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Best Outdoor Chairs In India

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Let’s imagine a world without a chair! Yes… without a chair. What would happen if these four-legged non-living things would be not invented? Firstly, doing work by sitting on the ground for hours and hours and then neck- pain, back pain or just think about the people who are healthy… ahem by this word I mean roly-poly or let’s be more formal, obese (I am not insulting anyone, just being practical or telling the fact). 

Best Outdoor Chairs In India

For people like them sitting on the ground and then standing back again from that position is not only onerous but also tiring. Moreover, think especially of the people who are suffering from metabolic bone diseases – osteoporosis, rickets, osteocalcin, osteogenesis imperfecta, etc can no way think of any other comfortable position except sitting.

In addition, in some aspect sitting arrangements itself could become hazardous for their health if improper. Furthermore, think of our grandfathers and grandmothers, I mean the people who have passed more than half a way of their life not only need our support but also a proper comfortable, convenient, durable sitting attitude. Therefore, we can easily grasp the importance of this non – living object known as chair.

Thinking of a picnic or campaign lately? These, of course, add adventure and happy memories to our life but just imagine you have back pain. And with that back pain imagining sitting on a mat, standing up again, or just imagine you are beside the beach, inhaling the adorable aroma of the cool breeze, waves kissing your feet and the vast sky above, but how long can you keep standing? Or maybe think about marriage occasions which have to be organized outdoors with huge guest lists! Aaagh!

In the above circumstances, we can feel the great need of outdoor sitting arrangements, so here we present the Best Outdoor Chairs In India. Looking for outdoor chairs for your baby? Your grandpa? Your dad? Your patient? We request you to read our Buyer’s Guide and other sections which will explain to you in detail and answer every possible question you have in your mind.

Editor's Picks: 5 of the Top Outdoor Chairs In India

[amazon table=”15043″]

The Best Outdoor Chairs In India You Can Buy Today

1. VARMORA Lumber Back Support Chair

[amazon fields=”B06WRSJN3X” value=”button”]

Is it made of plastic? Or is it made of wood? You can hardly tell by looking at the chair. And even the Amazon description says it is made of plastic at one place and that it is made of wood at another. Upon reviewing it, we verified that this chair is primarily made of wood but also has plastic components. The Lumber Back design makes it look quite a lot like wood.

Weighing almost 1 kg, this is relatively lightweight as far as outdoor chairs go. And yeah, you can also use it indoors. The size of the chair is a bit on the large size, and for average sized women and children, their feet may dangle above the ground. Whether this is an advantage or not is up to your preference. For me personally, I feel it is a unique advantage, as I love reminiscing childhood days when my feet swung to and fro while resting (or rather sitting restlessly with my youthful vigor) on a chair watching TV.

The chair is comfortable primarily because of its arm rests, which we have verified to be durable. We feel that due to its large size, it will do well to place it at the porch or the garden or the study, or in outdoor outlets such as restaurant seats. The weight capacity it can support is 135 kg – abundant in our opinion.

Another thing to add is that the product comes in a pack of 2, so you get a somewhat good deal in terms of money. This is again a disadvantage as well since you can't buy just 1 chair if you so want. But we think this is a small as far as cons go since you need lots of chairs in your house, and for traveling purposes, so 1 extra chair won't hurt. This is the best outdoor chair on the Indian Market and you can't go wrong with this one!

[amazon box=”B06WRSJN3X” title=”WHAT WE THINK” description=”This is an oxymoron on the list in a lot of ways: wood vs. plastic; large size good or bad?; comes in a pack of 2, but you can't opt for one. We recommend this as one of the best plastic garden chairs.”]
  • We have verified that the quality of the material is quite durable.
  • The wood furnish may look good to many customers.
  • Suitable for both indoors and outdoors.
  • Size large enough to accommodate 135 kg
  • Relatively light in weight as far as outdoor chairs go – meaning better portability
  • The large size means that average sized women and children in general will have their legs dangling above the surface.
  • No choice to buy one single chair – mandatory to buy 2 at once
  • No choice to buy one single chair – mandatory to buy 2 at once

2. Nilkamal Mystique Chair

[amazon fields=”B06ZZ7NBNS” value=”button”]

Behold another multipurpose indoor-slash-outdoor chair which is sturdy enough but not out of your budget. At 2 kg, this is twice as heavy as the previous product, which also means it is more durable. The material used is plastic, and the design is contemporary, Charcoal Grey. The design, being classy but not fancy, caught our eye. Even looking at this product gives you the feeling that it is comfy.

More need be said about the specialized design of this plastic chair. For one, it is ergonomically shaped. One zoom at your computer-slash-mobile screen on the Amazon link will show you how the chair legs are specifically designed to bear maximal weight and also looks good in addition.

The back rest looks especially appealing, with a sort of checkered design. The Amazon description boasts maximum comfort when using the product, and we agree. What's even more important that the chair is very light-in-weight and thus portable. These are two of the most important features of any outdoor chair.

Ever had the misfortune of having your favorite chair (that you sit on the computer on or dine at the dining table) be riddled with termite bites? That's not only disgusting but also super inconvenient. Worry no more with this product, as it is anti-termite, and waterproof to boot.

[amazon box=”B06ZZ7NBNS” title=”WHAT WE THINK” description=”It is arguably one of the best plastic outdoor chairs in India. What caught our eye most about this indoor+outdoor chair were its ergonomic and classy design.”]
  • The product can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Though made of plastic, the chair is quite durable.
  • The chair has been specifically designed to ergonomic perfection.
  • Has waterproof and anti-termite characteristics
  • Lightweight and so portable
  • It is not as durable as others on the list since it is made of plastic

3. Story@Home Adjustable Folding Lounge Recliner Folding Chair

[amazon fields=”B07KKJYBWF” value=”button”]

Thinking of a comfortable, convenient, portable, and stress-free sitting position? Yes, we all are. Everyone wants to have that ONE sitting position that makes them feel the bliss of any beach around the world or enjoy the amazing fragrance of any beautiful garden. And thus, Stay@Home has come up with an adjustable folding lounge recliner folding chair which specializes in every aspect you desire. From portability to being lightweight, it ticks all columns right is one of the Best Outdoor Chairs you can find.

It is made of high-quality metal, breathable mesh fabric and comes with a powder-coated steel frame for long-lasting use which provides orthopedic support. Moreover, the furniture cannot only be used indoors but also outdoors. Its comfy Soft padded, long wearing, tear proof poly cotton canvas with high density foam padding filling suspended by replaceable elastic laces (whoo! that's a long series of adjectives right here!) will provide anyone of any age to sit and relax.

We aren't wrapping up without talking about its stunning appearance. This outdoor chair in India is the best in the country not just by dint of functionality but also aesthetics. What's more, the product is available in many different colors, but do keep in mind that some colors cost more than others.

[amazon box=”B07KKJYBWF” title=”WHAT WE THINK” description=”Our top pick comes with a breathtaking appearance and as amazing a functionality. Its mix of aesthetics and durability is its selling point.”]
  • Lightweight, portable
  • Suitable for both indoors and outdoors
  • The super sturdy yet breathable and overall quality material awed us.
  • Its striking appearance is complemented by the fact that it comes in a wide array of colors.
  • Premium quality means high price tag, but still not more than a few others on the market

4. IRA Plastic Folding Fully Portable Rocking Chair

[amazon fields=”B07ML393L2″ value=”button”]

The name reveals its chief characteristic: full portability and the fact that it is a rocking chair. Though the full name says that it is Standard Size, keep in mind that it is the standard size as far as rocking chairs go, which means standard size for a rocking chair means an XL for normal chairs. In other words, the chair will hold a weight capacity of up to 200 kg, suitable for a parent/grandparent reading stories out loud to a child on their lap!

Sounds so magical, right? There's more magic in this rocking chair, as well. For example, due to its high portability, it is very suitable for outdoor purposes. That is not to say that you can't use it at home either. As for the material, the color is very wooden, and looks quite nice if you ask me. The make of the chair is rugged in a good sense, in that it protects the chair from rusting, blistering, peeling, scratches, stains.

Now that is all well and good, but how do you install and detach the pieces? Well, it's as easy as taking a candy from a baby (nope, it's even easier; crying babies would lead to angry mothers, and that's not easy to deal with by any means). The product comes in 4 pieces, and can be easily attached.

[amazon box=”B07ML393L2″ title=”WHAT WE THINK” description=”Rocking chairs rock! And this outdoor chair with cushion one comes with easy installation of 4 pieces which can be easily detached when needed – awesome for outdoor purposes.”]
  • We love ourselves some rocking chairs!
  • Comes with easy 4 piece assembly, and thus can be stored easily
  • Is super duper portable
  • With a capacity of 200 kg, size is large enough to hold wrestlers and football players
  • No fancy design, but rather one color appearance

5. Corazzin Wood Sheesham Wood Rocking Chair

[amazon fields=”B07M8JW7T2″ value=”button”]

Behold another rocking chair, and this one more fancy than the previous one. Thus, if you thought the last product was bland looking, you may like this one with contemporary design (classy, not just flashy). The product comes in lots of different colors. Not only the foam but also the wood is highly attractive is design. The primary material used is Sheesham Wood, and the secondary is Solid Wood. There's a reason why “wood” is mentioned twice in the name!

The Corazzin brand itself is famous in India, having dealt with many types of tables and chairs and furniture. After having reviewed their Wood Sheesham Wood Rocking Chair, we have to say we were more than impressed, not only by the design but also by the quality. Though it cannot hold a large weight capacity, having been hand crafted by skilled master craftsmen, its quality is top-notch. Oh, and this chair too can be used both indoors and outdoors.

[amazon box=”B07M8JW7T2″ title=”WHAT WE THINK” description=”With an impressive design (or with many impressive designs due to the wide array of colors this product is available in) and an impressive quality (crafted by master craftsmen), this is a premium outdoor chair in India.”]
  • We were impressed by the design, and this is accentuated by the fact that many such designs are available.
  • Made by specialized craftsmen
  • Suitable for outdoors
  • Premium quality means high price tag.
  • Weight capacity is underwhelming.

What Is A Chair? Why Do We Need It?

What is a chair? Well, this may seem very funny to define a chair but in spite of everything we know how important this object is in our daily life as we have already explained above.

The chair is obviously an item of furniture which traditionally has four legs. However, in modern days we find chairs of different shapes, designs, number of legs, materials, colors, looks and so on. The most important function of this furniture is not only to give you a good view in outdoor situations – be it a garden view or a picnic seat (mental health) – but also to keep your body fit and strong, especially your backbone (physical health).

Types Of Chairs

Though the function of a chair is very simple as we know – providing a sitting position – numerous types of chairs have been discovered which obviously provide you more than a sitting place. It provides you confidence, style, fashion, memories, emotions, dreams, happiness, hopes and so on. Some of the best types of chairs have been described below:

Types Of Chairs

1.  Stand Plastic Chair

This is the most common and popular chair that we can use in our daily life and mostly well known in Asian countries like India for both outdoor and indoor sitting arrangements. More specifically, we can use it in any retail shops, markets or in the garden, balcony or in-home near our bed, near our sofa as well as for dining and so on.

The one most important reason behind plastic outdoor chairs’ demand and popularity is – low in price, long-lasting, easily cleanable, lightweight, portable, standard – size, safe and secured, available in various colors and designs, suitable for any occasion. Yup, we realized we gave way more than one reason, but that's ‘cuz we couldn't just pick one! *wink*

2.  Folding Chair

Folding chairs are the second most well known and conventional chairs that can be used in different sitting arrangements. The key feature of it is simply understandable from its name – folding chair, which means it can be easily folded and carried anywhere we want

The folding chair can be found in different materials – wooden, plastic, and most commonly in steel etc. Since these chairs have the quality of being folded, they are also known as space saverspractical solutions for small spaces. You can easily fold the chair and keep it aside whenever and wherever necessary which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor sitting arrangements. 

Folding chairs can be used in places as we have said for Stand Plastic Chair. However, these chairs can be found in medium-range prices because of its expensive material (steel) usage in hinges which makes the folding mechanism smoother and more substantial. Again, these chairs are available in different colors, designs and suitable for any occasion.

3.  Rocking Chair

If you are thinking of a posture that will not only give you both the combination of sitting and lying but also a relaxing, comfortable and thoughtful vibe, then this is the most appropriate one for you. The Rocking Chair is one of the most comfortable chairs which moves back and forth when you sit in. In addition, it carries a sign of your mental satisfaction at your home. There’s simply nothing like rocking to and fro with a book on your hand. If you are feeling down, you may even brood while rocking. Trust me, you look good in the process!

You can use a rocking chair in your balcony or garden. Not only that, but the soothing motion of these chairs also has several health benefits, for instance, it helps your blood to flow, burns calories, reduces lower back pain, eases abdominal pain from C – section, helps in releasing endorphins in order to relieve the stress and so on. 

These chairs are commonly made up of wooden materials but nowadays it can also be found in different materials – steel, bamboo, plastic with cushions. Additionally, the stylistic design of the rocking chair adds unique radiance to your room. However, the prices of these chairs are high, though very much dependent on its standard materials, designs and most importantly brands.

By the way, we have also reviewed the best rocking chairs for babies. Do check that interesting article out!

4.  Wicker Chair

These chairs are well known for their large comfortable rounded bowl-shaped designs with an adjustable angle. In addition, its unique natural shape and design also brings an elegant look to your home or outside. Wicker chairs are generally made of natural plant origin, such as rattan, bamboo, but nowadays synthetic fibers like plastics are also used and these are very light in weight which makes it portable. The price range of these chairs is highly dependent on the materials used, but are generally costly

5.  Hammocks

Had a very busy weekend and now want a deep relaxation with a pleasant enjoyable sitting posture? Hammocks or bed chairs are one of them and one of the most suitable pieces of furniture for outdoors. Not only that, but these chairs also give you both the position of sitting and lying with a very soothing motion, even more so than rocking chairs. 

Moreover, these chairs can also be fitted in a balcony and will require a large space. Additionally, it is traditionally made of fabric, net or rope which are finely and carefully weaved so that the hammock allows substantial support to your whole body. At present, hammocks can be found in numerous styles, shapes and colors. Hammocks are cheap in price, UV resistant and washable. What? Yes, these fancy and comfy outdoor chairs are cheap! 

Things to Consider Before Buying an Outdoor Chair – Buyer's Guide

Things to Consider Before Buying an Outdoor Chair – Buyer's Guide

1.  Affordability

The most important thing before buying anything is financial capability. Choose your chair according to your budget; otherwise, you will end up hurting your financial aspects, more so because of the wide range of outdoor chairs on the market.

2.  Durability

Qualified, standard materials, as well as the making process are some of the important general ingredients that determine the lifestap of any outdoor chair. You will have noticed that we stressed about looking at the brand for price and quality. Indeed, well-known brands ensure the product’s durability. Therefore, verify research and select good popular brands that produce the best chair for you, or just take us up on our word and select one on our list!

3.  Easily Washable

Cleanliness is a part of human habitat, and most importantly in the time we are living in right now. Therefore, before buying a chair you should make sure that the furniture can be easily opened and cleaned. Not every furniture is waterproof and may have several other conditions which should be kept in mind before buying.

4.  Portability & Suitability

There are thousands of different designed and shaped chairs in the market but what you have to think of particularly is your space as well as compatibility. Chairs for outdoors means you need to have large spaces outside, such as a garden, large balcony, courtyard and so on. On the other hand, if the chair is for occasional use, likewise for a picnic in the park or sea beach, then portability is one of the most important issues.

5.  User-Friendly, Easy to install, and Safe

Besides choosing chairs that can be easily moved, carried and placed, bear in mind that chairs that have complex installation are a great hassle, especially for outdoor purposes. In addition, there are cushions and other fabric materials that have to be maintained carefully, especially for outdoor chairs. 

On the other hand, height, weight and size are also other important factors in buying outdoor chairs. Height also ensures the safety of furniture because if the chair has too much height or too low height then it will not only be a problem for sitting but also will create health issues. As for weight, the bulkier the outdoor chair is, the more weight capacity it will have. We recommend you not just look at smooth finishing, materials used in making, designs and shapes, but also if the outdoor chair is providing safety measures.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why are some outdoor chairs so expensive?

Outdoor furniture is made with the materials which can be easily carried and placed, as well as lasts longer. Not only that, manufacturers also have to think about the suitability according to the nature of the weather while choosing materials for outdoor furniture.

Moreover, everyone likes the natural look of a furniture which can only be seen when natural resources like wood or bamboo is used but these materials may not be persistent because of the weather condition and many other factors. Thus, many outdoor chairs have been specialized to suit many if not all of customers' wants, and so are expensive.

2. What material is best for making outdoor chairs?

Simply we can go for wood which is one of the best natural materials, but if you live or think of going to any highly humid or moist environment, then we recommend you to go for chairs made with plastic, water proof steel, Aluminum, Wrought Iron. It will be the best choice to use Synthetic Resin – All-Weather Wicker outdoor chairs.

3. What type of outdoor chair lasts longer?

Synthetic resin patio chairs or wicker outdoor chairs is our recommendation if you want outdoor chairs with long shelf lives. They are also very fashionable, highly durable, light in weight and lastly requires very low maintenance.

4. How would you plan on utilizing your outdoor chairs?

If you are searching for a garden seat basically to highlight your terrace, at that point the type of material sort isn't as significant; on the grounds that it won't see a lot of utilization, lighter materials like aluminum or even plastic will give a similar stylish as a heavier metal (like iron) at a small amount of the cost – and keep going similarly as long.

Then again, if you need an all out eating set for normal engaging, at that point putting resources into substantial hardwoods like teak will guarantee sheltered, sturdy seating – even through long stretches of utilization.

5. Many of the chairs listed can be used both indoors and outdoors? Which type of chair is most suitable for outdoor purposes, though?

We would say hammocks and folding chairs. Plastic chairs will suffice too, but if you want a deluxe outdoor chair suitable for the outside, choose ones that are foldable and thus portable.

A Final Word: Our Personal Recommendation

So many types of chairs, and so many to choose from each type! Personally we prefer outdoor chairs with cushion to get the most comfort. When you are taking a seat in an outdoor situation, you would best be comfy while doing it!

Let us end by giving another comforting suggestion to our readers, by giving our very own personal recommendation. Do keep in mind though that all 5 of our listed products are the best outdoor chairs (and many of which can be used indoors as well) in India.

This is our personal recommendation:

[amazon box=”B07KKJYBWF”]

This recliner folding chair boasts premium comfort level as well as top-notch functionality with its orthopedic support and poly cotton canvas. To top it off with the cream of the crop, it is quite the looker!

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