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Best Gaming Mouse In India

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Dreams remain dreams until you decide to unlock the puzzle. The beginning of a new journey is always the toughest moment to step in. A journey of a 12-year-old kid, upon hearing the last bell at school, ran out to the gaming zone. Until he emptied his pocket, he wouldn’t go back home. The passion to play games was always in the veins from the beginning. Over time, the playing devices changed but nothing stopped the passion to be a gamer. Lord knows how happy he would have been if he had the Best Gaming Mouse in India to play with.

Best Gaming Mouse In India

Editor's Picks: 5 of the Top Gaming Mice In India

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The Best Gaming Mouse In India You Can Buy Today

1. Logitech G502 Wired Gaming Mouse

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Logitech is a well-known brand, and odds are that you have heard of it too. The name itself makes you excited to give a look at the product, right? Let’s unveil the best gaming mouse in India, the Logitech G502. This majestic yet deadly looking mouse commands admiration from users. It comes with 11 customizable buttons (!) to ease your pain from changing settings of the mouse while playing your favorite game. Moreover, among the 11 buttons, 5 buttons save you the configuration of your 5 favorite games; you can start playing with your comrade on time.

The performance is praiseworthy. Actually, there is no compromise in performance whatsoever. The mouse features HERO 16K optical sensor and adjustable sensitivity within 200 to 16000 DPI. Accuracy, speed and responsiveness come as a package with this device. Weight is adjustable on the demand of what type of game you play. To tune up the balance and customize the weight, five removable parts (each 3.2g) can be removed according to your need.

Another great technology is the Mechanical Switch Button Tensioning. The mechanical switches on the left and right are quite comfortable to click; instant response is received on every click. And lastly, the gorgeous programmable RGB lighting and LIGHTSYNC technology allow you to customize lighting from around 16.8 million colors to represent your team color. Furthermore, this mouse is compatible with macOS 10.11 or later and windows 7 or later versions.

[amazon box=”B07GBZ4Q68″ title=”WHAT WE THINK” description=”First of all, the experience was great since I am one of you: a game freak. The overall performance was awesome, especially the 5 special buttons, which saved me a lot of time from reconfiguring the mouse settings after every shut down of my PC. This is especially built for professional gamers.”]
  • A promising product from a promising brand; excellent build quality.
  • The RGB lighting colors really enhance the gaming mode.
  • Claw and Finger grip gaming style
  • The rubber used means that it can stretch and fit with most steering wheels without being deformed.
  • We were delighted that the steering wheel is environmentally friendly to boot.
  • Not recommended for beginners or amateur players
  • Expensive even though worth it

2. Redragon Gainer M610 Wired USB Gaming Mouse

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‘Life is a race; if you don’t win, then you will be a loser’, this line is not true at all. No one becomes a loser at a race, even if a person couldn’t cross the finish line, they gained something precious i.e. a lesson. To relate this line, I want to unveil the Redragon Gainer M610 which is the best cheap gaming mouse in India! And not only is the product cheap, but also gives you the most bang for your buck with quite high quality.

It comes with 6 programmable buttons which includes 2 customizable thumb buttons to modify based on the user’s needs; given that you can configure DPI on each button. With its high precision optical sensor, the DPI ranges up to 3200 and can be changed within the 4 levels (1000/1600/2400/3200 DPI), which is quite decent to use at such a price. If the DPI level is changed, it is noticeable at the scroll wheel which changes color after every change in DPI level; this helps the indication of the DPI to the gamer. 

The LED backlit gaming mouse with the Teflon formula enables superb gliding. With enlarged feet surface, great balanced foot height and optimal place, the mouse glides perfectly wherever you move the mouse. The overall size of the mouse is very comfortable to handle. It has a wide scroll wheel which has a special ribbed protector on it. Fingers can easily reach out to the buttons and make the overall performance praiseworthy. Even if your DPI is low, you still can have a great experience by simply changing sensor configuration. Do check our guidelines down below before making the purchase.

[amazon box=”B07FCRD719″ title=”WHAT WE THINK” description=”Never thought such a product exists and at such a cheap price. The most bang for your buck for sure.”]
  • Build quality of its attributes and ergonomic design the product.
  • Space between the scroll wheel is wide enough to avoid accidental clicks.
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to use
  • Difficult to play with for people having small hands

3. Lenovo Gaming Mouse – M200 (GX30P93886)

[amazon fields=”B076GZ3CFC” value=”button”]

We can’t just skip stairs and jump up directly to the second floor from the base level. Lenovo has been on the market for a long time, serving its customers for 36 years. They not only think about making gaming mice for professionals but also for beginners. The new Lenovo Gaming Mouse – M200 is a great mouse for beginners or amateur gamers. They could have made a basic designed gaming mouse, but instead they didn’t compromise with its design.

The device includes 5 buttons in total including the DPI. The DPI comes with a range up to 2400 and the range includes a four level adjustable range by a DPI switch. So, you can easily change the DPI level on-the-go, depending on the gaming situation. For instance, to use a sniper you can adjust the DPI to the lowest possible level to accurately make the shot and switch it back again to the normal DPI level just by a click.

The seven colored circulating lights are a great addition, but pale in comparison to others on the list. It feels comfortable at hand as it is ambidextrous i.e. whether you use it with left or right hand, it fits equally well.

[amazon box=”B076GZ3CFC” title=”WHAT WE THINK” description=”The customizable feature of DPI switches and customizable buttons bring a good variation in gaming. With the build quality and the texture used, it is almost like other professional gaming mice on the list.”]
  • Comfortable design and most importantly the braided wires won’t tear unlike most wires.
  • The DPI switches are very useful for beginners to use.
  • Little expensive
  • They could have added more colorful lights.

4. Logitech G102 Prodigy Optical Gaming Mouse

[amazon fields=”B08643FVYZ” value=”button”]

The name yet came again on the list. Logitech doesn’t compromise with build quality and didn’t stop here either. If you are looking for the best gaming mouse under budget in India, then the Logitech G102 is here to serve you. The precision and response of each flick make you believe you will win every battle played with this mouse.

The advanced button tensioning on the left and right click buttons makes you look for opportunities to use the soft responsive click buttons to shoot the bullseye on your enemy. What else do you need when you can buy an affordable mouse with great accuracy from 200 to 6000 DPI optical sensors! Not every gamer needs 11 customizable buttons, and this one boasts 6, and also coming with a decent look.

To compare in terms of communication, Logitech G102 is very fast when compared to standard mice; it supplies 1000 reports per second. Get your hands on to 16.8 million available colored lights available on this mouse and lighten up your gaming room. The cable is 2m long, enough to not disturb you while playing but long enough, and a polling rate of 1800Hz. And finally, it is compatible in Windows 7 or later, macOS 10.11 or later, Chrome OSTM.

[amazon box=”B08643FVYZ” title=”WHAT WE THINK” description=”Affordable mouse with awesome features to play with. Though lacking in the fancy looks department, it has so many good qualities like any other expensive gaming mouse.”]
  • 16.8 million colors to choose for the lighting and adjustable brightness
  • 6 programmable buttons
  • Very responsive because of the high range of DPI
  • Comfortable to play with
  • Texture of the surface is not up to the mark.

5. Redgear A-20 Gaming Mouse

[amazon fields=”B07N6LN57W” value=”button”]

We often want more with less. Yes, I know you have already imagined more by paying less. To fulfill your wish, Redgear A-20 gaming mouse is here. The unsung hero for gamers comes with seven programmable buttons which helps you access to different functions based on your need. A DPI of a range of up to 4800 gives great accuracy and makes it quite responsive.

Select and customize the light from 16.8 million colors which is availed for you. Change colors based on which gaming color you prefer. All the customization is done by their provided software which comes with the mouse. Gamers who are accustomed with playing styles like claw grip or palm grip, will feel great comfort to use this mouse.

[amazon box=”B07N6LN57W” title=”WHAT WE THINK” description=”A good deal at a cheap price. I found no disturbance while playing high-end games. The DPI adjustment along with the 16.8 million variation of color, makes me fond of this device.”]
  • Braided wires which ensure durability of the wires
  • DPI up to 4800
  • Comes with their own software
  • Cool lighting effects to choose from a wide range of colors
  • Could have been a little lighter

Importance Of Gaming Mice

Gaming keeps your restless body active and makes you more actively participate in brainstorming critical problems. The focus and determination to win in games translates to real life as well. Not only does it help you to be motivated, but it also helps you connect to a gaming community where you can become a part of the community. Every beginning has a first step. If you have a hobby to be a gamer or have a relaxing time, a gaming mouse will be of essence to you.

Every game you play with these gaming mice sucks you completely into the virtual world. Ever been emotional to achieve a victory while playing games? Your main weapon is your mouse; learn to use it to triumph the battle. A gaming mouse holder looks unique compared to a regular mouse user. The skill you attain with these gaming mice will truly provide you a platform to become a professional gamer. The design, the deadly look of the mouse keeps you motivated to stay focused towards gaming.

In case you aren’t really much of a gamer, still you may do well to buy a gaming mouse. For example, if you are tired of working at the office, get yourself charged up again by playing an online game in between work with these mice and let your tiredness turn into energy so that you can go back, revitalized, to work again.

There are many more benefits of buying a gaming mouse, as you will see in the Buyer's Guide below.

Things To Consider When Buying A Gaming Mouse: Buyer's Guide

1) Laser mouse or Optical mouse

The major difference between the two mice is their illumination source. While a laser mouse emits laser beams on the surface, the optical mouse illuminates the surface using infrared LED light.

An optical mouse doesn’t work well on a very reflective surface such as glass because too much reflection of the LED is not good. The CMOS inside the mouse is responsible for tracing the reflected lights coming back from the surface. On a glossy surface, the reflection is difficult to trace by the CMOS and thus it fails to detect the light pattern. So, don’t use optical mice on a reflective surface. Instead, it works best on a non-reflective surface like a mouse pad.

On the other hand, a laser mouse is much more convenient than LED light. Lasers can easily pass through a reflective surface. There won’t be much light to reflect from the surface because few of the lights will penetrate, making the CMOS sensor to trace the light pattern easily and saving your pockets from running out of cash.

Overall, we feel that the best mouse in India is more likely to be a laser mouse than an optical one.

Things To Consider When Buying A Gaming Mouse: Buyer's Guide

2) Wireless or Wire

You may think of wireless products as trendy nowadays but you can trust on this, the service received from wireless products are not promising to what they intend to promote. Wireless mice work with the mechanism supported by Bluetooth whereas wired mice use nothing but wire. The transmission of signal through air can give additional noise in the output. 

For instance, think of transferring files through Bluetooth; it often takes a long time to transfer files between two devices because some noise gets included between the transmission of signal and hence takes longer time

Moreover, wireless mice will drain a little more money than wired mice. Though the tangled wires may create disturbance at times, it is still worthy to use wired mice in comparison to wireless mice.

3) Dot Per Inch (DPI) and Sensitivity

Gamers, brace yourself! This is an important feature to increase your swiftness to react against the enemy. The higher the DPI, the faster the responsiveness of your mouse. Having a high DPI, if you move your mouse slightly, the cursor responds immediately to a greater movement. Not every game you play requires higher DPI; lower DPI is also important.

For instance, while using a sniper, it will become difficult to target a shot; at the same time, to quickly aim the enemy, a higher DPI is important. To overcome this problem, most gaming mice come with an additional button to select higher or lower DPI instantly.

Sensitivity vs. DPI
Whereas sensitivity is a software setting of a mouse, the DPI is a mouse's hardware ability.

Good news for gamers whose mouse DPI is low, this can be compensated by increasing the sensitivity from the software setting. For instance, a sudden movement of your mouse can immediately move your cursor at another point – such a tact strategy makes it easy to react to your rivals.

Furthermore, having a high DPI can also be adjusted with a low sensitivity setting. For instance, no matter how fast you move the mouse, the cursor will smoothly move along the direction.

4) Gripping Style

Holding your mouse in different angles identifies what type of game you play. Who knew that gripping style can give you an identity! Following are three types of grips:

Palm Grip

To begin with, Palm Grip is not just limited to gaming only. That’s the basic way to hold a mouse. Palm grip feels very gentle; it covers most areas of your palm. Attained after placing the thumb on one side and the pinky (small) finger on the other. The full control is attained by the rest of the fingers. However, symptoms like shoulder pain can be observed due to continuous movement of the mouse but suitable for accurate gliding control.

Claw Grip

This is getting the attention from many gamers, and game types like RTS and Action-RTS games can be played with this mouse. In a claw grip (the name itself is self-explanatory), the index finger is placed on the left click button and the middle finger over the right click button of the mouse like a claw shape posture. Unlike the palm grip, claw grip doesn’t allow much contact of the palm and faster gliding experience than the palm grip. Users can get a great experience to move back and forth the screen.

Tip Grip

The name confirms that only the tip of fingers are used to control the mouse movement. There is no contact of palm like the other gripping techniques. This enables you to rapidly move the mouse based on the necessity. However, due to less grip of hand, games which require gliding slowly will face problems and accuracy may also be hampered.

Things to Consider when Buying the Best Gaming Mice in India

5) Compatibility

Most of the gaming mice on the market are supported by different operating systems of your PC or laptop. Operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Ubuntu and MAC support the same gaming mouse. Even before purchasing, do check the compatibility with your computer.

6) Durability

Save your parents their hard-earned money from flowing off. Get the best mouse for gaming according to your needs and buy from a trustworthy brand to avoid repurchasing. A trustworthy brand won’t let your expectation down as they promise durability.

7) Extra buttons

A gaming mouse comes with multiple extra buttons on either side to play your favorite games hassle free. Always go for customizable buttons which are programmable to your desired functions. This saves your valuable time to access various functions on-the-go. For instance, in action games, frequently the cursor needs to be moved rapidly to shoot enemies. You may need to select or deselect high and low DPI to get you to surpass your enemies which can be done by the customized button available for you.

8) Polling Rate

A polling rate represents how many times the mouse communicates with your PC during shifting of position from one place to another. It is measured in Hertz. If a mouse has a polling rate of 150 Hz, it reports its position to the computer 150 times every second—or every 6.7 milliseconds. A 125 Hz rate means that the mouse is reporting its position to the computer every 8 milliseconds. If a mouse allows higher polling rate, the polling rate can be controlled in its control panel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why is it necessary to buy a gaming mouse for playing games over a standard mouse?

Different devices are specialized for different purposes. For a gamer, a gaming mouse is irreplaceable with a regular mouse. A gaming mouse is an essential device for playing that lets you have the best experience gaming as it makes each movement accurate and fast

On the other hand, a standard mouse is not as swift as a gaming mouse. A gaming mouse comes with additional features as well. In most gaming mice, a customized DPI setting is available within the mouse which makes your job easy. You don’t have to pause the game and change DPI level from the setting continuously as you may have to when using a standard mouse.

2. Speaking of a gaming mouse, how many buttons should an ideal gaming mouse have?

A gaming mouse comes with 3 or more buttons unlike the standard mouse. In addition, programmable buttons are also included which helps you to add preferred functions. For instance, you can save previous the mouse configuration of a game with Logitech G502. And that mouse has 11 (!) customizable buttons. That's a heck of a number to aim for!

3. Can I get a similar gaming experience with a standard mouse?

You may be able to play with any standard mouse but you won’t get the similar experience that a gaming mouse has to offer. By adding a few more bucks, you can get a cheap yet best gaming mouse like Redragon Gainer M610.

4. Why should I buy a wired over wireless gaming mouse?

A wireless mouse depends on a bluetooth device where air is the medium to transfer signal between the mouse and CPU. Chances are high that noise may get affected in the signal transmission. On the other hand, a wired gaming mouse which is directly connected to the CPU runs without any disturbances of signal. Oh, and a wired mouse is also less costly!

5. Is it necessary to use a mouse pad?

Mouse pads provide friction and optimize each movement of mice. Friction slows down the motion of your mouse and helps to keep you from getting off-track. Furthermore, for a mouse which consists of an optical sensor, it is recommended to use mouse pads because optical sensors cannot work well on reflective surfaces.

A Final Word: Our Personal Recommendation

We always try to give the best products available for you on the market and review each and every feature that comes along with it. Genuinely speaking, all the mice were very impressive and each of them may be suitable for you based on your needs. 

We tested the mice by playing them with different types of games like Call of Duty, Far Cry, Batman: Arkham and so on. The results were very close enough but since we always recommend one among many options, it’s this one the Logitech G502 which we name the top gaming mouse in India.

[amazon box=”B07GBZ4Q68″]

The build quality and the performance are remarkable, and thus this mouse for gaming is crowned as the best gaming mouse for you. Do keep in mind that this mouse is expensive to play around and is fit for professional gamers.

You are most welcome to choose any of the other mice based upon your level of experience. And always remember, ‘It’s not the size of your gun that matters, it’s how you use it’.

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