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Top 5 Best Exercise Bikes In India (November 2022)

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In a daily 9 to 5 grind, it’s normal to feel like you don’t have enough time for yourself to keep up with your health regimes. But we’ve to perform in a given situation. The key is to start taking small steps in the right direction. We understand you want something more out of your current health situation and which is why you’re reading this post. Congratulations, you’ve to stumble upon the right blog and the right post. You might have reached this post in quest of searching alternative ways of working out as opposed to going to the jogging or sweating in the gym. That being said there are many options including exercise cycle, stationary bikes, elliptical trainers, rowing machine and there is a lot that you can go with. Yes, exercise cycle to I am sure this machinery got your attention. No wonder it’s one of the most commonly used equipment for peeps looking for gym alternatives. Exercise cycles help you maintain a fit and lean body if combined with a good diet. I am sure you’re all excited about transforming your current health status. If you’re nodding, yes then investing in a good exercise cycle is a good way to start your way to the healthy body.

You always don’t need to be a gym rat to maintain your health and fitness. You can make tiny tweaks to your current lifestyle and make a bigger impact on your health and well-being. Nowadays, it’s not that difficult to stay fit from the comfort of your home. And, exercise cycle’s works perfectly to get you started. You can easily shed oodles of weight and stay fit without stepping out from your home. So, if getting healthier and leaner is on the list then this post will entice you like no other. The best part about exercise cycle is that you can watch TV shows and movie while working out on the machine itself.

On the flip side, if you’re looking to track your training in the most precise way, then consider getting a heart rate monitor as well.   

Best Exercise Cycle – Reviews

Lifeline 102 Exercise Cycle

Add a modern, sophisticated statement to your home with this sturdy exercise cycle from LifelineIf health is your main concern and time is a constraint then this could be your pick. Get on with your health regime and by investing in a decent exercise cycle. It is an ideal model if you’re looking for portability and comfort at the same time. Ask any health expert, comfort is the topmost priority while selecting any model for your workout.

best exercise bikeTop 5 Best Exercise Bikes In India (November 2022) 1


Why We Recommend It

  • Electronic meter displays time, distance, calories burned, speed and scan
  • Manual tension knob for strength adjustment
  • It is Ergonomic designed and is adjustable-reach arms with padded grips
  • It is made of Steel frame construction. It is simple and easy to adjust the seat and handle position

Kobo MB-2 Exercise Bike (Grey/White)

Ask any professional cook about the best Exercise Bike brands, and you certainly won’t miss the name Kobo on the list. This model is known for synchronizing pressure based on the liking of the user. And, at the same time, it’s cost-effective and carries good utility and stability features. If you’re looking for an exercise cycle which is simple and easy to install and operate then this could be your pick. It offers smooth and quite full body cardiovascular workout. With a regular use, it can firm your hips & thighs for a well-toned shape. It comes with a supportive yet comfortable saddle.

best exercise bikeTop 5 Best Exercise Bikes In India (November 2022) 1


Why We Recommend It

  • It operated on Magnetic System, easy to adjust seat position
  • 4 Kg Flywheel, 8 level resistance adjustable system
  • Onboard LED digital computer monitor, Chip-resistant tubular steel main frame
  • KOBO Magnetic Bike Deluxe Upright Exercise Cycle Home Gym Fitness Cardio Orbitrac is an ideal option for gifting purposes too.
  • Exercise Bike to work on toning arms & legs, its ergonomic reach arms with padded grips.

Cockatoo MAB-02 Imported Magnetic Exercise Bike with Hi-Tech Display Feature; Exercise Cycle; Air Bike

Take your fitness to the next level with Cockatoo Exercise Bike. It is compact, lightweight and helps you prepare tone your body in the shortest time possible. If getting healthier is on hit list then this exercise cycle is the best way to begin your health odyssey. It offers crank, silent and smooth belt transmission.  It comes with Ipad shelf computer display which features calories burned, display time, speed and scan hand pulse on the handles.

best exercise bikeTop 5 Best Exercise Bikes In India (November 2022) 1


Why We Recommend It

  • Compact enough for home use, multiple resistance settings
  • 3 Kgs Magnetic fly Wheel with double way bearing
  • Height adjustment feature, Durable equipment
  • Manual 8-level resistance adjustable system & vertical seat adjustment
  • A computer will display time, speed, distance, calories burned, & scans hand pulse on the handles

JSB Cardio Max Magnetic Upright Fitness Bike Exercise Cycle

This exercise cycle is an ideal choice for those with tight schedules. It is speedy and lets you enjoy an effective and delightful workout in a matter of minutes. Ask any professional in the field of Exercise Bike, and you certainly won’t miss the name JSB cardio max on the list. This model comes with a wide running area for a comfy and suppressed running apparatus. The powered treadmill has a quick auto ascent and decline device with 15 levels.

best exercise bikeTop 5 Best Exercise Bikes In India (November 2022) 1


Why We Recommend It

  • Magnetic Upright Fitness Bike Cycle with 4 Kg Flyweight for A Smooth Cycling Experience
  • The unique display shows time, distance, speed, pulse, calorie, Total Distance Travelled, Scan, Hand Pulse Sensor
  • It comes with 100 kgs weight capacity, along with 8 Level Tension Controller
  • The 2.5HP DC motor with a top speed of 8 km/hr packs a punch to your cardio workout
  • It can be used for walking, jogging, running or your daily workout and fitness routine

IRIS Fitness Foldable Exercise Bike 1.5KG Cast Iron Flywheel 220 lbs Capacity Home Sport Exercise, Black and White

Now you can enjoy top-quality gym like a workout with this premium Exercise BikeWhen your body is craving for a good workout but you don't have a big budget to join a fancy gym this Exercise Bike gets the job done — at a reasonable cost. Add a modern, sophisticated statement to your home with this sturdy exercise cycle from IRIS Fitness Exercise Bike.

best exercise bike onlineTop 5 Best Exercise Bikes In India (November 2022) 1


Why We Recommend It

  • 5KG Cast Iron Flywheel, Offers stability along with portability, good quality
  • It's appropriate for people at any age. It's ideal for building muscle strength fat loss, blood circulation, and body coordination.
  • Resistance tuning; Seat vertical variable system
  • LCD Computer for scan, time, speed, distance, calories
  • Sturdy frame and non-slip feet for protection and efficient

What Do You Need To Know About Exercise Bikes Before I Buy?

When it comes to buying exercise cycles there are two noteworthy things to consider which includes the comfort and resistance. Once you get these basics things in your model there is still a lot of room to go with. Before you make any purchasing decision answer few questions honestly and then invest into any decent model that fits the bill.

The first and the foremost part is how often you’re going to use it. It’s difficult to commit daily to any workout regime. And, once you shell excess money on any equipment you find yourself into guilt feeling which perfect enough to make it valuable.

The next facet is the space. How much space do you have? You need a small dedicated space to work out and if space is a constraint then you must think twice about fixing one more item in your home space. There is no point piling on stuff which you can even use it later on.                       

After space sturdiness comes into the picture. Is your cycle strong enough to last long? Generally, most exercise cycles are not strong enough to hold more weight which is risky as well. Keeping safety feature in mind always make sure to check these features before you buy. As only a strong will keep you save while working out comfortably or even falling.

Always go for an exercise cycle with a heavy frame and a wide base and remember if you plan to keep your cycle upstairs or frequently move around then you must look for portability and stability as well.

How optional are the possible extras? You’re almost positively going to want to know your speed and time, and perhaps the number of calories burned and your heart rate too, so except you previously have a wearable fitness tracker then you’re going to require an exercise cycle that comes with at least a basic display. And, don’t splash out for a swankier on-board computer lest you’re sure you’re going to use the plug-ins and settings that come with it.

Best Uses

Gym exercise cycles have a variety of upside for exercise and cardio. You can easily use them to get a good, strategic cardio workout right at home. To begin with, 30 minutes a day is good to go with for a good start. These bikes are particularly useful for people who have flexibility or back glitches. It’s a calming cardio with low impact. You can also listen to music, read, or watch TV while exercising. Since you’re operating from home it saves hell lot of money and time for you. You can select your time at home and can start anytime you’ve time on hands.


Most gym exercise cycles have a few dominant features. It mainly includes a display screen, a heart rate tracker, a control panel, a BMI calculator, a calorie counter, etc. The screen shows your significant stats, such as distance traveled, time of workout, and most importantly calories burned, etc.

There are also numerous changes you can make to the bike. You can handpick the level that you’re most contented with. You can also correct the seat if that’s a feature accessible.

What are the Different Types of Best Exercise Bikes in the Market?

Below we have discussed every single kind of exercise bike available for purchase:

Upright Exercise Bike

Upright exercise bikes are also known as static exercise bikes; it is the most prevalent kind of equipment or training at home. The position or posture whilst exercising resembles any standard shopper bicycle. The upright exercise bikes are often the inexpensive kind of bike to purchase for your home and would be an amazing entry-level alternative for anybody who doesn’t exercise on a regular basis. These exercise bikes are also the finest choice if you are searching for an exercise bike with a compact design. They make for an exceptional low-impact choice that is going to enhance the muscle tone and toughen your legs and moreover offer an expedient cardio workout.

Recumbent Exercise Bike

Recumbent exercise bikes deliver a comparable kind of workout to the upright versions but permit you to be seated in a posture that would support your back. The selection amongst a recumbent or upright exercise bike generally relies on the exercising ease. The recumbent seats look pretty similar to a chair instead of a saddle. The individuals who are on the road to recovery from a back or knee injury also appear to profit from a recumbent instead of an upright exercise bike. The emphasis of the exercise inclines to be marginally more towards the glutes (bottom) and has somewhat added effect on the muscles of the lower abdomen when compared to the upright bikes.

Hybrid Exercise Bikes

These exercising bikes are a mishmash of the recumbent and upright bikes to be an appropriate option for the entire family. Being a 2-in-1 exercise bike, the user has the capability to work their legs and lower abdominal muscles to a wider range. Further, changing your exercise position might be superior for your posture as well as back. They make for a quality exercise bike for the beginners, but may not be worthwhile if you desire to truly test your fitness.

Indoor Cycling Bikes

In case you often cycle to your workplace or are training for any event, we greatly suggest purchasing an indoor cycling bike. These bikes offer a bigger assortment of resistance levels when compared with the customary exercise bike, which is going to act out the gears & hills whilst utilizing a road bike in the open air. Such home training bikes would be appropriate for energetic training and workouts. The saddle is usually as elevated as the handlebars coupled up with an open flywheel.

Self-Powered Exercise Bikes

For the self-powered exercise bikes, there isn’t any external power source required. This signifies that the user would not require worrying about the placement of the bike nearby the socket or about the wires getting tangled. You may position them at any place inside your house. The generator present within the machine generates every single bit of power required for the exercise bike to function. These bikes are usually costly as compared to the mains powered equivalents owing to the innovative power arrangement.

Which is the Best Exercise Bike for Weight Loss?

A majority of the upright exercise bikes comprise workout programs precisely intended to assist the user in burning fat as well as losing weight. The exercise bike programs are going to assist you in staying encouraged and are going to exhibit your progress during the course of your workout.

In case your budget might be stretched to the upright exercise bike comprising the heart rate chest strap, it is going to further improve your training experience and assist you in burning the excess body fat in an even effective manner. The upright bikes are moreover one of the smallest kinds of gym equipment for home. Thus, if you don’t have a lot of space at home, this might be a good choice.

According to our analysis, the Best Exercise Bike for Weight Loss must have the following features:

  • A decent variety of exercise programs counting interval training.
  • A Heart-Rate Chest Strap, which is going to allow the user to exercise more proficiently.
  • A good warranty period, clear return policies, and independent reviews.
  • A padded and comfortable seat to preserve a good posture and support the user’s back.
  • A bigger flywheel is going to deliver a suave ride.
  • Electromagnetic resistance
  • Offer a higher maximum user weight. The weight should be easily contained by the user weight recommendations but they moreover exhibit the build quality of the exercise bike’s machinery.

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