5 Best Tankless Water Heaters In India

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In the days when the weather starts becoming colder and even chillier in the morning, what else would be more comforting than a hot water bath? Hot water baths are really soothing, and even the ones who seldom bath every day so tend to take a bath. But, the problem that lies in the time that your electric geyser or water heater takes to heat up the water inside the tank. At times it might even take a few hours to offer hot water and that too a really small quantity or volume. Therefore, today we have come up with the list of Best Tankless Water Heaters on the India market, which is going to provide you with a seamless supply of hot water and when you need.

Every single water heater that we have listed down in this reviews have been manufactured from the top water heating brand on the market and have been crafted using the finest components. Further, installing a tankless water heater is going to save you a lot of time as well as electricity as compared to the ordinary electric water heaters. So, go through our detailed and comprehensive reviews given below so that you might be able to choose the best water heater without tank that is going to suit your budget, requirement, and preference.

Best Tankless Water Heaters in India – Reviews

1. Venus QH33 Tankless Touch-Free Instant Water Heater;3.3Kw

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This Venus tankless water heater from Generic is a brand new instant electric water heater that offers high-quality water heating to the user. This water heating system is very safe, healthy for bathing, and very convenient since you won’t have to wait for the water to get warmed up due to the geyser being an instant water heater. It comes with the effective ABS casing along with the stainless steel coating, which makes it really durable as well as long lasting in the longer run. This tankless water heater is suitable for any sort of hot water usage at home.

Venus QH33 Tankless Touch-Free Instant Water Heater;3.3Kw; Heat Exchanger Technology, Fast Heating Touch Free operation
  • Type: Contact-Free Instant Water Heater;3300 watts,color:White;ABS Body with Compact Design;Wave your hand to get hot water;For safe and hygienic operation
  • Free installation in select cities across India(within city limits)


  • Type: Contact-Free Instant Water Heater;3300 watts,color:White;ABS Body with Compact Design;Wave your hand to get hot water;For safe and hygienic operation
  • Free installation in select cities across India(within city limits)
  • Venus Touch-Free Instant Water Heater; Wave your hand to get hot or cold water:Power:3.3Kw,Color:White ;ABS Body with Compact Design;Concealed Installation for water inlet
  • SS Spout is provided as an accessory-for convenience;Inlet water flow can be adjusted using the knob
  • Wave your hand to get hot water and wave again to stop;In-built sensor turns on/off the heater in 0.1 Sec ;

2.Tankless Water Heater 5500W 220V Electric Hot Water Heater

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The tankless turbo water heaters fare superior quality products that offer the best specifications. . This tankless water heater offers seamless flow of hot water instantaneously making use of it turbo heating expertise with micro controlled function of the heating component. Owing to this feature, it has the capability to save up to 50% more electricity.

Tankless Water Heater 5500W 220V Electric Hot Water Heater Touch Screen Instant Heating with Anti‑Leakage & Overheating Protection Intelligent Thermostatic Mini Water Heater for Home Use
  • Multiple safety measures such as anti‑dry protection, hydroelectric isolation protection, overtemperature protection, and fault self‑check function.
  • The stainless steel inner tank, all‑round seamless welding, adopts a pipe body separation structure, has higher thermal efficiency, reduces heat loss, uniform heating, longer life, and greatly improves the stability of the whole machine!


  • Multiple safety measures such as anti‑dry protection, hydroelectric isolation protection, overtemperature protection, and fault self‑check function.
  • The stainless steel inner tank, all‑round seamless welding, adopts a pipe body separation structure, has higher thermal efficiency, reduces heat loss, uniform heating, longer life, and greatly improves the stability of the whole machine!
  • Perfectly suitable for household kitchens, bathrooms, hotels, hair salons, renting houses, salons, etc.
  • Intelligent thermostatic chip system, constant temperature, safe circulation guarantee, save electricity and water!
  • Built‑in anti‑leakage protection, real‑time chip monitoring instantaneous power off.

3. Dayalu 3000W Instant Faucet Tap Electric Water Heater Review

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This instant tankless water heater from Dayalu provides quick and instantaneous water heating solution for its customers. It comes with a really elegant design which is going to suit each and every bathroom setting. The company further provides a bathroom shower set for its users so that they get the best bathing experience. The housing of the water heater has been made up of APS plastic, which is one of the best-suited housing for water heaters.

Dayalu 3000W Instant Faucet Tap Electric Water Heater, ABS Body- Shock Proof Instant Electric Fast Heating Tap LED Digital Display, Tankless Bath Water Heater
  • Cute shape design with beautiful colours, nice for home kitchen decoration, your kids will love it and like to wash their food and hands proactively Handy flexible sprayer is 6" long and provides a 360 range of motion.with tap, easy to turn up or turn down the water.
  • The display will real-time display the current temperature. Chrome-plated zinc body wherein ABS Plastic and stainless steel at the surface of the unit is shockproof and can be used safely by anyone.


  • The real water separation, highly sensitive built-in leakage protection, anti-dry design to ensure there is water, electricity, high pressure waterproof design, safe care. Suitable for household water, wash dishes, vegetables, bathing and other uses 3 seconds speed heating, instant hot.
  • Cute shape design with beautiful colours, nice for home kitchen decoration, your kids will love it and like to wash their food and hands proactively Handy flexible sprayer is 6″ long and provides a 360 range of motion.with tap, easy to turn up or turn down the water.
  • The display will real-time display the current temperature. Chrome-plated zinc body wherein ABS Plastic and stainless steel at the surface of the unit is shockproof and can be used safely by anyone.
  • Temperature at about 30 degrees to 60 degrees abs engineering plastics, high temperature resistant, soft and strong, not easy to burst high shape stability strong anti-stamping, uv radiation, 220v/50Hz.

4. B.Algo Instant Shower Heater for home, Saloons & spa, Gym, Kitchen : 3 kw.

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The B.Algo water heating system which has elegant and stylish design. With a sophisticated look, stylish & practical design, this water heater certainly catches a lot of eyes in the market. It comes with a turbine heating arrangement, so you might utilize hot water as per your requirement. Owing to this feature, it eradicates the waiting time with the stable temperature, and upkeeps a feasible water temperature for the user.

BLACK PEARL Stainless Steel, Glass Doorstep Service Lifestyle Open Glass Top 2 Burner Gas Stove, Black
  • Crafted with Premium Finish Glass Top with heavy body, it offers an imperviousness to rust surface while conveying enduring performance, ISI Certified Quality Stove
  • Equipped with 2 brass burners for longer life and your varied needs


  • Power : 3 Kw , 220 V-240 V, 50 Hz
  • Min Water Pressure : 2 PSI/0.14 Kgf/cm2
  • Max Water Pressure : 55 PSI/3.87 Kgf/cm2
  • Water Connection: 15 mm (½ ” BSP)
  • Water Temp Control: Variable steeples electronic control

5. Mr.Shot Instant Running Water Heater Review

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This instant running water heater from Mr.SHOT offers the finest water heating experience to its customers. It is an original water heater intended to provide hot water from the time you open the tap. When paralleled with the remaining water heaters in the market, Mr. SHOT preserves a lot of electricity. It is a really superior water heater and might be installed anywhere pretty easily. The innovation of this water heater is that it heats up the required amount of water pretty economically.

Mr.SHOT MAX (Fitted with MCB) Instant Running Water Heater ABS Plastic, Auto Cut Off and Manual Reset, Inlet and Outlet Thread (PINK COLOR)

  • Mr.SHOT MAX Instant water heater is a novel device designed to supply hot water instantaneously Comparing to other storage geysers, Mr. SHOT conserves electricity, It is the most advanced heater and as such can be installed anywhere, the specialty of this heater is that it heats only the amount of water economically needed for the use

  • ISI / CE certified components ABS plastic Shell with SS NEON indicators ISI certified Copper Coil, CE certified / QC passed Thermostat, The unit is Celsius °C. Freely adjust water temperature by water flow, simple operation. Safe heater, electricity saving, water saving, no pollution, no exhaust gas. For more clarification about Mr.SHOT MAX


  • Designed using unbreakable first-class ABS material
  • Comes with the automatic cut-off feature
  • Perfect replacement for big storage geysers
  • Completely shock-proof and heat-resistant model
  • Comprises of a ISI-marked copper thermostat

Types Of Electric Water Heater

Being a smart buyer, you must have an idea about every type of product. When it comes to the electric tankless water heater, there is a vast range to choose from. Your water heater of choice will mainly depend on your budget as well as the purpose. I would not like to have a water heater at a low or high price if it is not suitable for my purpose.

This heater's various types mainly depend on the multiple types of use like in the office, short trip, campsite adventure, home use, etc. Here we will discuss specifically three types of water heaters and required pieces of information regarding those.

1. Portable Electric Tankless Water Heater

This water heater is one of my top choices. You can easily take it on any short trip, picnic, campsite, even in an RV park. The unique feature of this heater is that it has a showerhead. You can enjoy a shower during your trip with this water heater.

It is effortless to use, just like its portability. You have to plug it on a nearby electric point or car battery. Just by that, your portable water heater will start its job, and you can enjoy it to its whole.

Before using it, you need to know the pros and cons.

Benefits of Portable Electric Tankless Water Heater

Space Saving

Needless to say that space-saving is the main feature of these water heaters. As it does not have a water tank along with it, that saves considerable space. So you can pack it quickly along with your other essentials and carry it from place to place as per your need.

Protected From Harsh Water

Water heaters must have a safeguard mechanism from the damages of outdoor use. It is especially required and expected when it is specialised for portable and outdoor usage. 

These portable tankless water heaters have exclusive mechanisms like antifreeze. This mechanism helps the water heater to avoid cold water damage.


Portable water heaters come with extra safety for their outdoor usage. It automatically gets stopped after running for 20 minutes. They will also shut off when they get tipped past a 45-degree angle.

2. Under The Sink Electric Water Heater

The name itself explains where it will be fitted. These water heaters are small in size and specially designed to fit under the sink. You can also attach them to a spare shower or bath.

This water heater will be of great use if you already have a tank heater but runs out of water before washing your dishes. You will also love it if your current water heater does not have the required GPM for your entire house.

Before using it, you need to know the pros and cons.

Benefits of Under the Sink Electric Water Heater

Save Money

If you have a fixed budget, then this will be perfect for you. You have to install it to the required water appliances. Thus you will get the hot water where you need it most. So these water heaters are budget-friendly and precise at their work.

Cleaner Water

I would like to choose a water heater that gives hot as well as clean water. Due to the immediacy of these under the sink water heater, these provide clean water. More interestingly, these heaters provide even more clean water than the large water heater.

Less Environmental Impact

We all love to use environment-friendly appliances in our day to day life. Protecting the environment is our foremost concern. As these water heaters provide hot water on demand, these heaters do not consume unnecessary energy.

However, the only disadvantage of this type is that they cannot suffice the entire home’s water requirement. These water heaters are small in size. That is a beneficial as well as problematic feature. Its small size only provides hot water where you need or where you install it. These are unable to be supplied to the entire house.

3. Home Tankless Water Heaters

Finally, the waiting for a heater that can supply the entire house is over. Home tankless water heaters are the type of water heater which is perfect as the indoor water heater.

These are the most popular types of heater that replace the old fashioned water heaters in our house. With the perfect GPM, these water heaters can provide warm water to every requirement at once.

Before buying it, one should know the pros and cons.

Benefits of Home Tankless Water Heaters

Save Money

The budget is the topmost controlling body in our shopping. Now just think, you are getting a product fulfilling all your purposes and also within your budget. Nothing can be better than that.

Like other tankless heaters, these also save a good amount of money in comparison to tank heaters. So, taking less space, budget-friendly and providing for the entire household – this combo is the best one for your purpose.

Environment Friendly

I have already told you how these tankless water heaters consume less energy than the usual tank heaters. Via consuming less energy saves fuel usage. Ultimately these are protecting our environment with less impact.

Cleaner Water

As compared to the tank heaters, these tankless heaters provide more clean water. The water is clear, and the reason is apparent. These heaters do not sit on a tank throughout the day. 

But the only backdrop of this type is that its Initial cost is too high. Initially, the installation charge of a tankless water heater is more than the tank water heater. But once you install it, it will save your money over time. 

Let us Break The Term

Here our topic of discussion is the tankless water heater. Before all other points, we should understand why the water heaters are tagged as electric and tankless. Let's move to that point.

Why Electric?

When an appliance is run by electricity, it comes with a digital interface. The digital control makes you more precise in your choice of temperature.

By this control, you heat your water to a basic range and increase the temperature by one degree.

Now you must be thinking that you need to learn the technical stuff. But nothing to worry about. If you are not so good with technology, there is no problem. It's very much easy to use. The digital interfaces are simple and straightforward.

Above all these, the electric water heaters have some mechanism to safeguard its major issues. For example, the automatic water flow mechanism allows you to use more appliances at a low water pressure but with high temperature.

Why Tankless?

These water heaters are called tankless as they don't have a tank fitted with them like conventional heaters. If you visit any old house, you can find a huge water heater with a tank placed at any corner. The boiler tank is constantly filled with water and then maintained at a warm temperature for use. Nowadays, these are getting obsolete. 

But here, you might be thinking about why the tanks are absent or the benefit of this tankless condition. I will give you these answers to why the water tanks are getting replaced in the following points.

  • They Contain A Specific Amount of Water

The water tanks in the boilers have a certain volume. It can hold water to that specific amount. So they will run off after some frequent heavy uses. If you need more hot water, you have to refill it and wait for some time to warm it again.

It is a complicated process, especially if you have any festival or programme at your place and you require frequent warm water. Refilling the tank again and again for the guest will definitely kill your enjoyment of the programme.

  • Wastage Of Energy

There is a wastage of energy in the conventional water tank heaters. It happens because the tanks maintain the heat of the water inside them, requiring a lot of energy. Therefore, you end up counting more electricity bills every month.

  • Take Up A Lot Of Room

It is a primary problem of traditional heaters. They used to occupy a corner of your house or a cupboard. More space is required, mainly for the large tank attached to the heater. Here the benefits, as well as the need for a tankless water heater, is felt. Tankless ones will take very little space than conventional boilers.

  • Ineffective For Large Families

I have already mentioned that the tank water heaters tend to run out of water. So, they are a poor option for a large family where warm water requirements are high, especially at rush hours. At that time, refilling is a cumbersome process.

  • Less Hygienic

Hygiene should always be our topmost concern. When you are using an appliance in your daily life, you must be aware of its hygienic side. The water in the water tank remains unmoved for a long time when they are not in use. It allows room for the bacteria and other microbes to grow there. The water will be unclean to use. So the tank water heater is not a good option for people who often do not use the whole water daily.

For all these problems, the modern solution is the tankless water heater. It is useful for every type of use in the house, like bathing, dishwashing or sinks. The tankless heaters take up the water from the source, warm them up instantly and give an unlimited supply of hot water.

Lifetime Tankless Water Heater

Longevity is one of the key points we should keep in mind while buying. We have already discussed various benefits of tankless water heaters. Now let's talk about how long it will last. As we know, the initial cost is high, so the longevity must be more. Otherwise, there will be no point in investment.

Moat electric tankless water heater has a life expectancy of about 20 years. They also have easily available and low budget replaceable parts, which increase their lifetime. This is why the maintenance cost is also low.

On the other hand, the average lifetime of a tank water heater is about 10-15 years. Standby heat loss is also avoided by tankless water heaters.

How They Work

Tankless water heaters warm the water directly, avoiding the use of a water tank. When you turn on the hot water tap, the cold water comes through the pipe into the unit. There the electric unit heats the water. Thus it maintains the constant supply of hot water. You don't need to wait for the filling of the tank. However, the tankless heater limits the rate of hot water flows from the tap.

Installation And Maintenance

Proper installation and maintenance are often very much important because they optimise the energy efficiency of the water heater.

Proper installation depends on many critical factors. They are fuel type, climate, safety issues, especially in the combustion of the gas-fired water heater. So for an accurate job, contact an experienced plumber to install your water heater.

Advantage And Disadvantage

Let us sum up all the benefits of the electric tankless water heater. Major benefits are-

  • They are easy to maintain. We have already discussed the maintenance process and the maintenance cost.
  • They require no extra venting.
  • No extra gas line is required for this. The heater completely runs by electricity.
  • As the heater lacks an additional water tank, there is no question of water storage. Storage of previous water leads to various problems in the case of the tank water heater.
  • The unique feature is that these heaters warm the water quickly.
  • Finally, this tankless water heater saves a lot of things. It saves your money, water, time and energy. 

As there is no white without black, there is no advantage without disadvantage. Let's have a look at the major drawbacks too.

  • Limited flow rate is a major disadvantage. The heater provides unlimited hot water flow but limits the rate of flowing.
  • The next one is the cost of installation and set up. This is basically for household purposes. If you are installing for your entire house, you need to have a costly setup and installation charge.

What Are The Disparities In Between Gas and Electric Tankless Water Heaters?

To take a well-versed, measured decision while buying a tankless water heater, you require thinking about many variables. The features to take care of are namely the hot water requirement, your place’s climate, installation prices, and unquestionably, and costing. Not every single home requires the large heater, and not all the household might be requiring a small unit.

This is perhaps the main choice you have to make while you are shopping for a tankless water heater. Every choice comprises of its distinct pros and cons. The Natural Gas or Propane will certainly be inexpensive as compared to electricity, thus, from a long-standing value viewpoint; the gas heaters are going to save more pennies for you. They’re more influential and have the capability to heat the water more quickly. That turns them into being a superior choice for several bigger families. You can read a detailed article on Gas vs Electric Geysers here!

Things you need to keep in mind while buying a Tankless Water Heater

What is a Tankless Water Heater?

Tankless water heater is nowadays getting popular due to their power-saving capacity, unlike other traditional water heaters they do not need to store water and continuously heat it until it is used.

They heat it without storing, in which water continuously flows through and gets heated.

Things to keep in note while buying a Tankless Water Heater?

In several ways, there is less room for error while selecting a tankless water heater. Unlike a traditional water heater that stores a reserve of hot water in a storage tank, a tankless unit doesn't have this limitation to fall back on. If a tankless water heater is not able to heat the water as it passes through the unit, the water delivered at the tap will be lukewarm.

Here are a few important things you should consider while choosing a tankless water heater:

Energy Efficient Tankless Water Heaters

Energy saving is one of the main benefits of porting to a tankless water heater but then also it might be a factor that you should pay close attention

Water heaters are one of the appliances which use Energy factor (EF) rating to know one unit’s capacity:

  • Energy Factor (EF) can be defined as a measurement of a water heater's overall efficiency.
  • It is determined by the useful energy that is coming from the water heater.​
  • The number obtained is then divided by the amount of energy (gas or electricity) that went into the water heater to heat the water.
  • The rating is based on the amount of hot water produced by a single unit of fuel consumed.
  • Higher the EF rating more is the efficiency of the water heater.

The EF rating, however, does not tell the whole story when it comes to operating costs. Electric on-demand systems have more EF ratings than gas units, but as gas is present is less expensive fuel source than electricity, gas units tend to deliver a lower operating cost.


As we talk about Warranties it varies from manufacturer-to-manufacturer and model-to-model. Many manufacturers require that you register or install your tankless water heater by professionals to be eligible for warranty coverage.

It is an important part of selecting a tankless system. When a manufacturer stands behind their product with reasonable warranty time frames and procedures, it's a good indication that they believe in the quality and reliability of the unit they're selling.

Many manufacturers offer coverage such as:

  • Heat exchanger: 10-15 Years
  • Parts: 2-5 Years
  • Labor: 12 months


By determining the temperature size manufacturers size their units needed to achieve a specific flow rate. Once you calculate these 2 factors for your household, you'll be able to select a tankless water heater system that best meets your family's hot water demands.

One can expect your tankless water heater to deliver between 2 to 5 gallons (flow rate) of hot water per minute. On-demand systems that are fueled with gas, tend to be able to produce a higher flow rate than electric systems.


So this was all about Tankless Water Heaters you need to know. There are also Immersion rods but they take more time to heat the water and require a lot of electricity so, you're better off with a geyser!

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