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10 Best Gas Geyser In India

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10 Best Gas Geyser In India

10 Best Gas Geyser In India

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Gas Geysers are a type of water heater which provides a continuous flow of hot water and heating as well. In the winter days, everyone requires hot water for all the daily work, and what's better than having a geyser? This is why we have written this guide so you can make a choice and get the Best Gas Geyser in India!

10 Best Gas Geyser In India

A gas geyser uses the heat from the burning fuel for heating water mostly at home. Gas Water Heaters have a burner at the end which quickly heats the water and even provides a timely flow of heated water. The burner is located at the center of the heater and it ensures the heating of the water flowing through the reservoir.

It also has the adjustable temperature control setting which you can manually set as per your desired temperature. The heat comes from the LPG gas which gets transferred to the water. Throughout the process, the burner burns the gas through the pilot light. This process of burning the gas to heat the water continues every time you use the gas geyser.

With an ever-increasing surge in the cost of electricity and other conventional methods of water heating, the value of gas geysers has mounted in the last couple of years. Using a gas geyser is one of the most efficient ways to heat water than the traditional electric water heaters, and, at the same time, a great way to save a huge cost of utility bill each month. Don’t forget to check out our list of Best Gas Water Heaters and save yourself from the surging electricity bills.

Editor's Picks: 5 of the Top Gas Geysers Brands In India

Best Overall
Lazer Oxy LPG Gas 6-Litre Water Heater (White)
Best In Budget
Crompton Solarium DLX 3 Litre Instant Water Heater (Ivory)
Bajaj Flora Instant 3 Litre Vertical Water Heater, White
Lazer Oxy LPG Gas 6-Litre Water Heater (White)
Crompton Solarium DLX 3 Litre Instant Water Heater (Ivory)
Bajaj Flora Instant 3 Litre Vertical Water Heater, White
₹ 4,098
₹ 2,500
₹ 2,959
Our Verdict
6 Liter water heaters seem to be the best water heaters, and this one is arguably the very best.
With a capacity of just 3 L, this is the cheapest one on the list - we recommend this for small households.
This is another 3 L gas geyser for those on a tight budget.
Best Overall
Lazer Oxy LPG Gas 6-Litre Water Heater (White)
Lazer Oxy LPG Gas 6-Litre Water Heater (White)
₹ 4,098
More Info
Our Verdict
6 Liter water heaters seem to be the best water heaters, and this one is arguably the very best.
Best In Budget
Crompton Solarium DLX 3 Litre Instant Water Heater (Ivory)
Crompton Solarium DLX 3 Litre Instant Water Heater (Ivory)
₹ 2,500
More Info
Our Verdict
With a capacity of just 3 L, this is the cheapest one on the list - we recommend this for small households.
Bajaj Flora Instant 3 Litre Vertical Water Heater, White
Bajaj Flora Instant 3 Litre Vertical Water Heater, White
₹ 2,959
More Info
Our Verdict
This is another 3 L gas geyser for those on a tight budget.

Generally, gas geysers are the water heaters that use the heat as a burning fuel for the purpose of heating up the water for day-to-day usage. This way it produces a continuous flow of hot water and with efficiency. In simple terms, they’re great on providing efficiency. Water Heaters are of several types and one of them is the tankless water heater. We have written a whole guide on finding the best tankless water heater! If you are confused about which geyser you need to buy, then you can check out this Water Heater Buying Guide that we have written. It will surely help you figure it out easily!

The Best Gas Geysers In India You Can Buy Today

1. Bajaj Majesty Duetto LPG 6-Litre Water Heater Review

Bajaj is one of the best gas geyser brands available in the market. The brand is known for its quality and value the product gives to its users. This geyser from Bajaj comes with auto ignition with a burner setting.

This product offers 6 L capacity which is fairly decent if you care it among the other brands available in the market. As for safety measures, it provides child lock facility with heat exchanger made from copper, and also an anti-freeze mechanism.

The water heater from Bajaj comes with oxygen depletion sensor and comes with a 2 year aarranty period which is a good time limit for any product.

Product Information  

Brand                          Bajaj   
Model                      Majesty Duetto LPG 6-Litre
Capacity                                             6L      
Stars Rating              3.9
Colour                          White  

2. V-Guard Industries Ltd 6 ltrs Safefloplus Gas Geyser Review

Our second gas geyser on the list is from V-Guard Industries, there is no wonder why it is on our list as it comes with unique features. The product comes with SS Burners, offers 6L capacity, and Copper heat exchanger. It also comes with automated ignition system and ultra-low pressure application. The package contains the main unit, user manual and warranty card.

Product Information 

Brand             V-Guard              
Model                         Safefloplus         
Colour              White                
Capacity                                                6L   
Stars Rating        3.6

3. Orient Gas Water Heater Review


This gas water heater from Orient is one of the best quality gas geysers available on the market. It offers instant continuous running hot water suitable for long showers. The product comes with 2 years of warranty and is safe for high rise building only for LPG.  The product is affordable, offers quality and is a total value for money.

Product Information

Brand              Orient                
   Model                Orient Gas Water Heater       
                   Capacity                      6 Litre
Colour      White     
Stars Rating   3.6

4. Racold LPG Gas Water Heater Geyser Review


This fantastic gas water heater from Racold is our next product on the list. The product is effective, durable, and cost-effective and offers value to users. You can find a detailed review of this geyser here!

Product Information

Brand                                                 Racold  
Model           Racold LPG  
                    Capacity                      Stars Rating   3.2
Colour        White  
Star Rating 4

5. Crompton Solarium DLX IWH03PC1 Review – (Cheap Gas Geyser)

Buy Now On Amazon

This cost-effective gas instant water heater is our next pick from Crompton Solarium. It is the cheapest gas geyser on the Indian market. The product comes with a steel tank water heater and offers 3 L capacity. It is powered by 300 W and comes with 2 years of warranty. You can reach the brand’s customer care at 18004190505 (Toll Free).

Crompton Solarium DLX 3 Litre Instant Water Heater (Ivory)
  • Capacity: 3 Litres; Wattage: 3000 Watts
  • In case of any product queries / complaints, contact_us on: [ 18004190505 ] (Toll Free)

Product Information

Brand             Crompton Solarium       
Model                   DLX IWH03PC1   
Capacity                          3L
Colour                          White
Stars Rating                3.9

6. Hindware Atlantic 6 Ltr. Ignacio 6L Review


This gas water heater from Hindware is our next best pick as it offers superior safety with low working pressure and Hi-tech design. This gas water heater comes with climate based optimization and hassle-free ignition. The heater comes with 6 L capacity.

Product Information

Brand                         Hindware
Model        Atlantic 6 Ltr. Ignacio 6L Analog Gas LPG & PNG              
           Capacity                                6L  
Colour                White   
Stars Rating   3.7

7. Signoracare SCGWH-1007 Review – A Smart Gas Water Heater

This fabulous gas water heater from Signoracare is fully automatic with battery operated ignition and comes with 20 minutes in-built timer with child lock flameout protection device. It works super-fast and heats up water as fast in 4 seconds. It comes with a water volume regulator and winter summer knob.

Product Information

Brand                                    Signoracare   
Model                       SCGWH-1007    
Capacity           6L
Colour                White     
Stars Rating   3.4

8. Bajaj Flora 3-Litre 3kW Instant Water Heater Review (Great Cheap Gas Geyser)

Buy Now On Amazon

Bajaj is one brand that is known for its quality products and this is the reason that we have two products from Bajaj in our list. This water heater comes with high impact resistant engineered plastic body, comes with multiple safety systems, long life heating element and with neon indicators for power on and heating function.

The heater is powered by 300 W and offers dedicated customer service as well. You can read a detailed review of this water heater on this page. This water heater has Instant properties and heats the water pretty fast. You can read more about Instant water heaters here!

Bajaj Flora Instant 3 Litre Vertical Water Heater, White
  • Type : Instant; Capacity : 3 Litres; Wattage : 3000 Watts;Pressure : 8 Bars
  • Product Dimensions: 26.5 Cms X 26.5 Cms X 44 Cms

Product Information

Brand                                  Bajaj
  Model                  Flora 3-Litre 3kW
Power                           3KW
Colour                           White   
Stars Rating      3.8

9. Singer Aqua Lava 25 L Glass Line Storage Water Heater Review

Buy Now On Amazon

This gas heater from Singer has 25 L capacity, comes with a warranty of 7 Years on its tank, 4 years on its heating element and 2 years when it comes to the overall product.

Singer Aqua Lava 25 L Glass Line Storage Water Heater
  • Product Dimensions: : 51 cm (Length) x 51 cm (Width) x 45 cm (Height)

10. LAZER Oxy LPG Gas 6-Litre Water Heater Review

Buy Now On Amazon

This effective water heater from Lazer is one of the best water heaters as it comes with dry burning protection, flame out protection, with a 6 L capacity and 1year warranty period with a warranty card. The product comes with a heat exchanger made from Copper.

Lazer Oxy LPG Gas 6-Litre Water Heater (White)
  • Dry burning protection
  • Heat made of copper

Product Information

Brand                          LAZER    
Model                 Oxy LPG Gas 6-Litre              
Power                6L
Colour                        White     
Stars Rating   5

What are the Different Kinds Of Water Heaters Available On The Market?

On the basis of heating methodology and storage capabilities, water heaters have been categorized into 4 different types:

What are the Different Kinds Of Water Heaters Available On The Market?


Storage Geysers

Different from the electric geysers, the storage geysers comprise of an inbuilt insulated water storage tank. These storage tanks offer distinct capacities starting from the 6 L mark and beyond. This are the utmost general kind of geysers comprising a tank of hot water all set to utilize up until the water gets stored.

The geysers with bigger storage tanks take up additional space, and therefore aren’t appropriate for the minor bathrooms. This type of geyser comprises an insulated storage tank that is equipped with a pressure valve. This valve assists in diminishing the pressure and temperature whilst it attains the higher temperatures.

Electric Geysers

This kind of geyser is capable of heating up the water instantaneously and is intended for direct usage. They are pretty squeezed in design, hence taking up lesser space. The electric geysers are moreover called the instant or tankless water heaters. The geyser begins whilst the sensor within its heater pipes detects the flow of water. It is then going to fire up the heating component thereby making the water hot. One significant benefit of electric geysers is that they are never short of hot water.

Solar Geysers

The solar water heaters or geysers function by grasping heat out of the roof-installed solar panels. Solar energy gets transformed into heat owing to the solar thermal amasser, which is thereby transmitted to the water storage tank. The heating procedure gets started after that.

Solar geysers might help you save money at the time of the summer season but grieve during the rainy and cloudy days. There are numerous solar geysers that function using gas or electricity as a backup whilst it is required. A similar drawback of using solar geysers is that they are suitable if you possess an individual house with the exposed surrounding or flats having an open terrace or balcony.

Gas Geysers

Gas geysers are run using propane and LPG gas and are pretty energy-effectual. It is significant to get the gas geyser installed alongside the LPG cylinder and deliver source by means of the gas pipelines. This is surely the reason why the gas geysers are appropriate to use in households or commercial setups. They assist in getting the water heat quickly when compared to the electric geysers. A gas geyser’s installation might be a touch complex as it necessitates a bigger space and other sides like an individual gas supply.

Gas Geyser – Precautions

  • Satisfactory air circulation is ideal for any gas geyser’s installation or set-up. One should never get a gas geyser installed in a restrained area like a bathroom.
  • The gas geysers must never be kept near any corrosives, explosive, or inflammable items or things, and also those electric wirings.
  • You should always verify if the connecting pipes are leak-proof and clean
  • Ensure that you don’t leave your gas geyser turned on for a really long time duration
  • The gas geyser must be positioned at a height from where we can easily see the pilot flame

Things To Consider Before Buying A Gas Geyser – Buying Guide

Things To Consider Before Buying A Gas Geyser - Buying Guide



Capacity & Size

Select a gas geyser that offers a size that might effortlessly fit in the space in which you would desire installing it. Furthermore, the capacity is moreover significant to check prior to purchasing a gas geyser. For the households that have only 2-3 people, a gas geyser with a small capacity is preferably appropriate but to conform to the hot water requirements for above 4-member households, you require installing the gas geyser with a bigger capacity.

Safety Features

Prior to making the final decision, it is really important to go through the safety features of the gas geyser you aim to purchase. As the gas geysers might be unsafe and risky to utilize in comparison to the electric geysers, it should outshine every single safety standard.


Go for the branded units or gas geysers only, which are going to deliver the genuine safety certification in addition to the performance values. The models that are cheap might be pretty risky to use.

Installation Space

Ensure that you possess an appropriately aerated area for its fitting since the gas geysers might not be that safe if installed inside your bathroom. In case you do not have an open space to get the gas geysers installed, you should opt to go for the electric geysers as an alternative.

Best Gas Geyser To Buy Online

Personal Recommendation

Since the market is flooded with staggering amount of options to go with. We have made this quite simple for you with this post and still if you're confused then go with our recommendation.


The LAZER Oxy LPG Gas 6-Litre Water Heater is the bestselling, top rated and the most effective hot water geysers that are available in the market. So, if you're looking for a product that offers quality, total value for money and full on value then without a shadow of doubt go for this one.

How Do Gas Water Heaters Work?

Let’s get to know how gas geysers actually work for you. It’s always a good idea to know your product better. Usually, gas water heaters are activated when cold water is running through the unit. It all means the working activates the moment you switch on tap. It will mechanically switch off again when closing the tap. It means you can provide hot water on only when it’s required. And, thus there is no wastage of water at all. And, now that is all after the effects of the whole unit.

Generally, the technology behind a gas geyser is very simple. To begin with, firstly the water moves through a pipeline which passes through a separate heat exchanger which comes with a  water pipe covered with fins.  And the gas burner is placed below the burner. Then the same is being ignited using the electric impulse formed using the inbuilt batteries.

Afterwards, flames then heat up the flippers which in turn heat the water. Finally, the hot water is attained from the hot water outlet.

Benefits of Gas Geysers

  1. You have the control system of the level and rate of heating the water.
  2. Heating is stable, thus supporting power protection. You will preserve a large amount of heat energy if you use the hot water promptly.
  3. It’s appropriate for a large family.
  4. It is very simple and easy to overhaul a gas geyser.
  5. You do not require electricity to run a gas geyser.
  6. You can run a gas geyser on both pipeline natural gas and domestic LPG cylinders.

Comparison: Electric Geyser Vs Gas Geyser

We have written a detailed guide comparing Gas Geysers and Electric Geysers which you can find here.

  1. When it comes to the cost, electric geysers are a little expensive as compared to the gas geyser.
  2. The cost of the heating electric geyser is that around 1 Liter costs up to 80 paise, while the same in gas geyser will cost you around 40 paise with a subsidy.
  3. Electric geysers take a little more time to heat the water while gas geysers are three times faster than the traditional electrical geysers.
  4. Electric geysers are safer than gas water heaters.
  5. Electric geysers are mall mounting and space is enough for it while gas geysers require an additional place to keep the LPG cylinder and proper ventilation.
  6. The lifespan of a traditional geyser is around 5 to 7 years while gas heating burner tends to damage habitually.
  7. Electric geysers are available as instant geysers and can be stored as geysers. While gas geysers are available as only instant geysers.
  8. The installation of the electric geyser is quite simple while that of the gas geyser is quite difficult to get connected as you need an extra LPG and you must need an outlet for the same.
  9. The technology used in the electric geyser is through electricity while in the gas geyser it’s through gas burning.
  10. The warranty period is of at least two years on electric geyser while gas geyser can last for up to 1 to 2 years.

Advantages Of Gas Geysers

For what is it worth, gas geysers are not the only way to provide a continuous hot supply of water. Two other types of water heaters are electric geysers and solar heaters. But when you look for what separates the gas geyser from both and has made it a popular home appliance, it is because gas water heaters are better in several ways. Some of the reasons why gas geysers are better can be read below.

Energy Efficient

With the regular rise in the cost of electricity as well as other conventional ways of heating water, the gas geyser has turned out to be in a lot of demand in the recent years. This is because gas geysers are the most energy-efficient geysers. It can provide a regular flow of hot without costing you too much electricity bill compared to the solar heater and electric geyser.


Gas Water Heaters are the cheapest water heaters available. While solar heaters and electric geysers can cost more than Rs. 6000, you can buy a gas geyser at only Rs. 3000 to Rs. 4000.


They are highly durable and can easily last for a minimum of 3 years and above depending upon how you use it and maintain it as well.

Heating Speed

They are the quickest to heat water and are likely 3 times faster than electric geysers which are the second quickest to heat water.


They also have a high capacity storage tank which can store up to 6 liters of water and can heat it completely quickly as well. Due to this, gas geysers can help in saving a lot of your time.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are gas geysers environmental-friendly?

Unfortunately, they may release carbon monoxide, which is harmful to the environment as it triggers global warming and pollution. This happens due to incomplete combustion of gases.

2. Is there any chance of the gas geyser exploding?

Yes, if there is a leak, a severe explosion can take place. However, don't worry as the best gas geysers in India have safety mechanisms against overheating.

3. Do gas geysers require maintenance?

All products in the world require maintenance. However, you can still get excellent service from them without maintenance at all. Still, we recommend you not let it on for long periods of time. And if you do, you may think about lowering the temperature. Keeping an eye on any potential gas leaks and malfunction is all the maintenance you need!.

A Final Word

Above are the reasons are why gas geysers are better water heaters. From being the cheapest to be able to heat a large amount of water quickly it can do all. And with the cost of living increasing day by day, they can greatly help in saving lots of money by reducing your monthly electricity bill. There are many branded and trusted home appliance makers in the market from which you can buy your gas geysers. Some of the best gas geyser brands are Orient, Bajaj, V Guard, and Hindware.

Other than geysers, there are Immersion rods too in the market that can be used to heat the water and they are cheaper too but they don't work as geysers and are hard to use, require more time. So, it is best to go with geysers!

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