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Best Office Chairs In India

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Many of you may think it does not matter where you sit, just grab a good enough chair and get on with your work, but that’s certainly not the case. Most of our jobs are tedious where almost all the day goes into staring at the monitor and working while changing your sitting positions on the same chair. It is not noticeable but your body struggles a quite amount to look for that particular spot which comforts you and allows you to work conveniently. Not sitting properly or comfortably may lead to back pain.

Best Office Chairs In India

In fact, there have been studies conducted on work-efficiency where it has been found that your body works twice the faster and better when you are working with comfort. Otherwise, half of your time goes into finding a sweet spot. You wouldn’t need to look anywhere else as we have brought you a perfect buying guide to purchase the best office chair in India. The plus and minuses, the features, and of course, the answers to all your questions, all have been encompassed in this bit and all you need to do is go through it. 

Editor's Picks: 4 of the Top Office Chair Brands In India

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The Best Office Chairs In India That You Can Buy Today

1. AmazonBasics Big & Tall Executive Chair Review

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Amazon focuses on bringing the best products of best brands to you but it also specializes in making its own products that target the specific segment of the market and caters to different needs. That being said, Amazon introduced an office chair that appeals to the people looking for the best chair for office with a big and tall structure. 

It is all about comfort and that’s, of course, the first thing we should talk about. We wouldn’t say this is the top chair for office in terms of comfort but it’s quite above average and also the ideal choice for a tight budget. 

Padding in the AmazonBasics Big & Tall executive chair has a conventional black foam that’s covered with single-stitched bonded leather. Though the foam does make you comfortable, it certainly doesn’t provide maximum satisfaction. The reason for that is the foam being broken down if you use the chair for long and extended hours.

There is a height adjustment range with the base height of 18” going up to a 22.25”, doing justice to the “big and tall” part of the chair. This chair is quite adjustable and would fit you with ease as it supports up to 160 kgs, covering both the height and weight aspects. It impresses us in terms of adjustability making it a grab,

360-swivel and recline function can be seen in almost every office chair nowadays though something interesting can be seen here. Recline function in this chair provides you reclining to a maximum of 135 degrees which you would hardly find in any other chair. Most of the chairs in this range have a limited reclining and some do not even recline at all, and rather just go back and forth. It is a commendable feature and makes it a standout.

[amazon box=”B01DN7NFRG”]
  • Ideal chair considering its low price
  • Supports up to 160 kgs, which is quite huge
  • Easy to raise it lower or higher
  • Comfortable thigh support
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Screws do not fit properly in the cavity and might fall off

2. GreenSoul Monster Series Ergonomic Chair Review

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Known for its versatility, Green Soul has brought the monster series that caters to gamers and employees alike. Whether you have been coding all day at work or completing lengthy missions in a game, this best ergonomic chair will provide you the same comfort. It does look different from other normal office chairs but it does not compromise in comfortability. 

Green soul has considered the importance of chair’s breathability as it comes with premium soft fabric allowing for proper airflow and no hotness issues while sitting even for long hours. Air-flow constantly works on the back of the seat with air-circulation preventing the heat from building up. Like other chairs, the fabric provided here is luxurious.

You would be amazed to see its adjustability as every single part can be adjusted well enough. It caters to people of all adult sizes through its adjustments of the height of the chair, the tilt of the backrest, back pressure, and armrests. Armrests are 4-dimensional: height adjustment, side-to-side adjustment, angle adjustment, and forth-back adjustment.

There is an adjustable headrest pillow for providing maximum comfort to your neck after you’re dead-tired for working long. Memory foam lumbar cushion supports your spine and doesn’t let it get exhausted. 

The depth of the seat is 25 inches and width being 19.5 inches. These spacious seating dimensions are for gamers and employees of all kinds. The chair is upholstered with PU leather mesh and PVC leather that is soft to touch and has the finishing properties for a proper grip. Heavy-duty nylon brings stability to the chair and enhances the look. 60 mm dual caster wheels are powerful to carry the maximum weight of 130 kgs

[amazon box=”B07DDL98SY”]
  • 4D armrest and soft headrest cushion
  • High-quality wheels
  • Pleasing to look at
  • Comes in five different colors
  • 180-degree tilt feels scary when the chair is lifted all the way

3. APEX Chairs MARCOZY Star Base Medium Back Office Chair Review

[amazon fields=”B07BGDNGMN” value=”button”]

Savya Home was introduced in 2009 and is considered to be a modern marvel which enhances your working experience. It brings to you the Apex Chairs with a sleek design and advanced looks thereby giving your workplace a feel-good experience. 

Users will be able to find a comfortable posture with ease as this polymer ergonomic chair has a 2-inch thick padded seat for providing you comfort the entire day. The thick-mesh seat cushion provided is larger and thicker compared to the chairs in this range, giving you a pleasant feel. 

Pneumatic gas lift is equipped for height adjustment, meaning, it can easily adjust the chair’s height to suit your posture. Pneumatic gas lift is of Class-4 quality that extends the life of the material. Height adjustment lever can be raised or lower by turning the adjustment knob for increasing or decreasing the force.

360-degree swivel mechanism comes with the tension control enabling you to go back and forth while resting your arms on the sturdy plastic armrest. With a length of 25 inches and a width of 26 inches, it is capable of handling up to 100 kgs of weight which is nothing to brag about. 

The chair comes semi-assembled with a few little parts and a manual kit to fix them. Instructions are pretty easy so assembling shouldn’t take you long.

[amazon box=”B07BGDNGMN”]
  • Dual wheel nylon casters
  • Lumbar support
  • Breathable line mosh
  • Non-rustable base
  • Unable to handle much weight

4. AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair Review

[amazon fields=”B01D7PG5EO” value=”button”]

Already the second AmazonBasics product of the list and for a good reason. AmazonBasics is a segment of Amazon launched in 2009 for the purpose of selling low-cost versions of accessories. Due to the support of Amazon, it expanded considerably and made its way into all kinds of products, which includes office furniture with assured warranty. This is one of the best chairs for office and you will love it.

Once again, there is bonded leather covered on the chair that gives mixed feelings to the buyers but the chair is also upholstered with PVC. It covers padded-seat cushion and support-back cushion. Thanks to PVC, the chair is able to last for a long time. There is also black padding on the curved armrests for resting them at ease, though they are inadjustable, small and cannot be counted on for all-day’s work.

You can work for prolonged hours as your body will be aligned through a butterfly seat plate, curved contours, adjustable features for support. You have to get up from the chair to raise the seat by pulling up the pneumatic control handle. Similarly, pull up on the handle while sitting to lower its height. The tilt of the chair can be adjusted as well in case you do not want to rock it at all. Tilt-tension knob has been provided for rocking back in your chair. 

The 360-degree feature lets you swivel for extra convenience and offers a versatile range of motions. Durable nylon caster wheels smoothen your mobility for getting one place to the other. Be careful in terms of the weight put on the chair as it is able to manage up to 125 kgs which is not much in comparison to its counterparts.

[amazon box=”B01D7PG5EO”]
  • Long-lasting life with PVC upholstery
  • Good value for money
  • Excellent tilt function
  • Secure and well-built wheels
  • Less padding, especially on armrests

5. Green Soul Vienna High Back Revolving Office Chair Review

[amazon fields=”B071CMY25X” value=”button”]

Being a renowned name in the world of chairs, it is expected of Green Soul to deliver brilliance and that is exactly what it does. With the 2nd product in this list, Green Soul presents you with this ergonomically designed chair for enhanced comfortability. It is known to be the best revolving chair in the market where you can spend hours and wouldn’t feel getting up. Along with offering comfort, it is a treat to the eyes with aesthetically pleasing features that can blend in with your home or office. 

Our spines are not straight and we prefer something with the flexibility to adjust accordingly. This ergonomically shaped chair is designed for providing maximum comfort. It has a wooden frame that is strong enough to let you comfortably rest back and a high back padding with an extra layer of foam for the softness aspect. The seat has a soft cushion along with soft-padded curved armrests for letting you type comfortably. 

The chair is upholstered with high-quality PVC that doesn’t peel or tear off easily and can go on for years. It can swivel 360-degrees so you can conveniently multitask. It has a strong foundation of metal wheels with 5 PU castors for smoothly rolling the chair from one place to another. It is suitable for people weighing up to 110 kgs. and has a height range of 5’5”-6’1”. 

[amazon box=”B071CMY25X”]
  • Pneumatic tallness modification
  • Made of the solid metal base
  • Tried and tested on various parameters
  • PVC upholstery
  • Cannot lean back much

Things To Consider Before Buying Office Chairs In India


If you’re unaware, Upholstering is when a piece of furniture is covered with soft-padded material for increasing the comfortability. It is necessary to choose a certain kind for many reasons and one of them being back pain. Different people might find different materials to be suitable and we will be listing them all:


When the chair is upholstered with leather material, it does not give a bad smell and can be very soft to touch. It can last for a long time though it requires conditioning. You might want to take good care as there are possibilities of spills and cracks as well.


Fabric material gives that softness as well and unlike leather, it provides various attractive color options. It does cover foam though it can have stains. It can wear off soon as time goes by. Most of the outdoor chairs are made up with fabric and foam mesh.


The chair needs to breathe for providing air support and mesh is the ideal choice for this, though it is often firm. It is long-lasting and quite adjustable to the body but you wouldn’t find a cushion with it.  

Height Adjustment

It is crucial that the height of the chair matches your height otherwise the issues will be endless. The shape of your spine, the comfort of your hips, and the length of your thighs, all depends on the chair’s height. High chair will cause you to scoot forward and a poor posture while a low chair will create an imbalance between knees and hips, which stresses the lower back. 

You can raise or lower the height in the chair with an adjustable height feature. Make sure you are purchasing the one which comes in your height range and is easy to adjust. 

Things To Consider Before Buying Office Chairs In India

Tilt Control

Everyone has different comfortability needs and the companies obviously cannot produce a different chair for office for every kind of person, thus installing the tilt control feature in them. It is necessary to get a good angle for your seat-back which you can adjust with the tilt control. It has been highly recommended that we work with chairs in a slightly reclined position for protecting our spine. You can tilt it back a bit at a 100-110 degree angle to work for long hours. 


Fixed Armrests

These armrests are fixed at a position so you can type comfortably or engage in other activities. However, they are firm and cannot be adjusted so it can be uncomfortable and unfitting to your needs.

Height Adjustable Armrests

Many chairs give an option to adjust the height of armrests which makes it a lot more convenient. You can adjust them as per the height of your desk but it is advised to fix them at such a place where your arms are placed slightly above the keyboard. Though, just adjusting the height may not be enough for some people.

Fully Adjustable Armrests

Once you have the armrests that can adjust any way you want, you will not prefer anything else. Along with the height, your arms can move in and out, and from various angles too. Do some adjustments, find your sweet spot, and get on with your work.

Lumbar Support

The lumbar region (situated between hips and chest) is said to be one of the strongest parts of your body but it still needs proper support. People working for prolonged hours experience back strain quite often, thus the lumbar support chairs are encouraged at the workplace for maximum satisfaction. Seatback with the “s-shaped” spinal posture is preferred more so you don’t have to slouch. There are chairs where you can adjust the lumbar support and in our opinion, those are the ones you should be going for, to avoid the back stress. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Are the mesh office chairs comfortable?

Mesh chairs were introduced not too long ago and received much recognition in less time. Like any other, they have their plus and minus points which are as follows:

Mesh chairs do not weigh much and can be maintained easily. Being a light-weight, they can be moved around the office or home. Stains can be cleaned and spills can be removed, all without much effort. You would prefer a chair in the office which is easy to maintain and mesh chairs provide you with that luxury. 

Considering the price, you can get mesh chairs for a song in comparison with leather chairs. They are economical and best chairs for Office in India for small businesses. 

There is not much effort put into finding mesh chairs as they are available everywhere. Mesh seat and mesh back or either of them can be found in any furniture shop. These mesh chairs are popular due to the comfort they deliver, especially for the employees at the workplace. 

Mesh chairs allow air circulation between the body, back of the chair, and the seat. The structure is open for ventilation to give a relaxing experience for people working long hours. Fabric and leather, on the other hand, can accumulate heat and discomfort the user. Mesh material gives free space for air to slow and breathe.

We have to agree that mesh chairs are not as durable as the leather ones. The soft meshes are used for contours and they start to sag quickly. Mesh chairs can deteriorate comparatively faster while leather and fabric ones get the cake here.

Mesh chairs can move around freely and are flexible though they do not provide the same comfort as other chairs. These can be very supportive for your back but you will start to notice the difference when used for continuous hours. One might prefer mesh chairs for their flexibility but it lags behind in the comfort area.

There are not many varieties in the mesh chairs. Color options are just grey/black and they are rather basic in style. These are no doubt very ergonomic but you wouldn’t prefer them if you fancy colors and shapes.

Q. Are expensive chairs for office worth buying?

Definitely! There is a reason they are expensive as some high-quality materials and tremendous efforts have been put in designing something so comfortable and such office chairs help reduce back pain. You might spend one-third of your day in these very chairs and thus it is important to spend a good amount on them.

There are also good warranting offers ensuring you the replacements. However, it is not necessary to buy the super-expensive ones. If you are on a budget, you can always go for something in your range. From this list, we highly recommend Apex Chairs Marcozy Star Base Medium-Back Office Chair. It can provide you good enough comfort and will easily fall under your price range. 

Q. Can the office chairs listed above be used for gaming as well?

Yes. These chairs have been built considering the comfort of employees as well as gamers. Though most of these are comparatively better for working than gaming, there is just minimal difference. GreenSoul Monster Series Ergonomic Chair (GS-734) excels in both. It is the best computer chair for gaming and mostly the first preference

Q. Do I have to assemble my new office chair by myself?

Not really. Most brands today deliver chairs after assembling them.

Q. How long do chairs for offices last?

Office chairs are built to last for quite a while. If you get one from a reliable brand, it may even last a decade.

A Final Word

The purpose of using a chair for office is the most important though if you have read till here, you are surely looking for an office chair. This list of best office chairs for back pain and comfortability has been organized in such a way that it encompasses all the varying features and needs of people.

On an ending note, we personally recommend you to buy:

[amazon box=”B01DN7NFRG”]

You can look for your desired characteristics and get the one you need but we would personally recommend the Amazon Basics Big & Tall Executive Chair. Almost nothing can go wrong with this and adjustable lumbar support is its standout feature that’s missing from most of the chairs.  

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