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Best Meditation Chairs In India

“Give the child a taste of meditation by creating a climate and atmosphere of love, acceptance, and silence.” - Swami Dhyan Giten. If this quote does not describe the wonders of meditation, nothing else can. But don’t you feel something is incomplete here? Isn’t there something missing that is ...

Best Gaming Chairs In India

A gaming chair is not only for gamers but it has something more than this. The gamers know how it feels to sit on a chair for hours and hours staring at a PC. Gaming is a passion that helps to reduce stress. During this period, it is important to nourish such passions not to get too bored. When ...

Best Office Chairs In India

Many of you may think it does not matter where you sit, just grab a good enough chair and get on with your work, but that’s certainly not the case. Most of our jobs are tedious where almost all the day goes into staring at the monitor and working while changing your sitting positions on the same ...

Best Outdoor Chairs In India

Let’s imagine a world without a chair! Yes... without a chair. What would happen if these four-legged non-living things would be not invented? Firstly, doing work by sitting on the ground for hours and hours and then neck- pain, back pain or just think about the people who are healthy… ahem by ...

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