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10 Best Treadmills In India (November 2022)

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Nowadays, being fit is a trend and here’s why the popularity of treadmills has surged. It comes handy when time is a constraint and missing gym makes you feel guilty. Especially, people with 9 to 5 grinding, find it really convenient when they need not step out of the house to work out. Still, if you think closely buying a treadmill is not an easy call as they’re pretty expensive. But if you search at the right place you can find the affordable one with a better deal. This way you can save a lot of money and never miss your workouts at home. Don’t forget to check our list of top 10 treadmills in India.

10 Best Treadmills In India (November 2022) 1

If you’re a health fanatic then you know how important it’s to go the gym to keep your mind, body and soul in sync. In fact, getting out in the nature and a physical workout like jogging and walking half an hour a day is all you need. With treadmill at home, you can spare this much and a lot more and burn calories at any given time. Set the inclination and the speed at which you want to maintain your heart health.

Who should get a treadmill?

If you’re habitual to a routine which starts from a jogging or walking then having a treadmill at the comfort of your home might make it easier than ever to workout. You’ll save on time, money and resources by not stepping out of your home. This is how you can easily focus only on the workout.

Treadmills for the Home?

The best part of owing treadmills at home is you’re in the comfort zone of your home. You can put on your favorite music, show or anything that entice you and do a complete workout before you even realize it. Moreover, you need not worry about going to gym by driving by yourself carrying the bag.

Find motivation in your home and get the work out for yourself and your loved ones on the best treadmills for home use. This is how whole family can work out and take care of their health and fitness. Enjoy workout like never before.

Best Treadmills Brands in India For home use

1. Afton Motorised Treadmill BT12 with Auto Lubrication

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We all know facts, but hardly do anything to follow them. They say walking is the best exercise. But in the present scenario, with all the more workload and pressure, managing our time for a walk session is not that simple. And even if you have a daily walking schedule to follow, going out every day is not that simple. So, we have brought you this list of the best treadmills in India. And while presenting the bests, our first choice is Afton Motorised Treadmill BT19 with Auto Lubrication. Afton is a well-known manufacturer of gym machines such as treadmills. This treadmill from the brand bears many superior features and qualities. You can purchase the treadmill online from Amazon. 

Afton Motorised Treadmill BT19 with Auto Lubrication is a full-automatic treadmill that comes with many other features that have increased its demand on the market. First of all, it has the perfect size and shape. The device is so compact that it takes up the minimum space at your home. This treadmill is equipped with a sturdy motor that can easily meet the needs of the runners and walkers. Since most people will either jog or run on this machine, it houses a 2.0 HP motor which is a valuable inclusion. 

As mentioned earlier, the treadmill has a very compact design that does not take up much of your space. But its space-saving design allows you to fold the machine and put it in some corner of your home. It also has wheels at the bottom which adds easy maneuverability. The machine is also very energy-efficient with a green, efficient technology motor that consumes a minimum of 1 unit or less than that for 1 hour. For better protection of the user, manufacturers have also added six-level shock absorption that protects your ankles, knees from injuries while running or jogging on it. The device has a large LCD screen that shows you various details regarding your workout session, time, speed, etc. The handles on both sides are easy to grip while you are walking on it. The treadmill is also very quiet and does not cause much noise. 

The device can take a load of up to 110Kg, which makes this device an ideal choice for your family. There is a three-level manual inclination with it. By changing the inclination setting, you can make your workout session more intense. Lubricating your device to keep it healthy for a longer time is necessary. However, this job can be time-consuming. So, there is an auto-lubricating feature that keeps on lubricating your device whenever necessary and ensures that the rollers will keep on working. The device also comes with 12 pre-fixed workout programmes that assure you do not get bored with the machine. The speed limit of the machine varies from 1.0 to 14km/hr.  So, you get a huge choice for the variations. With all these features, the device also comes with a three-year warranty period from the manufacturer, making it an even more alluring choice for the customers to consider. 


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  • Comprises of a multi-ply polyester satin weave
  • The steel crowned rollers keep the belt in place
  • Runs very smoothly without any noise or wear
  • Comes with an LCD display to display speed, distance, and time
  • Offers a yellow big spring shock absorption and cushion

2. Sparnod Fitness STH-3300 (5.5 HP Peak) Automatic Treadmill 

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As much as working out is necessary, one must have the best equipment too. And what can be better than a treadmill for walking, running, or jogging? Therefore, Sparnod Fitness 5.5 HP Motorized Treadmill is the second treadmill on our list. Sparnod Fitness is one of the most reputed manufacturers of gym equipment. This treadmill from the brand bears a mark of trust, quality, performance and durability. It has several outstanding features which ensure that you get the best experience from this one. With a powerful motor, robust build, sleek design and many other features, this treadmill has many things to offer. You can purchase this treadmill online from 

Sparnod Fitness 5.5 HP Motorized Treadmill has a powerful 5.5HP motor, controlled by a 2 HP continuous DC motor with a top of up to 4 HP and speeds up to 14 km/h. So you can customize the speed in a wide range which further lets you customize the workout intensity. It makes sure that you do not get bored with your daily workout schedule but can add more challenges. The treadmill also features auto-inclination. Auto-inclination allows you to incline the running pad by 15%. Thus, by inclining the running pad, you can add more challenges to your workout. Thanks to the automatic feature, you do not need to get down from the machine but incline or decline it by pressing a button. 

We often overlook the chances of injury that may occur due to running on hard surfaces. These types of injuries can make you rest for days. So, to avoid such injuries, the running board has a 6 level stun absorption system. It absorbs the shocks caused to your legs for running or jogging on the platform and protects your leg from various injuries. Sparnod Fitness 5.5 HP Motorized Treadmill has an auto lubrication system that is a peace of mind and soul. Any treadmill requires good lubrication to run smoothly. However, lubricating the parts takes time. And we often forget to do that until we find the treadmill making noise. So, with the auto-lubrication feature, you do not need to worry about lubricating the device time and again. 

For more ease of use, the treadmill houses a 5 inch LCD screen that shows various details on it, including time, calories burned, distance secured, target, etc. The device also has a heart-rate monitor that monitors your heart rate while you walk, jog or run on it. The treadmill also comes with 12 preset workout programmes that let you target different cardio exercises. It helps you enjoy your schedule more than just walking the same thing regularly. 

This machine can take a load of up to 120Kg, which is an ideal choice for family use. Most importantly, as you will use it in your home, it bears a very sleek and classic design. The treadmill is foldable, and so you can keep it to a corner of your room, without causing much space. With the wheel below, you can easily move the machine around your room. The brand offers you free disc installation and a Free Sportrack Sipper Worth Rs. 999. It also comes with a 1-year warranty on the product, ensuring the best performance and durability. 


[amazon box=”B0892MH52L”]


  • Stylish and sleek design matches the settings of your house
  • Comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on the product
  • Comprises of a free installation compact disc for set-up
  • Runs very smoothly and keeps a track of your performance
  • Provides support for your knee with ultra-cushioning

3. PowerMax Fitness TD-M5 2.5HP (5HP Peak) Pre-installed Motorized Treadmill

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PowerMax is one of the leading manufacturers of gym equipment in the fitness equipment market in India. Therefore, for the third treadmill on our list, we have chosen PowerMax Fitness  Motorized Treadmill. This treadmill comes with many features and offers excellent durability, making it one of the best choices to consider. Ahead of this review, we will know about some of its most prominent features. It has a modern and compact design which fits perfectly in your room without demanding much space. You can buy the treadmill online from Amazon.

PowerMax Fitness  Motorized Treadmill is a powerful treadmill housing a sturdy 2.5 HP continuous motor with a peak of 3HP. The motor can give you a maximum speed of 14km/hr, leaving you with a broader choice of selecting the pace. Thus, you can customize your daily walking schedule and make your activity more intense. It is also very energy-efficient with a green, efficient technology motor that consumes a minimum of 1 unit or less than that for 1 hour. So, while operating the device, you do not have to worry about energy consumption. PowerMax Fitness  has a shock absorption running board that protects your leg from various injuries due to intensive workout sessions. 

This treadmill houses a big LCD screen on the front that shows you various data including time, calories, speed, distance covered, etc. The machine also monitors heart rate so that you can do cardio with proper knowledge and guidance. 

One of the biggest problems of Indian households is space. Most Indians have limited space in their home. Buying a machine like a treadmill can cause you that leftover. However, with a treadmill like PowerMax Fitness , you do not have to worry about such situations. PowerMax Fitness  Motorized treadmill has a sleek and compact design. It is also foldable. Hence, you can keep it folded after every use and save much space for your home. You can also move it to a corner of a room and use the place where it was previously. 

The device also comes with 12-preloaded workout programmes. It targets different cardio exercises and lets you enjoy every session with a new challenge. But, most importantly, the treadmill has a sturdy build which ensures the durability of this machine.


[amazon box=”B07RRYSM17″]


  • Comprises of cup-holders on both the sides of the panel
  • Helps you in reducing fat and losing weight at home
  • Runs very smoothly without making any noise
  • 12 functions programs feature with hand pulse
  • Keeps a track of your running speed and distance you covered

4. Aerofit 1.5 HP Motorized Treadmill

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Aerofit has become a leading name in the fitness industry with its high-quality imported gym equipment. And while gym facilities are all about quality and safety, Aerofit products do not lack either. Hence, next on our list, we present you Aerofit 1.5 HP Motorized Treadmill as the fourth top choice. This treadmill from Aerofit comes with numerous features and houses a robust build quality along with a sleek and compact design. Altogether, it offers multiple facilities and justifies every penny of your investment. You can buy Aerofit 1.5 HP Motorized Treadmill online from Amazon. Ahead in this review, we will discuss some of the most striking features of this treadmill. 

Aerofit 1.5 HP Motorized Treadmill houses a powerful 1.5HP motor with a peak of 3.0HP. Thanks to the powerful functional motor, this treadmill offers you the best performance without any speed interruption. With the motor, you can attain a maximum speed of 12km/h. The customizability of the speed ensures that your workout schedule stays productive, intense and fun. Hence, by altering the speed, you can change your workout style, make it more intense or less. The running dock is large enough with a belt size of 49″ (L) x 16″ (W) ensuring you get enough space to run or jog freely. There is a 3 mode manual inclination option. By inclining or declining the machine, you can intensify or de-intensify your session. 

The fact we often overlook while using a treadmill is our safety. Yes, not necessarily staying on the treadmill is the only definition of staying safe while falling from is the threat. But, you can still hurt yourself while running on the treadmill without knowing it. While we run or jog, our ankle, knee or joint points face the pressure. Due to this pressure, these points can get hurt. Aerofit 1.5HP Motorized treadmill has 8-point deck suspension that absorbs the shock, letting you run freely. 

For safety measures, the brand has added several safety features on this treadmill. You get a magnet safety key that works as an emergency button in case you are not able to stop the treadmill. There is a large LCD display on the front of the machine which shows you various details about your workout such as calories, distance covered, time, target, etc. On the handles, there are heart monitor sensors. These monitor your heart rate while you are on the treadmill. Thus, you can always achieve an enhanced workout session. 

This device comes with 14 workout programmes, 12 of which are preset. There is one manual programme while another one aims at weight loss. The device is extremely energy efficient too. The system display turns itself off if no instructions are put. Also, given the foldable design, you do not require to worry about space. It lets you enjoy plenty of space as you can fold it and keep it in a corner of your home. The wheels below help you to move the treadmill easily across the room. All these features combinedly show the efficiency of this treadmill. The brand has also offered a 1-year warranty on the motor. 


[amazon box=”B00V3EAW2I”]


  • Offers an influential 3HP peak for dominant working
  • Comes with a blue backlight LCD display window
  • Comprises of 14 programs, 12 presets, and 1 manual program
  • Heart rate control with hand-grip pulse sensor
  • Provides a smart folding system for transportation

5. Cosco CMTM-SX-1122 SX Series Motorized Treadmill

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Cosco does not require any separate introduction in this context. If someone needs quality and guarantee, he or she can get it from Cosco. This brand has created standards in the fitness industry, making it even more trustworthy and competent. Starting from football, volleyball, to gym equipment, Cosco has it all. Hence, on the fifth on our list, we present Cosco CMTM-SX-1122 SX Series Motorized Treadmill- one of the most recommended treadmills on the list. And the judgment comes from the supremacy of quality, performance and trust. You can purchase Cosco CMTM-SX-1122 SX Series Motorized Treadmill online from Amazon. 

This treadmill comes with many outstanding features to support and enhance your workout sessions. It has a powerful 1.75HP motor with a peak performance of 3.0HP. You can attain a maximum speed of up to 12km/hr from a minimum of 1km/hr. Likewise, you can customize your daily workout schedule, add challenges, increase the intensity and make it more vivid. Motor performance is quiet and does not create much noise. Thus, you can enjoy your workout without waking up the rest of the household. The treadmill has 3-level manual inclination set up. By inclining the deck board, you can further intensify your exercise or challenges. 

Cosco CMTM-SX-1122 SX Series Motorized Treadmill has a robust build that ensures the longevity of the device. The solid metal build protects the device from external damages. It houses a larger deck, sizing about 17 x 50 inches. So, you get enough space to run or jog. The device also features a cushioned deck that protects your leg from various injuries by absorbing the shock caused by your activities. One must ensure the quality of the deck before buying a treadmill. Because falling from it is not the only threat. The cushioned desk absorbs shocks efficiently and ensures your safety.

It has five LED displays showing various details about your session. The details include time, calories, distance, speed, heart rate. So, you can keep a track of your session and follow the improvements. Make sure you follow the guidelines properly, and workout according to them. It can take a maximum weight of 100kg. Thus, it can be an ideal choice for your family to use. The 12 preset workout programmes aim towards various developments of your physics through cardio exercises. It also ensures that you do not get bored with your regular and same schedule. However, it does not give you to add one of your settings manually. 

You can control the speed of the treadmill using the buttons placed on the handrails. It is more convenient than the buttons at the front. The device is foldable. Hence, if you are worried about space, you should not be. Thanks to the foldability, you can always keep your device folded after every use. Also, the wheels at the bottom add manoeuvrability and let you move the machine across the room. Fold it and keep it in a corner. You will, thus, get your space back after every session. All these features are basically a commitment from the brand, ensuring the quality and performance of the machine to satisfy you with the best of the offerings.


[amazon box=”B00RN6AKR2″]


  • Offers a wide speed range of 1-12 Km/h for running
  • Comprises of a cushioned deck to provide knee support
  • Comes with 12 preset programs and 5 LED displays
  • Provides hand-rail speed control for added convenience
  • Foldable treadmill that helps in transporting the unit

6. Healthgenie 3911M Motorized Treadmill

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Keeping ourselves fit and in good shape is necessary. And what can be a better and effective exercise than walking, jogging or running? Well, as they say, walking is the best exercise. The list, therefore, presents you with the best treadmills available in the market. Following the commitment, our next treadmill on the list is Healthgenie 3911M Motorized Treadmill. Healthgenie is one of the leading fitness brands in India. It presents, indeed, tough competition to its competitors with its uncompromised service to their customers. So, this treadmill is one such excellent device that has recently been launched by the brand. For its outstanding features and quality, it has made its way to our list. You can purchase Healthgenie 3911M Motorized Treadmill online from by clicking on the link below. 

Healthgenie 3911M Motorized Treadmill has a robust motor of 1.0HP. It makes sure that you get proper exercise, accomplishing the fitness goals within less time. Such a strong motor integration assures adequate functionality of the device. The motor can work continuously for 1 hour after which it needs a rest of 45 minutes. The treadmill can offer a speed of 0.8 – 10km/h, which is excellent for runners and walkers. And if you are one of them, when you have this treadmill in your home, you can stay confirmed that you can work out and do everything that you would do when you go out. It assists in accomplishing the fitness goals at a much faster time.

The device has a larger running dock with a size of 43.3 x 15.5 inches that ensures a comfortable running and walking experience. The large deck offers total comfort and safety while you are running. So, even if you are tall, you will not feel insecure. The deck has a shock-absorption quality that ensures the proper protection of your leg from various injuries. So, you get to experience uninterrupted workout programmes. 

While talking about programmes, Healthgenie 3911M Motorized Treadmill comes with 12 present programmes aiming at various workout schedules to better your skills. It also saves you from boring regular workouts and lets you enjoy your time with the ultimate fun of working out. The 3-inch LED screen shows you various details while using the machine, including time, distance covered, speed, heart rate, and calories burnt. Following that, you can understand how much you are losing every day and how much you need to accomplish your fitness goals.

Safety is another primary concern of using a treadmill. It comes with a safety key that ensures your safety if there is a problem with the device. To add extra fun to your daily sessions, the treadmill allows you to connect to your MP3 Speakers using an AUX connection. So, while exercising, you can enjoy listening to your favourite tracks. Thanks to the compact design and foldability, space is not an issue with this machine. After every use, you can keep this device folded and push that to a corner of your room. This treadmill is a great inclusion to your fitness regime not only because of the features but also for the offered warranty. With one year of the motor, three years for frame and one year for the other parts, this equipment is a sure pick for anyone who values quality over money.


[amazon box=”B0776TMCFW”]


  • Offers a decent speed range of 1-10Km/h for running
  • The red colored LED displays speed, distance, and calories
  • Run on the treadmill while playing your favorite tracks
  • Comes with wheels for moving it from one place to another
  • The running platform is durable and doesn’t shake or vibrate

7. QUANTICO Treadmill with Auto Lubrication & Auto Inclination

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QUANTICO is another famous in the industry. And with their outstanding service and product quality, they have successfully achieved the status in the run of business. Picking the quality products would have been incomplete without us picking a Quantico product. So, next and on the seventh choice on our list of best treadmills, we present QUANTICO Treadmill with Auto Lubrication & Auto Inclination. This treadmill is a pack of features ensuring every comfort, yet challenging your abilities to better yourself every day as you use it. All these features, compiled with a sturdy build and modern design, make it one of the top choices on our list. You can find this treadmill online on Amazon for a great price deal. 

 QUANTICO Treadmill with Auto Lubrication & Auto Inclination has a robust build that ensures the durability and longevity of the device. It also assures the protection of the device from external damages. So, as you buy it, you can stay relaxed knowing that your device is safe and sound with every bit of protection. It houses a powerful 2HP motor with a peak performance of 4HP, giving you a speed range of about 1-14km/hr. The customizability of speed ensures that you can keep up with your workout and face your limits. This treadmill can endure weight up to 115 kg, making it an ideal choice for family use. 

It has a large running area of 1260mm x 420mm. So, even if you are tall, you can use the device without feeling uncomfortable. The brand has taken good care of all the safety measures. One of the most important factors that we overlook while buying a treadmill is our safety. Falling from the device is not the only threat. But, you still can get injuries from running or walking due to the shocks that your knees and ankles receive. This treadmill from Quantico houses the six-level shock absorption deck that ensures your legs are comfortable and safe during those intense workout periods. 

Workout without music can be a little boring. So, to enhance your workout session and make it more interactive, this device houses AUX connectivity. You can plug your Pod or other MP3 devices into the console sound system and keep yourself motivated with your workout playlist. It has a 7-inch colour display showing your various details, including time, speed, distance, heart rate, calorie, programme. With the Pulse sensor, you can monitor your heart rate. 

Apart from all these, this device also comes with an auto-inclination feature. By pressing a button, you can incline or decline the deck as you favour it. Unlike the devices that have a manual inclination, this device does that for you. It is a favourable feature for elders to use as they do not need to do it on their own. The auto-lubrication makes your maintenance even more smooth. The device comes with 12-present programmes targeting various workout programmes for you so that you do not get bored with your daily schedule. However, features are not the only reason for which you should buy it. But with a 3-year motor warranty, this treadmill from Quantico comes with a 1-year warranty on the parts and labour. Hence, compiling all the pros you get, it is safe to say this treadmill is a miracle for this price range.


[amazon box=”B074Y6HXW3″]


  • 0 HP DC motor, Max user weight: 115 Kg, Speed range: 1 -14 km/hr
  • 5-inch backlit display, comprises of a 7-inch colored display to the user
  • Offers a wide speed range of 1-14Km/h for running
  • Comprises of a 7-inch colored display to the user
  • Provides the automatic inclination and lubrication feature
  • Contains 6-level shock absorption to provide knee support
  • Works pretty well with 12 programs to make running easy
  • You can measure time, speed, distance, heart rate count, calorie, program

8. Durafit 001 Sturdy Motorized Foldable Treadmill

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Who has not heard the name of Durafit? Durafit is a new brand in the Indian fitness industry, focusing on the home-centered fitness equipment. So, why buying from the brand is one of the safest choices? It is because the brand specializes in Home-Use Fitness Equipments with a specific design focus on Home Usage. Therefore, when you buy anything from this brand, especially for your home use, you are, somewhat, buying a specially designed product for your purpose. Following our next choice on the list is Durafit 001 Sturdy Motorized Foldable Treadmill, an exclusive product from the aforesaid brand. You can purchase Durafit 001 Sturdy Motorized Foldable Treadmill online from

Durafit 001 Sturdy Motorized Foldable Treadmill houses a powerful 1.25 HP motor with a peak power of 2.5HP. The powerful motor can get you a maximum speed of 14km/hr. So, you can control the speed and customize your daily workout schedule as you favour it. It has a large deck, sizing about 1210 X 410 mm. So, even if you are tall, you will never feel uncomfortable running or jogging on it. It has synthetic gel cushioning that makes sure that it reduces the shock to a much greater extent. The shock absorption deck further ensures that you do not get any injury while running or jogging on the treadmill. It also ensures your comfort while working out on it. 

The thickness of the running belt is 1.8mm, which is pretty durable. It features Special Friction Coating for added traction. So, you will not slip away from it anyway. The treadmill can take a maximum weight of up to 110kg and a running weight of about 70kg. It is better that you choose a treadmill that can take at least 20kg more than your actual weight. Because, as you run, the intensity and pressure increase. It has a 3-level manual inclination option. By inclining the deck, you can further intensify your workout session. The inclination allows your family to customize it according to their need. 

The treadmill houses a wide display showing you various details, including time, calories, pulse rate, preset modes, speed and much more. With such a large and wide display, this treadmill tends to become a great addition as users can find the information while working out. Unlike its preceding treadmills, it has 24 preset workout programmes. So, you can try different programmes and enjoy a more vivid session. The treadmill has a feature called ‘target mode' where you set your targets and continue chasing them till you accomplish them. For instance, you can set a distance and speed as per your requirements and then keep exercising until you reach that target.

Music plays an important role while working out. The treadmill has great loudspeakers with the compatibility to connect any device. Hence, you can simply connect your phone or other music devices to it and enjoy listening to your favourite tracks. Along with all these features, you also get a 1-year Doorstep Warranty on parts, 3 years of Doorstep warranty on Motor and 5 years of Frame warranty. But the most commendable part is this machine comes 95% pre-installed that lets you do the rest without needing any special help. However, the brand does give you the choice to call for service personnel. 


[amazon box=”B073WGHCZ5″]


  • Comprises of a 1.25HP continuous duty DC motor
  • Offers ample running area for the user to run easily
  • Provides special friction coating for added traction or grip
  • Comprises of a wider LCD display to showcase run parameters
  • Comes with a nice speed range of 1-14Km/h to the user

9. Powermax Fitness TDA-230 Motorized Treadmill

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Powermax Fitness TDA-230 Motorized Treadmill is our ninth choice on the list. This treadmill from Powermax is one of the most efficient products on our list with a sack of features, portability option, robust build and dedicated service from the brand. Of course, a brand like Powermax does not require much introduction. The brand has a wide reputation for the quality product and services it offers to its customers. You can purchase Powermax Fitness TDA-230 Motorized Treadmill online from Ahead in this review, we will be talking about various features that this treadmill offers. But, stay assured that it will amaze you in any way. 

With an efficient 2.0HP motor which has a peak power of 4.0HP, this device is an extremely energy efficient product as it houses a Green Efficient Motor. So, it kind of consumes 1 unit per hour, saving you a lot on your electricity bills. Moreover, you get a speed range of 1-14km/hr. The customizability of the speed is necessary when you want your exercise to be intense. One can not resist but comment on the quiet performance of the product. So, while you use it in the morning, you do not wake the other members of your family by making quacking noise. With a wide shock absorption deck, this device ensures every protection and makes workouts more intense. 

With the 3-level manual incline feature, you can incline the deck as per your preference and customize your workout's intensity. The more your incline, the more intense it becomes. It also features a self-lubricating feature which reduces the need of lubricating your machine manually now and then. The 5″ blue coloured LED display shows various necessary details like Speed, Time, Distance, Calories and Heart Rate. So, you can keep track of your improvement while working out. This machine too comes with 12 present workout programmes along with 3-target based programmes. It has a Hi-Fi speaker to which you can connect USB Pen-drive/AUX cable to Play Music directly. And when your workout is over, you can fold the machine and push it to a corner of your room. Thus, you can take full advantage of your space at home. Along with all these features, the treadmill comes backed by a lifetime frame warranty, 3 years of warranty on motor and 1-year warranty on the parts and labour. All these features and service warranties make this an excellent choice.


[amazon box=”B01N4J4YO6″]


  • Offers a blue-colored LCD display to track progress
  • Scientific soft shock reducing running belt to provide support
  • Improves the running efficiency through 3-level manual incline
  • Powerful, quiet, and all-copper energy saving motor
  • Comes with an advanced self-service lubricating system

10. Cardio Maxx HF75 Fitness Motorized Treadmill

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Cardio Max HF75 Fitness Motorized Treadmill is the last treadmill on our list. You can also call it one of our best deal breakers. Cardio Max is an excellent manufacturer of treadmills selling their products pan India. Cardio Ma HF75 Fitness Motorized Treadmill is one of their newest and most efficient additions to the list of home gym equipment. This treadmill houses many excellent features along with perfect design, making it one of the best choices for everyone, small or tall, male or female. You can purchase the treadmill online from Amazon. 

Cardio Max HF75 Fitness Motorized Treadmill has a wide running area measuring about 140 cm (L) X 51 cm (W). So, you get enough space to run or walk. But most importantly, for enhanced safety and comfort of the user, the device comes with Cushioned Running Mechanism which reduces the shock and protects your legs and other parts from getting hurt. 

With a 2.5HP powerful green DC motor with a peak power of 5.0HP, this device can offer you a powerful and efficient performance. You can customize the speed between 0.8-20 km/h. Hence, you can customize your workout schedule and make it more intense over time. The device also offers 15 level auto-inclination by the motor. Pressing a switch takes it all. You do not have to do it manually every time you exercise. By inclining or declining the dock, you can intensify or abate the impact. 

The big LED screen shows you various data, including Time, Distance, Speed, Pulse, Calorie, Incline. You can also connect your Phone or Pendrive to it and enjoy listening to your favourite track while working out. All these features are backed by a 1-year JSB national warranty. So, you can enjoy your workout without worrying about any damage to your treadmill. 


[amazon box=”B01LY3URE7″]


  • Offers a 15-level auto-incline option to the user
  • Large LED display to provide info about the run parameters
  • Multi-purpose motorized treadmill with MP3 support
  • Easy to install using the provided instruction manual
  • Comes with a 1-year JSB national warranty

Conclusion/Personal Recommendation

With all the reviews of the best treadmills available in the market being done and dusted, we are certain about the fact that now our users would be able to choose the finest model out of the large selection of treadmills available on the market. All the treadmills that have been reviewed by us above are popular models that are bought by several users all over the world and in India. In any other case, if the user to coming across any problem or is confuses as to which treadmill he or she must opt for, then they must go with our personal suggestion.


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The treadmill that we are going to recommend to our users is the Healthgenie 3911M Motorized Treadmill, which is a budget treadmill and can be bought by a user having a decent budget to buy a treadmill. It provides all the features as well as the specification that the customers look-out for and packs it all with a long-lasting and endurable performance. So, buy this amazing budget-friendly treadmill model for your home in case you don’t weigh above a 100Kg.

Features of treadmill for home

We always talk about the benefits of exercising and that is something that we should all do. Nowadays and more with so many things that we see on the Internet, it is easy to fall into a sedentary life that keeps us close to a sofa and even when we just go out to the street to take another walk that is not going to work, to class or to the responsibilities of everyday life, a treadmill is an ideal device that helps us break that habit and acquire another one that will give us health and a good quality of life, but what benefits does the treadmill give us ? .

It makes us feel good and motivate us to improve ourselves.

After exercising, we secrete three hormones, among them dopamine, a hormone linked to addictions that makes us experience a pleasant sensation after exercise. This is what makes us get addicted to this substance as soon as we get used to it. Impulse to do more and more, with which the activity will hook us. By secreting dopamine we also reduce the concentration of tobacco, drugs and sugar that even cause tooth decay with the additional expense.

It gives us a feeling of happiness

 The second hormone that we secrete called endorphin, the best known of all, makes us feel happy, happy and in certain cases euphoric, that reduces anxiety and stress. It is released as soon as the exercise is finished and it is lost little by little, it also acts like the dopamine that motivates us to want more and to go up another day to the tape.

It helps us sleep better

The third is  serotonin,  a substance that influences our mood after exercising, gives us a sense of calm that makes us feel happier and helps especially against depressive states, is what makes us better sleep and reconcile Eat better.

We have to take into account that we must practice exercise a few hours before the time we go to sleep, because first we will feel a tremendous high of well-being and then our muscles will relax, the hormones will be lost and then is when we will notice the fatigue of exercise that will help us sleep much better.

It is a perfect means to lose weight and control it.

The treadmill is very comfortable to exercise, we have it at home and it is easy to find some free time a day to walk or run, perhaps at the beginning it will cost us and some may hurt the whole body but then little by little our body will begin to segregate the three mentioned hormones in greater proportion, and it will get used to the movements, to the point that it will be a routine and at times we cannot do it to be busy or not be at home and have that monkey for doing some exercise.

We will feel that we have more energy

By developing more muscles and keeping them active, our body will have much more strength and strength, we will tire much less, and therefore we will make better use of the day to do everything. They say that life is short and to spend it sitting is a pity when we can do everything we like but also in a healthier way and taking more time.

How Can We Choose The Right Treadmill For Use in Our House?

Initially, you require thinking about the fitness goals and the objectives that you have set for yourself. Whether it is to enhance your performance in athletics, overall fitness and health, or body restoration, getting how you are going to utilize your treadmill might help you recognize which unit to purchase.

The next thing to consider while buying a treadmill is definitely going to be the budget. Devoting your money in a more-costly machine offers you a stronger assembly, a lengthier warranty on the parts, a superior running platform, greater top speed, and sharper incline. However, if your objectives don’t need the newest and greatest, you might be capable of selecting a less costly model.

Here are the things to keep in mind while purchasing a treadmill:


A majority of treadmills offer a comparable footprint; on an average it is going to be 77 inches in length and 35 inches in width. A portable treadmill is going to be half long while it is stored. You are going to require satisfactory bare space near the treadmill for admission and protection.


In case you’re a jogger, you are going to require a deck span that houses your tread. Reflect on how relaxed you are while running or walking on the machine. Select the unit that charms to you ergonomically and visually.

Great-Tech Specifications

The docks provided for iPods, USB docks along with the wireless connection to the internet are customary features that a number of treadmills offer.


A majority of treadmills offer top speeds middling the 10 and 12Km/h; some are going to be even faster. These treadmills characteristically incline in the range of 10 to 15% mark, but a few treadmills provide a better incline.

So, keeping in mind, all the factors and aspects that we have mentioned and discussed above, we are sure that you will be able to buy the best treadmill available on the market.

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