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5 Best Smart Light Bulbs In India

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Nowadays, there are a lot of people who like to design and plan their bedroom in such a way that it provides you with all the comfort and relaxation that they need. Ranging from the king-size mattresses, beddings to the pillows, and air conditioners, a person buys everything according to his or her requirements. But, a thing that I would like to personally focus on is the lighting of the room, which certainly brings in a lot of relaxation.

Hence, today we have come up with the Best Smart Light Bulbs in India that are going to provide you with utmost relaxation and the ambiance that you need in your bedroom. All the smart light bulbs that we have listed down here provide you with a lot of options such as automatic on/off, inbuilt speakers, motion sensor, cool day light, mood lighting, and several others. So, go through the Smart Light Bulb Reviews down here and get the desired lighting inside your bedroom for augmenting its appearance.

5 Best Smart Light Bulbs in India

Syska SSK-SMS-5W-E27-C Sonic Smart Base E27 LED Bulb Review

At the moment, you don't require visiting any discotheque to plan a wonderful party! After buying this cool smart light bulb, you might be able to make over your living room into a nightclub. Incorporated with top-class and effective speakers, this smart bulb permits you to enjoy music straight from your mobile phone. The variable LED colors allow you set the setting as per your requirements. All you need to do is to install the Syska Sonic LED Application and synchronize this smart bulb to the beat of your favorite party songs or tracks.

Syska SSK-SMS-5W-E27-C Review - Best Smart LED Bulb in India!5 Best Smart Light Bulbs In India 1

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Consumes really less power as compared to other bulbs
  • Provides you with 3 million color shades for desired ambience
  • Comes with built-in speakers to enjoy your favorite music tracks
  • Offers a wireless range of around 30 feet for smartphones
  • Covered with a 2-years warranty from the date of selling

Oreva Smart 10W Motion Sensor Base LED Bulb Review

For all those who want a smart bulb for store room, bathroom, or toilets, these Oreva LED light bulbs are going to be the best choice. These smart bulbs have been manufactured keeping the customer in mind and then providing unassailable quality. The Oreva Smart LED bulbs are really affordable substitute to the customary incandescent. These smart bulbs are perfect for any movement round the house. This is an inexpensive multi-pack, which permits you to store up and substitute present incandescent bulbs for instantaneous saving of energy or electricity.

Oreva Smart 10W Motion Sensor Base LED Bulb Review5 Best Smart Light Bulbs In India 1

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Offers cool day light and motion sensor with decent detection
  • Provides you with sensing based on live body motion
  • The LED light turns on automatically when motion is detected
  • Equipped with a super bright antiglare LED light for vision
  • Covered with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty from sale date

Mansaa MAA01-9W2080H0B22 SmartShine Wireless LED Bulb Review

Now regulate your lights using the smartphone by installing the Mansaa SmartShine application. It is really easy and mechanizes your lights through Mansaa smart lighting. The application has a smart UI and really easy to use for all ages. These lights are going to ball with your preferred music; you might be able to play on your mobile phone or can moreover play using other external speakers. Apart from that, you might be able to add several lights with the Mansaa SmartShine app and regulate the lights in clusters. There isn’t any limit to make light groups.

Mansaa MAA01-9W2080H0B22 SmartShine Wireless LED Bulb Review - Best Smart Light Bulb in India!5 Best Smart Light Bulbs In India 1

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Provides you with 16 plus million colors for mood lighting
  • Perfect for living rooms with the dimmable single color setting
  • Offers you with more brighter light as compared to other bulbs
  • The SmartShine software application makes it easier to control
  • Covered with an outstanding 3-years manufacturer warranty

Svarochi 9W Smart LED Bulbs Review

Now you will be able to get-up-and-go the swing towards the Smart LED Lighting and get the Svarochi smart LED bulbs, which provide you with higher functionality. These Smart LED Lights turn your office space or homes come to life by allowing you to generate the impeccable lighting result for every single room and make it ready according to the occasion making use of the Bluetooth assisted mobile phone. The Svarochi Smart App permits you to design the lighting in the manner you desire by adding nearly 10 rooms inside the software application.

Svarochi 9W Smart LED Bulbs Review5 Best Smart Light Bulbs In India 1

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Allows you to control nearly 64 lights simultaneously with app
  • Provides you with mood lighting and enhances the overall décor
  • Automatically retains the last working setting in the memory
  • Just needs to get plugged in and no additional wiring required
  • Covered with a 2-years manufacturer’s warranty from date of sale

Yi&Mi Xiaomi Yeelight E27 Smart Led Bulb Review

For all the people who want a smart light bulb for their home or office, you might not get anything better than Xiaomi Yeelight RGBW E27 Smart LED Bulb. This smart LED light is a really amazing addition to you home lighting, which is going to enhance the overall illumination experience of your everyday life. It comes with 16 million colors, RGB light, and 1700-6500K adaptable white light, providing you with the most remarkable ambient lights. Owing to the Wi-Fi expertise, you might be able to regulate the lighting from your bedroom to the patio.

Yi&Mi Xiaomi Yeelight E27 Smart Led Bulb Review5 Best Smart Light Bulbs In India 1

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Provides you with a beautiful home décor using lights
  • Offers wide range temperature adjustment with white light
  • Comes with a ultra-long lifetime nearly about 11 years or more
  • Makes it easier to control a single or group of bulbs at once
  • At a power capacity of 9 watts, consumes really less energy

Personal Recommendation

So, these were the smart LED light bulbs that we would like to propose to our valued customers so that they catch hold of the best product as and when they would like to buy one. All the smart light bulbs that we have listed down here provide you with all the features that you would like to have in a smart LED bulb for your home or office lighting. We are pretty certain that these smart LED bulbs would enhance you home décor and provide you with the lighting of your mood.

Mansaa MAA01-9W2080H0B22 SmartShine Wireless LED Bulb Review - Best Smart Light Bulbs in India!5 Best Smart Light Bulbs In India 1

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But, if still there are a few customers or users who aren’t able to decide on which smart LED light bulb they must opt for, then they must go with our personal suggestion for sure. The smart light bulb that we are going to recommend to our users is the Mansaa MAA01-9W2080H0B22 SmartShine Base B22 9-Watt Bluetooth Wireless LED Bulb.

This bulb provides you with 16 plus million colors for mood lighting and many other features that would help you in creating the desired lighting effect in the preferred place. Apart from all that, this smart light bulb comes with a 3-years manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase, which any other smart light bulb won’t be able to offer.

Smart Light Bulbs Buying Guide!

On the market, there are quite a few considerations while determining how you can make the best use of your smart bulbs. In case you choose to regulate your smart lighting whilst making use of Bluetooth, remember that it limits you to solely being capable of adjusting the lighting and making the lights go on or off while being at home. In case you leave your house and disremember to turn any of the lights off, you might not be capable of remotely turning that light off from any location because you are going to be outside the Bluetooth’s range of communication.

In case you select to regulate your smart lighting making use of Wi-Fi, the time period it consumes for the light to react to modifications you make on your smartphone or app might vary relying on the number of devices that are also linked to your Wi-Fi at that point in time. Through the Wi-Fi, the bandwidth is squeezed by the totality of devices that are linked to it.

Therefore, in case you possess several TVs, PCs, mobile phones, and tablets previously connected to the Wi-Fi, the smart lighting arrangement turns out to be another gadget consuming that limited bandwidth. Similarly, in case the internet ensues to go out owing to any gale or other environmental situation, every single device that relies on your Wi-Fi–counting the smart lighting–is going to go out as well.

Size of Smart Light Bulbs

The Smart Light Bulbs are available in several sizes, so you won't require buying new fittings to fit those bulbs.

At the moment, there are normal sizes available, but several ones are floodlight sizes in addition to the thin light strips that might be positioned at locations that may not be able to fit in a normal bulb.


Relying on the company as well as the set-up you choose, the smart light bulbs possess a few top-notch features that you might not be able obtain buying the ordinary light bulbs. Enjoying a movie or your desired TV show is going to be even superior with harmonizing lighting variations? A few of the available smart bulbs might be synced with whatever you like watching to alter the colors and the lighting according to the action on the display.

Several smart light bulbs might also be using the GPS position of your mobile phone whilst you walk from one end to another inside your house and spontaneously turning the lights on while you go in a room or switch the lighting off for you the time you leave the room.

A Small Purchase Tip

In case you desire an enduring solution or if you are constructing a fresh house and want to embrace smart features inside your beloved house, reflect on containing smart switches for overhead fans and lights, and make use of smart bulbs for standard lamps that might be repositioned.

How to Purchase a Perfect Smart LED Bulb for Office or Home?

The details that we have described above are going to assist our users in getting the ideal notion regarding how enhanced is the Smart LED bulb, when paralleled with other kinds of lighting. In case you are completely won over, then your following step is going to be buying a Smart LED bulb, hold your fire, the Smart LED bulbs are obtainable in several varieties to select out of. To end up buying the right one, think through the significant aspects that affect the manufacture of LED bulbs. Therefore, several aspects assist in differentiating the worth of the LED bulbs from one another. You only need to checkout cautiously and select the finest LED bulb for your office, house, or other purpose as per the factors described below:


You have to compute its lumens for every rupee – The number of lumens it generates and the amount it is going to cost? For an instance; a smart LED bulb offers around 800 lumens and charges nearly Rs.750 (800/750) = 1.06lms/Rs. The elevated this fraction is, additional light the smart bulb is going to emit.

Superiority of the LED Chip

The superiority or class of the Smart LED light bulb is primarily centered on that LED chip, so the next significant aspect that you require considering here is the kind of LED chip utilized. The top-class LED chips are durable and run down less over a period of time, equally for light output along with the quality of light; however you need to pay extra for that superiority. Hence, you must be careful of LED bulbs that are equipped with the Chinese LED chips.

Color Temperature

Contemporary light bulbs are obtainable in diverse color temperatures having a unit known as Kelvin (K). A deep yellow light provides minor color temperature having a lesser Kelvin value, providing you with a comfy setting. Whilst the calm blue light provides you with the superior color temperature having an advanced Kelvin value, which is extra invigorating. In case you favor a fresh look, contemporary, cheerful sensation of a cool white lamp, above the customary yellowish color of warm light, then you must choose the one offering that feature.

Lifespan of Bulb

One more significant aspect is the lifespan that is provided in hours. In case, you consider the everyday usage of 8 hours, the smart light bulb might last for around 17 years, and for everyday usage of 12 hours, smart light bulb might last for around 11 years. The life expectancy of a bulb moreover relies on the heat sink utilized to get the heat out of that chip as well as the LED driver. Along with a decent heat sink, many options are dimmable, which prolongs its life expectancy to last for a longer time.


The volume of light inside your room assist to produce an appropriate ambience, and it might be organized using those dimmable light bulbs equipped with the dimmable LEDs. You might effortlessly be able to turn the volume of light down or up through a dimmer control. Dimming not just helps you to save a lot of energy but further prolongs the life of the bulb, since the power that reaches the bulb is condensed; hence, you should consider it whilst making a choice.

The noteworthy dissimilarity amongst the branded and the ones that aren’t branded is:

The LED bulbs that aren’t branded or have been equipped with the Chinese bulbs offer lower class of power supply, diminished lumen for every watt output, and reduced life expectancy. This is the sole cause why there happens to be a significant price variation amongst diverse smart LED bulbs.

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