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We’re living in the most digitalized era ever and working without handy devices is simply a waste of time. If you think the time is money, then you’ll surely appreciate our review on the Best Inkjet Printers in India. From big corporations to a kid’s homework we frequently require a printer. Every time running to a shopkeeper for such a simple work is a task and when the time is a constraint it gets vulnerable.  

In this digitalized time it’s important to have gadgets like a printer in every household or office space. There are countless occasions where we need printers including job applications, resumes, college and school projects, etc. And, it’s used not only for printing, the multifunction printers come handy for scanning and copying (also identified as photocopying).

Inkjet printers are the most usually used type of printer, and range from small cheap consumer models to classy expert machines. With an excess of choices obtainable in the market, it gets problematic to select the best inkjet printer. And, it’s not all, we don’t want our customers to break a bank for such crucial devices here’s why we’ve listed our products within the range of 10000. Need I say more?

We know you’re a smart customer and we appreciate you for reading this post carefully and then select from the listed options. It’s always a good idea to know your product better based on your requirements and various other essential factors.

Best Inkjet Printers in India Reviewed!

Epson M100 Monochrome Inkjet Printer Review

Look no further than Epson M100 to get a high-quality Inkjet Printer. It offers durability, network connectivity, with a distinctive print speed. If speed and quality are what you prefer then this could be your pick.

Epson M100 Review - One of the Best Inkjet Printers in India!Check Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!

Check Price On Amazon

Why we recommend it

  • Superb savings and page yield
  • Distinctive print speed
  • High quality and durability
  • Network connectivity
  • Space-saving design
  • Epson warranty for peace of mind

HP 410 All-in-One Ink Tank Wireless Color Printer Review

HP needs no introduction in this niche. Their printers are one-stop solutions for many corporations and individuals. They have everything you look for from connectivity to compatibility. It comes with a duty cycle of up to 1000 pages per month and that too in a minimal cost. It also has a scanner so you can scan and print on the go!

HP 410 All-in-One Ink Tank Wireless Color Printer Review
Check Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!

Check Price On Amazon

Why we recommend it

  • Connectivity – Wi-Fi, USB, HP Smart App, As per ISO standards ( cost ppm)
  • Compatible Ink – HP GT52 Original Ink Bottle (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow), HP GT51 Original Black Ink Bottle, Page Yield – 6000 pages (Black & White), 8000 pages (Colour) (as per ISO standards)
  • The product comes with one year warranty
  • Pages per minute – 7.5 (Black & White), 4.5 (Colour) ; Cost per page – 10 Paise (Black & White), 18 Paise (Colour)
  • Duty Cycle – Up to 1000 pages per month; Ideal usage – Home & Small Office, Regular/heavy users

HP DeskJet 1112 Single Function Inkjet Colour Printer Review

We want nothing but the best Printer for your office or home space. Be it white papers or homework use the best quality printers and with a compatible ink cartridge. HP is great solutions for all your printing needs. Here’s why we’ve selected their best models so that you can enjoy only premium quality.

HP DeskJet 1112 Review - Best Inkjet Printer in India
Check Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!

Check Price On Amazon

Why we recommend it

  • Connectivity – USB
  • Compatible Ink Cartridge – HP 803 Tri-Color & Black Original Ink Cartridges ; Page-Yield – ~190 pages (Black & White) – ISO standards, Get 1 black & 1 tri-color basis cartridge with the printer
  • The printer comes with a one year warranty
  • Pages per minute – 7.5 (Black & White), 5.5 (Colour)
  • Page size supported – A4, B5, A6, DL envelope ; Duplex Print – Manual ; Print resolution – Up to 4800 x 1200 optimized DPI (Colour), Up to 1200 x 1200 rendered DPI (Black)
  • The duty Cycle – Up to 1,000 pages per month; Ideal usage – Home & Small Office, Low usage

Canon Pixma MG2577s All-in-One Inkjet Colour Printer Review

Canon Pixma has offered great printing solutions for years and here’s why it’s the most famous among the users. Check out for yourself and have nothing but the best always and forever. Canon is a supreme class apart printer and a must-have if the quality is what you believe in.

Canon Pixma MG2577s All-in-One Inkjet Colour Printer Review
Check Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!

Check Price On Amazon

Why we recommend it

  • Printer Type – Inkjet; Functionality – All-in-One (Print, Scan, Copy), Scanner type – Flatbed; Printer Output
  • Connectivity – USB ; Compatibility – Windows XP or newer and Mac OS X v10.7.5 or newer
  • Compatible Ink Cartridge – PG-745 (Black), CL-746 (Colour) ; Page-Yield – 180 pages; Includes 1 Black and 1 Colour cartridge in the box
  • Warranty – 1 year from the date of purchase
  • Pages per minute – 8 pages (Black), 4 pages (Colour)
  • Page size supported – 4.0″x6.0″ till A4 / Letter / Legal ; Duplex Print – Manual ; Print resolution – 4800×600
  • Ideal usage – Home & Small office, Low usage

Epson L361 Multi-Function Ink Tank Colour Printer Review

Epson is a great brand with a dedicated customer base and they have worked consistently over the years for its customer.

Epson L361 Review - Top Rated Inkjet Printer Online!
Check Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!

Check Price On Amazon

Why we recommend it

  • Printer Type – Ink Tank; Functionality – All-in-One (Print, Scan, Copy), Connectivity – USB
  • Compatible Ink Bottle, ideal for using at home and small office, regular / Heavy usage
  • The product comes with one-year warranty – 1 year or 30,000 pages whichever is an earlier on-site warranty from the date of purchase
  • Pages per minute – 33 pages (Black & White), 15 pages (Colour) ; Cost per page – 7 paise (Black & White), 18 paise (Colour) – As per ISO standards
  • Page size supported – A4, A5, A6, B5, C6, DL ; Duplex Print – Manual ; Print resolution – 5760 x 1440

Things to Know Before Buying an Inkjet Printer

The printer is one of the most important devices in both residential and commercial place. Today, the printer is widely used in the various places such as schools, college, hospital, medical, office, and others. With the help of the printer, you can print the work done on the computer or laptop. There are huge ranges of the printers available in the market such as inkjet, laser dot-matrix printer, chain printer and much more.

The inkjet printer is one of the most popular printers that come with the advanced features. It is a commonly used the printer. With the help of the advanced technology, the company manufactures the printer. Most of the inkjet printer includes the color and black printing features.

There are different models available in the inkjet printer so it is difficult to choose best one for your needs. When you are purchasing the inkjet printer you should consider the various factors such as connectivity, function, color, printing, media support and others. These factors help you to purchase the right printer for your business or personal needs.

What to look out for when purchasing an Inkjet Printer


The printer functionality is one of the important factors to consider. It has the single function and multifunction. This printer has the capability to print the documents in color, black and white. Some models of the printer include the function of scanning and copying at the most expensive price. If you need to scan and photocopy the document then you can purchase the multifunction printer.


You should look out the connectivity feature when purchasing the printer. You purchase the long cable to reach the device. Most of the printer connects through the USB cable but some printers are equipped with the wifi connection to connect the network. With the help of the wifi connection, you can print the document directly from the computer, laptop or smartphone.

Print Resolution

It is necessary to check the print resolution when buying the printer.  It refers to the print quality or dots per inch. The leading brand printers produce the high-quality photo prints. You can choose the printer based on your budget.

Singlex or Duplex Printing

Before purchasing the printer you should decide the purposes of the printer. The printer comes with Singlex printing and duplex printing feature. The Singlex printing means the printer print only one side of the paper. The duplex printing means the printer print automatically on both sides of the paper. You can select the inkjet printer model depends on your needs.


Before buying the printer you should look out the printer speed. The inkjet printer has great printing speed for the collect students and personal needs. If you need to the printer the documents faster you can purchase any other printers.

These features help you to purchase the best inkjet printer for your needs without breaking your budget. The printer allows you to print the document quickly and without any hassle.

Personal Recommendation

HP DeskJet 1112 Review - Best Inkjet Printer in India
Check Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!

Check Price On Amazon

Being smart consumers never ever compromise the quality of home and office devices like Printer you buy because of money. Appreciated Printer is easily accessible on the Internet if you’re on a budget. If you are having a hard time finding one, we have identified a good option for your HP 410 All-in-One Ink Tank Wireless Color Printer is a worthwhile, performance-oriented and sensible product. It is also robust and has a well-contrived design that will deliver the best printing solutions for years to come.If you are into Laser printers, we have reviewed them too and you can find them by clicking here!

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