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Best Headphones Under 10000 INR in India (November 2022)

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Without music, life would be a blank to me” – Jane Austen. It goes without saying that this very quote applies to almost every person out there. We would have nothing if there was no music. The chimes, the jingles, the melodious natural sounds, all of them are parts of the wonder called music. We often want to wander in our own world listening to our favorite songs. But do we have to play them on the speaker so everyone listens to it? Of course not. Headphones have been created for that very purpose, to let you jam to your music, far away from everyone. Considering that, we are here to make your choices narrower and help you choose the best headphones under 10000 rs in India

Best Headphones Under 10000 Rs In India

Is it really worth spending the money for headphones? The answer is YES. They might not look much but for a true audiophile, these are the goldmines in disguise. There is absolutely no need to be concerned as we have carefully listed out the best cheap headphones out there which provide the high quality you require. Now you wouldn’t find anyone telling you to change your favorite song or turn down the volume because they are being interrupted. You can just get lost in your melody and it will all be worth it.

Editor's Picks: 4 of the Top Headphone Brands Under 10000 Rs

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The Best Headphones Under 10000 Rs In India

1. Beats EP On-Ear Headphones Review

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Beats is known for making high-priced products that do not often match the expected quality. This time, however, it seems that Beats really did their homework and have come out with their best product so far. They have not disappointed their loyal consumers and considered the delivery of high-standards.

Ear cups and headbands on these are made of expensive plastic and the rubberized padding is seen on the bottom of the headband. It looks of credible quality at first glance but it lasts until you notice the cable. It does not have a strong attachment point and cannot be detached either. 

As these are on-ear headphones, they provide extreme comfortability to your ears and you can wear them for hours. They are open-sounding and pretty clean with the treble details, providing them the sparkle. 

The 3.5mm connector can be plugged into any device. There are three buttons and a mic on the cable. Buttons allow you to control volume, pause/play music, access phone assistant and skip the songs as well (Only for iOS). Android users do not have the luxury of skipping songs. 

Considering the sound quality, these aren’t the best 10000 Rs headphones but they are pretty close to it. They have great bass and treble, with crisp and vibrant sound quality. Sound is quite clear and definitely worth spending the bucks on. Sound reproduction has a perfect balance and the huge bass does not overpower mids or highs of music.

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  • Perfectly placed buttons
  • Appealing look
  • Affordable
  • Cushioned ear-cups
  • Cable connector is average

2. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Over-Ear Professional Studio Monitor Headphones Review

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Audio Technica has been well-known for making the headphones that cater mostly to the professionals in the offices. These are made of premium-quality textured matte and have a classy look. Ear-cup designs are quite big with the cushion padded interior that does not make you uncomfortable, even if you wear them for long hours. 

Ear-cups can be rotated to 90 degrees for single-ear monitoring. The cables can be detached and have various lengths for different purposes. DJs have 1.2m to 3m coiled cables, a 3m cable for monitoring, and 1.2m cable for casual usage.

Talking about the sound quality, it has an excellent bass that goes deep in your mind and just smoothly injects in your music-nerves. Mids are quite balanced and do not get overpowered by bass. You would have to lower the frequencies to adjust the “highs” as they are a little too bold

It can be worn for a long time for various purposes. You will slowly fall in love with the comfort it provides. It can trouble you in warm weather as it gets somewhat sticky. The noise cancellation is average as you can hear ambient noise. Though, it is best in a quiet environment. 

These headphones do not have an integrated microphone, which is quite a downer. This has been compensated by 3 different cables but the mic would have been better. Audio-Technica has mentioned that they do not have a known adapted for accommodating microphones.

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  • 3 different cables
  • Ear-cup rotation for single-ear monitoring
  • 10/10 bass quality
  • Works best in silent surroundings
  • No integrated microphone

3. Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Over-Ear Headphone Review

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Skullcandy does lag behind in terms of luxurious products. It is often lazy in providing attractive quality to their products but they have done a good job here. These are covered with black matte coating where fingerprints are not stuck. Headband enjoys faux leather and ear cups are padded nicely.

Buttons do not have the same plastic quality as headphones but they do their work very well. The bass slider on the left earcup lets you control the extra bass. It is quite stiff and could’ve been smoother. 

It falls very well under the price range which is surprising, considering it looks good on almost anyone using it. The all-black headphones are the ideal choice and will make you feel good. 

As these are good quality wireless headphones, they need to be paired with a device. All you have to do is press the circular button on the headphone to enter the pairing mode which is indicated by a tiny light flashing blue and red. This Bluetooth range starts diminishing when you go as far as the 30-foot limit.

Bluetooth can be complex but you can use the wire given with the headphones. Just use them to pair and you’re good to go. Three buttons on the right ear-cup will pause/play, adjust volume, skip songs, and access phone assistance. They function effectively and wouldn’t cause any lagging interruptions. 

Bass-heads will cherish this as there are a lot of low-end emphases. The bass can further be increased as well through the slider mentioned before. The high-notes do have a decent emphasis but it is adjustable. 

As they are wireless, battery-life matters a lot. You shouldn’t have to plug it in for charging every now and then. It surely doesn’t disappoint as the battery life lasts up to a mammoth 40 hours without charge. The rapid charge works as a bonus, giving 3 hours of usage in just 10 minutes charging. All in all, this is the best headphone under 10000 that you can look at and get!

[amazon box=”B01DWH77GC”]
  • Impressive battery life
  • 2-years warranty
  • Adjustable sensory bass
  • Microphone and phone assistant
  • Cheap-quality buttons

4. AKG K371BT Over-Ear Foldable Studio Headphones Review

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If you have specs, you do know the struggles to find comfortable headphones. AKG K371BT headphones are very comfortable to wear upon those frames and provide you with extreme comfort, thanks to its portable design. These are particularly beneficial for podcasters as they can do the mixing through midrange response of 50mm dynamic drivers.

These mid-level professional headphones have ear cups that can be rotated upward 180 degrees. You can turn around one ear cup if you want to hear something around you. It is recommended for the DJ users as they need to be aware of surroundings as well. 

The AKG adjustment piece is plastic and a metal bracket extending from the headband. Earpads have soft memory foam though it is complicated to adjust them for larger ears. There are three different ranges of cables: a 4-foot straight cable, 10-footed cable, and a coiled cable, in the 3.5mm plug.

It is a wireless Bluetooth headphone but connecting the wire would give you full-resolution music with no compromise in the quality. It gives an accurate quality of acoustic music, heavy metal, rap, etc. It enjoys a 40-hour battery life as well. 

The isolation in these headphones is satisfactory because the earpads are not very dense, which works in a good way too as you can wear them all day without removing. You will still be able to hear the external noise so it is also suggested to be used in a quiet place. You can also remove the earpads or use some other pair of earpads according to your comfort.

[amazon box=”B083LCLDR8″]
  • 180 degrees rotating ear cup
  • 50mm dynamic drivers
  • 3 different cables
  • Perfect for Vlogs, game streams, studio monitoring, podcasts.
  • Average noise-cancellation

5. Brainwavz HM5 Studio Monitor Headphones Review

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Brainwavz HM5 looks just like the other studio monitoring headphones but they do have their uniqueness which makes it one of the best headphones under 10000 Rs in India. It does not have a luxurious appeal as a whole but the padding is incredibly beautiful. The circumaural ear pads and headband have a comfortable cushion padded over them. 

The bulky studio earphones like this are often uncomfortable to wear for long periods but this is quite comfortable and doesn’t get too hot either. The 42mm dynamic transducer at each side is closed so the music does not leak

There are two cables given – one is 4.2 feet long and the other is 9.8 feet long. There is also an additional pair of earpads to use later on that comes in a protective case. Secure clamp pressure is quite comfortable because of thick and soft pads. Slider can be a little loose but the clamping force handles it well. 

Mids are somewhat forward but the sound has a very smooth transition. It is not so neutral that it can be mixed in the studio. Bass and treble are properly mixed with mids. There is no echo heard and bass is as perfect as it should be. 

Simple tracks can be handled properly and the separation is noticeable. It might however give complications in the complex tracks. Vocal separation is a standout but can be better.

[amazon box=”B006MA9XXM”]
  • Amazing voice separation
  • Studio monitoring headphone
  • Circumaural earpads
  • Comfortable and closed design
  • Treble is a bit bright

Benefits Of Buying The Top Headphones Under 10000 Rs In India

Having listed the best budget headphones under 10000 including the best wireless headphones under 10000, we assume you know how beneficial these are but there might still be second-thoughts about losing the pocket over them. It is alright as we all have to be reassured and therefore we will be listing you the plus points of having these boys with you. 

Virtual Separation

We eagerly wish that our friends and colleagues listen to the tracks we do. We are in awe of those melodies and want to share them. It doesn’t often happen, though, does it? You are usually told to turn them off or lower the volume. You have to succumb to the pressure and ruin the enjoyment for you as well. The headphones cost a bit much, agreed, but they can take you to a whole different world and virtually separate from others. Make them wonder about the bangers you’ve been listening to while wandering in your own world!


Along with leisure, these are incredibly efficient while working as well. Whether you are working from home or in your office, you can use them and get ample of things done with your hands being free. There are conference calls, listening to feedback, and various other things that can be performed with no hands used. With wireless headphones, you can also get up to give or receive the files having the headphones still on. 

Sound Quality

Both ends of the conversation can be optimized through headphones. High-quality speakers provide you clarity in the voice and they can be adjusted as well. The amplifiers in headphones control the tone and volume according to you. The microphone on headphones can pick your voice well and doesn’t even interrupt your movements. It is placed ideally and only picks up your voice, rather than the unnecessary ones. Noise-cancellation in some headphones can eliminate the background too. 

Benefits Of Buying Headphones Under 10000 Rs In India


There have been various surveys confirming that headphones are very beneficial to your health. According to one of those surveys, the people who used headphones for work or leisure had 35% less muscle tension in the neck, shoulder, and upper back in comparison to the regular users. Using headphones can reduce your body stress and make you more productive and less tired. Better quality headphones will even feel very light on your head and ears, allowing you to wear them for hours. 

No Interruption

Whether you are working with complete focus or you are watching a movie, you will not have to hear unnecessary outside noises and can go on with your headphones for hours. With the single monitoring headphones, your job becomes even easier as you can just rotate either side in case of some important work.


The hardcore gamers often find themselves in the misery of finding a good headphone that gives them real experience with all the sound effects intact. It helps them in streaming their gameplay and make videos when required. Having a quality headphone makes you live what you play. 


There are podcasters out there who make a living for themselves through podcasting. It is vital for them to be updated with the quality so their audiences can be delivered with the best. Headphones allow them to have the sound quality they desire. Headphones can be useful for podcasters as well as people who are always in need of video mixing, giving the effects, and all other such stuff.

Headphones V/s Earphones

There are always debates over two things that have their respective pros and cons but one has to have some power over the other. Headphones and earphones find themselves in the same debate.

  • Headphones are gigantic and shiny devices covering your head and ears while the earphones are small and can go unnoticeable. One wouldn’t use headphones while lying down and resting as it will be very uncomforting. Similarly, one would not prefer earphones while working out in the gym as it can often fall out or get tangled. 
  • Headphones have larger drivers measuring 40-50mm range and earphones have drivers ranging 7-15mm dedicated to them. Larger drivers can give you better and smoother bass along with consistent performance in the audible spectrum in varying frequencies. Earphones can produce rich bass as well but it’s mostly because they are closer to the ear canal and not because of the drivers.
  • Be it earphones or headphones, one always craves comfort. The more fitting and comfortable they are, the better they sound. It is true that earphones come in a lot of different shapes and sizes for their tips, to cater to different ear canals, but it is tiresome work to find a good fit for you. Headphones, on the other hand, do not need one particular shape to fit inside the ear. It isolates you properly and you can get pure bass and sound, with no outside noise.
  • If we mention comfort, we are bound to mention portability as well. The headphones are quite bigger than earphones and can be comparatively difficult to carry around. There are foldable and smaller headphones but they cannot beat the portability of earphones. Earphones can be just tucked into the pocket wherever you go. 

Headphones, as well as earphones, have their dedicated plus and minus points but it is clear that headphones get the cake here in terms of quality, comfortability, and experience it delivers. They might be somewhat costlier than the earphones but all that is worth it. The question that can still trouble a few minds is that which headphones are better: wireless or wired? Let us get right into that.

Wireless V/s Wired Headphones


Both types of headphones are very portable but they can be used for different purposes. If you are working out in the gym or jogging outside, you will prefer wireless headphones without any doubt. They do not have wires or cords that can come in your way and get tangled. They can just be put into a bag without worrying about tangling. 

Wired headphones will be extremely helpful in the radio stations or mostly for working. If you have to sit at one place, wired headphones are recommended. The cords can be wrapped up and placed on the desk if not in use. 

Audio Quality

Wireless headphones are very convenient but there can be interruptions in the sound quality if your device is a bit far or there are obstacles in between. Audio can lag or the quality can be degraded due to the interferences. It won’t be an issue if the device is nearby.

The quality of wired headphones cannot be interrupted by any obstacle. If the wire is connected properly, there are no interruptions in the sound and you will be able to experience the sound quite well. 


Wireless headphones get the power supply through batteries inserted in them. They need to be charged time and again for continuous usage. Once charged, they can be used for 30 to 40 hours without needing to charge again. If the battery is low and you have some urgent work to attend to, it can be troubling as it needs to be charged. There are rapid-charging features as well but they are often found in high-priced headsets. 

Wired headphones do not need a power supply. They can just be plugged into a device for however long you wish. Though, it can come at the loss of quality as batteries in wired headphones can cause the sound to be canceled out. 

Wireless vs Wired Headphones


Wireless headphones use 2.4GHz Bluetooth instead of wires. Bluetooth can help in virtually connecting with the devices but they also compromise the quality. Bluetooth uses the same frequency as Wi-Fi devices which can cause the music to lack some quality. 

Early versions of headphones compressed the audios and delivered average sound quality but they have been making constant improvements and the newer ones attempt their best to match the quality of wired headphones.


Wireless headphones have Bluetooth that needs to be compatible with the devices you use. Your smartphone, laptop, computer, or any other device should be able to connect with your headphones. While most of the devices find a match, there are a few exceptions so be sure to check the compatibility first. 

Wired headphones come with a 3.5mm cable that has a dedicated slot in devices. You will find them in any of the devices near you but again, there are one or two exceptions. For example, there is no headphone jack in the iPhone and it will not be able to connect wired headphones.

Who Needs Wired Headphones?

  • If your work involves you being stuck on a desk for long hours, wired headphones will be better for you. Wireless headphones are required when you’re on the move. 
  • There is no compromise in quality of wired headphones. Sound isn’t adjusted by any means so if you have a hard time listening, you should go for the wired ones.
  • There are people who just hate to charge stuff. The need to remember to charge every time is frustrating and they would love to use wired headphones. 

Who Needs Wireless Headphones?

  • Hardcore gamers feel the need to live the games they are playing. The sound effects are one of the most important aspects of any game. With wireless headphones, you wouldn’t need to be close to your device and can take out your frustration without getting tangled in the wires.
  • One cannot even think of working out with wired headphones. You wouldn’t want the wires to come in the way of your dumbbells. It is not only annoying but can lead to injuries as well. Wireless headphones are the preferred choice for working out, jogging, etc.
  • Traveling without music is incomplete. You need to soak in the feeling and wireless headphones are the way to do that. Just grab one in your backpack and get on with it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What are the best budget headphones under 10000 INR?

We would recommend Brainwavz HM5 Studio Monitoring headphones for the people in the budget. Not only do they have detachable cables, but they can also be used for studio monitoring as well. As far as the price is considered, we think these are the best wireless headphones under 10000.

Q. Is it bad to wear headphones all the time?

Everything in excess is always bad. There are companies that offer comfort to wear for hours but even that has a limit. You should follow a 60/60 rule where volume is not above 60% and you take minor breaks after every 60 minutes.

Q. Do Noise-cancelling headphones block all sound?

We wouldn’t necessarily say that but yes, they do minimize the sound, especially the ones with high-frequency sound waves.

Q. Can loud volume damage headphones?

Loud volume wouldn’t harm your headphones but extremely high electric signals can. Exposure to sounds above 85 decibels will do some serious damage.

Q. Can earwax ruin headphones?

As they are exposed to earwax, headphones need proper cleaning from time to time. Be sure to take timely breaks as well.

A Final Word

We understand the need to research things before buying them, especially if you need them for a long time. After making it this far, you would have ample knowledge about the headphones, considering you did read everything. Wired or wireless, earphones or headphones, you know it all and are possibly sure of the ones you want. Our pick for the best headphone under 10000 INR is the SkullCandy Crusher for their efforts alone. They get overlooked time and again due to low price and average quality but they have hit it out of the park this time.

On an ending note, we would personally recommend you to buy:

[amazon box=”B01DWH77GC”]

Skullcandy is more inclined towards delivering average-quality products at cheap prices but for a change, they have brought out their best for low-price. This wireless headphone will be a good deal for you, especially considering the battery backup it offers.

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