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5 Best Reverse Cameras For Cars In India (November 2022)

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A reverse camera is a very relevant car accessory that every car should have. No one would ever want scars on their vehicles. Thus, parking your car in the right place is very important. You can not deny that many of the times we find parking lots quite packed up. There would be very little space available for parking. Managing it all inside that needs precision.

Old days have gone when we used to look out of the window to see what’s behind. Looking mirrors do help. But they don't show you exactly what you want. Hence, the best alternative solution is to have a reverse camera installed in your car. But where are the best reverse cameras for cars in India? Where can we find them? How much do they cost? These are some basic questions that knock whenever we think about buying one.

5 Best Reverse Cameras For Cars In India

Many modern cars in India come with pre-installed reverse cameras due to the new traffic security rules. The manufacturers add it along with a variety of features such as car chargers, phone holders, etc.. You are provided with a display at the front where you can see what's behind while parking. But, what about the older versions that most of us have. If you have a car that does not feature a reverse camera, you do not have to worry. You can always buy one and install it in your car. The best reverse cameras for cars allow you to have safe parking and avoid any damage or accident.

On that account, this is a must-have accessory for every car owner. Therefore, if you are here finding the best reverse camera for cars in India, you are exactly in the right place. Finding the best reverse car parking camera is a job better said than done. To ease you, we have done the research and come up with a list of best reverse parking cameras for cars. All these models are the best option available in the market, and you can choose anyone out of it.

But, before you proceed, you should know what are the features that make a reverse camera ‘the best’. Following that, we have included a list of such features that a reverse camera should have. If you want to find out the best, do not miss out on any single details.

Editor's Picks: 3 Of The Best Reverse Cameras For Cars

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Best Reverse Cameras For Cars In India Reviewed

1. AutoTrends Combo of Car Rear View Kit and TFT LCD Monitor with Car Reversing Camera

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Counted in the list of best car reverse camera brand, AutoTrends is an Indian brand located in Mumbai. The brand is a famous manufacturer of car accessories and has been providing superior quality products for years. AutoTrends Combo of Car Rear View Kit and TFT LCD Monitor with Car Reversing Camera is an amazing car reverse parking camera that comes first on our list. You can purchase this from

This is a combo where you get both a reverse parking camera and a TFT LCD Monitor in the box. Hence, if you have a car without any display (mainly older models), you do not have to worry. The camera has a resolution of 420 TV lines (TVL, a unit of measuring resolution for CCTV cameras). So, you get somewhat a clear image of what is behind. It has a viewing angle of 150° that offers a pretty good viewing area and lets you park at ease. 

The camera has two-channel video input support: V1 and V2. It has PAL/NTSC video frequency that offers a smooth connection without any interruption. The video channels come with auto-switching. The display has a size of 4.3 inches and comes with menu buttons using which you can adjust brightness, saturation, contrast, hue, etc. The display can be installed on the car dashboard.

The whole system consumes very less power and saves your battery while working at its best. The display gets black when there is no signal. The installation of the reverse camera is easy. You get a user manual inside the box to guide you through the installation process. You can mount this camera on the license plate back window or any other suitable place, wherever you see fit. The camera automatically turns on when your car is in reverse shift. You also get a six-month warranty on the device.

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  • Good video quality
  • Easy to install
  • Multi-functional display
  • Auto-switching in the monitor
  • No LED infrared light provided

2. DYTesa Black HD CCD Car Rear View Camera

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Amazing reverse cameras can give you an extraordinary driving experience. We are committed to bringing only the best. Hence, we present DYTesa Black HD CCD Car Rear View Camera, an excellent reverse parking camera that you can purchase from The camera comes with some amazing features and incredible longevity.

The reverse camera comes with a color CCD image sensor and an upgraded PC7070K Chip. It has a wide viewing angle of 170°. So, you get a wider image while parking or in reverse shift. If you want a camera that has a top-notch night vision, this can be your choice. It offers you reliable performance even at night or in rainy and foggy weather. The best part of this camera is that it can stand out in any weather condition. It has IP67 waterproof protection. Hence, you can drive smoothly even during heavy rain without worrying about any damage to your device.
This camera is compatible with any monitor with RCA input. It offers you a distance scale line display. So you get safe, secure, and accurate parking even in tight spaces. The camera has a resolution of  728*582. It supports the NTSC TV System. The build quality of the device is very high and comes within a metal shell. It has a universal fitting for Car, Truck, RV, mini-van, etc which has the rated voltage of 12V and comes with 3 months of warranty from the brand. The camera is compatible with your car’s monitor. In case you don’t have one, you can simply purchase a monitor separately and use that. The device is very easy to install too. You get a user manual inside the package that would guide you through the process.

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  • Top-notch night vision
  • Universal support for all cars, trucks, RV, mini-van, etc.
  • Waterproof
  • 170° viewing angle
  • No display or monitor included

3. Nippon RPAS- 600 Rear View Mirror with LED-Night Vision Camera0 Rear

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Nippon is considered to be the best reverse camera brand for a car. We have seen many high-end models from the brand. So, Nippon RPAS- 600 Rear View Mirror with LED-Night Vision Camera is the third top choice on our list. The camera is PAL/NTSC compatible and offers you superior vision during the night or in any foggy or shaggy weather conditions. You can purchase this camera from

The camera system comes with a 4.3 inches digital TFT LCD Rear View Mirror. The high-definition display offers clear image quality and lets you see every detail at ease. The power consumption of the mirror device is very low. The camera has an auto on/off feature and a viewing angle of 120°. It automatically starts to search for the camera signal and displays the backup video while parking. When your parking is done, it turns off automatically.

The installation process for the device is very simple. With the help of a drill head, you can easily drill into the bumper of the car where you can fit the camera. To power your system, you just have to connect it with the reverse light. You get the rear view on the middle of the rear mirror where the display size is 4.3”. The camera also automatically detects some good parking spots so that you can park your car safely. The device is backed by a 1-year warranty.

[amazon box=”B07M64R66M”]
  • Great night vision
  • Less power consumption
  • Easy parking grids
  • TFT LCD monitor
  • Little bit pricey

4. Starvin Car Rear View Reverse Parking Camera

If you are finding a cheap yet excellent reverse parking camera, Starvin Car Rear View Reverse Parking camera is the option for you. Despite being cheap, it offers you some outstanding features that, considering its price range, is astonishing. The camera has a very compact design. It is a night vision camera that you can buy from for under any budget. However, you do not get any display included with it. 

The rearview reverse parking camera comes with a resolution of 480 TV Lines (TVL) and has a viewing angle of 170º. Hence, you get a clearer image of a wider area. It is compatible with the PAL/NTSC TV system and so, you can connect it to any display you want. The camera features IP67 rated waterproofing protection. It means that your camera would never be fogged or wet even on a storm or rainy day. The camera also has a professional shockproof design that ensures the safety of both you and your car. With 8 IR LEDs, the camera gives you a much stronger and realistic night vision than normal LED cameras. 

As it is a wired backup camera, there would not be any disturbance in the signal. Thus, you can experience realtime and continuous video from the device. It also produces HD colour images to peek into the clearest backup image while you are parking your car. The installation process is pretty simple too. It fits all cars and trucks. You can mount the camera to your car's license plate area, back window, or any other suitable place and connect this to your car’s display using the cable that is provided inside the box. The cable is long enough to fit on any vehicle. The camera is a multi-functional one, which means that you can use it as a Backup Camera, Front View Camera, Side View Camera and Surveillance/hidden security camera.

  • Night vision
  • IP67 waterproofing
  • Low power consumption
  • No display included

5. Carzex Car Rear View Reverse 8 LED NightVision Parking Camera

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Carzex car rearview reverse camera for cars is a night vision parking camera that is extremely cheap but offers excellent performance. The camera comes with many amazing features that are hard to get in this price range. You can purchase this one from

8 LED Night Vision Rear View Reverse Parking Camera can be connected to any type of monitor. You can install it on your license plate or inside your bumper. It features 8 LED lights that offer you both night and day vision. The performance of the camera during the night or in any low light condition is commendable.

This is a 100% waterproof camera that has an IP67 rating. Hence, you do not have to worry about any weather conditions. As it is a wired camera, you would never face any disturbance in the signal. The camera is compatible with almost any vehicle. It has a 170° Degree Wide viewing angle. You also get a good and easy reversing guideline that helps you park your car more safely.

[amazon box=”B07DS8GPD4″]
  • 170° Degree Wide viewing angle
  • Easy installation
  • Night vision
  • No displays included

Types Of Reverse Cameras

Once you have planned to buy a reverse camera for your car, you should always stay updated with the various types of such cameras presently available in the market. Different cameras come with various features and different price ranges. Choosing one among these depends on your budget and the features that you want. Knowing all these types would help you get a fair idea about what your choice brings you. 

Surface Mounting Cameras

Surface mounting cameras are the most efficient type of reverse parking camera. These cameras are mounted on any plain surface at the rear of the car. These are mounted in a higher position to get wider viewing angles. The best part of this kind is that these cameras offer you an in-depth perception. Due to these excellent features, these cameras are mainly used with larger vehicles such as trucks, trailers, etc. 

Flush Mounting Cameras

If you want your car to look exactly what it looked like before the installation of the camera, then this is your choice. Flush mounting cameras are installed in a hole that is drilled in the lower end of the real panel. Thus, unlike other cameras, it does not affect your car’s look. The only problem with this type is that you are not offered much viewing angle and depth perception. However, despite that, it does its work quite well. 

License Mounting Cameras

License mounting cameras are the most famous and used reverse parking camera in the market. The best part about this camera is its installation process. These are installed on the license plate. Nowadays, almost every car has a license plate hole. So, it becomes easier for the car owners to install it. Install it at a higher surface since higher surfaces give you a better viewing angle.

Features That A Good Reverse Camera Should Have

A reverse parking camera is a huge help while parking your cars at the tightest space. It not only helps you park the car properly but also gives it better protection and lets you control every direction without moving from your seat. Due to the changed traffic norms, the manufacturers must have a rear camera installed in all their products. However, for the older versions of cars, it is quite unlike to have any. Hence, you have to go out and find one on your own. Or, you can just simply purchase it online from the e-commerce sites. Whatever you do, finding the best rear parking camera is not as easy as it seems. But, knowing the proper way may help. The following points are some important features that the best car reverse camera brand should put in their models. 

Image Quality

While talking about cameras, the first thing that knocks our mind is image quality. Image quality matters in any cameras that we purchase. Hence, backup parking cameras are no exception. Poor image quality may confuse you with poorer details while looking at the image. So, you should always find a reverse parking camera with better image quality. We always suggest buying a camera with at least 480 megapixels support. You can also go for more megapixels if your budget permits. The better the quality is, the more perfect your parking experience becomes. Therefore, check out the image quality before you proceed. 

Viewing Angels Of The Camera

A good reverse camera for cars should always have good viewing angles. It is as important as having a good quality steering wheel cover for grip while maneuvering a car. While you’re driving your car in reverse mode, you should always know every detail of what is behind, especially when you are parking your car in a tight spot. Only a reverse camera with a good viewing angle can offer you that. You would find cameras with different viewing angle options in the market. Reverse cameras that have viewing angle range from 120-180 degrees are recommended as these would only show you what you need to see. Larger viewing angles can make the image smaller while the lesser ones may not give you sufficient details. Thus, you should always be careful with viewing angels.

Weather Resistance Sensor

All the reverse parking sensors are installed outside of the car and at the back. So, the camera and wires will be exposed to weather conditions such as sun, rain, snow, storm, etc. Therefore, the camera should be weather resistant. It is a very important feature that your camera should have. If your cameras are not rated for outdoor purposes, you will soon be having it out-of-service. You should check whether your camera is IP67 or IP68 rated. There are IP69 rated cameras too which are more expensive. The more the rating, the better protection you get. 

Night Vision

Your camera would be a total waste of money if it does not feature a night vision sensor. We all know what a night-vision sensor is. A normal camera can work fine during the day. But, what about when you go to the mall or a party event during the night? If your camera does not feature night vision, it would get completely blank and you wouldn’t be able to see anything. The infrared LED light camera captures pictures even in total darkness and provides visibility for about 20-30 feet. It is advised not to buy one without this feature.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Reverse Camera

Trust us when we say that a reverse camera is one of the best investments that one can make for their car. Reverse cameras are very useful and come handy, which lets you drive your car carefully in reverse. You get a monitor installed inside the car where you can see every detail behind. So, if you don’t want your investment to go in vain, picking just any may not be helpful. Therefore, you should always consider the following factors and opt for the best one as per their needs.


The first and foremost concern of yours should be the installation process of the reverse parking camera. We always recommend you to buy a camera that is easy to install. It allows anyone to install it on their own. So, understand your camera better. Plus, it allows you to move it further to any other position. Therefore, pick a camera with an easy installation process. 

Build Quality 

When you buy any electronic device, do not overlook its build quality. A good build quality gives it better durability and so it can serve you for longer. Choose a reverse camera that has a strong build quality. Your camera is installed outside at the rear panel of your car. Hence, it will be exposed to various weather conditions such as rain, sunlight, storm, etc. So, your camera needs to be weather-sealed too.

Video Image Quality

Just like you need a reliable car wax for maintain the shine of your car, you need good image quality to make full use of a reverse camera. A good reverse parking camera should have at least a video image quality of 480 megapixels. A good video image quality is very important as it helps you see every detail of the picture perfectly. So, you can always know what is at the back that you should never crash. Accordingly, always buy a camera with a good video image quality.  

Night Vision

The night vision feature helps you see things even in total darkness. or in some low light conditions. Every reverse camera should have a night vision sensor. Without this feature, your reverse camera becomes useless during the night. It is always advised to buy a reverse camera with the night vision sensor.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Reverse Camera

Wired vs Wireless

You can get both wired and wireless reverse parking cameras in the market. There is always this confusion among people which one to buy. Both types have their privileges and disadvantages.  Wired reverse parking cameras are connected via wire to the monitor. Wired cameras offer you superior video quality. There is no chance of connection disturbance too. On that account, wired reverse cameras are more reliable than wireless ones. On the other hand, wireless cameras offer you better accessibility. The system is easier to install. You can mount the display wherever you want according to your preference. But, with wireless cameras, you can face connection problems. The picture quality also may suffer. So, make your preference clear in this regard. 


You would get the image projected on the monitor installed inside the car. You can fix this monitor anywhere you feel comfortable. There are two models of screens available in the market i.e. screen in rear-view mirrors and stand-alone screens. Not all models come packed with a monitor. The standalone models can be fixed in your dashboard or connected to your infotainment system. These are easier to install. You can see different types of displays available in the market like LCD, CRT, TFT-LCD. LCD, TFT-LCD displays offer you better image quality than CRT monitors. So, when you buy a monitor for your reverse camera system, check the details carefully.

Automatic Functioning

Many reverse cameras nowadays come with this feature. With this feature installed in your system, your reverse camera starts automatically when the car is in reverse mode. So, it gets easier as you do not have to start the camera again and again wherever you are in reverse mode. 


Reverse cameras are available in different budget segments in the market. The price of a reverse camera depends on various features and types that it offers. Hence, before you buy a reverse car parking sensor, make your priorities clear and then buy one. Chalking out your budget would help you get the best car parking camera under your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is a reverse camera worth it?

Reverse cameras are a great investment. According to a survey done by NHTSA, when backup cameras are standard on all new cars, 58 to 69 lives can be saved each year. These cameras provide excellent protection to your car as well.

Q. Can I hide my reverse camera?

You don’t have to hide your reverse camera. Rather, you can consider buying a flush mounting camera.

Q. Do reverse cameras record too?

Back up cameras don’t usually record as these are powered when the car is on.

Q. Can I reset the parking sensor?

You can not resent the parking sensor. These either work or don’t. Therefore, the resetting is not possible.

Q. Which is the best budget reverse camera on the list?

Carzex car rearview reverse camera is the best in budget reverse camera on the list.

A Final Word

Reverse cameras are a great help to your driving experience. It not only protects your car from damage and scratches but can also protect many lives. Hence, a reverse camera is a worthy investment to make. By now, we hope that you have got what you need. All these listed cameras are the best in the class and price segment.

On an ending note, we personally recommend you to buy:

[amazon box=”B0193CD76Y”]

It comes with many amazing features and offers you clear image quality and a good viewing angle. The brand has also provided a display within the package.

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