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5 Best Soda Makers In India (November 2022)

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Nowadays, we often see people enjoying and partying for one or the other reasons. Be it any occasion or not, people nowadays just don’t need any reason to party. Primarily, it is just to lay off the work-pressure that the people experience all throughout the week or just to have some fun time with friends or family.

Best Soda Makers In India

The thing that we often perceive getting served in the parties is liquor which might be of any type according to the preference. But, if you are organizing a party at home, getting all that stuff done, might be really exhausting since, for a quality drinking experience, you need to have many things at your disposal. You need the preferred bottle of liquor, water bottles, soda, and loads of food to go along with it.

However, you need to worry since we have your covered from one end, that is the soda part. Today, we have lined up the Best Soda Makers in India, which are going to help you prepare soda for your guests instantly without worrying about buying it from the market. Further, the soda machine is going to help you prepare soda in the right proportion and whenever you want to have a sparkling drink.

So, if you often have parties at your house, buying a soda water machine will certainly ease out the organizing factor a bit and take you away from the supermarket hassle. Go through our detailed soda water making machine reviews and we are certain that drinking at home would have never been so delightful and convenient.

Editor's Picks: 5 of the Top Soda Water Machines In India

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The Best Soda Makers In India You Can Buy Today

1. Soda Sparkle Sparkling Water Soda Machine

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Want to prepare your preferred kind of soda at the comfort of your home? The Eco SodaSparkle Soda Making Machine is the best soda machine which is capable of converting the plain tap water into the energizing sparkling water within seconds! The starter kit that has been provided with the unit comprises of the machine, 5 CO2 Soda Chargers and a Bottle with 1-litre capacity.

This starter kit, hence, comprises of every single thing that you require to begin preparing sparkling water in your kitchen or anywhere in your house. All you need to do is just fill up the provided water vessels using tap water, insert one CO2 charger inside the soda machine, and then turn the top. In just a few seconds, you are going to see that your flat tap water is going to change into stimulating and energizing sparkling soda water.

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Why Do We Recommend It?

  • A small and compact soda maker to fit well inside any kitchen
  • Completely portable; hence, it is easier to prepare soda anywhere
  • Entirely recyclable as well as disposable CO2 chargers for carbonizing
  • Really easy to add in your natural and healthy soda flavors for fun
  • Appropriate for picnics, parties, outdoor dining, and much more

2. Mr. Butler Italia Sodamaker

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Having a soda maker, you might be able to save a lot of things at once. You can save your money, space, time, the environment, and the annoyance! Buying a Mr. Butler Sodamaker, you will be capable of changing the flat drinking water from your tap into the refreshingly fizzy sparkling water in a matter of seconds!

Furthermore, you may also add in different flavors to prepare soft drinks, mocktails, glucose powders, and many other things to prepare your preferred sparkling soft drinks at the comfort of your home. You might as well be capable of adding the fizz to your home-produced fresh fruit juice or to any other sort of cold beverage that would taste even better together with soda.

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Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Prepares around 1-litre of soda for just a price of Rs. 4
  • Assures you of safety as well as purity of the soda you make
  • Really compact and slim design hence saves a lot of space
  • Environment-friendly soda makes that uses reusable pet bottles
  • Provides the user with a simple and hassle-free experience

3. Savvy SM-18 Soda Maker

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Now get ready to prepare a wide selection of soft drinks and aerated cold beverages at the comfort of your home using the preferred flavors as and when you want with this gem of a product from Savvy.

The Savvy SM-18 Soda Maker is a quality tool for making that energizing and refreshing soda water at home. This soda water making machine is completely portable and doesn’t even require electricity or a battery for functioning. It helps you in preparing your favorite drinks such as mock tail and other cold beverages in your kitchen pretty effortlessly and that too at a really minimal cost.

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Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Helps you prepare several types of cold beverages at home
  • Allows you to add in your favorite flavors for a refreshing drink
  • Doesn’t require any electricity supply or battery for functioning
  • Prepares delightful soft drinks at home at a really minimal cost
  • Covered with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty for user support

4. SodaStream Fountain Jet Home Soda Maker

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If you are searching for a home soda maker having a compact, chic, and stylish design to suit the overall appearance of your kitchen, then the SodaStream Fountain Jet Home Soda Maker is the best choice to conform to your requirements.

All you need to do is fill the bottle with plain water and then plug it in the soda maker; the result is refreshing sparkling water with which you may prepare different kinds of aerated soft drinks without any sort of fuss. In addition, the cost that you get for preparing soda at home is really small as compared to the bottles that you get from the market.

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Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Stylish and chic soda maker designed for your modern kitchen
  • Prepares any kind of aerated soft drink for you within seconds
  • Really easy to store owing to the sleek and slender outline
  • Costs really less to make soda when compared with pet bottles
  • Delivers the best performance offering safe and drinkable soda

5. Soda Buddy SBWJS18CO2 Soda Machine

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Do you want to buy a cool, handy, convenient, and compact soda water making machine for your household? Here we are with the Soda Buddy Machine, which allows you to enjoy the energizing, revitalizing, refreshing, and bubbly sparkling liquid refreshment within a small frame of time.

This soda making machine is fairly easy to use as well as operate; hence, possessing a Soda Buddy Machine signifies no further tours to the market for purchasing soda. Further, this soda maker provides helps you save a lot of money, time, and effort.

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Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Offers the best soda making performance whilst saving energy
  • Prepares soda without charging you as much as the market bottles
  • Storing is easier with the slim and slender design of the soda maker
  • Helps you prepare a wide range of cold beverages to beat the heat
  • Augments the overall appearance of the kitchen with its classy design

Personal Recommendation – Best Soda Water Machines

With the end of the overall product description, analysis, and reviews, we suppose that it must be clear to our users so as to which type of soda maker they should go for. On our listing, we have provided the soda makers that would conform to the requirements and budget of one or the other buyer for sure. Every single soda making machine down here provides you with safe and secure refreshing sparkling soda.

Apart from that, you also have the option to prepare your favorite type of cold beverage within seconds. Therefore, purchasing a soda water machine might not be a thing to regret in the future.

However, if there are a few customers or users who are finding it tough to select one out of the 5 options provided by us, then they should readily go with our personally suggested soda maker. The soda maker that we would like to recommend to our users is this one:

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The Soda Sparkle Sparkling Water Soda Machine is a pretty compact soda water making machine proving you with the finest features and performance.

The Soda Sparkle Sparkling Water Soda Machine is portable and helps you to add in your natural and healthy soda flavors. You might further be capable of preparing both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks within a fraction of time. Therefore, it is an appropriate choice for the people who often organize parties, go out for picnics, and dine outdoors.

Things To Consider When Buying A Soda Maker Machine Online – Buyer’s Guide

To turn it fairly easy to center on the options or products that are obtainable from the market, below are a few of the most significant factors to keep in mind:

Soda Maker Machine Buying Guide



For a majority of people, the beginning point is possibly the price of the unit. We recommend that you should not opt for just one model since it is the low-priced unit of them all. There is the likelihood that the performance finds the middle ground in the interchange of its overall cost.

Build Quality

This denotes the durability and toughness of the soda maker. It must be crafted out of exceptional materials that are proficient in enduring any sort of settings. The metal and plastic are the 2 of the majorly prevalent materials. Opting for the metal units is a superior choice since they a more durable. This is moreover a decent choice of material since it has a further sophisticated aesthetics.


In a majority of houses, where the soda making machine is frequently utilized, it is often solely visible inside the kitchen, exhibited on the countertop. Together with this, the aesthetics must be an imperative consideration in addition. You must search for a product that is ideally going to match the whole appearance of your modern kitchen.


To distinguish about the overall capacity of your soda making a machine, you must check the carbonator and the bottle. The capacity of the carbonator is going to command the quantity of soda that you might be able to prepare prior to requesting for a replacement. The bottle’s capacity, instead, is going to be suggestive of the quantity of soda you might be able to prepare at one go.

Soda Maker Buying Guide in Inda
Turn your house into a soda factory!


Ease of Use

Many of us don’t just have the required tolerance to cope with the complications. Select a product that is as forthright to function as conceivable.

Operation Method

In case you have the energy to spare and in case you desire to be in thorough control over the output of the unit, a manual or physical soda maker is going to be the finest choice. For the people who are pretty lazy, oppositely, must go for the electric soda maker since all the functions in these models are automatic. You solely need to press one button and your beverage is going to be ready within seconds.


It is pretty predictable that the soda making machine is going to undergo a few problems after some time. Inside the period of warranty, you may anticipate consistent support from the brand. They are going to arrange for a free replacement or repair of the faulty components. Owing to this, you should choose the product that comprises of broad warranty coverage.


It is further going to be smart to depend on the reviews or assessments of the people who have bought the product, particularly the ones that you might be able to find online. By means of their experiences, it is going to be fairly easy for the people to consider the benefits and disadvantages, and eventually, take a knowledgeable decision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is a soda maker worth it to buy if I don't drink a lot of soda?

If you are on a budget and don't particularly like soda, then we recommend you not buy a soda maker. But we're surprised if no one in your family likes soda!

2. Does a soda maker make tasty soda?

Yup, it can make very tasty soda if you give the proper ingredients.

3. How does a soda maker actually work?

A soda maker forces carbon dioxide into the water or juice. Thus, another name of soda made from soda maker is carbonated water.

4. Is carbonated water alcoholic?

Not necessarily. You can add alcohol if you so wish. Thus, if you are Muslim or avoid alcohol for other reasons, don't worry about purchasing a soda maker.

5. What flavor can my carbonated water be?

That's up to you! You can add apple flavor, orange flavor, grape flavor. It can be alcoholic, or non-alcoholic. We recommend adding some specialized syrup such as Clear Kiwi Pear or Clear Passion Mango.

A Final Word

Is there anyone in the world who doesn't love soda? Who wouldn't want to have a wish granter which could spawn soda out of thin air?! Well, not technically thin air – you do need the ingredients – but you know what we mean. Soda makers are absolute wonders to us. With Soda, you can eat a lot of stuff like Pizelles, or Donuts, or Waffles, etc!

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