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Gas Geyser vs. Electric Geyser – Which One Should You Go For?

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Getting up in the winter mornings and entering the bathroom to take a shower is one of the biggest tasks on earth! At the outset, you just don’t desire to take a bath and moreover, a majority of you might as well fall sick. Therefore, to get yourself geared up for the upcoming winter season, you need to get a water heater or geyser installed in your bathroom. But, when it comes to choosing a geyser in the market, people are often confused and don’t know which one to opt for their home for the best performance. Therefore, today we are breaking down the Gas Geyser vs. Electric Geyser Comparison, which is going to put down all the factors that both the types of geysers bring into your bathroom.

We have also written a complete buying guide on water heaters which you can go through and understand more about geysers in general and decide which geyser would suit you the best!

Gas Geyser vs. Electric Geyser

With the advances in the technology, plenty of inventions are coming onto the scene. Similarly, the geyser industry has also done a plenty of things that have made kept the interest of the people intact. In the market today, there are 2 most leading kinds of geysers, which are namely:

So as to recognize the appropriate type of geyser for your home, initially, you require having proper insights about what geysers are all about. In other words, you have to distinguish the advantages as well as weaknesses and afterward make up your mind so as to which is going to best serve your requirements in the best possible manner.

Gas Geysers

The gas geysers make use of LPG to get the water heated. There isn’t any limitation of water heating as far as the gas geysers are concerned. You may heat as much water as you can until and unless the gas cylinder gets exhausted. They offer hot water in a continuous flow and the heat is also delivered instantaneously.

  • The gas geysers diverge from the electric geysers in 2 primary aspects, which are namely:
  • Stumpy power effectiveness
  • Come with a fast recovery rate
  • There isn’t any sort of doubt that the gas geysers are appropriate for any joint family.

Furthermore, the Gas geysers might be segregated into 2 categories:

The Instant Geysers or the Tankless Geysers

In case you don’t need bigger capacities of water at once, this type of gas geyser is going to be appropriate for you. You are going to be astonished to distinguish that a majority of geyser companies in India vend solely tankless geysers.

Storage Geysers

This is solely the converse of the instant geysers. This kind of geyser would be appropriate for the people who necessitate a decent quantity of water on a daily basis. Owing to their frame, the reparability of such geysers is also good.

Gas Geyser – Features


Owing to the heat loss through the storage tank’s walls, you might consider it really unproductive. When you use the gas geysers, the water is going to remain hot all throughout. It suggests that the power gets used in the best manner.


In any type of gas geyser, you might be able to warm nearly 50-gallon water in really less time as well. If you subsist in a locality where there is a frequent power cut, it isn’t going to hinder the functioning of your gas geyser.

Life Expectancy & Price

Whilst the cost of the geyser might be your primary concern, gas geysers are relatively cheaper in comparison to the electric ones. You might be able to purchase a gas geyser in the price range of 5000 INR. Considering their life expectancy, the electric geysers are going to be the front-runners.

Gas Geyser – Advantages

  • There are plenty of benefits to be had with gas geysers which are as follows:
  • The water level, as well as the heating rate, might be manually regulated.
  • As the heating of water is a stable process, you don’t require worrying about the fact that the power might get wasted. Perhaps, plenty of power is going to be stored.
  • For any large family, this kind of a geyser is really appropriate since there isn’t any limitation.
  • The reparation of gas geysers isn’t an issue.
  • The most significant aspect regarding gas geysers is that they don’t need even a fraction of electricity.
  • These geysers work appropriately on both LPG and that government laid pipeline natural gas.

Electric Geysers

These days, the electric geysers have grown in popularity owing to the factor of convenience. It makes use of the copper coils to transform electrical energy into heat energy.

Even though there are plenty of changes that have been made in this type of geysers, but the primary concept is pretty similar.

The electric geysers may be segregated into 2 different categories:

  • Instant geyser
  • Storage geyser

Electric Geyser – Advantages

  • The electric gas geyser might be set up in any sort of space and are pretty effortless to handle.
  • The electrical energy utilized in the process is pretty minimal and hence are pretty cheap.
  • As there isn’t any fuel used, there isn’t any sort of carbon monoxide emission as well as pollution.
  • The water gets heated really fast and life expectancy is really high.

To conclude all the stuff that we have been talking about, we would like to tell you that the subsequent time whilst you hit the market to buy a water heater or geyser, you need to bear the following factors in mind:

  • Insulation Cost
  • Life Expectancy of Geyser
  • Geyser Cost
  • Space Requirement

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