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10 Best Solar LED Lights In India (November 2022)

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If you are one of those environment friendly people who would like to save up on electricity and use the Solar energy then you are at the right place. It is always good to move towards the Solar energy and what's better than the Solar LEDs? In this post, we have found the Best Solar LED Lights in India that you can get for yourself!

Currently, solar LED lights are giving tough competition to traditional fluorescent or halogen lamps. And, for all the right reasons they’re eco-friendly, saves energy and good for your pocket. Solar bulbs utilize the energy of sunlight to deliver at many places including external part of your houses, offices, factories, roads, parking area and a lot more.

10 Best Solar LED Lights In India

Solar energy consumption is generally significant as it conserves energy especially. Another additional benefit is eco-friendly not releasing any sort of harmful gases or chemicals which pollute the environment. Here’s why we’ve picked the best Solar LED Lights in India, go through these amazing solar LED Lights for your home.

Editor's Picks: 5 of The Top Solar LED Lights In India

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The Best Solar LED Lights In India You Can Buy Today

1. Radiato ES Waterproof 220 V 6 A LED Thin Street Light Review

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If you’re looking for ways and means to reduce your electricity bill then this list could be your best bargain. The panel consists of PV cells and aluminum frame. It comes with “Dusk to Dawn” in-built Circuit. It will spontaneously turn on and off during night and day Indicator providing to show Charging.

[amazon box=”B082G1TB3N”]


  • 24 W LED Solar Street Light
  • The product comes with one year guarantee
  • On & Off mechanically upon sunset and sunrise
  • Luminary body is Plastic. The panel is PV cells and aluminum frame.

2. Ifitech Solar Garden Designer Light Review

[amazon fields=”B00RAELL66″ value=”button”]

Ifitech Solar Garden Designer lights are made of aluminum metal, tempered glass and can be used in gardens, Street Park, pathway, courtyard, along with other areas. These lights are durable can be used for a longer span of time up to 20 years. They’re specially designed elegantly cut-tailored with the enhanced functionality of both decoration and illumination. It comes with inbuilt solar panel utilizing the sunlight charge to light up in the dark without requiring conventional power.

[amazon box=”B00RAELL66″]


  • Built-in solar panel ensures utilization of sunlight charge to light up
  • Automobile on at dusk and switches off at dawn
  • Produced from aluminum alloy, tempered glass, and PC lampshade,
  • Solar garden lights are sturdy and durable for use, with the lifespan up to 20 years
  • Coming with built-in rechargeable lithium battery
  • Lamp supports continuous lighting for 3 days

3. XEPA SPD486 Sun Pad Handheld, Solar Powered LED Light Review

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This solar-powered LED light from XEPA is a must-have for an outdoor companion for those needing an emergency light without worrying about batteries or AC outlet. It is sun pad handheld, solar-powered LED light with USB charger for cell phones and mobile devices. It completes charge with a solar panel in 6 hours.

[amazon box=”B0091P0OYW”]


  • Solar-powered LED light and cell phone charger is an excellent traveling and outdoors companion
  • Standard light mode and an emergency flashing mode
  • USB port for charging cell phones and small electronic devices: Volts: DC 5V
  • Handle is designed in a way that allows the unit to sit on any flat, stable surface, to be accepted by hand or even hung
  • Full Charge with the solar panel

4. Ifitech Solar Pillar Designer Light Review

[amazon fields=”B016S5NQJ2″ value=”button”]

This solar LED light is designed in the shape of a sophisticated wine glass. It is fully powered by solar garden lights and the good part is that it can be charged anytime in the day to be used at night. It comes with an inbuilt rechargeable lithium battery and it supports lighting for regular three days. It is super-bright LEDs generating a hundred lumens brightness of lighting.

[amazon box=”B016S5NQJ2″]


  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
  • Solar pillar lamp supports continuous lighting for 3 days
  • Tempered glass, produced from aluminum alloy and PC lampshade
  • 20 years lifespan

5. Hardoll Solar Lights for Garden 62 LED Review

[amazon fields=”B07LCT4QW5″ value=”button”]

This solar light from Hardroll is highly effective and exceeds additional sensor UNIQUE DIM MODE. It comes with four different light modes. It comes with a great solar plank with 62 super bright LEDs results in a super courtyard. Built-In Microwave Radar Sensor Of Our Solar Lantern Can Detect an angle of 360 Degree With A Longer Sensor Length Of up to 10 meters.

[amazon box=”B07LCT4QW5″]



6. IFITech™ Solar Wall LED Light with PIR Motion Sensor Review

[amazon fields=”B0169W2F96″ value=”button”]

This LED light comes with two layers to improve the watertight level, firmly wrapped inside the loop to the rear case. These lights are made of high-impact ABS cloth; this motion detector light is water-resistant so that it could endure rain and other extreme weather conditions. Enhance your night walk experience or your “Me Time” with these unique LED lights. Comes with 3 lighting mode.

[amazon box=”B0169W2F96″]


  • Three Smart cum Sensitive Motion Sensor Modes
  • Better Sensor Ball head
  • Strong & Water-resistant

7. SGPT® 6 + 1 LED Emergency Solar Emergency Light Lantern with USB and Mobile Charging Cable Review

[amazon fields=”B08KYJT79B” value=”button”]

A Solar Lantern is a handy Light Apparatus containing the PV module, battery, lamp, and microelectronics. It is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor light, casing a complete variety of 360 degrees. PV module transforms light from the sun to electricity, fees that the battery which forces the luminary. It is made up of White Light Emitting Diode (W-LED), a solid state device which produces well-lit as soon as electric current passes through.

[amazon box=”B08KYJT79B”]


  •  4V/12W USB portable
  •  3 different power Sources to re-charge 
  •  6-LED Portable Camping Lantern 
  • Mobile phone charger through the USB port;
  • Dusk To Dawn Circuit; battery-charging index

8. IFITech Solar Lights Outdoor, Detachable Panel 48 LED Review

[amazon fields=”B07FMSLJC9″ value=”button”]

Relish your walk time with these LED lights! Solar LED lights are good for energy saving, decreasing bills and adding more leisure in your walks. It can give shine to all the mild places you can think of like attics, garages, or even porches. With built-in air movement sensor, it activates the light in the very first symptom of motion. There is no additional motion the lights are immediately off after ten minutes.

[amazon box=”B07FMSLJC9″]


  • Charges anytime during day and runs for over 12 hours
  • IP65 Waterproof
  • Rises brightness on detecting motion, automatically
  • Adjusts between dim and bright lamp levels to save power
  • Detachable Design
  • Solar light with battery, guide, screws

9. Bigsavings Light-Solar Powered Cordless Outdoor Led Motion Sensor Path and Security Light  Review

[amazon fields=”B07PMBNPJB” value=”button”]

Bigsavings Super Bright Solar Lamp is Motion Sensor Light and is super large for any exterior. These lights are waterproof and heatproof gentle. It comes with degree detection angle as well. It remains in a dim manner an turn glowing on if motion detected. If you’re looking for ways and means to reduce the amount of bill then this could be your pick. It is super great for energy efficiency and hence good for your pocket.

[amazon box=”B07PMBNPJB”]


  • Ideal for outdoors mainly
  • Solar sensor light works in dim mode increases brightness by 10X
  • Motion detection sensor available
  • Pack of 4 lights

10. Hardoll 136 LED Motion Sensor Waterproof Security Solar Light Review

[amazon fields=”B07MMSWL8P” value=”button”]

Hardroll LED lights are one the best solar-powered wireless waterproof outdoor security with wall light motion sensor and additional three intelligent modes. As compared to others this solar light shines brightly than other ones with strong LED lighting capacity.

[amazon box=”B07MMSWL8P”]


  • Additional 3 Intelligent Modes namely strong Long Light Mode, Dim Light Sensor Mode, and Strong Light Sensor Mode
  • 136 bigger LED lights, brighter than others available
  • Super-efficient
  • Cost-effective, eco-friendly

Personal Recommendation

As you now must have had a look on all the Sola LED lights on our listing, we suppose it would have become easier for you to choose as to which unit is going to match your requirements, budget, and preferences. In addition, on our list of the Best Solar Lights, we have provided every single type of product coming from various price ranges so that they could match the necessities of one or the other user that follows our review in the search of a value for money product.

On the other hand, if even after going through our comprehensive reviews and detailed analysis, any user hasn’t been able to choose the unit that would conform to their preferences and need, then they should opt to go with our personally suggested product for sure. The Best Solar LED Light in India that we would recommend our users to purchase is this one:

[amazon box=”B00RAELL66″ template=”list”]

The Ifitech Solar Garden Designer Light, which gets installed pretty easily and has been equipped with a top-quality 2000mAh battery that functions for 3 nights when charged for a single day.

Solar LED Lights Vs. Conventional Lights- Which One Is Better And Why?

Why are the solar LED lights and conventional lights compared? Which one is better? And why?  Before you prefer solar LED light over conventional lights, you should better know the differences. 

Solar LED lights

  • Use the non-conventional source (i.e. solar power) which is environment friendly
  • Save your electricity bill
  • Easier to maintain
  • No problem of power cut unless it is totally charged 
  • Easy to maintain

Whereas the conventional lights

  • Consume more energy that increases your electricity bill
  • They are not environment friendly
  • The maintenance cost is higher

So, following the comparison, we can easily conclude that solar LED lights are a far better option than conventional lights that save your electricity bill and save the environment too. 

What Are The Benefits Of Installing Solar LED Lights At Home?

Obviously, in case you aren’t acquainted with solar lights, you perhaps have plenty of questions moving inside your head as to what essentially the advantages of using this relatively new equipment are.

What Are The Benefits Of Installing Solar LED Lights At Home?

As a matter of fact, the only shortcoming of using solar panels is that the cost is really high; though as numerous manufacturers are now starting the competition in the range of solar products, this technology is cultivating within months and presently it is moreover possible to buy moderately priced solar lighting arrangements or products. However, the benefits are more than just a few:


As stated before, utilizing the solar lights plays a really vital role in dropping the carbon impression that has been produced by generating energy out of the non-renewable sources of energy. Simply by gradually procuring solar and other kinds of renewable source of energy, it is going to be imaginable to decline the problems instigated by enervation of the resources of our planet.


Even though this might appear somewhat costly technology in the beginning, by performing the appropriate math you are going to perceive that the money that you saved considering the consumption of electricity is going to ultimately tote up and shelter the charges of the cost of Solar LED Lights inside a really short period of time.

Abundance of Source

Solar energy, being a renewable source of energy, is everlasting. On condition that you are living in a house where there is even a moderate presence of sunlight, there isn’t any reason why you might not be able to procure it and harvest energy from it.


The solar lights do not require being maintained every once in a while and whatever maintenance it needs are pretty easy to perform. In addition to performing some check-ups and dusting all through the year, there isn’t anything else that you require doing to make sure the solar lighting performs amazingly well.

Big Range of Styles

As cited previously, the solar LED lights are now obtainable in several styles, types, sizes, and shapes on the market and have been crafted not just to cater to the practical purposes but moreover to be artistically & visually attractive. The overall selection is amazing and there aren’t many uncertainties that you are going to ultimately discover an alternative that would match your specific expectations and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I charge my solar panels with LED lights?

It's technically possible, but won't be as effective as sunlight. It will take longer.

2. How do solar LED lights work at night?

The battery stores sunlight when the solar LED light is exposed to it. Thus, at nighttime, the LED lights work by the power stored in the battery.

3. Where should I put the solar LED lights for charging?

That's an easy one. Simply keep it where the sunlight falls brightest. That could be on the balcony, on the rooftop if available, or wherever you feel is exposed to sunlight.

A Final Word

A major misconception about solar technology is that appliances based on solar technology are helpless at night and in cloudy weather. Yes, while the batteries won't be charged at such times, you can make do with a solar device with just a little amount of sunlight! For example, our personal recommendation can function for 3 nights after being charged fully!

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