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Best DSLR Cameras In India

While talking about photography and camera, a very positive quote that crosses my mind is the one by the famous German portrait and documentary photographer August Sander: “In photography, there are no shadows that cannot be illuminated.” Photography is a passion that teaches us to see the world ...

Best DSLR Cameras Under 20000 INR

As life is so fast-paced nowadays, along with being constantly filled with memories to be captured the need for having cameras, especially DSLR cameras, has become indispensable. Whether you’re just an amateur or a professional shutterbug, affording a DSLR, even personally, was a distant dream ...

Best DSLR Camera Under 25000 INR

It has been a couple of decades since DSLR has come into the picture and it is apparent that the world of photography has since then faced drastic changes, and for a good reason. The need to capture the moments and store them with us is seen often. There are people who do it professionally, there ...

Best DSLR Camera Under 60000 INR

Our human minds are complex. Our heads are filled with so many unwanted details that the best times we spent get vague over the years and are forever etched in the little corner of our brain, like a blurred spot. Isn’t that the reason we click pictures? To keep the memories alive? To keep the best ...

Best DSLR Cameras Under 40000 Rs

Often have I heard - all through childhood, at school, at university, on Facebook - talks of a "daring" friend or acquaintance saving up money to buy a DSLR camera. Of how that friend-Quaintance now suddenly had the status of a standard to live up to, with pretty girls suddenly talking to him with ...

Best Drones In India

We often look at the bird and think if I could fly like them. Ever wondered how the gushing air would blow your entire mood and give you a refreshing time ahead? A kid looks at the plane going over the head and says to his dad, “One day I want to fly, dad”. Big dreams start with a small piece of ...

Best Projectors In India

Good memories come with many struggles, hard times, and opportunities to leave behind. We all like to cherish the good times of our life by going through pictures which were taken at the right moment. Even the funniest ones make you feel nostalgic. Some photos on the screen can give you ...

5 Best Room Heaters In India

Since the weather season is just about to come alive and the temperature would gradually start to drop. During the time of winters, there are 2 kinds of people; the individuals that are geared up for a few electrifying adventures and the people who prefer snoozing inside their warm blanket. ...

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