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Best Gaming Chairs In India

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A gaming chair is not only for gamers but it has something more than this. The gamers know how it feels to sit on a chair for hours and hours staring at a PC. Gaming is a passion that helps to reduce stress. During this period, it is important to nourish such passions not to get too bored. When you’re spending hours and hours playing the best games or working on some project, you’ll need something to relieve your back and neck pains. There are some best gaming chairs in India that you can get to relax.  

Whenever we choose a gaming console or gaming PC or whatever device that may be, we always find the best out of the market. But what we overlook is comfort. We overlook the issue that uncomfortable sitting positions may cause serious problems in the future. Yes, even gaming for hours can cause serious back pain or neck pain. At this point, you may question the difference between office chairs and gaming chairs. Well, gaming chairs are far different than office chairs. These chairs not only help to get relief from back pain but also corrects your posture and give you far more comfort compared to that of office chairs.

I personally play Wild Rift MOBA Game a lot, earlier i could not able to play more than 2-3 hour straight but after buying green soul gaming Chair i can easily sit for 8-9 without having any issue. So if you are also a game like me then you must buy a gaming chair.

Best Gaming Chairs In India

So, the question is, what can be the best gaming chair? Well, to answer this question, we must say that there are many gaming chairs available on the market. But the problem is to find out the best budget gaming chair. What we want to say is that not every time which is costlier is a better choice. While choosing a gaming chair, we must pick something which suits our budget and our needs. So, probably the hardest job is to find a cheap gaming chair which has good quality. Don’t worry anymore! You’re in the right place. 

We have selected the 5 top gaming chairs in India. We have kept in mind your budget along with everything that you must look into one gaming chair before buying it. We hope that by the end, you will not only be able to find the best-rated gaming chair for you but also understand the need for one such thing if you’re a true gamer. Let’s begin then.

Editor's Picks: 4 of the Top Gaming Chair Brands In India

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5 Best Gaming Chairs In India Reviewed

1. GreenSoul Monster Series Ergonomic Chair

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First on our list comes the gaming chair from Greensoul Monster Series Ergonomic Chair (GS-734). If you’re finding a gaming chair that is comfortable and affordable at the same time, then here is your choice. GreenSoul Monster (GS- 734) is one of the best chairs for gaming available in the market.

GreenSoul Monster (Gs-734) is made of high-end spandex fabric which makes the chair more breathable than any other normal leather chair which gives you an unexpectable comfort. The fabric that has been used in this Monster chair allows air-flow and thus provides a very comfortable sitting position by allowing continuous air circulation which prevents heat-buildup. 

For more comfort, you’re provided with a neck-pillow and adjustable memory foam pillow. The memory foam pillow is specially designed to support your spine and lower back. The good thing is that it is adjustable according to the need of the person who sits on it. The headrest is not only adjustable but also removable. 

The good thing is that you can also adjust the seat height according to your comfort. The chair has a broader place to sit. This can hold weight up to 150 kgs as it is manufactured with strong materials.

The design of the chair is very spectacular both scientifically and aesthetically. The science behind this chair is what we appreciate the most. By science, we mean the design style of the chair. The Neck and Head support helps to get rid of neck and head pain that is caused by sitting for hours long. The lumbar pillow that has been used in the chair supports your back and holds your correct posture in the chair. 

This chair comes with four adjustable settings for the backrest. 90° is suitable for work, 120° suitable for gaming, 150° for reading, and 180° for resting. All the adjustable options are appreciable. So you can be a student, or a doctor, a reader, or just someone who just loves to sit on a chair, this is a perfect choice for you.

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  • 4D Carbon surface armrest.
  • Scientific design that supports various parts of your body
  • Premium quality spandex fabric
  • Excellent ergonomic design
  • Easy-to-assemble
  • The neck-pillow feels a little hard

2. Nokaxus Gaming Chair

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Yk-608 is built with premium material considering the comfort of whoever sits on it. High-quality PU leather gives you a luxurious feeling. The breathability of the chair allows airflow which prevents you from sweating even in a heated room or warmer temperature. The cushion is made of thicker high-density sponge which brings a comfortable cushioning experience

The backrest dramatically supports your back to avoid back pain even after using it for hours in a single day. The company has a really bright and a very sturdy and stable design for its customers. The chair can hold up to 158 kgs of weight. The PU material on the wheels will never scratch the floor.

There are some functions in the chair that differentiates it from any other available chairs in the market. Nokaxus Yk-608 comes with a Footrest, a massage pillow, 180° Horizontal-decline.

The footrest brings more comfort when you want to sleep or just lie tilt down while playing a game. The soft padding of the footrest is really very comfortable. The placing of the footrest makes it an option whether you want to use it or not. This means you can pull it out whenever you need it and then push it back when you don’t.

If you want a cheap gaming chair or a budget gaming chair, then this can be your option. This gaming chair is really affordable. Considering the features added with this chair, anyone can use this chair regardless of their profession. You also get free exchange in case of installation problems, damage, or missing parts within 1 year. You also get free service for 2 years from receiving this product.

[amazon box=”B07FGW3F4S”]
  • Excellent build quality
  • Easy to assemble
  • Very comfortable
  • Ergonomic design
  • It takes time to get used to the lumbar pillow

3. GreenSoul GS-600 Gaming Chair

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GreenSoul GS-600 is framed with metal which makes it one of the best gaming chairs in India. The high-quality fabric allows airflow and makes the chair more breathable. It resists the chair from heat-build up and provides a comfortable experience. The large seating really gives a comfortable seating facility. The 60mm heavy dual-caster wheel allows the user to move friendly.

The design of this gaming chair is another plus point. Everything in this chair is highly adjustable to perfectly fit the type of the body of the user. The adjustability is something that anyone would want in their chairs. The neck pillow that you get with this chair is both adjustable and removable. So you can easily customize your comfort.

The lumbar pillow that comes with this chair is positioned at such a point that you can play games for hours and long and still feel comfortable. The lumbar pillow supports your lower back. You can adjust the height of the chair. 

The backrest of the chair can be tilted back and forth very easily. It gives you comfort in many works. The armrest can be adjusted to 3 dimensions- height adjustment, angle adjustment, and forth and back adjustment. These features are very easy to use and can be readjusted very easily. For the premium design, all these features allow you to play games for hours.

The manufacturers have taken great care of the user’s safety while making this chair. This chair meets all international standards. The high-quality frame that has been used in the chair is very safe and long-lasting. They have used class 4 hydraulic pistons of international standards and this chair is equipped with smooth-rolling casters and heavy-duty gaming chair base which can take load up to 150 kgs and roll smoothly across the floor.

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  • Affordable
  • High-quality material
  • Easy to assemble
  • Design looks very premium
  • The backrest pillow and neck pillow feels a little thick/li>

4. GreenSoul GS-500 Conqueror Series Gaming Chair

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GreenSoul GS-500 ‘conqueror series’ is one of the best chairs for gaming really conquers the market for its excellent built quality. The designer has used several premium quality materials while making this chair. The sturdy frame and high-density foam that has been used in this chair offer excellent stability and comfort. Premium quality mesh and PU leather are very comfortable with ample space. The height of this chair can be adjusted between 39-41.5 inches. The seat width is 19 inches.

The design of the chairs is all of the comfortability of the user. The headrest, windows allow airflow and give great support to your back, shoulders, and neck. The thicker armrest provides great comfort while resting your hands on it. The ample space of the chair allows you to sit comfortably. Because of the design, you can use it in your office, bedroom, or gaming room.

The base of the chair is made of sturdy nylon that offers more stability than any other conventional chairs. The chair comes with 50mm castors which have a high strength to give a smoother experience while rolling on the floor. The chair is of medium size and the height weight capacity is 90kg.

The chair comes with several color options- black-orange, black-red, black-green, black-blue. The sporty design of the chair really attracts you. You can always pick your favorite color while buying this chair. This gaming or desk chair is very affordable as it comes under the budget of 10k which is very cheap. Considering the price of the chair along with its features, we must say that it is one of the best budget gaming chairs in India. This is backed by 2 years of manufacturing warranty.

[amazon box=”B07G2MDPNS”]
  • Comfortable
  • The build material is very good
  • Thick padding
  • Affordable
  • Adjustability not up to the mark

5. GreenSoul Alien Series Gaming/Desk Chair GS-720

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The chair is made of wood and mesh material. On the cover, the company has opted for high-quality PU leather, mesh, and PVC leather which gives it an attractive look. The height of the product can be adjusted between 44.8 inches-48.8 inches. The seat width is 19.6 inches.

The GreenSoul Alien Series Gaming or Desk chair comes with a comfortable headrest and windows to allow airflow and to support your head while working for too long. The airflow allows you more comfort and you can easily play games or do office work. 

You also get an adjustable lumbar pillow with this chair which supports your lower back and gives you relief from acquiring back pain. The larger seating pad allows you to seat friendly on the chair in the most comfortable way.

The chair also comes with thicker armrests where you can easily place your hands comfortably while working on your pc or playing a video game. This chair comes with 5 60mm PU caster wheels for easy maneuverability. It allows you to roll freely on the floor.

The colour combination of this Alien series chairs from GreenSoul is appreciable. The company has chosen dual colour options for its design. The two contrasting colours appeal to you more and give it a stunning sporty design overall. The available colour combinations are- black-green, black-blue, black-orange, and black-red.

Considering the price of this chair along with other features, there is no denying that this chair is one of the best budget gaming chairs available in India. This is backed by 3 years of manufacturing warranty.

[amazon box=”B0796WK8JX”]
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable
  • Excellent design
  • Ample place to sit
  • There is no foam in hand rest

Things You Need To Consider Before Buying A Gaming Chair

There are several things that a gaming chair has to offer you. So, before buying a gaming chair you must consider certain points as it is a subject to your comfort. Remember that every day you spend hours and hours playing games. It affects your body posture and also causes back-pain and neck-pain.


You must consider this feature as an important one. You get some adjustability in every gaming chair although the high-end chairs come with more adjustable options. Suppose, your friend is also a gamer and can use your chair. He can be taller or shorter than you. So, a gaming chair must be an adjustable one, whether you want it to tilt farther or raise higher. It may also happen that with time your preference would change. So a chair with a high customizable or adjustable option will help you in many ways. Do consider this feature when you buy a gaming chair.

Your Height and Weight

You must consider this before buying any gaming chair. Every chair has different support for the user. Many chairs are only made for people of smaller height or lesser weight. Others are made for tall people and people of a healthy weight. So while you buy a gaming chair, check out whether that chair would support you and people who would use it. Go through the product details or ask the seller. Buy the chair only if it suits your needs. So, choose your chair wisely.


Well, comfort is the key subject to consider before you opt for any gaming chair as you’ll be spending hours sitting on the chair. There are many factors that determine the comfort of your gaming chair. The comfort of your chair is directly related to its material. So, if you want a very comfortable chair, then you must consider leather and high-density materials.


Many gaming chair companies introduce different features to attract their customers. For example, a vibration system works very interestingly. Suppose you’re at a very important and interesting level of your game. The vibration system of your chair then vibrates to give you that feel. So, you must check whether your chair has this feature or not. Or whether you want this feature or not is another question.


Good gaming chairs easily cost you thousands of rupees. The cost of one gaming chair depends on its various functions. Many gaming chairs come with foot-rest, back-massager, and many more features. Many come with an added soundbox and various other systems. So, before buying a gaming chair, it is better to chalk out what exact features you would need and then finalize accordingly. 

Support for the Back

This is probably one of the most important reasons for buying a gaming chair. Sitting for hours before a game can cause you back and neck pain. This activity directly affects your lower back. It also can cause severe lifestyle illnesses in the future. You may have seen doctors telling people not to sit in front of a PC or at one place for too long. So, gaming chairs are specially made to support your back and to maintain a proper posture. Find the perfect chair which can support your lower back better to avoid any kind of damage. So, when you buy a gaming chair, don’t overlook this important feature and get the best gaming chair for back pain and neck pain.


When you’re buying something related to your passion, buy a thing with your favourite colour. Many manufacturers build several colour-based variations to suit the needs of their customers. So, don’t forget to pick your favourite colour while buying a gaming chair.

Benefits Of Using A Gaming Chair

  1. A gaming chair is not only for gamers but for all those people who work day and night sitting before the computer on an uncomfortable chair. Well, if you are one of them, then you would understand how it feels when you’re sitting on a chair for hours and do not move. Your back starts hurting and you can feel a pain in your neck area. This is where the gaming chairs save your day.
  1. A gaming chair is made for people who spend a long time sitting on a chair before a gaming console, pc, desk, or spend their day reading plenty of books. Whatever that might be, sitting at one place for hours can itself be a very painful experience! Gaming chairs are made of high-quality sponge or padded materials that support your body and comfort you while you sit on something for a long time.
Benefits Of Using A Gaming Chair
  1. Another problem that is caused by sitting on a chair for too long is acquiring bad body posture. These chairs are designed in such a way that it can hold your body in the correct posture. Many gaming chairs come with many additional features such as footrest, lumbar pillow massages, vibration, sound system, and many more. 

So, basically, gaming chairs are designed to give you comfort while you spend hours sitting before something or doing your work. It relieves back pain and neck pain and it also takes care of your body posture. These are the main reasons that you should consider buying a gaming chair if you spend a lot of time sitting on a chair.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is the most comfortable gaming chair?

Comfortability varies from person to person. Different gaming chairs are built to suit the different needs of various people. Many gaming chairs are built for shorter people while others are built for healthier ones. There are maximum weight limits for gaming chairs too. 
On the other hand, the material that is used in a gaming chair is directly related to its comfortability. The more breathable the chair is, the more comfort you get out of it. 
Many gaming chairs come with various additional features for more comfortability.
So, while buying a gaming chair, you must first chalk out your own needs and then buy one accordingly.

Q. Are Gaming Chairs worth it?

As we discussed previously, a gaming chair is completely worth it. If you’re a passionate gamer or someone who spends lots of time sitting on a chair, you know that back and neck pain that you have developed from this activity. You may soon develop a bad body posture. Gaming chairs are exclusively made for this purpose only. A gaming chair is designed for your body type with several features like backrest, neck rest, armrest, etc. So, if you use a gaming chair, you will be comfortably sitting on this for hours and long without any back or neck pain.

Q. Are Gaming Chairs bad for your back?

Best chair for gaming features backrests that are specially designed for our back. It holds our spine steadily so that we don’t develop any back pain, Most of the gaming chairs come with a lumbar pillow which supports your lower back and spine. So, gaming chairs for your back pain are very effective.

Q. What chair does PewDiePie use?

This is one of the most asked questions on the internet. PewDiePie uses the Throttle Series PewDiePie Edition chair from Clutch Chairz.

Q. How much should I consider spending on a Gaming Chair?

Well, the answer to this question completely depends on what actually you want from a gaming chair. The cost of gaming chairs depends on several points- build material, features, brand. Before you buy any gaming chair, chalk out what you actually need. Spending around 16,000 is reasonable. You can go for lower budget gaming chairs as well.

A Final Word

We hope that by this time you are able to find the best gaming chair that suits your needs. Always consider those points before buying any gaming chair. A gaming chair will level up your experience of playing games or sitting on a chair, doing your work, or reading a book. 

On an ending note, we personally recommend you to buy:

[amazon box=”B079455LS1″]

Considering its features and build quality, this gaming chair is a value for money. It hardly takes you 30 mins to assemble every part and is one of the main reasons that we recommend this chair. 

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