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Microwave Ovens Buyer’s Guide – Choose the Top Model for Your Home!

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The microwave oven is an amazing kitchen appliance that is utilized to grill, reheat, or even bake any kind of food item. These are really convenient whilst preparing a wide selection of food and recipes counting chicken grills, popcorn, pizza, kebabs, muffins, and even for reheating the frozen food. It prepares your food really fast whilst saving both energy and time.

Are you aware of the fact that in case you purchase the grill kind of microwave oven then you might not be able to utilize it for baking! There are plenty of aspects to think through prior to choosing the best microwave oven, relying on the size of your family, your food preferences and e=remaining must-have features. We suppose that the buying tips given below are going to assist you in choosing the appropriate microwave oven. In actual fact, you might be able to utilize the microwave oven buyer’s guide too so as to select the apt microwave oven for your house or office.

Microwave Ovens Buyer’s Guide - Choose the Top Model for Your Home! 1

Types of Microwave Oven

The most significant decision at the time of selecting a microwave oven is deciding which kind of microwave oven you should go for. There are 3 kinds of microwave ovens available on the market.

Solo Microwave oVEN

This type of microwave oven is the entry-level model to take care of cooking simple dishes. These are appropriate to purchase for the people who often reheat or prepare modest dishes.


This type of microwave oven is delivered with supplementary grilling equipment. They are perfectly appropriate to grill veggies, Paneer, and meat.


These microwave ovens utilize a fan in combination with a heating component to produce air stream patterns in the interior of a microwave oven. These models are best suited for baking and grilling food items.

The choice is grounded on the type of cuisine you would often prepare using the microwave oven. Relying on the type of cuisine you might be able to select an appropriate kind of microwave oven going through the table is given below.

Cooking FoodSoloGrillConvection
Reheating Foodü   ü   ü   
Coffee, Milk, Teaü   ü   ü   
Pasta, Rice, Noodlesü   ü   ü   
Popcornü   ü   ü   
Grill Paneerü   ü   
Kebabsü   ü   
Grilled Itemsü   ü   
Tandoori Chickenü   ü   
Cakes & Breadü   

Capacity of Microwave Oven

A microwave oven’s capacity is estimated in liters. It is the pointer for the quantity of food you might be able to prepare in a single shot. Like we have mentioned before, the capacity of a Microwave Oven relies on the usage and the size of your family. Follow the section given above on the use of microwave oven and equivalent microwave kind planning. Here we have provided a table to compute the capacity.

Size of FamilyIdeal Capacity (in Liters)Usage
2-4 Members15-20Solo Microwave Oven
2-4 Members21-30Grill or Convection Microwave Oven
4-6 Members25-30Solo Microwave Oven
4-6 Members32 or AboveGrill or Convection Microwave Oven

Fundamentally it asserts that for a minor family, for the Solo kind of microwave oven, the 15-20 liters might be sufficient; however, for the similar kind of family, the Convection or Grill kind of about 21-30 liters capacity would be appropriate. But a bigger family necessitates 25-30 liters capacity for the Solo type microwave ovens. For the remaining types, it is going to be equal or above 32 liters.

Technologies in Microwave Oven

The microwaves are a type of electromagnetic radiations, which is the grouping of magnetic and electrical waves. The wavelengths of the microwaves range from 1m to 1mm. They are produced in the oven through an electron tube known as the Magnetron. This is the sole reason why the Magnetron is one of the core elements of a microwave oven. Whilst you switch on the microwave oven, the Magnetron discharges microwaves within the oven section. Microwaves have specific property owing to which the water molecules present in your food item throb and produce heat. This is the principle on which the microwave ovens work and the manner in which any dish is cooked inside the compartment. This is the cause owing to which it is tough to prepare or reheat the entirely dry items inside the microwave oven.

Microwave Oven – Safety & Hazards

The user should not place any metal utensil or other metallic substance inside the oven

Utilize solely the microwave-safe utensils made up of top-quality plastic

Ensure the glass utensils you are using are microwave-safe

Don’t place the bottles for baby milk inside any microwave oven

Utilize the microwave oven gloves whilst you are baking with the convection microwave oven. The interior of the microwave oven is going to be really hot at the time of the baking procedure.

Microwave Oven – Features

Below we have mentioned or described the features that you need to check whilst purchasing a microwave oven either online or offline so that there isn’t any chance of getting a wrong product that would not conform to your requirements.

Child Lock

In case you have kids at home, they might unintentionally place their hand inside the oven. Thus, this features offers the child lock feature. Usually, the child lock is enabled by virtue of a number code, which acts similar to a password for unlocking. The interiors of the convection microwave oven become really hot whilst you are baking and child lock is an essential feature to avoid any burns.

Auto Cook Menu

If you desire to abridge the cooking, this feature is going to be required. The low-end or reasonably priced microwaves might not come with this feature. You might not require setting the power configuration and time, everything you require doing is to stipulate the type of dish and everything gets done easily.

Power Consumption

In addition to other features, there comes a power setting as well, the higher you set the voltage, it is going to become further quicker and efficient. In case you prefer cooking the heavy dishes or bulk capacities for a bigger family, think of a further dominant microwave. In case you prepare food solely for a few people, then a microwave that is less powerful is sufficient. The identical feature is known as the ‘Power Levels' in addition.


Defrost option is the feature provided in a microwave oven dedicated to cooking the frozen food. Suppose you desire to heat the curry you prepared yesterday which has been kept in the refrigerator, this is going to be the appropriate option to utilize.

Preheat Options

Prior you begin preparing your food and trail the recipes; the microwave oven requires reaching a specific temperature. Therefore, you require turning the microwave oven on and pause for a few minutes up until it is warm or has attained the desired temperature. The procedure given above is known as preheating. Search for the preheating time obligatory for your microwave oven in the specifications prior to purchasing one.


This function allows you to set up the duration of cooking. You may lay down the duration for which the microwave is going to function to a maximum of 10 minutes. Relying on the type of panel either having a knob or equipped with LCD touch you might stipulate the period of cooking.

Panel Types

There are a few kinds of control panels, specifically the Tact Dial, Mechanical, and Feather Touch. Tact Dial, Mechanical typically are incorporated in the reasonably-priced models and might be able to get over bumpy usage. The Feather Touch control panels add a touch of superior design to your microwave oven. It has the capability to sense the fingers, similar to the touch-screen mobile phones, which is usually present in the costlier models.

Microwave Oven Accessories

The stores online are jam-packed with several microwave accessories counting the microwave gloves, microwave-safe utensils, cookware, vessels, bowls, and microwave stand to install on the wall if you don’t have enough space on the kitchen’s countertop. The covers for a microwave oven are moreover useful to protect the microwave in case it is seldom used.


The rotisserie attachment is used for extraordinary grilling. It is similar to a steel base bar that functions on the motorized system to make sure that the food is grilled perfectly. Grilling mutton, chicken, and paneer might be easily performed using any rotisserie bar. However, the rotisserie grilling attachment that is provided with solely some Microwave Ovens and the ones with which rotisserie add-on charges 1-2 thousand rupees more. There are 2 options in the rotisserie namely horizontal and vertical. Comparatively the horizontal rotisserie has superior heat supply.

Microwave Oven vs. Oven Toaster and Griller (OTG)

The Oven Toaster Griller (OTG) is a really prevalent kitchen appliance utterly used to grill, and toast. It might become somewhat confusing which one should you purchase – an OTG or a Microwave Oven, or both! The convection microwave ovens are best-suited for defrosting, reheating, and baking for the beginners. On top, we would like to say that the OTGs are the more appropriate for the expert bakers who desire quality baking.

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