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Best Aerobic Steppers In India

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A healthy lifestyle is not only a dream anymore but has become a sustainable goal for many people today. “Love yourself first, then love the rest” has a very deep meaning. If we don’t love ourselves first, then we can’t show empathy towards others. An active body stays more productive than a resting one. And what better time is there to work on your own health than during quarantine? Maybe you could buy a treadmill for home or elliptical machine. Sit back (not much after reading the post though!) for our review of the best aerobic steppers in India.

Best Aerobic Steppers In India

Whether it be sitting at home, Netflix and chilling, or just sitting at your computer or desk jobs, your back and the rest of the body too are compromised. This underrated health problem has plagued the whole world and has resulted in obesity, diabetes, strokes and further health issues regarding body mass, joint pain, and overall fitness. And don’t let me even start on junk food! Junk food induces a lot of unhealthy fat in our body and leads to health risk. 

To start, an aerobic stepper is a blessing in so many ways. Not only it will reduce boredom but also help you grow muscle, reduce weight, punctuality and many countless benefits. Unlike any other gym equipment, a stepper is very convenient to use and gradual changes are observed if regularity is maintained.   

Exercising doesn’t only have to correlate with a muscular body but also a balanced body. An aerobic stepper ensures a good healthy body and in addition, a muscular body can also be achieved. Exercising on a stepper not only boosts your immune system but also ensures a strong cardiovascular system.

If you are looking for a total body transformation, don't just stop at aerobic steppers. Why don't you check out our reviews of the best Let’s now jump in reviewing the products.

Editor's Picks: 5 of the Top Aerobic Steppers In India

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The Best Aerobic Steppers In India You Can Buy Today

1. Strauss Aerobic Stepper

[amazon fields=”B07D4C23JP” value=”button”]

Illness bears impact not only on our body but also on our psyche. So, to get rid of all these potential health risks and to burn the excess fat piling up in our body we present you one top aerobic stepper on the market, Strauss Aerobic Stepper. This product is especially designed for people who are wrapped up with loads of work but at the same time has the determination of staying or keeping themselves fit and strong. Therefore, it comes with astonishing easy-going aerobic workout features that can be undoubtedly used staying at home, not worrying about going to the gym.

The home aerobic stepper can improve hamstrings with alternating lunges as well as assist you to strengthen your chest and back by pushups. In addition, this stepper will assist you with dealing with your coordination as you improve your cardiovascular wellness – perfect for cardio exercise and additionally to reinforce your lower body. Not only that, this amazing product has the capability of holding up to 200 kg and has a hefty weight of 4 kg. All we see are win-win deals!

Besides, it comes with supportive fixable blocks that can adjust the height up to 4 to 6 inches depending on the user’s convenience. Furthermore, the stepper comes with heavy-duty polypropylene material with a non-sticky, non-slippery and shock absorbing surface with strong design and toughened by numerous plates and bars, thereby making it sturdy, durable and compact for stable long-lasting use.

[amazon box=”B07D4C23JP” title=”WHAT WE THINK” description=”Spending a few extra bucks for a quality product is better than buying a cheap product when it comes to health and fitness. This stepper has a weight of 4 kg which makes it more durable and sustainable for many years.”]
  • Height of the stepper is adjustable between 4 to 6 inches.
  • Maximum weight capacity of 200 kg
  • Built with polypropylene material which ensures durability
  • The weight of 4 kg adds to the durability too.
  • Non-slippery, shock absorbent, and also is easy to clean.
  • Premium quality means high price tag.
  • Heavy weight means less portability.

2. Kobo Imported Aerobic Step Board

[amazon fields=”B01175R5WC” value=”button”]

If you are an exercise professional and want to enjoy the ultimate workout experience, then you should undoubtedly go for Kobo Imported Aerobic Step Board Ab Care Rocket Stepper Gym. 

It has amazing aerobic features that any health-conscious person expects. Not only can it hold up to 120 kg without any difficulty but also an adjustable height depending on the user’s convenience. In addition, it can adjust up to 3 levels of height (10 – 15 – 20 cm), Yes! 3 different levels with the help of the given adjustable height blocks which can be easily detached as well as attached.

Moreover, it comes with astonishingly trouble-free, slip-resistant, shock resistant surface made with high qualified and heavy-duty plastic material that ensures its durabilityNot only that, the slip resistance helps to make its clutch to be more shielded. Above all, the stepper is one of the best exercise equipment suitable for both outdoor and indoor usage.

[amazon box=”B01175R5WC” title=”WHAT WE THINK” description=”The adjustable height increases the difficulty level of exercise and which gradually increases the strength. Overall, a decent stepper for people who are under the weight of 120 kg.”]
  • Adjustable height blocks up to 3 levels
  • Highly qualified and heavy-duty plastic material.
  • Slip-resistant and shock resistant surface
  • Portable (convenient for both outdoor and indoor usage)
  • Can withstand up to 120 kg
  • The product is only available in two colors: Black and Red.

3. ABB INITIO GYM Polypropylene Adjustable Home Gym Exercise Fitness Stepper

[amazon fields=”B07NSY2WNC” value=”button”]

Thinking of enjoying homely nature as well as the utmost feeling of incredible fitness experience? No matter wherever we stay or go, at the very end of the day, home becomes the most satisfying place for each of us which enables us to create our very own atmosphere, cherishing our very own thinking independence. And with ABB INITIO GYM Polypropylene Adjustable Home Gym Exercise Fitness Stepper, you will not only feel homely but also can achieve your most waiting body fitness dream.

Firstly, the stepper has the capability to hold up to 200kg! That is much secured, right? I mean you do not have to feel insecure even if you are overweight; just stay at home, exercise and surprise the world outside. *Wink*

In addition, it comes with heavy duty-polypropylene material along with two risers that let you choose adjustable three different heights for your workout – 10.5/15cm. Furthermore, the surface of the stepper is non-slippery, non-sticky and shock absorbent; also, it has rubber feet underneath which ensures and increases both safety and self – assurance while you are working out in your room at your home.

Equally important, the stepper is only 2.45 kg which makes the product portable for the user. On the other hand, apart from indoor usage, the product can be gradually used for bootcamp-style training (outdoor). Additionally, it is also sweat resistant. Just remember to give it a quick wipe after every use, trust me! As for that cleaning job, don’t fret. It is easily cleanable.

[amazon box=”B07NSY2WNC” title=”WHAT WE THINK” description=”The build quality is phenomenal with the polypropylene material, making it strong enough to hold up to 200 kg of weight. This home aerobic stepper is a personal favorite of ours.”]
  • Can withstand up to 200kg
  • Durability due to its heavy duty polypropylene make
  • Two risers to increase the height of the stepper
  • It has rubber feet underneath which makes it sturdy.
  • Lightweight (2.45 kg) – portable
  • Slip–resistant, shock resistant, sweat absorbent, and easily cleanable.
  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor usage.
  • Cost-effective
  • The bench is a little short.
  • Cost-effective despite the high weight capacity

4) Egab Sport Adjustable Exercise Equipment Step Platform

[amazon fields=”B07NDWV4C8″ value=”button”]

Ladies, how painful it is to slip off a 5 inch heel? The jarring pain can even lead to injuries. Workout enthusiasts may also have faced such muscle cramps by slipping off from a slippery stepper. To make you go rough in your exercise and to make you go crazy for the last rep, Egab Stepper is what you need. Egab is a non-slippery stepper with diamond groove pattern which reduces the risk of muscle cramps from falling off, thereby giving the confidence to exercise safely.

It not only saves you from harm but also does no harm to your floor – no scratches whatsoever. In addition, a whole bunch of exercises can be done to achieve strength and improve overall fitness as it is a multi-functional stepper and also a shock absorbent stepper. Many types of exercises can be performed such as chest workout, leg exercise and other forms of exercises for an overall cardio of your body. 

You can perform a better lower body exercise and chest workout just only by increasing the height of the stepper. The difficulty level of exercise gets more challenging (as height is increased) with this stepper than any other stepper in the market.

An extra tip: If you really want to crank up the difficulty level and get the most out of your aerobic stepper, why not opt for some supplementary ankle weights?

Moreover, it is very lightweight, compact in size and easy to assemble which makes it possible to carry and exercise anywhere (outdoors or indoors) you like.

[amazon box=”B07NDWV4C8″ title=”WHAT WE THINK” description=”This is an all-in-one package offer for the workout lovers and also comes at an affordable price.”]
  • An affordable price for a multi-functional stepper
  • Comes with varieties of color
  • Height can be adjusted from 4 to 6 inches
  • No problem of sliding or any scratch on the surface
  • Easy to clean as it is non-sticky
  • Can withstand many impacts
  • Shock absorbent feature which confirms high durability
  • Cost-effective despite the high weight capacity
  • The bench is a little short.

5) Energie Fitness Adjustable Aerobic Stepper

[amazon fields=”B078KJF41V” value=”button”]

If you are one of those who are at their initial stage of workout but wants a perfect healthy body, Energie Fitness is for you. This amazing small box-looking shape stepper can withstand a maximum weight of 150 kg. Not surprised yet? It is super lightweight than any other stepper out there. Since safety is an imperative issue, the grip over the stepper is non-slippery and the base is mounted with rubber to avoid scratches on the floor.

What is in exercising if you don’t grow strong with pain? The stepper gets you through a lot of calories to burn by pushing you a little more than a normal exercise, with the extra supports to increase the height from 10 to 15 cm of the stepper. The higher the length of the stepper, the faster the calorie burns. The compact design is very comfortable to carry anywhere and also suitable for exercising at home or outdoor areas. However, there is no shock absorbent used in this stepper.

[amazon box=”B078KJF41V” title=”WHAT WE THINK” description=”Overall, it’s a good stepper for beginners. Though the peak weight that it can support is 150 kg, we recommend using this product if you have weights at a maximum of around 80 to 90 kg so that the stepper can easily withstand your weight and will also last longer.”]
  • 2 supports increasing the height of the stepper
  • Compact in size which helps to carry it easily
  • Height can be increased from 10 to 15 cm
  • Non-slippery grips and rubber which prevent the floor from being scratched
  • Cost-effective
  • Not of premium quality
  • No shock absorbent
  • Maximum tolerance weight could have been more.

What Is An Aerobic Stepper?

An aerobic stepper is a box-shaped equipment used as an exercising tool primarily to reduce body weight and get into proper fitness. Stepping on and off the stepper is the main exercise which is performed. Isn’t it so simple? 

A consistent exercise will burn a good amount of calories and increase strength as well. To check results, measure weight every week and work on gaining more strength. Moreover, you can increase the height of the stepper, as it is adjustable, for quick calorie burning.

Benefits of Aerobic Steppers

Improves Fitness & Strength

Not only does the gym stepper aid in body fat reduction, it can make you stronger too. What, didn’t you think that stepping on it and stepping back will work up your leg and calf muscles? You can even use the stepper to do upper body workouts like elevated pushups! 

Looking for some more upper body workouts? You may want to check out our best kettlebell review. Yup, that's a gym instrument that can be easily used at home!

Benefits of Aerobic Steppers


Moreover, an aerobic stepper improves body balance and increases overall strength. A purposeful dual goal will help to make you stronger than before and also lose weight! To challenge yourself, increase the height of steppers to burn more calories than ever. You will have fun in the process too, and what’s best is that anyone can do step in and step out exercises!

Develops Brain Functioning

Step exercises fully depend on mind and body throughout the entire workout. Lifting yourself up is a movement of your body but the mind is always responsible to jump correctly to the step. In this way, it helps with coordination, cognitive function and balance. You would better keep your mind straight, lest you sprain your ankle or fall off!

Heart Stays Active

Humans have become so lazy that they don’t take care of themselves even for the sake of diseases. Doing 10 minutes of aerobic stepping can improve blood circulation. It reduces the risk of heart diseases like cardiac arrest. A vigorous stepping workout on the stepper works the glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps and calf muscles. The continuous movement helps the heart and lungs pump. A healthier heart allows blood to pass efficiently to all the muscles and organs and a stronger lungs helps to breathe in more oxygen.

How To Prevent Injuries When Using An Aerobic Stepper

Prevention is better than cure. And though step exercising techniques are easy, yet we often mislead some guidance and fall into injury. The following instructions must be followed to avoid injuries:

  1. To step on the aerobic stepper, we must put full concentration on the exercise to avoid injuries.
  2. Don’t bounce off the stepper; rather, step off at a normal pace to avoid ankle sprain.
  3. Beforehand, check the height of the stepper and make sure you are comfortable to jump that height. While stepping on, make sure your entire foot is within the area of the stepper. Hanging foot is prone to risk and may lead to serious injury.
  4. Wear jogging shoes or shoes with good grip underneath to avoid slipping off the stepper.
  5. Keep your stepper clean and dust free. At times, the grips of the stepper can wash away easily if they are not cleaned properly. If the grips are availed to dust, friction reduces and can lead to slips. 

Things To Consider Before Buying An Aerobic Stepper (Buyer’s Guide)

Things To Consider Before Buying An Aerobic Stepper (Buyer’s Guide)


Shock Absorbent Feature

Why waste health and money on a stepper if it does not have above average ability to withstand impacts? The higher the number of times a stepper can withstand impact, the better the aerobic stepper is. Of course, we should all be careful of it not getting damaged, but face it: it’s working out; of course the stepper is going to get some unwarranted bumps. 

A shock absorbent feature helps to retain the stability of your body to continue exercising further. For instance, if after each step, the stepper shows any changes or you are unable to keep your body balanced on the stepper, then the stepper won’t last many days and make you fall prey to injury in a very short time. Before purchasing, make sure it is not built to break off easily and has higher longevity to avoid injuries.


Size matters in this case because if you cannot comfortably step on a minimum area of the stepper, your exercise would go in vain. It is recommended to have a high surface area stepper to perform any kind of exercises without any distraction. So, make sure to buy the preferred size to attain the perfect fitness, especially if you are overweight. Additionally to a large surface size, the above and bottom surface of the stepper must have a good grip to avoid slipperiness which can result in major accidents.

Price vs. Quality

Sometimes it’s good to spend less and get more, but in terms of health, don’t make any compromises for build quality. Quality is more important than price when it comes to buying the best gym stepper. Buying a low quality product is very risky and may cost you a lot later. It is recommended to avoid any injuries because even a small injury can put you on the shelf for weeks.

Before purchasing the best aerobic stepper, look at the material used in making the product and compare with other consumer responses, to identify the best stepper for your needs. Strong and durable aerobic steppers are however heavier and less portable, so keep that in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can the height be extended to my preferred length?

Yes, you can extend the height to your desired height even beyond the threshold height. But make sure to add a block underneath the stepper which completely covers the whole stepper so that you can balance your weight and avoid any injury.

2. Can an aerobic stepper slip off while exercising?

There is of course a chance and you should be careful. But most of the time, it doesn’t slip off because the base has rubber texture which creates high friction with the floor, ensuring safety.

3. What’s the maximum threshold weight a stepper can withstand?

Different steppers have different threshold weights. For instance, Energie Fitness Stepper has a threshold weight of 150 kg and if the threshold weight is crossed, it will break the stepper. So, based on your weight, select the stepper.

4. Is there any maintenance cost of an aerobic stepper?

No, there is no additional cost incurred from aerobic stepper. The only maintenance required is to clean the stepper which is a negligible burden since the best aerobic steppers in India are easy to clean!

5. Can I grow my biceps with a stepper?

You cannot build biceps but can build up strength. For biceps, you can do other exercises like push-ups, pull-ups and also use dumbbells to build biceps. But if you really want, why not try elevated push-ups using the aerobic stepper for support?!

6. How effective would it be for an aged person to do exercise on stepper?

No matter what the age is, regular exercise is extremely beneficial for every human being. One should not completely go on a bed rest after retirement. An aged person can exercise on the stepper just by adjusting the lowering the height to make it comfortable for the person. Intense workout should be avoided for an elderly person, but otherwise they can do light warm ups.

7. What are some other cardio exercises I can do at home?

Besides using an aerobic stepper, there's tons of ways you can train your stamina and cut body fat. You can do regular jumping jacks, HIIT training with any type of exercise really (we recommend ab workouts which will cut both belly fat as well as overall fat), using a treadmill or exercise bike or exercise cycle.

A Final Word; Our Personal Recommendation

All’s well that ends well. Maybe this is the first time you have realized that you must look for your negligent health but it’s never too late. Gear up, perhaps with some gym gloves fort extra measure, and start your journey towards a new, fulfilling life. An aerobic stepper plays a big role in exercising by facilitating a bunch of exercises, primarily the stepping exercises like leg lunges

Among the 5 products, this is our personal recommendation:

[amazon box=”B07D4C23JP”]

The best aerobic stepper in India has a weight of 4 kg which doubles up the game for others. This extremely durable stepper offers great quality and enhanced safety from any injuries. And lastly, the shock-absorbent feature is very impactful and seals the deal for it to be our personal suggestion.

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