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Best Wireless Mouse In India

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As technology continues to move forward, we humans are also adjusting to the comfort zone that comes with it. Few years ago, even having a camera on your phone seemed a privilege but fast forward to now, triple cameras have turned into bare minimum for many. Do we really need them? Well, that’s a discussion for another day. However, one utility that doesn’t need to be discussed is the wireless mouse, purely due to the benefits that come with it. But when it comes to buying a mouse, consumers usually have a tough time settling on one particular product. That is why we have come up with a list of some wireless mice and we will be picking the Best Wireless Mouse in India out of the ones listed below!

Editor's Picks: 5 of the Top Wireless Mice In India

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We have reviewed five of the Best Wireless Mice in India. Before you read them all, we would like to give special attention to one, the best product according to us.

Our personal recommendation is:

[amazon box=”B071YZJ1G1″ template=”list”]

It ticks all the boxes of a perfect wireless mouse. It’s simple, elegant, comes with fast calibration and is extremely comfortable to use. But there’s more to it, continue reading about it and the other mice in the full-length review below to find out!

The Best Wireless Mouse In India That You Can Buy Today

1. [amazon fields=”B071YZJ1G1″ value =”title”]

[amazon fields=”B071YZJ1G1″ value=”button”]

Simplicity combined with creativity is what makes any wireless mouse (or any other product for that matter) perfect. With Logitech MX Master 2S, you can expect exactly that. It is loaded with impressive features while also providing everything expected from a standard wireless mouse. Its most significant feature certainly is the Cross Computer Control, which gives the user the ability to connect the wireless mouse with up to 3 unique systems and constantly switch between them.

When it comes to design, the mouse comes with a thumb placement extension which provides the user with natural comfort. It has five programmable mechanical keys and 2 scrolling wheels.

As we know, mice have the common issue of being unusable at certain surfaces but with Logitech MX Master 2S that is not the case. Thanks to its 4000 DPI, you can use it on glass, marble or even a carpet. The mouse comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 70 days on a single charge.

[amazon box=”B071YZJ1G1″ title=”WHAT WE THINK” description=”The Logitech MX Master 2S is one of the best wireless mice you can buy right now. Although a bit pricey, its features are second to none. The 4000 DPI promises supreme precision while the five programmable keys also expand the user's horizons.”]
  • Extremely high DPI
  • Five programmable keys
  • Very easy to install
  • Cross Computer Control is quite helpful
  • Costly

2. [amazon fields=”B00EZ3OPX6″ value =”title”]

[amazon fields=”B00EZ3OPX6″ value=”button”]

Style and ergonomics aren’t words you usually associate with the same product. But when a product such as the HP X3500 comes forward, you are obligated to. It comes with the classic 2.4 GHz plug-and-play USB wireless connection that is combined with a sturdy design. Speaking of design, the mouse is quite symmetrical with the same amount of resting areas provided on both ends. Similar to most mice, it has two primary buttons and a scrolling wheel.

In terms of battery, HP’s wireless mouse outclasses most of its competitors. It runs on replaceable AA batteries which give it an impressive battery life of up to 12 months. This makes the mouse quite cost-effective and also eradicates the trouble of having to recharge it in a more frequent manner. The 1600 DPI on the mouse makes it ideal for all activities including gaming. The HP X3500 also comes with a range of up to 8m which is quite helpful for the lazy birds out there.

[amazon box=”B00EZ3OPX6″ title=”WHAT WE THINK” description=”The X3500 is a great product for people who are looking for stylish product that comes with a great battery life, has all the conventional features and is also cost-effective.”]
  • Great battery life
  • Cheap
  • Good range
  • Sturdy and comfortable design
  • No out of the box features

3. [amazon fields=”B07DNR7JWH” value =”title”]

[amazon fields=”B07DNR7JWH” value=”button”]

Gaming is one of the major reasons one buys a wireless mouse for their system. It provides leeway for space, precision and in some cases, more input combinations which is greatly appreciated for games such as Counter-Strike, PUBG, etc. If you are someone who is on the lookout for such a product, the ZEBRONICS Zeb Dash Wireless Optical Mouse is one of the best options right now.

Similar to HP X3500, the Zeb Dash also comes with a 2.4 GHz plug-and-play USB wireless mechanism making it very easy to connect to the system. For precision, the mouse has a 1600 DPI which is more than sufficient for gaming.

Unlike other gaming mice, the design of this mouse is pretty basic. It comes with 4 buttons including the two primary keys, a scrolling wheel and a DPI button which allows you to change the DPI of the mouse according to the surface and/or usage requirements. Though the mouse does not have a dedicated hand resting orientation, it is still quite comfortable to hold and operate. For battery, users of this device need to use 1 x AA Battery.

[amazon box=”B07DNR7JWH” title=”WHAT WE THINK” description=”Zebronics Zeb Dash Wireless Optical Mouse is one of the best options for all the gamers out there that can't splash a lot of money on a wireless mouse. It has a 1600 DPI which is optimal for most games. It also has a DPI control button to adjust DPI according to usage requirements.”]
  • Manual DPI control is quite helpful
  • Cheap
  • Easy to connect
  • Comfortable
  • Not the most robust

4. [amazon fields=”B01MQ2A86A” value =”title”]

[amazon fields=”B01MQ2A86A” value=”button”]

Over the years, we have adjusted to the sound a mouse makes each time you click one of its buttons. Most people find it annoying while some can’t get enough of it. But what if there was a mouse that came without the clicking sound? Well, there is now and it is called the Logitech M331 Silent Plus Wireless Mouse.

For connectivity, the Logitech M331 Silent Plus uses a 2.4 GHz wireless connection with a range of up to 10m. The design of the mouse is very comfort-oriented with a rubberized grip and resting space for the whole of the user’s palm. It comes with three standard buttons with two primary ones and a scrolling wheel.

Although it is impossible to overlook the unique no clicking sound feature, the mouse is also quite impressive in the battery department. It operates on 1 x AA Battery which gives it a battery life of a whopping 24 months. The mouse comes with 1000 DPI which is average but still passable for workplace requirements.

[amazon box=”B01MQ2A86A” title=”WHAT WE THINK” description=”Logitech M331 Silent Plus comes with a unique no clicking sound feature. At 24 months, its battery life is also quite impressive. It is ideal for travelers and creative people.”]
  • No clicking sound is quite helpful
  • Cheap
  • Great battery life
  • Good range
  • Average DPI

5. [amazon fields=”B01B96M16E” value =”title”]

[amazon fields=”B01B96M16E” value=”button”]

Brands usually tend to sell their products with a unique gimmick that attracts a certain demographic. Although this is great, as the consumer gets a unique feature on their product, these products also tend to be lackluster in other areas. Therefore, it is much better to go for a device which at least ticks all the conventional boxes before going out for gimmicks. The Dell Wireless Mouse WM126 is a prime example of such a product.

The design of the Dell Wireless Mouse WM126 is quite premium as it comes with a contoured design that provides an anti-slip grip making the mouse very comfortable to use. It has incredible capacity as it allows users to connect up to 6 computers at once. At 65g, it is also one of the lightest wireless mice out there.

As for the battery, it runs on a single AA battery that needs to be changed only once every year. The DPI numbers of this mouse are also average at 1000 DPI which is usable for most tasks but not for FPS gaming. It uses Bluetooth for connectivity and is probably the best Bluetooth mouse for laptops right now.

[amazon box=”B01MQ2A86A” title=”WHAT WE THINK” description=”Dell's WM126 Wireless Mouse is one of the simplest wireless mice out there. It consists of all the basic requirements of a wireless mouse. It does come with a few unique features as well though, such as lightweight and the ability to connect up to six computers at once.”]
  • Lightweight
  • Cheap
  • Can work with up to six devices at once
  • Average DPI

How Does A Wireless Mouse Work?

When asked to take a guess, most people have the notion that the concept of wireless mice is quite new. But that just isn’t the case. The wireless mouse was first introduced in 1991, making it almost 30 years old now. Going by that fact, you’d think that the technology used in wireless mice must have changed drastically over the course of these 30 years. But that also isn’t the case.

How Does A Wireless Mouse Work?

A wireless mouse runs on the radio frequency (RF) technology, a technology also used in garage door openers and mobile phones. In the physical department, we have 2 major components; the transmitter and the receiver. Here is how each of them works:

  • Transmitter: It is located inside the mouse itself. Its job is to track each movement and button action performed by the user, compile and convert it into a radio signal and pass it on to the receiver.
  • Receiver: Although a major component, the receiver isn’t always physically connected to wireless mice. It usually comes in the form of a USB connector which is inserted into the USB ports of your computer. Its job is to receive the radio signals from the transmitter, decode it and pass it on to the computer.

As mentioned above, the receiver is usually a USB equipment that you connect to your computer physically. However, some wireless mice also use Bluetooth technology to transfer data. For such products, you get 2.4GHz of wireless connection which gives you an average range of up to 33 feet (10 meters).

Types Of Wireless Mice

Classification of any product type is one of the most basic ways of narrowing down your choices. It allows you to properly penetrate through to your perfect product according to your requirements. When it comes to wireless mice, there isn’t a technical classification apart from physical receivers and Bluetooth. However, as years have progressed, the market itself has been able to classify them into two major types. Here they are:

1. Travel wireless mice

While the motives may be different for all, it is safe to admit that traveling is a big part of our lives in today’s time. Some enjoy the beauty of witnessing new places while some have to travel to the same location. But what remains constant for everyone are the essentials. We can go on and on about them for pages but that’s for another day. When it comes to electronics, however, a laptop and a wireless mouse (for added comfort) seem to be quite essential.

Over the years, brands have also noticed the importance of a traveling wireless mouse. Result? Travel oriented wireless mice. These types of mice tend to be light in weight, compact in size, comfortable to use and in some cases, battery efficient. If you are someone who is looking for such a product from our list, look no further than the Logitech M331 Silent Plus Wireless Mouse.. Not only does it check all the boxes of a high-quality traveling wireless mouse but also comes with the unique feature of no clicking sound on button clicks. Although this feature seems gimmicky, it would be quite appreciable when you use the product while traveling.

2. Gaming wireless mice

Thanks to the constant progress of technology, gaming has taken a major hike in the number of active users over the past decade. Adding to that, the recent introduction of E-Sports based games such as PUBG and Fortnite are only helping the cause. Call it peer pressure or bandwagoning, a large amount of the world has started investing in gaming peripherals recently due to this. One such peripheral is the wireless mouse.

Types of Wireless Mice - Gaming Wireless Mouse

As we know, for most people, the fact that you get a wireless product is more than enough when it comes to wireless mice. However, gaming requires precision. While the specifications of gaming mice vary according to the game in hand, most of them come with a high DPI, highly mobile design, and multiple programmable keys. In other words, you get a poor man’s gamepad in the form of a mouse. If you are a gamer and are looking for a high-quality gaming mouse, the Logitech MX Master 2S is one of your best options. It comes with a gigantic DPI of 4000 and five programmable keys for multiple types of inputs.

3. Workstation wireless mice

It is safe to say that the market for gaming and travel-oriented has taken a boom in the past decade and going by the data, the numbers are only going to go up in the future. But let’s not forget our conventions, shall we? The mouse (wired or wireless) was first introduced as a tool to operate through daily computer programs. Though a lot has changed since, one cannot deny that a workstation is still the most popular form of computing. This is why we have a workstation wireless mouse.

Similar to that of a wired mouse, workstation mice do not require gimmicks, the conventional three-button layout shall suffice. But that’s not to say that the product can be completely bland and that gimmicks aren’t welcomed at all.

What makes a good workstation mouse is simplicity combined with a cheap price and at least an average statistic in all departments. Off our list, we would recommend the ZEBRONICS Zeb Dash Wireless Optical Mouse. It comes with a 1600 DPI which makes it usable even for most games let alone daily tasks. It has a four-button layout with three conventional buttons and a DPI adjuster. The fourth button on this product is quite helpful as you get to switch according to the task in hand. In short, ideal for all kinds of workstations.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Wireless Mouse In India – Buyer's Guide

Now that we have looked at how a wireless mouse works and the types of wireless mice available in the market, it is time to breakdown the mechanics.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Wireless Mouse In India - Buyer's Guide

1. DPI

You might have noticed how we kept reiterating DPI on each of our wireless mouse reviews. But what exactly does it do? Well, for starters, it stands for dots per inch. Its job is to provide users with a smooth experience. The higher the DPI number of your mouse, the more precise it will be and the less you have to move it to perform tasks. For most tasks, 1000 DPI should be passable figures but for gaming and graphics-oriented tasks, at least 1600 DPI is recommended.

2. Battery Life

Just like any other electronic device, battery life is a major talking point when it comes to wireless mice. But what’s different here is the fact that wireless mice aren’t designed for one particular demographic. Therefore, it is tough to come up with a minimum battery life requirement that suits everybody. However, it is recommended that you get at least five to six months of battery life on your product.

3. Versatility

Recently, most brands have started to bring out wireless mice that are specifically designed for a certain type of user. For gamers, we have high DPI mice while travelers look for lightweight ones that also come with good battery life. Although this is quite useful depending on the type of user, it isn’t really optimal in the long run. A good wireless mouse should have all the specification sliders set to at least average to be considered a good investment. Of course, the gimmicks are welcomed but the versatility of a wireless mouse is when the user is allowed to switch between all kinds of tasks whenever they want to.

4. Programmable Buttons

Most people have the idea that if a mouse has more than the three standard buttons, it is considered to be gaming-oriented. Well, that’s just not true. While there is no denying that gamers are the ones that make most out of the extra keys on a wireless mouse, it is also quite useful for daily tasks. One such example is the “Switch/Back” button on certain mice which allows users to switch between programs with a single button click. This reduces human effort significantly especially for creative workers who have to constantly hoard content from all over their computer.

If you are someone who is looking for a wireless mouse for daily tasks and/or traveling, it is recommended that you go for a product that is light in weight and also has a minimum DPI of 1600.

5. Design

Considering how often a computer mouse is used while operating a computer, its design plays an extremely noteworthy role. A good wireless mouse will be designed in such a way that it is light in weight and fits comfortably in the user’s hand. Apart from that, it could also come with resting extensions to provide extra comfort to the user.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is a wireless mouse better than a wired one?T

Both wired and wireless mice are designed to perform the same kinds of tasks on a computer. A wireless mouse comes with the leeway of not being chained to the computer at all times. On the other hand, a wired mouse is known to capture user actions in a better manner. Therefore, it is completely up to the user which one suits their purpose better.

2. Does size matter when it comes to wireless mice?

Yes, it does matter. As we know, each human hand is designed differently. Therefore, a large-sized mouse won’t feel comfortable in a smaller palm and vice versa.

3. Can any wireless mouse be used by left-handed people?

Most brands design wireless mice according to right-handed users. Therefore, if you are left-handed, it is recommended that you buy a mouse that has a symmetrical design or is designed specifically for left-handed users. Only then will you be able to best use its features.

4. Can I use any wireless mouse for gaming?

It depends on the kind of precision that the game in hand demands. Most games work well with 1600 DPI wireless mice but some high-intensity games such as PUBG and Fortnite require at least 1800-2000 DPI.

5. Which wireless mouse technology is the best, USB RF or Bluetooth?

Both of them have perks of their own. Bluetooth is modern technology and is designed in such a way that you don’t need to connect a USB plug to connect with your computer. Bluetooth wireless mice are known to have better interference resistance and longer battery life. On the other hand, USB RF wireless mice are easier to set up as you simply plug and play with the help of the USB connector.

A Final Word

A wireless mouse is a tricky investment. For most users, you can't really go wrong with one but if you are buying one for a specific task such as gaming or creative work, you need to carefully look at the specifications before going ahead with your purchase. Our list of the five best wireless mouse in India is crafted in such a way that users get a nice blend of all kinds of products. We have gaming-oriented mice in the [amazon link=”B071YZJ1G1″ link_icon=”amazon” /] and also cheap and reliable options such as [amazon link=”B07DNR7JWH” link_icon=”amazon” /].

Of course, we aren't against any products that did not make our list, you have full rights to go against our recommendations. However, one thing that cannot be denied is that as a consumer on the lookout for a wireless mouse, you will find it much easier to penetrate through your choices according to your personal usage requirements once you give this article a read.

Here are all the products that we reviewed today. I hope you liked them and it helped you in your search for your ideal wireless mouse.

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