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5 Best Laser Printers In India

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Even after plenty of things going online, still a lot of work is done on paper. But, if you have a home-based office or minor business, a sluggish printer might be a profound source of annoyance. On the other hand, the slow speed might be owing to the kind of printer you possess. The inkjet printers are really common and inexpensive option but for the people who require frequent printing extensive documents, an effective laser printer is going to be a top choice.

Therefore, today we have come up with the Best Laser Printers on the Indian market, which are going to help you print plenty of long documents within a small frame of time. These printers apart from the fast printing capability offer plenty of features that provide you with a whole lot of convenience. But, since there are plenty of option available in the market, choosing one might be a tedious task. Thus, to facilitate smarter decision-making, we have also provided a Laser Printer Buying Guide so that our users may effectively choose a printer that is going to suit their requirements and their budget for sure.

Editor's Picks: Top 3 Laser Printer In India

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Best Laser Printers in India Reviewed!

1. Canon LBP2900B Laser Printer Review

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Printing has become one of the most necessary technologies all over the world. And as the device for it, a printer is all that you need for your setup. Although there are plenty of types of printers available in the market, one can not deny the importance of some compact and fine quality laserjet printers. Therefore, at the top of our list, we have brought you the Canon LBP2900B Laser Printer. Canon is one of the canonical brands in the printing industry, operating in more than 220 countries. This particular product from the brand is available online on Amazon. It comes with many unbeatable features and characteristics that overthrow many of its competitors in the market.  This laserjet printer has an ergonomic, compact design that fits in any small space in your home or office. This laserjet printer has an ergonomic, compact design that fits in any small space in your home or office. It has a sturdy build quality that protects the internal parts of the device from any kind of damage. We must acknowledge the design of the machine adds extra grace to your desk setup. It is a print-only printer which means you can only print using this one and not scan your documents. However, considering the price, you can not expect a scanner in this range. Also, since it is a monochrome printer, you can not print coloured images with this one.  The printer has USB 2.0 connectivity and can print up to 12 pages per minute. Considering the speed, we must say that it is one of the fastest printers in this budget segment. You can print 200 to 800 pages per month which is ideal for a small office or home purposes. It supports more than 8 printing papers that add variety in printing. The Canon Laser printer is easy to connect and install and is compatible with Windows XP, 2000, ME, 8 and LINUX (CUPS). The printer uses a single Canon cartridge that can print up to 2000 prints of A4 size papers and reduces the printing cost. The device consumes between 220 V to 240 V of energy, making it an energy-efficient machine. With all these features, the printer also comes with a 1-year warranty from the brand, making it more trustworthy for you. So, if you are a Canon fan or looking for something from the brand, it is your choice. 

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Offers the most superior and faster-printing performance to the user
  • Easily fits within any space inside your home, office, or working area
  • Fairly easy to connect and install with the convenient USB 2.0 interface
  • Provides the users with the sharpest of prints being a robust laser printer
  • Equipped with the most advanced technology for high-speed printing

2. Samsung ML-1676 Monochrome Laser Printer Review

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Samsung does not require a separate introduction for the brand has made its place in almost every Indian household. The brand has come a long way and is now a seal of trust. There are (if any) very few brands in this industry to stand up to Samsung. Starting from their phones, home appliances to other products, Samsung has it all. Therefore, on our list of best laser printers in India, we present Samsung ML-1676 Monochrome Laser Printer- an outstanding product from the brand which is available on Amazon. Samsung, like any of its products, has maintained every specific detail in this monochrome laser printer. Ahead in this review, we will know some of its advanced features that this device comes packed with.  Samsung ML-1676 Monochrome Laser Printer has a sturdy build- one of the best features that we first noticed about this printer. The robust design ensures your device's protection from any external threats. Also, as it is Samsung, we can always expect to get high-end parts in their devices. The laser printer has all-black design that enhances the desk decor. The compact design is also helpful in making space for it. Therefore, you can use it anywhere- in your home or office. Also, it can easily fit in smaller spaces thanks to its smart design. The monochrome printer offers rapid printing with the lowest noise.  The power-save button enables you to save more power, making the device more energy efficient. There is also a print screen button, conveniently located on the printer control panel that lets you print the contents from your screen. All it takes is a touch to quickly and easily print, even when you're away from your desk. The one-touch print feature makes it extremely easy to use and print using the device. Holding the button for more than two seconds, and you can print the last object that you activated on your monitor. All these features make it one of the best devices available in the market. It is also backed by a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer that ensures its durability and efficacy. 

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • A compact monochrome printer that offers utmost convenience
  • Fits inside any space owing to its ultra-compact stylish design
  • Comprises of smart inbuilt features such as the one-touch printing
  • The power saving button helps you to diminish power consumption
  • Provides a print-screen option for printing the screen like on the monitor

3. HP LaserJet Pro M1136 Multifunction Monochrome Laser Printer Review

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Were you not expecting something from HP? Well, when it is about printers, how can we even miss this brand? This brand has been keeping its reputation on the top, specifically in this field. HP printers are available in all budget segments and offer genuine features accordingly. Moreover, one of the primary reasons to choose HP is their service dedication. The brand has more service centres across the country than most other brands. Hence, next on our list, we present HP LaserJet Pro M1136 Multifunction Monochrome Laser Printer- one of the best choices from the brand. You can purchase this one online from Amazon. HP LaserJet Pro M1136 is a multifunction printer. So, if you are finding something more efficient to manage your multiple works at the office or home (like printing, scanning, photocopying), this printer can prove to be useful. The printer has a scanner on the top where you can simply scan your documents. You can even photocopy these documents using the same feature. It is a flatbed, monochrome printer, which means it can only print black and white copies. The device has an elegant black design that looks quite catchy on your desk setup. HP Laserjet Pro M1136 is a simple and compact multifunctional printer that is incredibly lightweight and has a narrow footprint that demands very little space on your desktop. The all-black matte exterior looks classy and sophisticated. On top of the device, the printer houses a 150-sheet input tray and a flatbed scanner. The HP Laserjet M1136 Pro printer supports manual duplex printing. It also has a print speed of 18 ppm. The printing cost is also very low as compared to other printers at this price. It costs you only 2rs. per page. Another commendable achievement of the device is its energy efficiency. The printer is designed for energy savings. It houses Auto-On/Auto-Off technology that shut the printer down when it is idle for too long. Thanks to HP Smart install, the installation procedure of the device is simpler than anything. It also has a dual digit numeric LED display for easy control of the machine. It is capable of printing up to 8000 pages per month. So, it is an idle choice for enterprises and businesses which require printing frequently. Along with all these features, the printer also comes with a warranty of 1-year from the brand. 

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Powerful multi-function printer that can print, copy, and scan
  • Really easy to install, connect, and print with the USB connectivity
  • The HP 88A LaserJet Toner Cartridge prints as many as 1500 pages
  • An appropriate printer to use in your office, home, or other places
  • Covered with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty for after-sales service

4. Brother HL-L2321D Single-Function Monochrome Laser Printer Review

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Brother is another glowing star in the industry of electrical computer appliances. And this Japanese brand has introduced technologies that are hard to compete against. Brother HL-L2321D Single-Function Monochrome Laser Printer is one of the best products from the brand that presents many outstanding features as compared to the price. If you are not looking for a multifunctional printer but something faster and more efficient, Brother HL-L2321D Single-Function Monochrome Laser Printer can be the choice for you. You can find this printer online on Amazon or click the link below to go directly there. This printer is capable of delivering you the performance you have dreamt about. Brother HL-L2321D is a monochrome printer that is only capable of delivering black and white prints. It is also a single-function printer that can only print. However, these things do not stop it from being one of the top-notch choices on our list. One of the best features of this printer is its design. It looks so elegant in black that only enhances desk decor. Also, it has a very compact size that fits easily in the small space on or under your desk. Another commendable feature of the device is that it is compatible with almost every paper size including A4, Letter, A5, A5(Long Edge), A6, Executive, Legal, Folio, Mexico Legal, India Legal. It also features a duplex printing facility which lets you print worry less.  The installation of the printer is pretty simple. It has USB 2 type connection that lets you connect to your device quite smoothly. The best part about this printer is its speed. It can print at a speed of 30 pages per minute which is anything but extraordinary. So, if you work in a condition where you need frequent printings, this print can prove to be useful. Also, the TN-2365 Standard Toner Cartridge can print up to 2600 pages as per ISO standards. The paper tray can hold up to 250 pages and protects the paper from dust and moisture. It is an all-rounder monochrome printer that lets you print anything starting from thin papers to thick envelopes. It also comes with a one-year onsite warranty from the brand that further ensures the durability and quality of the device. 

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • An appropriate single-function monochrome printer for home
  • Comes with USB Connectivity for quickly connect and install
  • The standard toner cartridge offers a superb page yield of 2600 pages
  • Provides the user with the option of automatic duplex printing
  • Covered with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase

5. Xerox B215 Multifunction Printer

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By Xerox’s standards, this entry-level mono laser printer is a modest affair, offering all four functions (print, scan, copy, fax) in a compact and cost-effective desktop design. However, it manages to stand out in this budget category by adding a tilting colour touchscreen for easier operation and claiming a print speed that leaves the competition behind.

It is priced to appeal to the small business looking for a device that can handle a wide variety of tasks and serve a small work group of one to five people. Xerox recommends an average output of 3,000 pages per month, with a maximum of 30,000 pages. It comes with enough toner for 1,500 monochrome pages and has a fairly low per page print cost of around 2.2 pence per page.

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Provides you with a really fast printing performance at 30 ppm
  • Offers the users with convenient & high-quality scanning features
  • ID copy function copies both sides of the document on one page
  • Allows you to print a wide-range of paper sizes and thicknesses
  • Appropriate to use as a network printer for the small workgroups

Personal Recommendation

So these were the laser printers that we would like our customers or users to think about and purchase whenever they want to since these are the best ones on the market as of now. We suppose that after going through our detailed reviews and analysis, it would be really easy for users to choose a laser printer that best suits their budget, requirement, and preferences. In addition, we would also like to tell you that every single printer that we have reviewed down here is a top-quality product and would serve you for a really long time and with the same level of performance. This is the best laser printer for home use as well as office use. 

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On the other hand, if even after going through our reviews some users or customers are finding it tough to choose a laser printer that would conform to their budget and requirement, then they should readily buy our personally suggested product so as to take a smarter decision. The laser printer that we would recommend our users to purchase is the HP LaserJet Pro M1136 Multifunction Monochrome Laser Printer, which provides you with plenty of features and multiple functions that would not just save space but prove to be an energy-saving option for your home or office.

Advantages Of Using A Laserjet Printer At Office or Home

Printers have become one of the most necessary devices in our daily life. A computer system is incomplete without this output device. At times it becomes essential and unavoidable for us to buy a printer, while some of you may still be finding a proper reason to buy one. Well, let's suppose you are a student who has been finding a printer for your home. So, why are you here? Why are you finding one? There is obviously a reason which has intrigued you in thinking about it. And this reason will keep on coming as you grow. The age of handwriting is gone. With increased pressure and time management, we generally type documents for our convenience. These documents can be kept as a softcopy on our system for future use.  Also, from typing our projects to preparing presentations and downloading and then taking notes, there are a lot more jobs that we manage every day. Taking out prints from somewhere outside would cost you more in the long run. Therefore, having your own printer serves you with many benefits. Below our team has noted down some of the advantages that your print might offer you. Make sure that you do not compromise with the printer quality to get the desired output. You can refer to our buyer's guide to know more or choose a printer out of our selected ones.

Saves Your Money

One of the biggest benefits of having your own laserjet printer is that it saves a lot of money you would have otherwise spent in printing works. For example, suppose you run a business where you need to print on a regular basis. Printing these documents from outside would only cost you more money than ever. Also, if you are a student and have your projects to print or copy, having a single-function or multifunction printer at your home would reduce your printing time and also save your pocket. Printing documents from a shop outside is time-consuming and costlier than printing them home. There is a wide variety of laserjet printers available in the market in almost every budget segment. Also, you will find many features with these devices to help you more with your work. You can always choose one from them as per your budget and start working or managing your printing works from your home or within your office. Always make sure that whatever you are buying, you are investing in the right one. Thus, it guarantees your investment and also recovers your money spent on buying the device. 

Saves Your Time

Time and tide wait for none. Also who likes to wait when there is always an option? Think about pausing in a queue for your printing works to be done.  Having a printer at your home or office ensures that not a single minute of your time is wasted. First of all, having a printer at your home means you do not have to go outside to have your documents printed. So, there is no worrying about waiting in queues or closing of shops. You can print 24/7 without waiting for anyone or rushing for any time. Next, laserjet printers are faster than inkjet printers, making them even a more excellent choice to go for. They use high-class technology to ensure better printing quality at the flashing speed. So, you save your time from both views. Having a high-quality laserjet printer at your office would be enough to tackle most of your printing stuff. Or if you are buying it for your home use, you can always take your time arranging or managing the documents before printing them. Many laserjet printers come with duplex printing mode means the printer automatically prints both sides of a sheet without needing you to turn the page manually. Having this feature in your printer means you can leave your prints and do your other jobs and come back when everything is done.


We invent to make our lives more convenient. Printing has come a long way from Gutenberg's printing press to the modern printer machines in almost every office and household. Considering that printing files have become easier and faster too. As we have discussed in the previous two points on how a printer saves you money and time, we must also consider how efficiently it manages your workload. Having a printer at your home or office does not require you to go anywhere to do the job. Further, modern printers come with a lot of features to support many of your different needs. You can easily find a multifunctional printer that allows you to scan and print all at the same time. You can scan and email the document directly, or if it has the OCR feature, you can even edit the text printed on paper. These features target many of your needs, from photocopying to printing under one same roof. So, even if the initial cost for such printers is high, it recovers your money faster if you have frequent printing or photocopying jobs. It is better than you choose a printer wisely depending on your requirements. The price of a printer depends on the various features that it houses. Therefore, chalk out your necessities and then buy one accordingly. 

Energy Efficient

Electricity bills have always been a matter of great concern. And with flooded electrical appliances in our home, we think twice before welcoming another. If you have a desktop set up at your disposal, you are already consuming more energy. Now would you prefer to bring anything more? So, let us make it clear to you that a printer is never a liability. It is, like your desktop set up, a useful device to support your printing needs. Thus, a printer is worth buying. Now, coming back to the power consumption question, a modern printer with its high-tech features consumes much less electricity than any other appliance. Hence, it is an extremely energy-efficient machine that you can bring home today without worrying about power consumption or electricity bills.  Now, if you have several jobs like scanning, photocopying, printing, etc. on your list, it is better to go for a multifunctional printer. They consume dramatically less electricity as compared to running multiple workflow devices. So, using a printer in all ways is a worthy choice one can ever make. 

Saves Space

If you are worried about space at your home or work setup and so troubling over making a decision, let us ease you by saying that a printer will not take much of your space and you will always find one in any size. Modern-day printers house a very compact design making them a lot easier to fit in small spaces or carry. These printers also have a damn good design that enhances your decor or interior. Now, depending on the features and type of the printer, the size varies. Therefore, it is better to shortlist your preferences first and then make a decision. But stay calm, and you will always find something for your available space. 


Options never end with technologies. Add as much convenience as you want to your setup. After all, you have every right to highlight what you want. Printers are no exception in such cases. We have previously talked about the various features that a printer can come up with. These features also include connectivity. Now suppose you want something smarter so that you can print from anywhere. Many printers come with wireless connectivity where you do not require any wire to connect to your device but use wifi instead. Also, these printers connect to a cloud service and let you print from wherever you want. It is an extremely helpful feature where you can also build up a network without using an Ethernet interface. Wireless connectivity also ensures less mess and no tangling of wires. Now, there are printers available in wired USB interfaces too. To use these printers, you have to connect them to the computer using a USB connector. Wired printers are generally faster and cheaper than wireless ones. But they do not allow you to print using your phone or app. So, if you value convenience over budget, you may find a wireless one useful. 

Inkjet Vs. Laserjet Printers

Inkjet or laserjet- which one should you buy? This question makes us more confused than ever. Well, both the printers have their own credits and flaws for sure. But, there has to be one superior. Yes, while buying a printer, it becomes often confusing on which one we should purchase. Therefore, our team has drawn a comparison between two types of technologies used in printers. This comparison will help you to understand the primary differences between both printers. You will also be able to see why you should pick one instead of the other. Go through every point carefully and use reasoning. 

Initial Cost

One of the factors that may stop you from buying one printer is its price. Hence, if we are talking about affording one, we must focus on the initial price that you have to pay for buying each type. Well, the first and significant price deciding factor of a printer is its type. Is it inkjet or laserjet? Inkjet printers have a much lower upfront cost than a laserjet printer. The higher upfront cost of a laserjet printer is one of its most significant weaknesses. However, in the long run, the spending is higher for an inkjet printer. The cartridge of an inkjet printer is more expensive than laserjet printers when it comes to cost-per-page and can only print around a hundred pages. So, before you know it, you’ve already spent more on ink cartridges than the inkjet printer itself. There are many reasons behind the higher upfront or initial cost of a laserjet printer, the primary of which is its lifespan. Inkjet printers last for up to 3-4 years. Whereas, laserjet printers have a lifespan of 5-7 years. Also, toner cartridges can print significantly more pages than inkjet cartridges. Therefore, the price of a laserjet printer is higher than an inkjet one. So, if you are finding something more affordable and do not mind spending more over time, an inkjet printer is your choice. However, if you are ready to invest and willing to recover the investment, a laserjet printer will be better. The choice is yours. 


Now, when you are well aware of the cost difference, let's come to the speed of these printers. The printer speed of a printer is noted as PPM or Print Per Minute. The higher the PPM, the faster the service. Basically, in this run, laserjet printers are a winner. They use more advanced laser technologies to print, unlike ink spilling technology in the inkjet printer. Therefore, printing with a laserjet printer is faster than an inkjet printer, which adds a point to the laserjet column. 

Print Quality

So, when you are printing, you will always be focusing on quality. Now, as we are comparing these printers on quality output, the first deciding factor is what is being printed. Depending on the printing material or type, the quality differs in both printers.  For example, if you are printing normal monochrome documents with text, a laserjet printer always delivers you better quality in the least possible time. And if you are printing coloured texts, documents and medium quality photos, a colour laserjet printer can also deliver it efficiently. But if your job orientations around printing quality photographs with detailing, an inkjet printer is a better choice. Inkjet printers can print detailed images as compared to coloured laserjet printers. So, if you are printing photographs, an inkjet printer will be a better choice than a laserjet printer.

Cost Per Page

This point does not need much description as there is a clear answer without understanding that laserjet printers have a much lower printing cost than inkjet printers. So, even though the price of a toner cartridge is higher than colour inkjet cartridges, it delivers more prints than the latter at a much lower cost. 

Best Laser Printer – Buying Guide

In case you hit the market to purchase a new laser printer, here are a few things that you need to consider prior to purchasing one:

Colour or Monochrome

Your primary criterion is your basic requirement: probe yourself what kinds of papers you are going to be printing to decide the sort of printer that is going to match your requirements. In case you solely need a print and if you are going to just be printing things like the product or service invoices or other black & white files, then everything you are going to require is a monochrome laser printer. Choose a colour laser printer only if you moreover have a requirement to print colored pages frequently.


In case require scanning the documents, preparing copies, receiving and sending faxes, then you are going to require considering a multifunction laser printer that might be able to perform every single task effectively. In addition, you might need to have a look at other kinds of functionalities like printing through USB sticks (file support might diverge, so verify the specifications), scanning to network locations and USB sticks, and possibly the capability to scan and print making use of Cloud-based apps.

Paper Management

Generally, printers are going to handle paper equal to the A4 size, so you need to search for a precise model in case you moreover require printing documents on the other paper sizes. Things like heavier paper and envelopes might be printed in case the printer comprises of a multi-purpose tray, and you are would need to verify the printer’s specs to discover the exact weight of the paper that the printer might be able to handle, along with the totality of envelopes that you may load.


The standard type of connectivity in a majority of printers is USB, but if you have an office setting, the key kind of connectivity that you must opt for is Ethernet. This is going to permit you to connect the printer to your network router so that you might be able to share it between the employees in your workplace. The printer’s driver is going to require being installed on every single computer in the network that is going to need the access.

Ease of Usage

You’re perhaps accustomed to the display on your smartphone, tablet, or even your laptop. Thus, why shouldn’t we opt for the touchscreen on your printer? A touchscreen is going to turn it easier to traverse a printer’s menu arrangement, particularly if it comes with the inbuilt access to applications that necessitate the user to provide their login information. The ease of use might as well incorporate the rapidity through which the paper tray might be loaded or accessed, and the manner in which you might be able to change the toner cartridges.

Toner Cost & TCO

The primary price of a laser printer might be pretty low these days for a few models, but it’s the complete entire cost of ownership that you require being aware about. This comprises things like the price of replacement toner (for every single colour), the page yield of the cartridge toner (number of pages it might print), and the price of the consumables that are allied with the laser printer, like the fuser (the element that hits the toner to the paper) or the drum element (which allocates the toner on top of the paper). Several laser printers solely possess one consumable nowadays that is the toner.

You must further ponder if a printer might be able to take XL or cartridges with super-high page yield, which might be able to provide a superior overall cost for every print and an extensive duration prior the toner requires being refilled.


Noise emissions might be tough aspect to assess except you perceive a laser printer functioning at a retail shop or a showroom having a low noise floor, but it’s anything that you should be watchful of, particularly whilst buying a large printer.

Duty Cycle

The duty cycle refers to the totality of prints that your printer has been rated as being capable of printing during a month. It is a score that must be considered if you would like to perform bigger volume of printing frequently.

Processor and Memory

Whilst it isn’t stress-free to liken processors amongst laser printers, the mentioned speed in megahertz might provide a nice clue of the printer’s power to process the tasks and operate its built-in functions.

Additionally, the memory volume (and a laser printer having upgradeable memory) is the key in case you are going to be printing out of graphics & design software applications, particularly whilst using PostScript or PCL languages for printing, for which the memory space is required for storing the print details since it is transformed.

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