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Best Car Floor Mats In India (November 2022)

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A Car Mat is not just a luxury product. It is almost a must to have to ensure the occasional yet inevitable dirt and mud that accumulate God-knows-how on the inside of the car. A Car Mat will protect your car from such spillage. A good Car Mat will do it efficiently and also look good in doing it! The BEST Car floor Mats will do much more, as you will see when you read on!

What goes into buying a car? Well, for sure, you would look at the brand, the appearance, its efficiency, whether or not it looks attractive, among others. After you have your own car, the buying part is not yet finished. Ideally, you still have to get a Car Mount for your phone, set up WiFi and Bluetooth, GPS tracker, Dashcam, and a tough yet stylish Car Mat.

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[amazon table=”12727″]
We have reviewed five of the Best Car Floor Mats and their brands in India. Before you read them all, we would like to give special attention to one, the best product according to us.

Our personal recommendation is:

[amazon box=”B0164DI3QY” template=”list”]

Strong, durable, attractive to look at, this product ensures you ride your car with style, and also be comfortable doing it. The presence of a heelpad emphasizes the point about it being comfy. More details about AutoFurnish Car Mat are below, in the full-length reviews!

The Best Car Floor Mats in India You Can Buy Today

1. [amazon fields=”B0164DI3QY” value =”title”]

[amazon fields=”B0164DI3QY” value=”button”]

Easy on the eyes, extremely lightweight, soft and cushion-y to the touch, no dust on the surface, no hassle involved in installation – we could go on and on about its usefulness. And yet, we continue! There is a heelpad that creates friction for the feet so that they don’t slip, which could be fatal potentially. Available in Black and Beige, AutoFurnish Car Mats are quite sturdy as well. Its dimensions are 40 x 50 x 5 cm. Its thinness does not mean it is any less sturdy of a Car Mat than you will need, though!

To be honest, while reviewing all of these products we have had to look at many Car Mats. However, this one, in particular, caught our eye instantly because of its appealing design. In addition, its spongy and soft material is specially designed to give abundant resting space to your feet. Unfortunately, some Car Mats are a pain to install and set up. Many people dread the concept of not buying something like the Car Mat, but setting it up. This Car Mat Brand, on the other hand, boasts very easy to install car Mats. You just need time to go and buy it (or simply order it online and wait for its arrival), for after it is in your hands, you can set it up in no time flat!

[amazon box=”B0164DI3QY” title=”WHAT WE THINK” description=”AutoFurnish is our top recommendation by far. From its super high quality to its additional features like the heelpad and its overall grand appearance, this Car Mat is really the best of the best, not to mention the fact that it is not relegated to a specific car model only.”]
  • We found the appearance (in both colors) appealing
  • The soft and spongy material provides your feet with a comfortable resting place
  • Very easy to install
  • We verified the sturdiness of the material
  • We found the heelpad to be a very useful and safe feature
  • Some may not like the heelpad which may be new to them, and may take some time getting used to

2. [amazon fields=”B07KTZBFTF” value =”title”]

[amazon fields=”B07KTZBFTF” value=”button”]

Though quite pricey, it lives up to its billing. The quality of the Car Mat is premium – no dispute here: no dust, no odor, 100% waterproof. Furthermore, the AutoZing Car Mat fits perfectly with elevated platform at the edges – providing a seamless cover indeed. The product is heavy, weighing 6 kilograms. With dimensions of 50 x 35 x 10 cm, it is a thick and sturdy Car Mat, built to last. What's more, it has an anti-slip layer – providing both style AND substance!

We also found the appearance breathtaking, fit for the luxury car brands it is catered to. Now, one thing to add here is about the universality of the Car Mat Brand. It does not provide Car Mats for all brands, so one needs to look up whether the brand provides Car Mats for his car model.

[amazon box=”B07KTZBFTF” title=”WHAT WE THINK” description= “How many people own a Maruti Suzuki? If you do, though, then you are sure to be able to afford this product. Then, by all means, go for it. You will not be disappointed.”]
  • Premium quality – sturdy and skid-proof
  • Dustproof, Waterproof
  • We felt the appearance is marvelous
  • Very costly
  • Exclusive for some car models

3. [amazon fields=”B072LV8XDH” value =”title”]

[amazon fields=”B072LV8XDH” value=”button”]

Though we are reviewing the Car Mat for Maruti Suzuki Ignis, Elegant Cord provide Car Mats fit for a wide array of car models. The Car Mats come in four color varieties, with one set containing five pieces. The product is very lightweight, weighing only 2.3 and 1.8 kilograms respectively. With a warranty of one year and easy maintenance, its high quality, anti-skid material speaks for itself. When you see the dimensions being 59.4 x 51.6 x 4.2 cm, you get the idea of its thin structure. Though thin, its quality is not bad, and it can be easily washed and maintained. Unfortunately, trimmability is not something that this Car Mat Brand boasts. However, because it is catered to most car models, that should not pose a major problem.

One thing that struck us when reviewing the product is its unique appearance. The product does not really resemble a Car Mat at all, at least the prototypical one. We'll not lie, but the product actually looks somewhat like elbow pads and knee pads! But in a good way, of course. In short, if you want a unique looking set of Car Mats, you won't disappoint (yourself or others) if you go for this Car Mat Brand.

[amazon box=”B072LV8XDH” title=”WHAT WE THINK” description= “The fact that only two car models are supported is a very big limitation right off the bat. Still, if you own a Fiat Punto or a Skoda Rapid, then Elegant Cord Carpet Car Mats ought to be your go-to.”]
  • We liked its color variety
  • We found the anti-skid material very useful
  • Ease of washing and maintenance
  • We were disappointed by the fact that it is not trimmable

4. [amazon fields=”B07M9N938H” value =”title”]

[amazon fields=”B07M9N938H” value=”button”]

Autkraftz Car Mats come in a set of four Car Mats, two for front and two for the rear. Available in only Black, it is made of rubber, boasting heavy-duty vinyl construction. The product is also trimmable for fitting even though it generally fits in most cars. Again, that is one of the most important features ever. If the Car Mat doesn't fit, it just will not do. This Car Mat is relatively lightweight, weighing 3.15 kilograms. With dimensions 47 x 22 x 7 cm, this product is unique from the others in this list. Personally speaking, we like this kind of somewhat symmetrical design.

We have to admit one thing. You know that rubbery characteristic smell, right? It's not that bad, actually. However, it is distracting. And this very distinctive smell lingers for a long time for this Car Mat. We have verified this characteristic feature of the product to stay for several days. If that kind of thing bothers you, you should think twice before buying it. Not to give a negatively skewed view on it, we must add that we were very impressed with its washability. It cleans easily and also fits very effortlessly into cars. Another of its attractive features is that it is very cheap! Now who doesn't love that?

[amazon box=”B07M9N938H” title=”WHAT WE THINK” description= “Autosun Car Mats give a very good bang for your buck, that’s for sure. The color being limited to black does not hurt the product much, as it does not look bad, and most Car Mats come in black anyway.”]
  • We found it fits like a glove in most cars
  • We faced very minimal effort on its maintenance – easy to wash and take care of
  • Very cheap
  • We found that the rubber smell persists for a long time
  • Only available in one color

5. [amazon fields=”B00V0AOZGY” value =”title”]

[amazon fields=”B00V0AOZGY” value=”button”]

Flomaster UC  Mats comes in a set of four mats weighing around 4 kg each. It is also available in many types and colors. With the exterior made of thermoplastic material, the Car Mat is built with high quality PVC, ensuring toughness and longevity. Typically, it is an easy fit for most vehicles. If not, you can simply trim the sides if you need to better suit your car and your sense of aesthetics! The product is very thin, its dimensions being 30 x 17 x 2 cm. It is common how most car mats are heavily priced considering they have stern stature to maintain. However, we noted that Flomaster Car Mats are priced at such a reasonable rate which would fit any budget.


[amazon box=”B00V0AOZGY” title=”WHAT WE THINK” description= “It is a quite good choice for sure, taking into account its above-average specifications with reasonable price. Its ease of maintenance and trimmability make it a good recommendation for anyone.”]
  • We found the product very good in comparison to price
  • We verified that it fits with most vehicles
  • Even if the Car Mat doesn’t fit properly, its edges can be easily trimmed
  • We found the range of colors appealing
  • We found the characteristic Car Mat smell to linger for a long time
  • We experienced some issues with the ridges in the floor mat: shoes were sometimes stuck, which of course disturbs driving

Why You Should Buy A Car Mat?

Why You Should Buy A Car Mat?


As already briefly discussed in the introduction, a Car Mat has a lot of functions and utilities. It not only reinforces the carpet of your car and protects it from getting dirty every once in a while, it also provides a rich and fancy look to your car, exuding an overall grand ambiance!

1. Efficiency

Typically, the cost of a Car Mat will be less than carpeting your entire car. Add to that the fact that the Car Mat prevents the car carpet to be stained and eroded, and the face that some Car Mats are made of anti-skid material to bolster safety. Would you much rather depend on Lady Luck in hopes that no drink will be spilled and no muddy shoes will pollute your laboriously installed car carpet? Even if you are so careful, your shoes (not to mention those of the many other people who ride with you) are bound to have dust and dirt accumulated. That will take its toll on your precious carpet, and God forbid may lead to potential accidents because of the slippery surface. And a carpet is harder to wash as well. Add all these things up, and it's a no-brainer that having a Car Mat is very efficient.

Why Buy A Car Mat?
They protect your car from stains – easier to have some protection instead of redoing the carpeting.

2. Ambience

Take a look at any of the Car Mats reviewed here (or most ones in the market) and you will see that they are built not just for functional purposes, but also for the sake of style. Research also says that colors influence your mood. People associate with vibrant colors if they have vibrant personalities themselves. And if they are gloomy, lighter and darker colors are more attuned to their mood. That is not to say that Black and Grey are gloomy colors and suited for gloomy people, but the point is that it is all up to you to get whatever color and style of Car Mats you associate with for your car. Needless to say, the wide range of colors available for many of the Car Mat Brands cater to this kind of attitude. So, ride not only with substance, but also with style!

Different Types Of Floor Mats

Before buying a floor mat, you should be well aware of different types of it. These mats are available in different price ranges depending on their quality and style. Buying a floor mat, therefore, typically depends on the choice you prefer or, the budget you have. We have made a list of some of these types to help you out with your decision making. 

Fabric Floor Mats

Fabric floor mats are the most available and the cheapest option in the market. They feature a rubber back to prevent them from slipping. They are available in many attractive color variants, and you also have the liberty to make a customized design for yourself. These mats are available in universal sizes. Therefore, they can easily fit into your car. The problem with this type is that they do not last long. They will soon start sagging and may slip too. Hence, before you buy a fabric mat, make sure that you are picking a good quality one. 

Rubber Floor Mats

Rubber floor mats come next in popularity and availability. They are the most durable ones that offer a lifetime guarantee and are uniquely shaped to fit your inside. Rubber mats are a much safer option than the fabric floor mats since they do not slip and won’t obstruct pedal use. Rubber mats stand with soak and mat. But, they do get very dirty easily. Hence, you should never expect an aesthetic value. Make sure to choose a good quality one for a better experience. Most of the time, rubber floor mats are the ones that come with your car. 

3D Floor Mats

3D floor mats are the most expensive floor mats available in the market. It gives your car a premium look. It enhances your car's interior and gives you the ambiance you crave for. However, these mats need regular maintenance and would cost you more than any other type. 

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Car Floor Mat For You – Buyer's Guide

Now that we have looked at the five top brands of Car Mats available in India and verified the importance of buying a Car Mat, let us now delve into the mechanics of our choices, the key factors behind our recommendations.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Car Floor Mat - Buyer's Guide


1. Durability

The tougher the material is, the better it will fare against depreciation. Let's face it, Car Mats are designed with the thought in mind that they will face a considerable amount of rough every single day, whether or not you use your car regularly or not. Thus, a one-year warranty will be as good as you are going to get on a Car Mat, even a good one. And that is quite a long time if you think about the wear and tear a Car Mat is going to go through on a daily basis.

Typically, Car Mats are made of rubber or plastic. In particular, plastic variants Vinyl and Thermoplastic are used, just like we have seen with [amazon fields=”B0164DI3QY” value =”title”] and [amazon fields=”B07NR3TNXR” value =”title”] respectively. The weight and thickness of the product depends on the material it is made with. For example, a rubber Car Mat is generally tougher and thicker, but that does not mean that plastic material provides inferior quality. You should also look out for the lingering smell of rubber which may take a long time to disappear.

In short, a Car Mat is durable if it is thick and heavy. However, buying a Car Mat only based on that factor alone is a bad choice. Not only does relatively thin and lightweight Car Mats deliver good performance, but there are also the following factors which should play into your choice of buying a Car Mat.

2. Maintenance

Yes, it is undoubtedly the user's proactive attitude that ensures a Car Mat — and any other product — stays in tiptop shape. You must be diligent and wash your Car Mat every once in a while whenever it gets too dirty, or at least before a big event when you go out with friends and family (not a solo tour) as you will not want them to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. Having said that, if you choose a Car Mat which is easily washable, your maintenance hassle will be vastly reduced.

So, what are the things to look at to ensure that the Car Mat you are buying is easy to maintain? Its make will largely decide its washability. Rubber will not be easy to deal with. However, many of the products we have reviewed boast easy maintenance quality. For example, [amazon fields=”B07NR3TNXR” value =”title”] can be easily washed with soap with no issues. Our top pick [amazon fields=”B0164DI3QY” value =”title”] and the grand [amazon fields=”B07KTZBFTF” value =”title”] boasts of dustproof and waterproof  qualities. These Car Mats will not even need as much cleaning as the others. Not only dust, such high-quality products will also be effective against mud, snow, oil, and dirt.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Car Floor Mat - Buyer's Guide


3. Appropriate Size

There is a reason why some Car Mat Brands produce Car Mats for specific car models, just as most mobile phone covers cater to different mobile phone brands. This is because the Car Mats need to fit the interior region of the car, of course.

This brings up the unfortunate case that not all Car Mats are suitable for everyone. We can't help it. You just have to look up potential Car Mats you want to buy according to what car you own.


There is such a type of Car Mat which is adjustable to any car type. Yes, as mentioned previously, you can simply trim some Car Mats to suit your car's size, or simply to suit your sense of aesthetics. You may want to have a specific pattern of your Car Mat by stylizing it according to your fancy, or you may simply want to fit the Car Mat inside your car. Whatever be the reason, there are some Car Mat Brands such as Sepia, Autosun, and AutoFurnish which produce trimmable Car Mats.

Another thing which needs to be pointed out is that we have reviewed more the Car Mat Brands, not just the Car Mats they provide. For example, all five of the Car Mat Brands have produce a multitude of Car Mats for different cars. If you go to the Amazon link we attached to the reviews, you can easily see if the Car Brand is providing the Car Mat suited to your car. It must be noted that not all Car Mat Brands provide all sizes of Car Mats. However, those that are trimmable can be adjusted to various car models nevertheless!

If the area you live in is usually hit with frequent raining or snowing, we advise you to choose a rather easy-to-clean and easy-to-maintain rubber floor mat.

4. Safety

Nothing is more important on the road than taking safety mechanisms. Admittedly, we all sometimes take our safety for granted such as by receiving calls while driving and by neglecting the seat belt. As dangerous as these can be, one might argue that slipping on a Car Mat and losing control of the car is even scarier.

No Car Mat on the market is inherently unsafe. However, when polluted with dirt, mud, and whatnot, the mat may become slippery and potentially lead to catastrophe. Thus, it is of utmost importance to regularly clean your Car Mat.

Maintenance aside, some Car Mats really are safer than others. The Car Mat Brands AutoFurnish and AutoZing not only provide the dust-free facility, but they also have an anti-skid region near the pedals. This additional rough area is a great addition to a Car Mat, one that may ultimately save lives! Though these brands may be relatively costly, it is better to be safe than sorry!

5. Appearance

Last but not least comes the overall look of the Car Mat. Many of us may not admit choosing products for only the exterior appearance. However, deep down, we all know that while the appearance is not everything, it is still an important layer to anything — especially a Car Mat which is a huge accessory for the interior of a car.

The [amazon fields=”B07KTZBFTF” value =”title”] is hands down the most stylish Car Mat there is. Both its Black and Beige colors give that aura of “cool” and “grand”. The AutoFurnish Car Mat Brand also provides these two colors, and they look damn good. Even the cheap [amazon fields=”B014YJN3ZG” value =”title”] provides good looking Car Mats. Even the other Car Mat Brands we have reviewed, the [amazon fields=”B072LV8XDH” value =”title”] and [amazon fields=”B07NR3TNXR” value =”title”], provide Car Mats which come in a wide variety of colors. Choose the one that matches your car, or simply the one you fancy!

Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that the appearance of the Car Mats a Car Mat Brand provide may change depending on the size, depending on the car model it is stylized for. The change is not anything drastic, so you need not browse all the sizes on Amazon to explore all the subtleties, though you are more than welcome to do so. The point is that the models we have provided will very well serve as the template and representative of the overarching Car Mat design.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do I really need a Car Mat?

Yes, unless you are okay with your car carpet getting stained and soiled. And having to replace it which is much costlier than replacing a Car Mat. Generally, a Car Mat is also easily washable, and probably very stylish!

2. Should I opt for a good looking Car Mat or a sturdy one?

Why don't you get both?! Many of the Car Mats reviewed here serve both functional and aesthetic purposes.

3. Do I need to find a specific Car Mat size for my car?

Yes, that is a must. Some Car Mat Brands do not cater to many car models, which you will have to look up. HOWEVER, some Car Mats are trimmable, which means you can customize its size as you wish.

4. How can I keep good maintenance of my Car Mat?

We know that Car Mats will get dirty every so often. But that's their job, after all. Car Mats made of plastic varieties are easier to wash. You can use soap and water to cleanse them.

5. Are Car Mats safe?

Not only are Car Mats safe, they ADD to the safety of your car. Some Car Mats even have anti-skid facility which prevents accidental slips due to mud and dirt. Some even have heelpad which increases friction so that potential accidents involving pedals are minimized.

A Final Word

Even though the table at the top of the article highlights two Car Mat Brands, it does not mean that the other three are not worth your money. All five of these have been carefully chosen by our reviewers and equally carefully verified for their pros and cons. As such, you can opt for any of the five Car Mats reviewed here and not be disappointed. Beware, however, of the fact that some of them are not suitable for specific car models, which we have explicitly highlighted. Moreover, do not feel obliged to just keep to these five Car Mats. You are more than welcome to explore other choices, and there are bound to be many other good choices since there are hundreds of Car Mat Brands out there. Of course, these five have been carefully chosen, and are meant to be a reference point for potential Car Mat customers.

Have a look at all the reviewed products below. May you all style and profile with a suitable Car Mat, and also be safe along the way!

[amazon box=”B0164DI3QY,B07KTZBFTF,B072LV8XDH,B014YJN3ZG,B07NR3TNXR” template=”table” numbering=”true”]

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