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Are you looking for the best gaming mouse under 1000 INR? While gaming is a passion, it becomes very important to have the proper equipment. Gaming mice are one of the most common gaming equipment that one uses. Since gaming makes you stick to your PC for long hours and has a lot to do with controls, it is quite reasonable to have something that gives your hands some comfort. Gaming mice are specially designed to fit every inch of your palm that relaxes your hand. 

Best Gaming Mouse Under 1000 INR in India

Gaming mice are not a device only used by gamers. Hence, anyone can use a gaming mouse. But the main concern is, where can you find the best budget gaming mouse under 1000 Rs.? And what are the things that will qualify this as the best? There are so many questions crossing your mind, right? To ease this, we have done the research and made a list of such 5 best gaming mice under 1000 INR that you can purchase today. All the mice are available on under the given budget. We have also fairly described all the factors that we recommend you not to leave out while buying one. At the end of this, we hope that you will be able to find the best gaming mouse for your personal use. So without further ado, let's get started.

Editor's Picks: 4 of the Top Gaming Mice Brands Under 1000 INR

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5 Best Gaming Mouse Under 1000 INR Reviewed

1. Logitech G90 Optical Gaming Mouse

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Logitech is one of India’s famous brands in the run of the electronics industry. Logitech offers you many high-end computer devices that work great. Therefore, the first in our list brings you the Logitech G90 Optical Gaming Mouse. This is an excellent wired mouse from Logitech that comes with many awesome features and is available under 1000 INR. You can purchase this item from  It arrives with its exclusive Delta Zero sensor technology that features up to 2500 DPI.

The G90 mouse comes with DPI settings. You can customize your DPI following your gaming needs. For instance, the 250 DPI support ensures accuracy in targeting whereas 2500 DPI allows accuracy in other generic movements. You can change the setting with a single click on the button situated behind the scroll wheel. 

The G90 also offers you an excellent low 2-millisecond report rate. It gives you a super speed performance and makes multitasking more natural. The company demands it to be 4 times more rapid than those traditional USB mice. Hence, you will face no lags. The seamless performance also offers low-friction polytetrafluoroethylene feet that decrease your effort in dragging the cursor to the desired spots on the screen. 

The build quality and design of the mouse are so good. It is contrived in a Slimline structure and has a comfortably light-weight. The ambidextrous design allows you to use it with either hand. The contoured grip is designed to make you more comfortable regardless of your hand size or grip style. 

You can also customize your DPI following your gaming needs. For instance, the 250 DPI support ensures accuracy in targeting whereas 2500 DPI allows accuracy in other generic movements. You can change the setting with a single click on the button situated behind the scroll wheel.

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  • Delta Zero sensor technology used for accuracy
  • Ambidextrous design
  • In-game sensitivity switching
  • Lightweight/li>
  • The cable is a little bit thin

2. Redgear A-20 Wired Gaming Mouse

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Redgear A-20 Wired Gaming Mouse comes next in our list. This mouse has a stunning look that comes with amazing features with an amazingly well-balanced price range. With such amazing features, it has been able to pass a tough competition to many of its competitors. You can purchase this mouse from and we announce this to be the best gaming mouse under 1000 INR in India!

While speaking about its design, we must say that it has a very stunning look.  The totally-black design with RGB lights looks so stunning that anyone is sure to fall in love with the mouse. The RGB-lights look very eye-catchy. The mouse features a 16.8 million color customization. It is very rare in a product in such a price range.  The colors and lighting effects can easily be modified by the configuration software. If you don’t like RGB colors, you can deactivate it too. The ambidextrous design of the mouse allows you to use it with your either hands.  Thus, anyone can comfortably use this mouse. 

The build quality is also extremely good.  The tough outer cover is made of high-quality plastic that protects the mouse exquisitely.  The top surface is smooth and nice to touch.  The sides of the mouse are adorned by textured rubber, providing a perfectly secure grip while taking the headshot.  The braided cable with extra-durable switches increases the durability of the shiner.

The mouse provides you with many amazing features. It has a gaming-grade sensor that ensures quick movements and reflexes. It comes with 7 programmable buttons- two on the left side, two behind the scroll wheel, scroll wheel, right-click and left-click. The Redgear A20 uses a 4800dpi gaming optical sensor that supports six adjustable speeds, from 200 to 4800 DPI. The company has offered you a 1-year warranty with his device.

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  • 16.8m Customizable RGB lighting
  • 200 to 4800 DPI range
  • Braided cable
  • Easy to configure
  • A little bulky

3. Dragonwar ELE-G9 Thor Wired BlueTrack and Blue Sensor Gaming Mouse

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In our list of best budget gaming mouse under 1000 Rs. we bring another fantastic gaming mouse i.e. Dragonwar ELE-G9 Wired BlueTrack and Blue Sensor Gaming Mouse with Macro Function. This is one of the best gaming mice that you can ever find in this budget range. You can purchase this gaming mouse from 

The gaming mouse has an excellent design along with superb build quality. The ergonomic design gives comfort to your palm. This mouse is designed to accommodate every inch of your palm and claw that makes your gaming experience more comfortable. It is powered by a 3200 DPI 512k onboard memory that can store macro functions so that you can use the device in different computers. 

The 1.8-meter long cable is braided. You likewise get a customizable LED light. For better and reliable transmission integrity, it has a Gold-plated USB Connector. It glows 7 Random colors in the Dragonwar logo and the designs on the sides. The colors are controllable via Gaming Drivers that come along it.

The gaming mouse features a max 3200 DPI with 4 on the fly changeable Resolutions of 800/1600/2400/3200 DPI. Dragonwar ELE-G9 Thor features eight 8 programmable control buttons. You can assign any specific key function to these with the help of the mouse’s internal memory. All the buttons are very well located and easy to access.

All in all, this is a mouse specially designed for gamers. The installation procedure is also very simple and easy. With the DragonWar Thor, you get a Dragon War Mouse mat along with a mini-compact disk containing the driver software along with the gaming mouse itself. The caliber of the mouse pad is pretty good. The company has given a 1-year warranty along with this product.

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  • Futuristic design
  • Awesome build quality
  • Great customization option
  • Beautiful ambient lighting
  • Little bit heavy

4. Redragon Gainer M610 Wired USB Gaming Mouse

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Redragon is one of the most popular brands in the manufacturing of gaming mice. Redragon Gainer M610 Wired USB Gaming Mouse is one of the best gaming mice under 1000 INR available in India. You can purchase this gaming mouse from With many amazing features, high accuracy, and an awesome design, this mouse has successfully made its way to our list of top gaming mice. 

The design of the mouse is extremely eye-catchy. The mouse has a scroll wheel of 8 mm wide. The widened scroll wheel comes with a special ribbed protector that makes the control easier and more comfortable. The black mouse brings 4 colour backlit options. You can customize the color using the software.

While it fits great with any computer environment, its build quality also impressed us. The use of extra-durable high-end materials has given this mouse great durability. The mouse is sure to charm you with all the features that it has to offer. This device is packed with 4 user-adjustable DPI levels: 1000, 1600, 2400, and 3200 DPI. What is even better is that you can see the DPI speed indicated by the color of the scroll wheel. Thanks to extended feet surface, fair feet height, and optimal place the mouse moves stringently horizontally.

6 programmable buttons have been added along with 2 customizable thumb buttons. You can easily customize these thumb buttons when needed. The upper buttons are textured that help to prevent those unwanted blind clicks. The company has invented the Teflon formula that ensures excellent gliding. We noticed that the mouse offers stable operation even at high speed. It is worth mentioning that you can also customize cursor speed on any mouse key.

[amazon box=”B07FCRD719″]
  • Excellent gliding
  • Superb design
  • Excellent build quality
  • 4 level DPI settings
  • Not very suitable for small grips

5. Redragon Pegasus M705 Wired USB Gaming Mouse

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The 5th in our list brings to you Redragon Pegasus M705 Wired USB Gaming Mouse, another excellent choice from the brand. You can purchase this gaming mouse from This device comes with excellent features and build-quality, along with a sporty design. It has a maximum of 7200 DPI levels. 

The 7200 DPI gaming mouse has 5 DPI level options that you can adjust according to your need. The adjustable DPI button allows you to choose from 5 DPI levels: 800, 1200, 1600, 2400, and 7200. It also packs a customizable backlight setting. By using the provided software, you can choose numerous color combinations for the mouse backlight. 

With such a wonderful design, this best gaming mouse under 1000 Rs. brings you excellent build quality. The buttons are made of high-quality material that can take more than 10 million clicks. Redgear has also added a 3mm diameter high-strength fiber wire. The aggressive design is packed with imitation skin texture. The anti-slip texture makes it one of the best mice on the list. 

You get 6 programmable buttons on the device along with 3 user profiles for better gaming performance. The Omron micronutrients ensure you fast and accurate feedback and there is no chance of blind click at all. The specially invented Teflon formula gives this an excellent gliding. Thanks to extended feet surface, fair feet height, and optimal place the mouse moves horizontally.

We loved the feature called Keyboard Button Emulation added by the company. It allows you to assign a function of any keyboard button to any mouse button. With all these features, this product also qualifies 1 year of warranty. The installation procedure is pretty simple. The installation disk is provided within the box.

[amazon box=”B0748YVHS2″]
  • 5 DPI levels
  • Ergonomic design
  • Backlight settings
  • High build quality
  • A little bulky

Types Of Mice

Most of us know very few about this small computer device. Several different types of gaming mice are available in the market. 

Regular Gaming Mouse

This is a very common type of gaming mouse available in the market. These gaming mice come very cheap and support almost any kind of gaming like FPS, Action, MMO, etc. These are very cheap and pocket-friendly. These mice are suitable for general gamers.

Shooter Mouse

These gaming mice are extremely suitable for action games like PUBG, Call of Duty, or other shooting games. Shooter mice are relatively simple. It allows gamers to quickly adapt to all types of action games using only three fingers. These mice have a dedicated sniper button to aim for difficult shots. 

MOBA or MMO Gaming Mouse

If you play fantasy games like World of Warcraft, strategy games like Age of Empires, and MOBA games like League of Legends this type of gaming mouse is the most suitable option for you for it has many dedicated buttons and bulky design. These mice are a little bit costly, though. 

Ambidextrous Mouse

These mice are specially designed for both hand use. While very few hardware companies bring a few lefty mouse options, the ambidextrous mice eliminate that problem. Most of these mice use a relatively simple shooter-style button layout with thumb buttons on both sides.

Customizable or Hybrid Gaming Mouse

These are the costliest mice type available in the market that offers you extreme customization. You can customize almost everything, starting from the feel of the buttons to the angle of the palm rest.

High DPI: Pros & Cons

While many may get confused with the name DPI, we prefer to tell you that DPI or Dots per Inch is a measurement unit of the sensitivity level of a mouse. It determines how far the cursor will move for every move that the mouse moves. It is not necessarily true that a ‘Higher’ DPI is always profitable.


Higher DPI helps you to get the best results in multi-monitor setups and higher resolution displays. For example, if you are playing PUBG and shooting with a sniper, you would need better accuracy with high sensitivity. In such a case, Higher DPI is always beneficial. 


While doing works that don't need much sensitivity, (like shooting with AK47 in PUBG), higher DPIs are not favored as it can cause you to lose your match. Therefore, many high-end gaming mice are featured with DPI level settings where you can change your DPI level as or whenever needed.

Benefits Of Buying A Gaming Mouse

While there are many benefits of buying a gaming mouse, one may surely have this question in mind. Although, we hope that as you are here searching for the best gaming mouse, you know the struggle one faces while playing PC games or managing heavy workloads with those traditional mice. 

To know the importance of any gaming mice, first, we must focus on the backdrop of traditional mice. Traditional mice are very basic devices that help you to do just a basic job with your computer. But, if you're a person who has a constant computer-related job or a gamer who spends most of the time with your PC, you would have felt all those lagging, uncomfortableness, late response, inaccurate output with your traditional mouse.

Benefits Of Buying A Gaming Mouse

Gaming mice offer you a high-end performance with accuracy and great designing that goes with any kind of computer environment. All these features bring a lot more comfort and make your workload management and gaming experience more enjoyable and easier. Therefore, having a gaming mouse is very beneficial if you're in a serious relationship with your computer.

Things You Need To Consider Before A Gaming Mouse In India

While it is about gaming, the perfect equipment matters! There are many gaming mice available in the market in different price ranges. Finding the best out of all those is a really hard job. Thus, we are here to help you out through this problem. While picking the best gaming mouse is so important, we have brought a list of several important factors that decide the quality of a mouse. Hence, before you buy any gaming mouse, online or offline, do not forget to consider these points. 

Accuracy and Sensitivity 

A good gaming mouse has to be accurate. A precise output is what you need during a game or some heavy job. With the right scale of sensitivity, a mouse can give you your desired result in no time. Thus, before you buy a gaming mouse, do check it's accuracy and response rate along with sensitivity options. 

DPI Settings

The DPI means Dot Per Inch. Dots per inch or DPI represents how far the cursor will move for every move that the mouse moves. Many may think that higher DPI is better than lower ones. So, if you are a gamer, it is always recommended to check this feature in your device. Check how many DPI settings you get and what is the range that the company is offering you. 


As cool as a game is, a gaming mouse should always keep that standard too. Hence, we recommend that whenever you buy a gaming mouse, do not overlook its design. Great design is sure to give you aesthetic pleasure and will help you to enjoy the moment better. Many mice in this price range offer you an RGB color option. You can even check out other options and color variants. 

Build Quality

If you want your mice to run longer then you must not overlook its build quality. Nevertheless, build quality does impact on user comfort. The use of harder high-end materials gives the noise a longer life while it can also offer you great comfort. So, before you buy this product, do not forget to check it's build quality. Do check the product description or you can also call them to know the details. 

Wired v/s Wireless

While wireless mice are easy to use and offer you great accessibility range, pro gamers prefer wired mice as these are more reliable while doing heavy jobs like playing a game, where you need more accuracy with the lowest response rate. Plus, you don't need to worry about battery or charging your device. Therefore, it will always be up to you. Choose what you feel is right. For further info on a wireless mouse, you can check out our list of the best wireless mice in India.


There is a vast variety of different gaming mice in different price ranges. Many gaming mice offer you extraordinary features. For example, you cannot expect DPI settings in lower budget gaming mice while deciding which brand gives this feature the best is a job you have to suffice with the higher budget ones. So, chalk out your budget first and go following that. We have covered gaming mice in a variety of budgets including 500 INR, 1500 INR and 2000 INR.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Are wireless gaming mice better than wired ones?

While wireless mice are more convenient as you can work with it from a distance, gamers prefer wired ones more because of the reliability.

Q. Are gaming mice worth buying? 

If you are a true gamer and spend a lot of time playing games, you know how important it is to get the accurate desired outcome. Gaming mice come with different DPI level settings that give you better precision with excellent design, build quality, and grip.

Q. What is the difference between gaming mice and traditional mice?

Traditional mice are good for doing light work while if you want something more accurate and reliable, a gaming mouse is a better option.

Q. Which is the best budget gaming mouse on the list?

Redgear A-20 Wired Gaming Mouse is the best budget gaming mouse on our list.

Q. Can a gaming mouse be used as a normal mouse?

You can use a gaming mouse as a normal mouse. If you spend most of your day with your computer, a gaming mouse can help you get comfortable and give better precision and accuracy.

A Final Word

We hope that by now you can get out the best gaming mice under 1000 INR for yourself. Yet, if not, or if you are waiting to know our recommendation then we must recommend you Red Gear A-20 Wired Gaming Mouse. This is the top gaming mouse under 1000 Rs. on our list. It is an extraordinary option in this price segment. With 4800 max DPI settings and high accuracy, you draw an excellent ambidextrous design with an RGB lighting option.

The RGB lighting option is very rare in itself and that too in this price range. You can customize the colors from 16.8m color variants. You can also disable this option if you don't like RGB lighting. The braided cable with extra-durable switches and high build quality, your mouse is sure to live long. Therefore, if you're finding the best 1000 Rs. Gaming Mouse, this is our recommendation for you. 

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