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10 Best Water Dispensers In India (November 2022)

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Water Dispensers have now become a necessity rather than a luxury. Gone are the days when they were costly. In this article, we have found and reviewed the Best Water Dispensers in India that will not only provide you with the utmost quality, but will also make sure that the water you drink is properly heated/cooled and is safe!

During the summer season, the days, as well as the night in the sub-continent, become really hot and humid. In such a condition, keeping good care of yourself should be the first priority. Having proper nutrition or diet will also help in keeping those summer worries and distresses out of the overall scene.

Furthermore, you also require keeping your body hydrated. This plays a really significant role to keep away all those muscle cramps, dry mouth, fatigue, headache, dark-colored urine, dizziness, and dry skin. Everyone likes to drink cold water during summers but storing the water bottles inside the fridge to cool might be a tedious task.

Top 10 Best Water Dispensers In India

So, to keep this chore away from you, today we have come up with the Best Hot and Cold Water Dispensers in India that will provide you with instant hot, cold, and normal water without much of a hassle. All you require doing is to put on a big bottle of purified water and enjoy the desired temperature of the water as and when you need it.

We would also like to tell you that we have analyzed and reviewed every single product in the most comprehensive manner so as to facilitate a smarter decision when you want to purchase one.

Editor's Picks: Top 5 Water Dispensers In India

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The Best Water Dispensers in India Reviewed

1. Voltas Pearl Black Water Dispenser

[amazon fields=”B072LWCC6N” value=”button”]

Voltas is a brand that offers a wide range of kitchen and home appliances that are all high-quality units providing the best range of features. The Voltas Pearl Black Water Dispenser comprises all the features that a customer wants any water dispenser to have and is the best water dispenser in India according to us. This water dispenser comprises of 3 water outlets that provide hot, cold, and normal water. Below the water dispensing area is the cooling cabinet in which you may store any sort of drinks and beverages.

[amazon box=”B072LWCC6N”]

Product Information

Brand                    Voltas
Model                   Pearl Black
Power                    86 Watts
Colour                   Black
Stars Rating        5

Pros & Cons

Comprises of a cooling cabinet It is a touch expensive
Non-CFC refrigeration unit
Ample water storage capacity

2. Atlantis Xtra Table Top Water Dispenser

[amazon fields=”B01LYYGTSW” value=”button”]

The Atlantic Xtra Table Top water dispenser comprises a 4-liter water storing capacity and consumes 500 Watts of power. There are even more units that are manufactured by Atlantis but this one is surely the best bang for your buck since it offers all the features that one needs. The heating capacity of this water dispenser is nearly 5 Liters per hour which is ample for any household or office. The appliance is also going to take pretty less space and is going to fit in any kind of setting. The product comes with 1 year of Warranty.

[amazon box=”B01LYYGTSW”]

Product Information

Brand                   Atlantic Xtra
Model                   AWD-005
Power                    110 Watts
Colour                   White
Stars Rating         5

Pros & Cons

Different faucets for each kind of water Water might spill at times
4-liter water capacity
Small and compact design

3. Voltas Prime F Water Dispenser

[amazon fields=”B072C44WHL” value=”button”]

This is another sturdy water dispenser from Voltas that offers both ample capacity and cooling space at the bottom. This water dispenser also offers 3 different faucets for providing hot, cold, and normal water. The cooling cabinet provided below also has sufficient storage space to accommodate drinks. The power that it consumes while cooling the water is around 80 Watts and owing to its sleek design, it might be stored in any space in your household or office.

[amazon box=”B072C44WHL”]

Product Information

Brand                   Voltas
Model                   Prime F
Power                   80 Watts
Colour                   White
Stars Rating        5

Pros & Cons

Cooling cabinet provided The cooling cabinet is not that effective
Sleek and compact design
3 faucets for hot, cold, and normal water

4. Atlantis Xtra Floor Standing Water Dispenser

[amazon fields=”B01LWOGYFV” value=”button”]

The Atlantis Xtra Floor Standing Water Dispenser is a really compact and sleek model that provides you all three kinds of water – that is, normal, hot, and cold. It offers you one of the best cooling powers at 110 watts and further provides you instant hot or cold water as per your requirement. It is one of the best budget water dispenser as it doesn't cost much. This water dispenser from Atlantis comprises of 3 different faucets that have been setup to dispense 3 different sorts of water. Also, the water dispenser may be installed at any place within your house.

[amazon box=”B01LWOGYFV”]

Product Information

Brand                   Atlantis
Model                   AWD-0042
Power                   110 Watts
Colour                   White
Stars Rating        5

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
3 different faucets for water The storage cabinet doesn’t cool
Storage cabinet at the bottom
Low power consumption

5. Usha Instafresh Cooling Cabinet Water Dispenser

[amazon fields=”B06W5FXNLL” value=”button”]

This water dispenser from Usha also provides all three water types: normal, hot & cold water outlets. The unit is really durable and comes with chic faucets having anti-bacterial cure. The LED indicators have also been provided for heating, cooling, and power options. The Usha Instafresh also has a corrosionresistant cabinet. The superior cooling functionality of this water dispenser is also a bonus since it has been designed for competent cooling even in the scorching hot Indian weather. The cooling cabinet has an 18 L capacity.

[amazon box=”B06W5FXNLL”]

Product Information

Brand                   Usha
Model                   HNCCC21V9S
Power                   90 Watts
Colour                    White
Stars Rating         4.8

Pros & Cons

Comprises of stylish 3 faucets The unit is a bit costly
Superior cooling feature
Cooling cabinet with ample capacity

6. Blue Star Premium Normal Standing Water Dispenser

[amazon fields=”B01CR0MWWO” value=”button”]

Blue Star is a brand that deals in all sorts of cooling and refrigeration products which offer the finest cooling functionality along with a wide range of functions. The range of water dispensers form Blue Star is also a class apart from all other brands in the competition. This Blue Star Premium Water Dispenser also comprises a cooling cabinet for refrigerating small items such as bottles, milk packets, tetra-packs, and any other thing you like to cool. The product comes with a 1 year Warranty.

[amazon box=”B01CR0MWWO”]

Product Information

Brand                    Blue Star
Model                    BWD3FMREA
Power                   120 Watts
Colour                   White
Stars Rating        4.4

Pros & Cons

Amazing cooling performance Consumes a lot of electricity
Comprises of a cooling cabinet
3 different water outlets

7. Harman Refrigeration Blue Star BWD3FMRGA Plastic Hot, Cold and Normal Water Dispenser with Refrigerator

[amazon fields=”B07Z9CT17M” value=”button”]

The Harman refrigeration water dispenser is a high-standard unit and offers cool, hot & normal water. This also comprises of a self-supporting design and the flasks of water may also be placed under the dispensing outlet. It has a gravity-driven arrangement to give out water in a well-ordered way. There are three dispensers: the first dispenser provides cold water, the 2nd dispenser supplies normal water, and the 3rd dispenser offers hot water that might also be utilized for coffee, tea, or other usages. The product comes with a 1 year Warranty.

[amazon box=”B07Z9CT17M”]

Product Information

Brand                   Harman Refrigeration Blue Star
Model                   BWD3FMRGA
Power                   -
Colour                    White
Stars Rating        4.4

Pros & Cons

Low power consumption The after sales service might take time
Single spout with 3 piano buttons
High-efficiency compressor

8. Voltas Mini Magic Pearl Red Water Dispenser

[amazon fields=”B07K6QX648″ value=”button”]

Voltas is an Indian brand that deals in several kinds of home appliances which are mainly related to cooling and refrigeration. The range of water dispensers offered by Voltas is all amazing and comprises of many useful features and provides hot, cold, and normal water from the 3 different spouts. The cooling power consumption of this water dispenser from Voltas is also less at just 86 watts and it further offers LED indicators for added convenience. The capacity of this dispenser is also sufficient. There is a 1 year Warranty on the product making it one of the top water dispensers in India.

[amazon box=”B07K6QX648″]

Product Information

Brand                    Voltas
Model                   Mini Magic Pearl R
Power                   86 Watts
Colour                   Maroon
Stars Rating        4.4

Pros & Cons

Amazing heating & cooling capacity Might be costly for some buyers
3 different dispensing outlets
LED indicators also provided

9. Voltas Mini Magic Pure-T 500-Watt Water Dispenser (White)

[amazon fields=”B011BUQOYI” value=”button”]

This water dispenser from Voltas mini is an excellent option for people searching for a compact and budget-friendly water dispenser. It comes with the ability to heat 5 L of water in a single hour. You can use it to store up to 0.9 L of hot water and 3.2 L of cold water. This makes it one of the best  water dispensers currently available in the market. If you are planning to buy this, then keep in mind that you will have to connect the water source before turning on the dispenser.

[amazon box=”B011BUQOYI”]

Product Information

Brand                   Voltas Mini
Model                  Mini Magic Pure T
Power                   80/86 watts
Colour               White
Stars Rating        4.3

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Food-grade stainless steel water tanks The cabinet is not a cooling one
3 piano buttons with child lock
High-efficiency compressor

10. Blue Star Bottom Loading Water Dispenser – Black

[amazon fields=”B01CR0MKXK” value=”button”]

Although standard dispensers need you to pick up a 20-liter water container and rest it on top of the unit but with this appliance, you just have to shove the jar at the foot of the dispensing unit inside a cabinet made up for holding the bottle. These sorts of units are made up to look chic so that it might be installed and utilized anywhere inside the office or household so that it turns out to be an indispensable interior plan appliance. The product comes with a 1 year Warranty.

[amazon box=”B01CR0MKXK”]

Product Information

Brand                    Blue Star
Model                  BDHPCF4
Power                90 Watts
Colour                 Black
Stars Rating        4

Pros & Cons

Bottom loading water dispenser The water dispenser is expensive
Heavy duty bottle piercer
Stylish and compact design


Personal Recommendation

Since we have now provided a detailed review of all the water dispensers listed in our top 10 water dispenser listing, it would now be really simple for our users to select the best water dispenser for home available on the Indian market both online and offline. Apart from that, we can assure you that you won’t be encountering any problem in the future if you choose any of the products listed above.

In case some of the users are confused about the fact that which water dispenser they must buy for their office or home, then they may go with our personal suggestion to be on the safer side and get the best of features and price.

The water dispenser that we are going to recommend to our users is this one:

[amazon box=”B072LWCC6N” template=”list”]

This classy water dispenser is our top choice. After reviewing it, we find no disadvantage except a high price, though we feel it is worth every rupee.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Water Dispenser

In our everyday life, we use plenty of appliances that make us live a better and comfortable day. And these appliances have become an inevitable part of our journey. Therefore, choosing the right appliance for any job is very important. Living beings can not live without water. And while drinking safe and pure water is important, making the water available is much more important than this. Suppose you are organizing a party, and every time someone needs water, he/she opens the refrigerator and can take a bottle out. How many bottles have you planned to keep? Therefore, the best way to continue to flow is to bring home a perfect water dispenser. Water dispensers have many features and facilities that would add convenience for anyone using it. But, when you are actually ready to purchase one, you must be careful not to invest in something unworthy. Therefore, our team has made a list of specific features that one should always consider before buying a water dispenser. 

Check The Type

As you have planned to buy a water dispenser, the first point that you should always check is the type you want. So, basically, there are two types of water dispensers available in the market. Both these types have different features and come at different prices. The first type is the automatic or direct dispensers which do not require you to refill it anytime a day. These water dispensers are connected to the main water line. So, you do not need to bring a new bottle and put it on top of that. The other type is the manual one where you need to refill the dispenser every time the bottle dries out. Here you use a sanitized bottle or jar of water which you put on the top of the machine. And when the water in it ends, you change it with a new one. So, before you make a purchase, make sure which one you want to buy. 

Capacity Of The Dispenser

The next important point to consider in this regard is the capacity of the dispenser you are buying. To calculate that, first you have to calculate the amount of water you or your family need daily. For example, if you have 4 members in your family who drink a minimum of 8 liters per day, you should go for a medium capacity water dispenser. And, if you are using some other place with more consumers, like a school or office, you can go for a water dispenser with a bigger storage capacity and a high-purification rate to dispense a regular supply of water to your team. 

Temperature Control

As you have decided over the type and capacity of the water dispense, it is time to choose what temperature you prefer the most. Well, many water dispensers come with a temperature control option. It helps you to get both hot and cold water instantly. However, it is a completely optional feature that you might not consider as well. This feature is useful for those who need or prefer a specific water type. For example, if you prefer having instant tea or coffee, a water dispenser with a hot water setting would be beneficial. Also, for instant cold water, a water dispenser that comes with a refrigeration setting is a far better choice. You should always check the dispenser model depending on your temperature preferences. Many water dispensers come with both settings and have different outlets or tanks for different purposes. You can also set the temperature manually with some models. In addition, check whether you get the option of changing the temperature settings depending on different weather conditions.

Power Consumption

Now, if you are going for the electrically operated dispensers or automatic dispensers which come with temperature control, you should better check their energy efficiency. Different models of dispensers consume various power to maintain different water temperatures and to give the perfect output. For example, if you are living in a cold temperature and water hot water out of your dispenser, your dispenser would need to do some extra work to make it warm (since the temperature is already cold). Therefore, it is better to know the size and type of the compressor used in a water dispenser to know about its cooling or warming abilities. And if your water dispenser comes with both settings, it is more likely to consume more power than those single ones. Therefore, check the metrics indicating the water cooling and heating capacity of a dispenser carefully to know the most efficient one. Also, do not forget to compare the cooling and heating capacities of different models to find the best one. 


Although water dispensers do not require much maintenance, you should still have to clean it from time to time to maintain hygiene. Therefore, it can be difficult with devices that do not come with detachable options. We suggest you go for the dispensers, which have detachable trays and other parts that would make your cleaning more efficient and easier. Also, there are dispensers with lower quality filters at a low price. We suggest avoiding these since you would need to change the filters too often, which requires extra effort and dedication. Do check for the drainage mechanism as well. Proper drainage is important to keep the area around the dispenser dry and avoid accidents. If you have children at home who run and play around every room, you should better take care of the drainage and make sure no water is split around.


Water dispensers are available at various price ranges in the market. Depending on the capacity, type, and features, the price of a dispenser varies. For example, the manual water dispensers would cost you less than the automatic ones. On the other hand, the dispensers that come along with the temperature setting would cost you more than those who lack the feature. The higher capacity you buy, the more you have to pay. Therefore, you must select a budget range before finding any. 

Understand The Uses Of Water Dispenser

Technological development has been creating a world for years where everything is to be better and easier to use, faster and, above all, more useful. Technology also did not bypass the refrigerators, which, as it might seem, were only meant for storing food. Meanwhile, we can already enjoy additional solutions, such as an increasingly common water dispenser.

Understand The Uses Of Water Dispenser

What is a dispenser? What does it do?

The water dispenser is mounted on the door of the refrigerator and allows the collection of water at a convenient temperature. However, in order to get a glass of chilled drink you have to solve the problem of how to deliver water to the refrigerator? In most cases it will be necessary to connect to the water supply network.

Of course, to make the water taste better, before going to the dispenser it passes through filters that are designed to clean and improve the water supply. There are also refrigerators on the market where a liquid container is mounted on the inside of the door. In this case, however, we must remember to complete it on a regular basis.

What to look for when choosing a refrigerator with a dispenser?

Considering the solution with the connection to the network, you have to reckon with a large amount of free space, because this type of refrigerator has so-called. When choosing, you should also be interested in the mounted filter. In the case of a solution with an installed liquid container, it is best to choose a refrigerator that has a capacious tank so that we do not have to refill it every now and wait for the liquid to reach the desired temperature.

Which one to choose?

If we decide to buy a refrigerator with a dispenser, it is worth investing in a fridge with a connection to water from the water supply system. Thanks to this solution, we will not have to wait for the water to reach the right temperature. We will appreciate the convenience of such a solution especially on hot days, when we will be able to satisfy your thirst with pleasantly cool and refreshing water at any time.

Different Capacities Of Hot And Cold Water

What we mean is that water dispensers have different extent when it comes to providing hot water and cold water. Typically, water dispensers have a higher cold water storage volume. For example, the Voltas Plastic Pearl Water Dispenser can store 3.2 Liters of cold water and 1 Liter of hot water.

Why, you may ask? Well, cold water is in higher demand than hot water. However, that doesn't mean the hot water storage is of too low volume. Typically, even if we need hot water, we need it only in small amounts. Still, 1 Liter is more than enough according to us.

Who invented the water dispenser?
Credit goes to two men for the invention of the water cooler in 1906: Luther Haws and Halsey Willard Taylor. Haws went on to invent the water faucet in 1911.

Advantages Of Using Dispensers In Refrigerators

There are broadly two main advantages of having a dispenser with your refrigerator:

  • Constant access to cold, filtered water
  • No need to refill the container

The Use Of Hot Water Dispenser

Water dispensers are usually known to us with current access to cold water, which is subjected to filtration and fully adapted to safe consumption. In companies or offices there are dispensers with a disposable plastic cup dispenser. These types of dispensers are irreplaceable, but they will not work if we immediately need hot water and sometimes even hot water.

Hot water dispensers or drinking water dispensers with hot water dispensing are intended for this purpose. Then, such a distributor allows not only to drink water subjected to filtration, but also to prepare a coffee, tea or instant meal. Hot water dispensers (Standard, Business, Exclusive, Basic) with the following functions and properties:

The Use Of Hot Water Dispenser
  • presence of the “water block” system, which protects the involuntary leakage of water from the device;
  • a free-standing model or so-called a countertop model;
  • professional set of filters;
  • The possibility of obtaining carbonated water (water gassing function).
  • In most of Poland, the water is hard or very hard, and this brings problems ;
  • It destroys heating installations, fittings, household appliances (washing machines, dishwashers, kettles, coffee makers, etc.).
  • It causes noxious deposits on batteries, tiles, sanitary facilities or shower cabin.
  • It contributes to increased heating costs and higher expenses for cleaning, cleaning and Detrimental
  • It affects health.

There are water dispenser pumps also available on the market using which you can directly get water dispensed from the water bottle. You can check out the best automatic water bottle dispenser pumps! They are really cool!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Isn't bottled water cheaper than a water dispenser?

Of course, a single bottle of water costs nothing at all, while buying a good water dispenser will cost you a considerable sum.

However, on the long run, you will be surprised how much money having a water dispenser will save you. Add that to the delightful convenience of having cold or hot water always ready for you, as opposed to having to buy and stock bottled water! You get the picture.

2. Do water dispensers consume a lot of electricity?

Yes, unfortunately, because water dispensers have to constantly keep both hot and cold water ready. The average water dispenser consumes 1.6 kWh everyday.

We recommend you opt for an energy saving water dispenser, many of which we listed on our review.

3. Should I clean the water dispenser?

Yes, everything should be given timely maintenance. Whenever you require changing bottles – the filter cartridges – you should clean the dispenser. Or just clean it once every six weeks.

A Final Word

A water dispenser is, as you must have realised by now, a very convenient appliance to possess. Isn't it wonderful how at just the turning of a faucet, cold, hot, and neutral drinkable water come out? We feel a water dispenser is indispensable (pun intended!) for those who want the best out of life.

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