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10 Best Wireless Headphones In India

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Are you thinking about changing headsets? We discover all the keys and tips to buy a Bluetooth headset guarantees. The cables of the headphones usually have a life of their own, impossible to keep them at bay without forming knots impossible to untie. A problem that many have forgotten thanks to Bluetooth technology, present in most phones, with which you can buy wireless headphones that will make your life easier.

A life without wires seduces anyone. Over the last few years, the offer of wireless Bluetooth headsets on the market has multiplied a very practical solution for listening to music while playing sports or on the way to work. Below we review the best tips and keys to choose and buy a good, beautiful and, of course, cheap wireless Bluetooth headset.

Here are some aspects that are considered important when choosing good wireless headphones. How are we going to use them; when we want to use them; how much are we willing to pay?


There are the headset for all tastes and colors, with different materials of manufacture and finishes. You can choose between in-ear headphones or large headset, open or closed, that have been colonizing the market for years, eliminating the need to carry a huge battery in the backpack to work.

In this section, it is important that you be aware that the manufacturing materials make the difference in terms of price but, also, in the durability of each helmet.

Weight of the headphones

Another truism that, however, should be reviewed before buying a wireless headset. If you are going to use them to listen to music on the street for several hours you should be careful with headset weighing more than 400 grams.

Bluetooth headphones with noise cancellation

A recommended option but not suitable for everyone, because you should never buy a Bluetooth headset with noise cancellation if you are going to use it while riding a bike or going for a run as it can be very dangerous for you and those around you.

There are several formulas to avoid or minimize environmental noise. The passive technology, described by some advertisers as acoustic isolation, only attenuates outside noise.

If you need headphones that really isolate you from what's happening around you, look for a headset with active noise cancellation systems (ANC) that create an artificial sound wave that destroys the interference through one or several microphones that collect the ambient noise to generate a signal of opposite phase that finishes destroying the noises.

Reproduction controls

One of the reasons to buy wireless headphones is the convenience they offer. That's why it seems logical to choose headset with remote playback control, a very common feature that, for example, does not exist in some headset oriented to the gaming universe.


They have evolved a lot in the last decade, but one of the big disadvantages of Bluetooth headphones is that you can run out of battery in the middle of a disc. 

It all depends on the use you give to the headphones, but a wireless headset with a range of fewer than five hours can give you more of a headache.

Large headset usually has a bigger battery but you'll think twice before going out with them to the street, for example, to play sports.


We enter quicksand. The headphones with microphone for the audiophiles belong to another species because they are basically oriented to play video games.

The Bluetooth headphones for gaming, with equal benefits, are more expensive than conventional ones although, yes, they can be used for both playing and listening to music or talking on Skype. To taste the colors.

Think about when you use the headphones

It is not the same for a person who uses headphones to talk on the phone, using them as hands-free, while walking on the street, a person who works at home and who wants to listen to music in high quality. It is not the same to buy headphones for sports that we have to work when we have to wear a shirt and jacket. Determining when we are going to use them will be vital to choose good headphones.

Beware of imports and falsifications

In Chinese stores, you can find quality products, but also fakes or imitations of very low quality that make the cheap to go expensive. On the other hand, it is interesting to have a guarantee in Spain and the possibility of returning them if they break down over time.

Establish a budget

Even so, whatever the use of headphones, we can find almost a wide range of prices, so the best thing to do is to establish a budget, with a minimum and a maximum that we can spend. And yes, it is essential to adjust to it, because many offers will seek to spend a “little” more on some better headphones.

Best Wireless Headphones in India – Reviews

Stealkart Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, Headset with Mic and Volume Button Earphone for Redmi Mi Note 5 Pro

Steal kart wireless Bluetooth headphones comes with an in-built microphone, super mini true wireless in-ear design, portable and cool. The built-in rechargeable battery, come with a charging cable. It is made with a noise cancellation design, perfect sound quality, Sweat Proof.

best wireless headphones in india10 Best Wireless Headphones In India 1

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Why we recommend it

  • Built-in microphone, answer/reject phone calls conveniently. Compatible with most Bluetooth enabled Mobile phone/tablet/PC/Laptop. Support systems: Windows/iOS/Android
  • Best for Hands-free & Music while driving/walking/Gyming/Running/Work Out/Sports and Other Outdoor Activity.
  • Super lightweight and the stabilizer design according to ear geometry to ensure a secure, comfortable fit for any ear. Anti-sweating material keeps the headphones fully function even when dripping with sweat

Lambent Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Sport Stereo Music Magnetic Earphones

Lambent wireless Bluetooth earphones offer light-in-weight makes lesser noise and sweat-proof at the same time. Our headphones are equipped with a waterproof nano-coating that protects against sweat for life. The ergonomic earhook secures the earphones in the ear without falling. It’s perfect for running, hiking, yoga, gym, fitness, traveling and etc.

best wireless headphones in india
10 Best Wireless Headphones In India 1

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Why we recommend it

  • It comes with superior sound quality though taking calls & Enjoying Music. Latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology with 33 Ft distance range; easy and fast pairing with smartphones, tablets and other Bluetooth enabled music devices
  • Built-In Magnets let you bestow the two headphones together when not using, and effortlessly stow the headphone and wear it around your neck
  • Improbable Playtime and In-built Microphone Magneto provide an inspiring 6-hour
  • Clearer voice quality. -Built-in lithium battery

Boult Audio Muse Wireless Bluetooth Earphones (Black)

Boult Audio comes with a high Fidelity Acoustics: Ergonomically designed Drivers come with Built-in micro-woofers giving you extra bass blended with crispy high; Impeccable Audio Engineering: Boult’s Neodymium technology permits drivers to deliver an unbelievably detailed High Definition audio with 3D surround sound.

best wireless headphones in india
10 Best Wireless Headphones In India 1

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Why we recommend it

  • Range: Unified wireless connectivity and lossless transmission within a 10-meter (33 feet) range
  • Battery: Enjoy endless music 10-12 hours of runtime or 2 days standby
  • Flexible and Snug fit: Customizable silicone earloops give the perfect fit and are a style statement
  • Noise Shots Sports Actually Wireless Bluetooth Earphones with Charging Case
  • Enjoy authentic and superior quality of sound with deep bass along with clear and transparent highs, right inside your ear canal.
  • Ergonomically designed pods for a comfortable and secure fit that stays on for all day long. So, you don’t have to worry about them falling off. It also comes in 3 different sized (large, medium, small) buds for the best fit.

Qybo Bluetooth in-Ear Hook Earphones with Microphone Gunmetal

Qybo Bluetooth offers up to 6 hours (70% volume 6 hours playtime, 100% volume 5 hours playtime). Richer bass & mid sound upgraded** speakers, Bluetooth v4.2+edr for stereo sound and bass experience.

best wireless headphones in india
10 Best Wireless Headphones In India 1

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Why we recommend it

  • Clear high & low volume. Built-in mic with voice notification of an incoming call
  • The latest Bluetooth 4.2 technology features faster & stable signal transmission (up to 10 Ft with no obstructions), clearer sound quality and lower power consumption.
  • Best workout Bluetooth earphones. It’s great for Running, Traveling, Jogging, Hiking, Biking, & Gym. Tangle-free wires, and it's easy to storage to your free pouch.

Tagg Inferno, Wireless Bluetooth Earphone With Mic + Carry Case

Tagg Inferno comes with noise cancellation, full call control, IPX4 sweat proof resistance, complete mobile device compatibility, simple yet smart technology slabs out ALL excuses. Its ergonomic design: Durable design and comfortable earbuds safeguard that earphones always stay in place while running, jogging and Gyming. Its invisible Nano-coating technology protects earbuds against sweat during a workout.

best wireless headphones in india
10 Best Wireless Headphones In India 1

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Why we recommend it

  • It’s delivered by cutting-edge technology, is efficient and convenient. Submerge yourself in the limitless world of sound with the latest in Bluetooth innovation
  • It comes with built-in rechargeable powerful lithium battery (100 mAh) provides up to 180 hrs of Standby time and, 8-9 hrs of talk time and 7 hrs of music play time.
  • It comes with fast pairing with all smartphones having Bluetooth functionality.

Freesolo Bluetooth 4.1 In-Ear Noice Isolating Sport Earbuds Earphone

Now is the time enjoying your favorite music and audio with this fashionable wireless earphone and show the vogue of you? Be sporty and enjoy your sports time while listening to music. This earphone is particularly designed for the sports lovers who want to listen to music while playing. So, overlooked about the sweat and enjoy the workout.

best wireless headphones in india
10 Best Wireless Headphones In India 1

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Why we recommend it

  • It is designed to fit firm in your ear and to make sure its anti-fall-out. It is especially designed for running, jogging and to use at the gym
  • It offers an impressive 100 hrs of standby time and about 3 hours of talk time and 5 – 6 hours of music play time
  • Designed to let nobody go in between you and your music.
  • It’s sort of one-touch incoming Call receive Functions from up to 30 Feet Distance. The Earphone has Song Selection, Play / Pause Function, and Call Receiving Controller.
  • Freesolo Earphones are built for Sports and they are Sweat Proof and Splash Proof.

Boult Audio Wireless Bluetooth Earphones (Space Gray)

Boult Space’s ergonomically designed drivers come along with super-soft and flexible ear fins making them extremely comfortable for long music sessions and calls. Justifying its name, Boult Space is out of this world! AL grade aluminum drivers and built-in micro-woofer create a smooth synchronized sound with punchy bass. The joy of using a wireless product manifold with the in-line controls of space for music and call controls.

best wireless headphones in india
10 Best Wireless Headphones In India 1

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Why we recommend it

  • Ergonomically Designed Drivers- Aerospace grade AL alloy drivers give the best acoustics, 3D High Definition sound & an effective bass.
  • Built-In Microphone- Hold headphones by wearing them around your neck stopping them from falling off.
  • Rugged Cable & Earfins for Sports Fit- High gauge Kevlar cable make sure lossless connection & looks premium. Earloop Hold your buds in ear stably, perfectly fit for running, climbing, hiking, cycling etc.
  • Accessories- Free travel pouch, an extra pair of earbuds, an extra pair of Earloops, Charging Micro USB cable.

boAt Rockerz 255 Sports Bluetooth Wireless Earphone with Immersive Stereo Sound and Hands Free Mic

Have you scrapped the 3.5mm headphones jack and now looking for a good pair of Bluetooth Earphones to go wireless? Well, look no further. You may marvel where we put it, but it is all there: The new Rockerz 255 is armed with the latest Bluetooth 4.1-CSR8635 chipset and 10mm drivers. Together they make sure crystal clear wireless transmission in true HD sound.

 best wireless headphones in india
10 Best Wireless Headphones In India 1

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Why we recommend it

  • Attractive ergonomics with a Comfort Fit: Built with uncompromised craftsmanship from premium materials including metal housing earphones and chrome accents the boAt Rockerz 255 is both sturdy and stylish
  • Free entrance controls: As controlling your phone through your hands is too normal today, you can take charge of your auditory experience with the boAt Rockerz 255
  • With the online controls you can toggle the volume, skip tracks, attend calls, and activate Siri, Google Now or Cortana voice-controlled Smartphone assistants.

Boult Audio Curve Neckband Wireless Bluetooth Earphones (Black)

The light yet sturdy, neckband drapes across the neck with supreme comfort. Snug fit & smart lock prevents it from falling off, even when you work out. It’s incredibly crystal clear high-resolution audio with HD audio and surrounds sound.

best wireless headphones in india
10 Best Wireless Headphones In India 1

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Why we recommend it

  • Passive Noise Cancellation- Noise Isolating Aerospace Grade AL Drivers cancel the noise, allowing you to unplug yourself from the world.
  • In-Line Controls- Answer/Reject/ Calls, Play/Pause/Forward/Rewind Music, Voice Command.
  • Premium & durable magnets, attach the two earphones together when not using them.
  • The neckband vibrates to alert the user of the incoming calls and makes sure no calls are missed and are taken in HD quality.

Personal Recommendation

best wireless headphones in india
10 Best Wireless Headphones In India 1

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Being smart consumers never ever compromise the quality of unique appliances and products you buy because of the money. Respected Bluetooth headphones are indeed accessible on the Internet if you’re on a budget. If you are having a hard time finding one, we have recognized a good option for you Boult Audio Curve Neckband Wireless Bluetooth Earphones is a valuable, performance oriented and an effective home inverter. It is also tough and has a well-engineered design that will help you get the best entertainment solutions.

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