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Best Solar Inverters In India

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You've heard of solar energy, yes? It's a renewable energy source; in other words, you don't have to be miserly at using it since it's virtually unlimited as it comes from a veritable infinite energy source: the sun (at least until the end of the world, bleh!). In this post, we will be talking about the Best Solar Inverters you can find! But first, how do you think the sun's energy is trapped and used?

Via photosynthesis? Yup, plants utilize the sunlight which is a core component of their food. But what about us? We don't have chlorophyll. How do we make use of the limitless reservoir of energy from the sun? Bonus points for this one.

Best Solar Inverters In India to Buy Today!

What was that? Solar panels? Very good, but not entirely right. You see, the glass-like panels you see on rich rooftops do trap the sun's energy. But they don't make it quite ready for consumption. And that brings us to our topic: solar inverters. Solar inverters store the energy from the sun so that it can be used just like we use electricity for devices – from fans and lights to the refrigerator and TV.

Sold yet on the importance and sheer brilliance of solar inverters? No? Then we urge you to read the Buying Guide and other sections where we explain in detail what they are and of how many types and everything else.

If you're looking for inverters in general, we have reviewed the Best Inverters here on ReviewFantasy!

Editor's Picks: 5 of the Top Solar Inverters for Home

[amazon table=”14146″]
We have reviewed five of the Top Solar Inverters in India. For our review, we have looked at both effectiveness and budget so that our customers can have a wide range of products that suit their varying tastes.

The Best Solar Inverters In India That You Can Buy Today

1. Flin Energy Flinslim Dual MPPT 5KVA-48V Solar Hybrid Inverter

[amazon fields=”B01GW3N398″ value=”button”]

Top-tier in all senses of the term, this has everything you need from a solar inverter, and also things you didn't know you needed. For starters, it comes uses Pure Sine Wave which is the best kind, as we will discuss below. The hybrid inverter has a 90% peak efficiency, which is also as high as you can get. There are two in-built MPPT Solar Charge Controllers to boot, which can connect up to 6000W PV. These numbers are monstrous, and it doesn't stop there; there's also an Advanced Monitoring software that you get with the product for FREE!

More needs to be said to give justice about the two MPPT Solar Charge Controllers which comes in-built with the product. If you do your math – no, let us do it for you. So since you have two controllers, you can connect different sets of panels to each controller, and get maximum power from each of the sets independently. What's more, with the massive power capacity, if you connect 6 connectors in parallel (that's the maximum amount), then you get an inverter load of 5kVA * 6 = 30kVA and solar panel capacity of 6kW * 6 = 36kW.

In other words, this means that you can power your home and even office with solar power alone! Yes, completely off the grid! Such a powerful solar inverter this is!

Not only is this uber powerful, it knows its power too, and so you can customize its voltage range, battery charging current, charging priority, among others. In total, there are 20 different settings you can customize, and you can check the inverter status on the built-in LCD screen. Neat, right?

[amazon box=”B01GW3N398″ title=”WHAT WE THINK” description=”This is a complete powerhouse, no pun intended. Operating on Pure Sine Wave and boasting efficiency up to 90%, and coming with a Double Surge Power Capacity to boot, this solar inverter can run your apartment by itself – no electricity needed.”]
  • Uses Pure Sine Wave technology
  • Peak efficiency is 90%
  • Two in-built PV inputs
  • We have verified that its immense power capacity can support entire homes and offices on solar power alone
  • It is a Hybrid, so can be used both on and off the grid
  • We have verified its 20 different customizable settings
  • We like its slim design; its lightweight frame makes it easily mountable on walls
  • Its LCD screen shows current status
  • Since it is a premium product, its price is high

2. Microtek SMU 3012 Review (Best Budget Solar Inverter)

[amazon fields=”B017BZ0PJW” value=”button”]

You know the sun doesn't shine at night, right? So what do you think happens to the solar panels and, more importantly, to the solar inverters? Yeah, the solar panels don't trap any more sunlight because, obviously, there isn't any to trap. As for the solar inverters, there is a risk of reverse current flow from the battery to the panel during night time. However, with this product, you can rest easy, as it is programmed to prevent reverse current flow to happen.

The selling point of this product hinges on its ability to stop overcharging. When the battery is fully charged, the solar charge controller stops more solar energy from being stored. When the battery charge drops, the battery is re-connected automatically.

Quite frankly, we have verified that it isn't suitable for large scale power operations. That shouldn't be a surprise when looking at its name, though. And therein lies another of its appeal: its cost-effectiveness.

[amazon box=”B017BZ0PJW” title=”WHAT WE THINK” description=”As its name says, this is a micro solar inverter which is quite affordable and very easy to use due to its prevention mechanism of overcharging and reverse current flow.”]
  • Prevents reverse flow from the battery to the solar panel
  • We verified that it does prevent overcharging
  • We deem it extremely cost-effective
  • Only suitable for low power operations
  • We felt it lacks many sophisticated features that other solar inverters have.

3. Flin Energy Flinslim Lite Solar Hybrid Inverter

[amazon fields=”B01KDVYL4G” value=”button”]

This is a bonafide top contender that gives our other FlinSlim model a run for the top spot. It even has a higher peak efficiency at 93%, but has one instead of two in-built high quality solar charge controller. This one has Double Surge Power Capacity as well, and it lives up to its namesake by being very slim in design and being wall mountable.

FlinSlim Lite has great customization options too, twenty to be exact. It automatically switches from battery mode to solar mode depending on the time of the day. During a power cut, this dependable solar panel will run on both solar and battery, and during the daytime, its solar power alone will be able to keep your house running.

Oh, did we mention that this is a hybrid solar inverter as well? And that it operates on Pure Sine Wave technology? To add to all that, its LCD screen gives you a constant bearing on its status.

[amazon box=”B01KDVYL4G” title=”WHAT WE THINK” description=”This is a premium alternative to our other FlinSlim model, this one having even higher peak efficiency but less overall power capacity. Still, we feel that this slight deficiency will by no means be seen as a defect, as the power provided by it will comfortably run a typical house. If you are thinking broader and more foolproof, say, for an office, then you might want to opt for our top recommendation instead.”]
  • Uses Pure Sine Wave
  • Peak efficiency is 93%
  • We loved its built-in high quality solar charge controller
  • It has quite a lot of power to support a typical house
  • It is a Hybrid, so can be used both on and off the grid
  • We have verified its 20 different customizable settings
  • We like its slim design; its lightweight frame makes it easily mountable on walls
  • Its LCD screen shows current status
  • Since it is a premium product, its price is high

4. Luminous Solar NXG hybrid Inverter 1800/24V UPS

[amazon fields=”B076FXM91Q” value=”button”]

This was way ahead of its time, and laid the groundwork for the latest solar inverters today which can deliver both AC and DC output. During cloudless daytime when the sunlight is strong, this inverter runs on solar energy alone. On the other hand, during night time and times of powercut, the stored power in the battery is utilized.

Operating on Pure Sine Wave technology, its efficiency can reach up to 85%, which is a very good number. Its power capacity is 1kW, which isn't up to the mark when compared to FlinSlim models, but is still a satisfactory number. To put things into perspective, 5 ceiling fans, 5 lights, 1 TV, and 1 water cooler can be run by this solar inverter. Not bad at all.

[amazon box=”B076FXM91Q” title=”WHAT WE THINK” description=”This is a moderately powerful solar inverter fit for people who want a solid product but are on a budget. After reviewing it, we were quite satisfied, and unless you need a top-tier product, then you will be quite satisfied as well.”]
  • Uses Pure Sine Wave technology
  • Efficiency can go up as high as 85%
  • We deem it cost-effective
  • Not suitable for high power operations
  • We felt it lacks many sophisticated features that other solar inverters have.

5. Sukam Chromium Steel 1100Va Brainy Echo

[amazon fields=”B0164BTO2S” value=”button”]

The name Brainy Echo suggests that this is a smart solar inverter. To a great extent, it is, though it cannot measure up to the best solar inverters. Speaking of measuring up, this is a mini solar inverter, and its miniature size caught our attention. In other words, we dug its small and catchy design.

This product gives priority for solar energy for charging, meaning that when solar energy is available i.e when the sun is shining brightly, it uses sunlight for its heavy lifting. Moreover, it has a PV reverse protection, meaning that reverse current flow to the solar panel is prevented. Another safety mechanism is against high current.

So how does this brainy solar inverter protect itself? That has to do with the effect of temperature on these. The ATC technology of the inverter makes it adapt to changing temperatures. In the summer, when temperature is high, the battery's electrolyte becomes more fluid to decrease the boost charging voltage. As for the winter, the opposite happens, and the electrolute contracts, allowing for increase in the boost charging voltage. Wow, that truly is brainy!

[amazon box=”B0164BTO2S” title=”WHAT WE THINK” description=”This smart mini solar inverter is a cheap alternative for those wanting a dependable yet not a complete package of a solar inverter. With its priority to solar power and safety mechanisms, it is for sure a dependable and feisty competitor in the game!”]
  • Prevents reverse flow from the battery to the solar panel
  • We verified that it does prevent overcharging
  • We dig its small and sleek design
  • Uses ATC technology which makes it adapt to changing temperatures
  • We found it cost-effective
  • Only suitable for low power operations
  • We felt it lacks many sophisticated features that other solar inverters have.

What Is A Solar Inverter?

We have already established that a solar inverter's job is to convert the energy captured by solar panels into usable energy by our home appliances. But what is the technical mechanism behind such an essential job? Theoretically, the answer is easy: solar panels capture sunlight but cannot store it. That's DC. Power stored in DC isn't much at all; and such an amount of power can only be used to function mobile devices, gadgets, et cetera. To use high-end appliances such as TV, washing machines, and other things, we need a constant surge of current: AC. And that's where inverters come in. They convert DC into AC.

In other words, solar panels ingest food, which is then processed by the enzymatic inverters which convert the DC into AC, finally turning the energy fit to be used by most electronic devices.

Types Of Solar Inverters

Though the primary function of a solar inverter is simple, there are many ways to go about it. And therein lies the reasons for their being developed various kinds of solar inverters. Given below are some of the salient ones:

Types Of Solar Inverters

String Solar Inverters

A string inverter is a very low level inverter, but that also means you're looking at cheap products. The way string inverters work is that many of them are connected in series together. If you know your physics, you will know that series circuits divide and mitigate the voltage, and so if one string solar inverter malfunctions, the whole chain suffers.

We would not recommend buying a string inverter. Advancement in technology has come much further and given us many other choices.

Micro Solar Inverters

Whereas string inverters use series circuits, micro inverters can be set up in parallel connection. This means that the original voltage of the source is left undivided, and if one inverter messes up, the others will be unaffected.

As evident from its name, micro solar inverters are miniature in size. One micro solar inverter is needed for one solar panel. We recommend you get a micro inverter if you want – you won't be disappointed.

Standalone Solar Inverters

Their name suggests that they can be used independently, without the aid of the mains supply. They convert the DC power of rechargeable batteries into AC power.

Since they are standalone, they are ideally to be used in rural places where there is little to no electricity. If you live in such a place, then we highly recommend this one. One major advantage of a standalone solar inverter is that it won't be affected by powercuts. However, if the inverter malfunctions, you can't be able to rely on them anymore, as it can't work on the grid.

Grid Tie Inverters

This is the counterpart of standalone solar inverters. This functions the opposite way: it is unable to work off the grid, and can only work on it. This means that when the mains supply is available, the inverter works fine.

But during powercuts, you don't just have to worry about the inverter not storing any power. In addition to that, there will form an island of dangerous current in the vicinity. It's extremely dangerous for people to be there (such as repairmen) at that time. Thus, if you opt for a grid tie inverter, make sure that it has anti-islanding mechanism.

What Are Some Advantages Of Solar Inverters?

There is no end of advantages to using solar inverters.


The highest appeal has to do with its environment-friendly mechanism. As discussed, solar energy is renewable. Instead of using coal and oil, we can rely on the unending energy source of the sun. Isn't it sometimes hard to think that though we have a limitless reservoir of energy on top of our heads, we still resort to non-renewable sources which also destroy our environment?

Indeed, solar energy has helped with decreasing global warming.


This is a no-brainer. The sun rises everyday. We don't need to pay for the sun to shine. On the other hand, electricity is anything but inexpensive. And if we talk about potential solar cars, then the argument extends further. Imagine the amount of money you can save in the future by using solar energy to run your car instead of having to buy fuel periodically.

Oh, and inverters are less costly than generators. So, there you have it. Solar inverters are extremely cost-effective.

Solar cars in the future?
You may have heard of solar cars. Currently, no solar cars run on the road. However, there is plan for one in 2021!


Putting the grid tie inverter aside, you can have any solar inverter store the solar energy to be used during powercuts. Being able to use both DC and AC power is an incredibly convenient facility, if you ask us.

What's more, you are doing that AND doing good to the environment AND saving your money too. Huh!

Things To Consider Before Buying A Solar Inverter – Buyer's Guide

Now that we have gone through the top 5 solar inverters on the market today, and have also discussed the solar inverter in detail, let us now turn towards the things to consider when buying one.

Things To Consider Before Buying the Top Solar Inverter - Buying Guide

Power Capacity

This refers to the amount of power the inverter can store. Power is measured in Watts (W). As our top recommendation product shows, a wattage of 36,000 W is more than enough to run entire houses and offices. But the typical customer won't be needing such powerhouses.

We recommend you look to your needs and verify just how much power you need. If you just want to power your ceiling fans and lights with solar power, then even a low-end solar inverter like Luminous Solar NXG hybrid Inverter 1800/24V UPS with its 1,000 W capacity will suffice.

If you're looking for inverter batteries, you're in luck, as we have reviewed the Top Inverter Batteries here!

Type Of Inverter

This should depend on where you reside. If you are staying in an urban area, you may choose a grid tie solar inverter. On the other hand, if you live in the countryside, a standalone solar inverter would be a good choice. Keeping these things in mind can save a few hundred to a thousand (or more) rupees!

Output Waveform

You remember how we put Pure Sine Wave technology as one of the pros of the products we reviewed? We would rather not go into the science of it all, but just look at a brief taxonomy here:

  • Sine Wave
  • Modified Sine Wave
  • Square Wave

Just know that pure sine waves are the best waveform. You can surely opt for other forms, but know that while doing so would go cheaper for you, it will take around 20% more power for the inverter, leading to higher chances of overheating, and lesser lifespan.

Peak Efficiency

You should know that no power transfer or transformation is ever 100%. There is such a thing as, say, a leakage when power transforms to another form.

The same goes for solar inverters. A peak efficiency of over 80% is good. Now look back at the reviewed products again: one has 93%!

Now, about the “peak” in peak efficiency: we say “peak” because the efficiency rate fluctuates. Typically, the fluctuation is nothing to worry about. But if you think the efficiency is too less, then call for customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How long does a solar inverter last?

Quite long! Typically, a solar inverter lasts 10-20 years. So, don't worry about replacement any time soon!

2. Do solar inverters make noise?

Yes, it does make a bit of noise. However, since solar inverters only remain active at daytime, and since they are attached normally on rooftops, don't worry about their noise so much.

3. Should I be worried about rain damaging my solar inverters?

On the contrary, rain cleans your solar inverters, all the dirt that's accumulated over time. Isn't that neat? See what we did there?

A Final Word – Our Personal Recommendation

Truth be told, sometimes we question how some things can be so wonderful, sometimes we stop taking things for granted, and in those times, we really start appreciating things. Chill! You don't have to do that, since we spelled things out for you as to why solar inverters rock.

Now, probably one of two things is happening: either you are have stopped reading and gone on to buy an appropriate solar inverter for you, or you are still reading on, undecided about which solar inverter to buy. If the latter is true (even if not, since the first means you aren't reading on), then go with the best solar inverter according to us.

Our personal recommendation is this one:

[amazon box=”B01GW3N398″ template=”list”]

This is nothing short of a powerhouse, capable of powering your entire apartment and even your office. If you want the best, then choose this one with eyes closed. In case you have a lower budget, look at the Best In Budget product from the comparison table.

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