the state-of-the-art technology, which supports in cleaning the air you respire while competently flowing it.


The finest tower fans that are accessible in India have been built having the finest possible design that turns it conceivable to make a 90-degree angle whilst circulating air, an oscillatory base, and a remarkable outline. Personally, we dig the unique design of tower fans.

Natural Sleep and Breeze

One more significant advantage of tower fans is the normal sleep and breeze it has on offer. What's better than some nice soothing cool breeze to help you doze off?

Things To Consider When Buying A Tower Fan – Buying Guide

Things To Consider When Buying A Tower Fan - Buying Guide


The finest tower fans are really silent or generate the minimum amount of noise. Particularly in case of fans, the fan is functioned at a slow speed or at a suitable speed during the night, you would require the minimum amount of sound to be generated. Tower fans have a very important facility of noise reduction. Thus, this is one significant feature to have a look for when buying your tower fans so that you might be able to enjoy a sound sleep whenever you want to.

Adjustable Height and Angle

One more significant feature to consider whilst buying a tower fan is how adaptable are their height and the delivery angle is. This feature turns it really possible for the people to utilize the fan at the desired places inside your home. A variety of air delivery angles permit you to craft an incidental breeze, which moreover helps to create a dominant breeze.

Fan Modes

A diversity of fans has diverse modes, frequently known as sleep or natural mode. This feature allows the user to operate the tower fan at the speed that they find comfortable relaxing in.

Remote Control

The tower fans that comprise a remote control allow the user to operate to function it from wherever they find it convenient. The availability of a remote control moreover ensures that everyone might be able to change the fan settings from anywhere deprived of negotiating on your comfort.


A few tower fans also comprise a timer so that you might be able to switch off the fan following a specific period, deprived of having to get out of your bed whilst being at utmost comfort.


The final but important aspect to look at is the display of the tower fan. A few tower fans comprise an electronic indicator to display the setting of the fan.

Do your research

There are some aspects that you should distinguish prior to purchasing a tower fan. Individuals are uninformed of the things they are being provided with whilst they purchase a product, and their benefits and disadvantages. We have provided some key points that should pop into your mind prior to purchasing a tower fan.

As soon as you recognize what to consider whilst buying a tower fan, you might effortlessly purchase the best tower fan for your house from the choices available on the market. We have performed a lot of research and prepared a solid listing of Tower Fans on the Indian market. These fans might be purchased online in an easy manner. It is forever suitable to purchase things online with solely some clicks from the comfort of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are tower fans more powerful than pedestal fans?

Tower fans, if you have noticed, have larger blades. They also operate on more power. Thus, tower fans are less suitable than pedestal fans in large rooms.

2. Is it true that tower fans can clean the air as well?

Yes, tower fans can act as air purifiers as well.

3. Is it harmful to sleep with the fan in front of your face?

There is some risk of dirt accumulating on the fan's blade and protective cover. And that may very well result in your face getting blasted with the dirty air.


Not only do tower fans provide soothing cool air that aids sleep, it also may act as an air purifier. Plus, there may be a 2 hour timer after which the fan will automatically switch off, meaning that you will not be exposed to cool air for many hours, which may have resulted in a fever. If you still aren't satisfied, then do regular maintenance so that the blades and the cover remain clean.

A Final Word

Tower fans are all the rage today. And deservedly so, which we have tried to prove in this post. And we hope that after reading this post, you have been convinced and will be chomping at the bit to buy one too!

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