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Best Baking Ovens In India

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I remember the days in my childhood when everything used to be cooked on the stove. Whether it be cooking something or heating it, the cooking stove would be the one and only go-to in the kitchen for my mom. Cooking stoves nowadays are still essential, of course. Every household needs one. However, there are now various other kitchen appliances such as the Oven which are much better than the traditional stove for many a purpose including Baking and in this article, we will be reviewing the Best Baking Ovens in India!

Best Baking Ovens In India!

Whereas a cooking stove is good for simply boiling water, making tea, and frying eggs and stuff, a Baking Oven does a lot, lot, lot more. As the name suggests, one can use it for baking. They are now a staple for the home, not just for commercial and business purposes such as in restaurants. In other words, there are Baking Ovens for home as well as for businesses and commercial ones too. Whether it be a homemade cookie, cake, or bread, the Baking Ovens are very useful, and the Best Ovens for Baking are more effective than others.

Editor's Picks: Top 5 Baking Ovens In India

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We have reviewed five of the Top Baking Ovens on the Indian market. Before you read them all, we would like to direct special attention to one of them, the best product according to us.

Our top recommendation is:

[amazon box=”B00AYA859Y” template=”list”]

By far the most premium Baking Oven you can find on the market, this is a powerhouse, capable of serving a large household with ease. With a wattage of 2000 W, this high-end Oven provides the best of the best service and is worth every Rupee it costs. More details about the product in the full-length reviews below!

The Best Baking Ovens In India You Can Buy Today

1. [amazon fields=”B00AYA859Y” value =”title”]

[amazon fields=”B00AYA859Y” value=”button”]

With a Warranty of 2 years and the fact that there is a 10-day return clause if someone changes their mind over buying it, not to mention the fact that the product comes with an Instructional manual, Customer care list, and Guarantee card — we get the feeling right away that this Oven is for real. It is as if the brand is challenging users to find fault in it enough to return it.

And why would the brand not be confident in this oven? Capable of catering to a 5-8 member household with its Capacity of 52 liters, the OTG is suitable for not only Baking but also grilling (skewer rods can be placed on the wire rack to grill food chunks) and toasting. The Oven has been designed with safety in mind, as the tongs can be safely held to pull out the hot wire rack or baking tray.

Coming to the actual mechanism of the Oven, this is nothing less than a master chef's delight! Yes, this product is not just catered to the normal household (they too can make efficient use of it) but also to a professional cook. With its many features, the Oven facilitates convenience and specialization. Convection technology ensures that heat is transferred uniformly to the entire surface of the food kept inside. In contrast, a traditional Microwave Oven does not spread heat evenly. Convection Oven saves energy as well, raising the overall efficiency of the Oven. This heating mechanism also preserves the juicy texture of the food. Moreover, the galvanized and rustproof interior of the Oven adds to the energy-efficient nature of the Oven, helping to maintain heat for a longer time while minimizing heat loss.

As for health-conscious users, don't fret, as this Oven's non-stick baking tray means you can cook oil-free! There is further a Time Bypass or Stay On function. With this, you don't have to cook the food right before having to serve it. Rather, you can prepare the food two whole hours before finally eating it! Yes, the food stays warm, fresh, and crispy with this feature. Additionally, there is a motorized Rotisserie that can make grilled kebabs, paneer tikka, broiled or roasted chicken, among others. Finally, the illuminated chamber and the glass door adds to the convenience, as we do not need to keep opening the oven door to check the readiness of the food; we can simply watch the process of how the food gradually gets browned and ready, or we can simply go to another room and be signaled by the ringing sound when the cooking timer is up.

[amazon box=”B00AYA859Y”  title=”WHAT WE THINK” description= “The OTG is a multi-purpose Oven and caters to a large household. It is our top recommendation based on its super high efficiency and versatility, though some may be put off by its high price.”]
  • We feel that the Capacity is Large enough to suit any household; no larger capacity is needed for most
  • Comes with a Warranty of 2 years
  • Comes with a 10-day return policy
  • We verified the Safety of the specially designed tongs
  • We were delighted with the Stay-On function of the Oven
  • We tested out the multi-purpose mechanism of the Oven
  • We found the appearance of the product unique
  • We personally found it quite costly compared to the rest, but it comes with its superior features

2. [amazon fields=”B07P1BR7L8″ value =”title”]

[amazon fields=”B07P1BR7L8″ value=”button”]

Even though far cheaper than the previous product, the Philips HD6975/00 OTG is not much behind as far as quality goes. Using 1500 W and operating at 220-240 volts, the Oven provides half the capacity as the Morphy Richards 52 RCSS. It has a capacity of 25 liters, which makes it a medium-sized Oven. This is suitable for a household consisting of 4-5 people.

This Oven boasts optimum temperature technology and also serves multiple functions. As an OTG – Oven Toaster Griller – it is good at toasting and grilling. The product is especially known for its perfectly baked cakes. As a lover of baked cakes ourselves, we verified the crispy surface and juicy and delicate flesh of baked cakes by using this Oven. As for its Toasting capability, we have tested some toasted food, and verified that the moisture is reduced and no less than perfect crispness is ensured. Grilling can also be done by using minimum oil.

More needs to be said about the Oven's efficiency. There is a one-touch 10 preset menu that offers several cooking options. There is also a one-touch preheat system that adds further convenience. We were particularly impressed with the digital display which shows the selected mode, recipe, temperature, and time elapsed. This extremely useful function is supplanted by the transparent door and chamber light through which it is easy to see how far the cooking process has come. Last but not least, there is a 90-minute auto cut-off feature that cuts off the power if unused within 90 minutes. This is an extremely important feature which saves you from potential danger from over usage, and also restricts unnecessary bills from carelessly leaving the power button on.

[amazon box=”B07P1BR7L8″  title=”WHAT WE THINK” description= “The OTG's small capacity means it cannot be used conveniently by large households. However, for smaller ones, it is a very wonderful appliance to use, providing multi-function modes, not to mention that it is easy on the wallet as well.”]
  • We verified its Optimum Temperature Technology
  • We tested its one-touch 10 preset menu
  • We tested its one-touch preheat function
  • We really dig its 90-minute auto cut off feature
  • Comes with a 2-year Warranty
  • Perfect for Baking cakes
  • We found its Digital Display Panel and Chamber Light to be very convenient
  • We like its exterior and interior appearance
  • We found the price very reasonable
  • Small capacity of 25 liters
  • Does not have many safety features

3. [amazon fields=”B01C8P2EHG” value =”title”]

[amazon fields=”B01C8P2EHG” value=”button”]

The Bajaj brand offers Ovens at very low prices in comparison to others. That is why we have selected two Bajaj Ovens for review here, and our first one is the Bajaj 2200 TMSS 22-Litre OTG (Black).

As the name suggests, the Oven has a capacity of 22 liters. This means it is not suitable for a household with over, say, 4 members. However, if this criterion meets, then it is a quite good Baking Oven to buy. This product comes with a Warranty of 1 year, and, as it is an OTG, allows Baking, toasting, and grilling. Made of stainless steel, it contains a Rotisserie, baking tray, crumb tray, grill rack, tong, and skewer rods. In less technical terms, this means that you can do a wide range of cooking with this Oven:

  • Grilling chicken and kebabs? Check.
  • Soft and crispy dishes? Check.
  • Baking bread, cookies, biscuits, and cakes? Check.
  • A safely designed tong to handle the cooking tray? Check.
  • A crumb tray to collect residue crumbs and grains to keep the Oven spotless? Check!

What more do you want from a Baking Oven for home? Indeed, for average and non-professional purposes, this Baking Oven more than meets the demands of customers.

[amazon box=”B01C8P2EHG”  title=”WHAT WE THINK” description= “The OTG's small capacity restricts its usage in large households. However, for smaller ones, it is our recommendation to buy for its decent features and excellent price. We recommend this over our other Bajaj product because this one is of a relatively higher standard quality and capacity.”]
  • We were delighted at its very cheap price
  • Allows Baking, grilling, and toasting
  • The crumb tray takes care of fallen crumbs and grains
  • Small Capacity of 22 liters
  • After reviewing many Ovens, we feel it is a moderate quality product

4. [amazon fields=”B016ZLKJSU” value =”title”]

[amazon fields=”B016ZLKJSU” value=”button”]

This 30-liter capacity Oven is a high-end and an IFB product but is even more expensive than the Morphy Richards 52 RCSS. Comparing the two products side by side, it may be assumed that this product is less economical than the other. Still, if your household is not large, then you might consider buying this Oven. After all, the quality is top-notch, as we will see now.

This premium Baking Oven is not an OTG like the others we have reviewed so far. It is a Microwave Oven. There are differences between the two types, which we will see later. This Oven uses 2200 W, and has a world of uses with its 101 auto cook functions! Yes, 101 options to choose from! Functions include the following:

  • Defrost (if needed), Warm, and Heat food before eating
  • The Rotisserie allows for ideal grilling; we have verified that it is especially effective for poultry
  • Fermentation of dough or bread or milk products
  • Ability to Disinfect and Sterilize baby products like pacifiers within minutes
  • The Steam Clean thoroughly cleans up the Oven after usage

Aside from all these wonderful features, the Oven also goes above and beyond to ensure safety. For example, there is a Child Lock feature which keeps the Oven door locked. When the door is open during use, the Oven stops working. Furthermore, you can set up the time for the Oven to start working, and then it will start at that particular time. This allows you to set up timely dishes beforehand! How convenient! The product comes with a Warranty of 1 year, and the Magnetron and Cavity have a 3-year Warranty.

[amazon box=”B016ZLKJSU”  title=”WHAT WE THINK” description= “This premier Microwave Oven offers an alternative choice to the other premier reviewed product,  the Morphy Richards 52 RCSS. If you prefer Microwave Oven over OTG, and if you don't have a large household, then go for this.“]
  • Offers a very wide range of options, especially with its 101 auto cook menu options
  • We tested its safety mechanism, especially the Child Lock function
  • The Oven comes with a 1-year Warranty, and the Magnetron and the Cavity have 3 years of Warranty
  • We verified that it can Disinfect baby products like the pacifier
  • We tested its Steam Clean mechanism
  • We really dig its Delay Start, that we can put input beforehand
  • We verified that it is Power Saving
  • We have to admit it is very expensive, though this is justified due to its multitude of features and the fact that this is a Microwave Oven
  • Relatively low capacity of 30 liters

5. [amazon fields=”B009P2KRAW” value =”title”]

[amazon fields=”B009P2KRAW” value=”button”]

Our final reviewed product is the cheapest one in the bunch and is yet another OTG. With a capacity of 16 liters, it is suitable for a family of 2, and if you meet this requirement, this product is a good one to buy.

Though extremely cheap, this Baking Oven for home contains the essential features you would need. For example, being an OTG, it is able to bake, grill, and toast. It boasts a uniquely shaped heating element design with a bent pattern. There is a timer and also an auto shut off mechanism if 60 minutes elapse upon usage. There is a crumb tray that collects the residual crumbs and grains, thereby making the Oven convenient to clean. The product also comes with skewer rods, grill rack, and baking tray. However, there is no Rotisserie.

This low-end product is safe and convenient as well. Its thermostat regulates temperature over a range of 0 to 250 degrees. The door handle is cool to the touch, in contrast to the searing temperature inside the Oven. This protects potential injuries and overall discomfort. Only 1200 W is consumed by the Oven, making it Power Saving and bill saving as well!

[amazon box=”B009P2KRAW” title=”WHAT WE THINK” description= “This very cheap yet handy Baking Oven is enough for normal household cooking. We recommend this mostly due to its cheapness, but if it did not provide the bare essentials, you would not see it here.”]
  • We were most delighted by its extremely cheap price
  • We tested its timer and auto shut off mechanism
  • We like that it has a cool door handle for safety
  • We felt the Crumb Tray is very beneficial
  • We verified its Power Saving features
  • We were not impressed with the design and appearance
  • We were disappointed that it had no Rotisserie
  • Though of manageable quality, we prefer higher quality
  • Very low capacity of 16 liters

How Does An Oven Work?

An Oven, as we know, is typically a rectangular enclosed box inside which are compartments where food can be kept for cooking. Upon putting food inside, the door (it should be transparent so that users can see inside) is closed and the user selects the suitable control buttons, and voila! You just wait for however long time you want the food to be cooked. It could take from less than a minute to even hours. Good Ovens display timer and temperature so that you know exactly how long the process will take. Once the cooking is done, the Oven will signal you with a ring.

Going to the technical mechanism of an Oven, all Ovens contain a copper wire connecting them to the temperature controls. This is how the algorithm works and our input is recognized by the machine. There is a thermostat that works like a fuse. It cuts off the power to the heating element in case of overheating. As for the heating elements, they are encased by metal sheaths which, along with the wires, transfer heat.

Some Oven technologies use Convection fans or turbofans to circulate hot air to facilitate and speed up the heating process. This circulation of air also means that heat radiates to the entire surface of the food evenly. Such a mechanism makes for perfect baking! In case you are lost on the technical details, don't fret! The controls are very self-explanatory, and you do not need to know about the science of it to use it.

Types Of Baking Ovens

Ovens are of several types, and you can bake by many of these types. The OTG is a very appropriate Oven for Baking, though, as will be evident by the fact that four out of five of our reviewed products here are OTGs. However, that does not mean you should neglect the other types of Ovens. Here are some:

Types Of Baking Ovens

Oven Toaster Griller (OTG)

An OTG is a multi-purpose Oven. As the name suggests, besides Baking, it can also be used for toasting and grilling. An OTG has heating elements on both the top and bottom. For grilling, the top one is triggered, and for baking, both the parts are used. We would suggest you use an OTG if your primary purpose of using an Oven is to bake. The reason why Baking is effective in an OTG is because of Convection fans. The fans provide uniform heat to the food, making its surface crispy and its flesh juicy. The heat is evenly spread out, the secret technique to Baking!

Microwave Oven

This is probably the standard Oven owned by the vast majority of people. I'm sure when we were small, we used to think Microwave is a synonym of Oven itself. There is a reason why Microwave Ovens are widely recognized. It can be used to heat the food, and it does its job much faster than an OTG. The reason is that Microwave Ovens use microwaves.

The electrical energy works fast, much faster than the heating elements of an OTG. Some Microwave Ovens even have Convection technology, which means that Baking is also an option. Still, however, when it comes to Baking, the OTG is the best choice, though Convection Microwave Ovens are the second-best alternative. There are Microwave Ovens for Grilling too and if you are into grilling and barbequing, you should check those out too!

Finally, it should be borne in mind that Microwave Ovens are much more expensive than OTGs because of their wider range of functions. If you want to opt for a Microwave Oven, you are in luck, as we have reviewed the Best Microwave Ovens in India already!

Staying safe means staying clean!
The door knob of your Oven is a very dirty place, understandably because the food crumbs and oil you get into you hands inevitably also touch the knob. Always remember to clean and disinfect them, especially in these trying times!

Gas Oven

A Gas Oven is a very inexpensive Oven on the market, and you might be tempted to buy one instead of an OTG or a Microwave Oven. However, bear in mind that when it comes to Baking, Gas Ovens are not effective as they cannot transfer uniform heat to the food. Sometimes you will also see that your food has been browned a tad too much.

Conventional Oven

It's Conventional, not Convectional. The difference due to the one different letter is massive. While the Conventional Oven (also called the solo microwave oven) lacks fans, Convectional Oven uses fans that distribute heat evenly, making for amazing baked food.

There are many more Ovens like a Dutch Oven and there are more ways to separate the categories, such as Conventional vs Convectional and Gas vs Electric Ovens.

Which Type Of Oven Is Best For Baking?

As will by now be clear, not all Ovens make for good Baking Ovens. However, you technically can bake in just about every sort of Oven. The point here is that some Ovens are much better at it than others. For example, OTG is the top choice for Baking. A Convectional Microwave Oven can also do the job done, but with a much higher price.

Thus, if you simply want to Bake, or at least that is your primary purpose, then do buy an OTG. After all, there is a reason why we have picked four out of five of our best Ovens for Baking to be OTGs.

Advantages Of Using A Baking Oven

Ovens are one of the most commonly used kitchen appliances in the Indian kitchen. It is not something new but dates back to ages. Therefore, as you are here today searching for an oven, you should better make sure that you know all the benefits of buying one. So, we do not buy anything because we want to. But, there are some advantages that justify our purchase. And an oven is a machine that eases your kitchen work by offering many facilities. So, if you are going to use the oven for the first time, you might be missing many of its advantages. That said, our team has made a list of several benefits that you can expect to get from your purchase. But before that, we would like to tell you that only the best quality bake ovens can provide you with such benefits. All our listed ovens are the best in their class. However, by considering our buyer's guide, you can also find one yourself (based on your preferences).

Advanced Baking

Baking is a passion. And the true bakers always find perfection relaxing. Therefore, even if you have a microwave at your home, you may prefer baking ovens more for baking and grilling purposes. Suppose you are to make a cake or cookies. Many microwave ovens do not come with the feature of this type of baking. Baking ovens are solely designed for these purposes and therefore advances your work with its technology. Plus it is easier to bake in an oven thanks to many features it offers. Baking ovens come with temperature control and timer options. So, once you have put everything into it, you can just leave it and set the time and relax. Thus, you do not have to stand constantly all throughout the process and keep an eye over it. Therefore, if your sole target is baking and you want to acquire perfection, it is better that you go for a baking oven for convenience and comfort. 

Easier To Cook

Yes, you can also cook in ovens. And cooking in over is much easier than cooking on the gas or electric stoves. For example, you may have a party to organize and have items to prepare. And some sorts of items are there which you can cook in an oven such as some chicken dish. Now, this dish can also be prepared on stoves. But cooking it in the oven can be much easier thanks to the many features it has. Not to mention, an oven has a timer setting along with temperature control. So, you can do other kitchen works while your dish is being prepared in it. It relaxes you and eases your job. You do not have to stand all the time throughout the process but focus on your other jobs. Therefore, cooking in an oven is far easier and more convenient than cooking on a stove. 

Easy To Use

While we buy any appliance that can be a help, one of our concerns is how easy it is to use. And when it is about a kitchen appliance, the first thought in our mind is whether the elderly people in our home can use it or not. Sometimes using a microwave can be difficult for the people at our home- mostly because of the many features and patterns it comes with. Therefore, it can be hard for them to cook with microwaves. On the contrary, baking ovens are simple to use and understand. One does not have to read the user manual before using it. The baking oven comes basic many easy-to-understand features that anyone can easily understand. Therefore, if you are finding something more convenient and user-friendly, you would prefer baking or cooking in ovens rather than microwaves. 

Baking Is Healthier

Maintaining our health should be one of our first priorities. And it starts with the tummy. A good and healthy diet can maintain our health and lead us to a better life. And while comes to food, the lesser the amount of oil, the better. Cooking with less oil has always been preferred by dietitians. Baking is, therefore, an excellent alternate to it. Baking requires minimum oil and is healthy for our health. However, it is not every time that every baked product you are buying from outside is as fresh as the baked at home. While you bake something at your home, you can control everything and change the recipe too. For example, if you want to bake something with less salt or less sugar when you bake it at home You can also reduce or vary the amount of fat you bake with and can experiment with whole grain flours. One can also do away with artificial food colorings and flavorings as per your preferences. 

Safer To Learn

Cooking can be associated with risk. When we cook on a stove, there is always fire. And fire can be dangerous for beginners who have just stepped into the world of cooking. Also, if you have a child in your home, it can be dangerous for them too. Many accidents have been reported these past years as a result of stove or gas cooking. However, on the contrary, ovens are a safer option that does not use fire as a cooking method. Instead, they use heat from various angles and make your cooking more efficient and safer. They also have a protective shield around to protect against any external interference. Also, at many times we forget to turn off our gas stoves and leave them burning. Ovens feature an automatic timer that turns off the machine when it is done doing the job. Therefore, if you want your kitchen to be safer or a beginner just stepping into the world of passionate cooking, a baking oven might be an option. 


Another advantage of using a baking oven is its availability. A baking oven is widely available in almost any part of the country. Moreover, you can purchase one online too. The price of the ovens varies as per the features and capacity. Considering all, you will always find an oven under your budget in any part of the continent. 

Things To Consider Before Buying A Baking Oven – Buyer's Guide

There are a lot of things to consider when buying anything like Brand, pricing, capacity, etc. We will put forward some key aspects which you have to especially consider before buying a Baking Oven. If you are into a specific brand then we would recommend checking out the Microwave Ovens by Samsung!


The size of your household determines how much the Capacity of your Oven should be. Typically, here is the corresponding capacity-household size correlation:

  • 15 liters for a family of 2
  • 15-29 liters for a family of 4
  • 30-60 liters for a family of up to 8 people

We recommend you have this correspondence list in mind before purchasing a Baking Oven. Yes, you can overcompensate by buying a large Capacity Oven if you have the resources. That will be helpful when guests come. However, we think larger than necessary Capacity is redundant, and we recommend a need-based thought process when it comes to Capacity.


Typically, price increases with Capacity. The same brand offers Ovens over a wide range of Capacity. For example, Bajaj has a 16 Liter Capacity Oven and a 22 Liter one in this review. Price also depends on the brand, as the Bajaj brand is relatively cheaper than others. Your budget will, of course, be a deciding factor as to what Baking Oven you buy. But take care not to make it the definitive factor, as other factors like Capacity should also come into play.

Safety Mechanism

Another factor that should come into play is overall safety. Some Ovens have Child Lock feature which should be strongly considered if you have children in the house. The glass door should also be cold, and the tong which is used to haul out the tray should be designed to remain relatively cool so that injuries can be minimized.

Types Of Baking Ovens


Some additional features you should keep in mind include the Rotisserie. This facilitates grilling. A Rotisserie can easily make tandoor and all types of grilled food. What's more, the grills are ready in a matter of minutes by courtesy of the Rotisserie!

Auto Thermostat

The Thermostat acts like a fuse. It normally maintains an even temperature inside the Oven. When the prospect of overheating comes, it cuts off power in the oven, preventing danger.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. The Microwave Oven is costlier than the OTG. Does that mean the Microwave Oven is better?

It is better in the sense that it provides more features, such as the ability to heat quickly. However, OTG is the king of Baking.

3. Should I buy an Oven if it's under 5,000 Rupees?

Yes, there are many Ovens, good ones, under that amount. Even two of our five reviewed products here are under 5,000 Rupees. You can also find more of those budget Microwave Ovens by checking this post!

4. Is it possible to give control input to an Oven beforehand?

Yes, some Ovens have the feature of being able to take controls beforehand and then starting working at the selected time.

5. Are Baking Ovens healthy?

Of course. In fact, Baking is healthier than cooking in oil. Baked food is far healthier than fried food items.

A Final Word

The final word is your own, of course. You decide which Baking Oven suits you and your household the most. If you want to Bake as well as heat and defrost and disinfect, then a Microwave Oven will be your best choice. If you love grilled food, make sure the Oven you buy has a Rotisserie. If you love your Baked food, opt for an Oven with Convection technology.

What we have done is offer you five of the Best Ovens for Baking out there on the market. All of these are suitable for domestic usage, but the high-end ones can be used by professionals as well. However, we would like to believe that we have done more than that… more than simply recommend the top Baking Ovens in India. We believe we have also instilled the basic knowledge of Ovens and made you ready to select an Oven of your own. In other words, we have not just listed out some top Ovens for Baking, but have also attempted to make you see the reasons behind our choices so that you can make independent choices of your own from now.

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