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Best CCTV Camera For Home In India

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CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television, and it is a system of security cameras of all of them connected to a monitoring system. Since, CCTV cameras are gaining popularity and are becoming more affordable in terms of price, owners can feel more comfortable knowing that they can secure their personal properties. The surveillance camera (indoor and outdoor) provides remote control of a place indoors and outdoors. Continue reading the CCTV wireless security camera features to get to know your product well. After knowing your product, check out the Best CCTV Camera in India available online just a click away.

Best CCTV Camera for Home – Security Features


The resolution of a surveillance camera is the image quality it can produce. It represents in practice the number of horizontal lines contained in the image and has a consequent impact on the clarity and sharpness of the image. In general, surveillance cameras are in the slot of analog cameras and IP cameras. You cannot expect DSLR camera quality from these cameras.

Image resolutions for IP cameras are SD, HD, and Full HD resolutions. The SD resolution has 480 pixels, HD can reach 720 pixels and Full HD is up to 1080 pixels. As for analog cameras, their resolution corresponds to the TV lines. For more details on the image recorded by a surveillance camera, you will need to choose a good resolution for your camera.

Angle and Distance

When you put a surveillance camera in one location, it must cover all the important angles. The angle covered by a surveillance camera defines the presence or absence of a blind spot. In order to really see everything and not miss anything that happens in a space, you should know its angle and choose accordingly a device offering an angle that corresponds at least to this measurement. The covered angle is expressed in degrees.

The distance covered plays a decisive role in the performance of the device. You want a given area that the camera will have to cover. A surveillance camera records images up to a distance. You will need to choose a device that fully covers the room or space in which you place it. The viewing angle and the distance usually have a high correlation. The larger the angle, the shorter the distance.


Surveillance cameras particularly benefit from a good quality of manufacture to avoid as much as possible breakdowns and manipulations. This quality of manufacture makes it possible to have a product that is safe and functional 24 hours a day. The tightness of a surveillance camera indicates the level of protection against intrusions of solid or liquid foreign bodies. This level of protection is characterized by a sealing standard given by an IP degree of protection. The format of this index is in the form of IP XX.

For cameras that you place in places exposed to bad weather or to have products that offer you maximum security for its operation, you will have to consult the sealing index to make sure.

Camera Option

The options of a surveillance camera greatly define its quality, efficiency, and interest. These options are numerous, innovative, and allow to benefit from very important assets in its video surveillance. Indeed, you will have a choice between several options like:

  1. Motion detection that starts recording the video in case of motion;
  2. Night vision that provides clear and visible images at night;
  3. 2D-DNR or 3D-DNR digital noise reduction that filters noise from the image;
  4. The automatic gain control which has great clarity and many details of recordings.


The videos taken by the surveillance camera are recorded on a storage medium. Some cameras have built-in memory while many models of these cameras have an SD port that can take SD cards of different capacities. However, these devices generally have a capacity limit to bear.

Type of connections

The connections that can be made by surveillance cameras are of great importance. Indeed, these connections expand the possibilities and offer greater ease of use. Surveillance cameras can have SD, USB ports, wired connections or wireless connections generally with Wi-Fi. With ports and wired connections, these devices are connected to devices through physical contact.

The wireless connection of surveillance cameras allows remote control through an application. So wherever you are, you'll be able to see what's happening at your home or office. Indeed, you have the possibility to access the videos of your camera from your phone or your mobile phone and to receive a signal as soon as there is an anomaly.

Luminosity of the camera or sensitivity to light conditions is measured in “Lux”, and determines the minimum amount of light required by a camera to produce a readable image. In this case, the best camera will be the one with the smallest value.

The quality of the video delivered by a Security System (CCTV) depends directly on the Technology that is chosen, the functions that the camera incorporates, the amount of infrared LEDs incorporated, and the capacity and speed of the digital recorder.

It is good to clarify that if you want to have a modern and futuristic system with high image quality and growth at low cost you should opt for the latest technology, i.e. IP Cameras: HD or Ultra HD – 4K, since the technological trend is towards Security Systems by RED. 

Best CCTV Camera in India for Home!

Sricam SP Series SP005 Review

It has the most advanced function to rotate or tilt (355 degrees) and up (90 degrees) the camera at any time from any Smartphone or desktop computer so that one can see the images from any angle. It supports 128GB microSD card.

Sricam SP Series SP005 Review - Best CCTV Camera for Home Use!
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Why we recommended it

  • It is the 720p HD quality camera.
  • It has night vision; one can see live images of the camera even when there is no light, since it has 11 IR LED and light sensor.
  • Second more advanced function: it has the function of motion detection (even at night), when the movement is detected, it sends an insert notification to the Smartphone and emits an alarm of the loud sound of the police siren as defense
  • It also has the alarm function by email; send an image or image of the recording to three desired email accounts.
  • Third advanced function: has the most advanced intercom function, you can talk from both sides from any smart phone and PC

ThinkValue T8855 Review

ThinkValue T8855: Do you need something on a budget? The ThinkValue also offers HD recording, night vision, bidirectional audio and can also be viewed and controlled from the mobile. When it comes to the safety of your loved ones at home, the ThinkValue security camera does a good job. It comes with an email alert feature whenever a movement is detected. The Think Value wireless CCTV camera provides security to your homes and works with high quality resolution. It is best for office rooms, homes, restaurants, dining area, hotel rooms, and lounges.

ThinkValue T8855 Review
Check Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!

Check Price On Amazon

Why we recommended it

  • It has HD recording with 720p resolution.
  • Its live demo feature helps you to watch live videos on your phone. You download a simple application on a smartphone to watch live videos.
  • It has an easy and simple Wi-Fi configuration through an Android Smartphone or iOS.
  • You have remote access to a smartphone camera through Wi-Fi or 4G mobile network.
  • Its built-in rotary motor helps rotate the camera horizontally or vertically from anywhere in the world.

D3D D8810 Review

The D3D wireless security camera is easy and simple to install in homes and offices. Your HD recording gives you a clear and clear video at all times. Its recording function in the cloud keeps secure recordings on the FTP server even if the camera is stolen/broken.

D3D D8810 Review - Best CCTV Camera in India!
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Check Price On Amazon

Why we recommended it

  • Its high definition camera with 720p resolution provides a high quality image at all times.
  • It has a 360 degree mobile control function. You can access all the recordings with a single tap on your mobile application from anywhere in the world.
  • Your infrared night vision provides a high quality image even at night.
  • Its motion detection function helps send alerts.
  • The bi-directional audio function with built-in speaker and microphone helps to video chat with family and friends at any time.

Sricam SP018 Review

Sricam launches a brilliant waterproof wireless security system for all weather conditions. It is ideal for outdoor installation. Give the protection we need. It is a high definition outdoor CCTV camera. It also works in low light. Your camera has HD quality. It has a resolution of 720p. It helps to clearly see the target objects.

Sricam SP018 Review
Check Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!

Check Price On Amazon

Why we recommended it

  • It has 1 MP of a sensor that can capture images of 30 frames per second at a resolution of 720P HD. It is another Bullet camera that gives you help to monitor criminals, employees, and servants.
  • Its night vision function is cost-effective to obtain a peripheral view in dark environments.
  • It can cover an area of 15 meters.
  • Notifies you by email what is happening on your property in your absence.
  • It is compatible with wifi technology. You can even take a look at your house by establishing a connection on your Android or iPhone.

Finicky World V380 Review

The Finicky World Wi-Fi security camera makes it easy to see your children, elderly parents or pets wirelessly on your Smartphone or tablet, anytime, anywhere. Simple configuration and remote viewing anywhere: the single-key Wi-Fi configuration makes configuration easy; using mobile devices to set up quickly on Wi-Fi in 5 minutes. And you can watch videos live with your iPhone, Android phones or tablets remotely when you're away from home.

Finicky World V380 Review - Best CCTV Camera for Home Use in India!
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Check Price On Amazon

Why we recommended it

  • Simple and easy Wi-Fi configuration: fast Wi-Fi configuration (not compatible with the 5G Wi-Fi network) through the iOS or Android Smartphone using the supplied application, remote access to the camera on the Smartphone through its 4G mobile network or Wi-Fi
  • Rotate the camera: turn the camera horizontally or vertically from anywhere in the world thanks to the built-in rotary motor.
  • Record videos on the SD card, as it has provision for the SD card slot as well. Supports card of up to 64 GB capacity.
  • You can choose to record 24 × 7 or make Alarm Recording, which means that when recording is detected only recording is performed.

D-Link Marvel DCS-F1712 Review

Based on the latest technology, the D-Link analog CCTV camera provides high definition (HD) video through coaxial cable at distances up to 300 m.

D-Link Marvel DCS-F1712 Review
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Check Price On Amazon

Why we recommended it

  • Specially designed for analog users who want a high definition surveillance system, this line allows users to enjoy HD without upgrading to IP or even replace their existing wiring structures.
  • With impressive image quality, the camera line offers incredibly durable and weather-resistant products with features such as IR, wide dynamic range (dWDR) and AHD / TVI / CVI / CVBS support output.

ProElite POD04 PTZ Review

The ProElite security camera makes your life safe and secure with its high quality image resolution. It gives you peace of mind and a good sleep. Its built-in rotating camera helps rotate the camera from anywhere in the world.

ProElite POD04 PTZ Review
Check Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!

Check Price On Amazon

Why we recommended it

  • It has a good night vision. You can see up to 16 feet in complete darkness.
  • It comes with a memory card of up to 128 GB capacity.
  • Record videos 24 × 7.

CP Plus Intelli Eye Full HD CCTV Camera Kit

CC Plus HD CC Plus Surveillance is an excellent choice for classrooms, schools, offices, warehouses, retail stores and showrooms. It is a dome camera so you can install it inside or outside.

CP Plus Intelli Eye Full HD CCTV Camera Kit - Best CCTV Camera in India!
Check Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!

Check Price On Amazon

Why we recommended it

  • It is a CCTV camera of 4qty 2 megapixels. It has a full high definition resolution of 1080 pixels.
  • Provides four-channel DVR that records high-quality videos even in low light.
  • Secure four channels of the power supply.

Godrej Security See-Thru Review

Whether day or night, at home or away, you can make sure your home and your loved ones stay safe with Godrej's HD Home Surveillance system. In addition, you can watch the video on your laptop over the Internet and even on your Smartphone through a mobile application.

Godrej Security See-Thru Review
Check Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!

Check Price On Amazon

Why we recommended it

  • Application: a high design for easy storage of A4 files, documents, and other high items
  • Locking mechanism: opens with biometric optical lock, the biometric lock allows a quick and accurate verification for authentic access. You can store up to 30 fingerprint templates, mechanical override key available as an alternative option
  • Safety functions: 2 motorized solid steel pull bolts for additional protection, double curve construction for greater resistance and automatic freezing after four consecutive incorrect attempts, option for anchoring and grouting

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