10 Best Flour Mills (Atta Chakki) in India February 2020!

Have you been searching for the “बेस्ट आटा चक्की“? There are many household in a country like India that prefer to get their wheat ground in a flour mill (Atta Chakki) so as to obtain the desired kind of flour they want to use in their household. But, many find it difficult to take the wheat and get it ground at the mill away from their house. To get them a comfortable option, we are introducing the best flour mills to use in their household by choosing one from our listing of the Top 10 Flour Mills in India.

The technology of flour milling has developed enormously, from the primitive devices of early man to the modern mechanized flour mills. The oldest tools to grind the grain were the mortar and the seal; they were followed by the burrstone. All were operated manually. By mean of home mills it is easy to grind the flour at home by yourself. It will save your lot of money.

The grain is prepared to grind in the cleaning section of a flour mill. Said preparation includes the elimination of impurities by means of separators, detection machines and magnetic devices; dry cleaning (in cleaning mills) or wet cleaning (in washing machines); Conditioning of grains, which is water and heat treatment; and mixing of various types of grain before grinding. So, all this work is done automatically and save our lots of time.

10 Best Domestic Atta Chakki Brands in India – Reviews

Natraj Viva Automatic Domestic Flour Mill Review

Natraj is a brand that offers high-class domestic flour mills for the people who like home ground wheat as per their preference. The Natraj Viva Automatic Flour Mill is one of the finest in its range and is really affordable as well. The unit is pretty easy to move and comprises of a modular cabinet. It further comprises of a special filter for fine ground wheat and overload protection as well. It also has a child safety lock for the kids at home.

Natraj Viva Automatic Domestic Flour Mill ReviewCheck Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!


Product Information

Brand                                     Natraj
Model                                    Viva Automatic
Colour                                    Brown
Grinding Capacity             10 Kg/h
Stars Rating                         5

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Get fresh flour at low cost Can’t grind chilies
Brass perforated sleeves
Easy to operate

Natraj Belleza Automatic Domestic Flour Mill Review

Natraj, as we have previously said, is the finest Indian brand to manufacture domestic flour mills for the household in various parts of the country. This Natraj Belleza is an automatic flour mill which is really affordable an offers a decent quality as well. It comprises of a door light, easy to move from one place to another and modular cabinet along with a special filter. The child safety lock utility has also been provided with this unit, which is really user-friendly.

Natraj Belleza Automatic Domestic Flour Mill Review - Best Flour Mill in India!Check Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!


Product Information

Brand                                     Natraj
Model                                    Belleza
Colour                                    Black
Grinding Capacity              10 Kg/h
Stars Rating                         5

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Retains all the nutrients of the grains The grinding capacity gets low with solid grains
Sturdy motor speed at 2800 RPM
Inbuilt vacuum cleaning device

Milcent Neo Automatic Domestic Atta Chakki Review

Milcent is a 70 years old company that manufactures flour mill for all over the world. The domestic flour mills offered by Milcent are both affordable as well as the very best as far as their operability is concerned. It is an efficient and needful home appliance that has the capability to grind 8-10 Kg of grain in an hour. It can help you in grinding bajri, wheat, jowar, gram lentil/rice, maize, pulses, and coriander and comes in with a 1-year warranty on the product.

Milcent Neo Automatic Domestic Flour Mill ReviewCheck Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!


Product Information

Brand                                     Milcent
Model                                    7Neo
Colour                                    Black
Grinding Capacity              10 Kg/h
Stars Rating                         5

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Really energy efficient No vacuum cleaning unit
Highly effective in grinding
Nice container capacity

Haystar Flour Mill Deluxe Review

The Haystar Deluxe flour mill unit is a really fabulous unit which offers many useful features. It comes in with the isafe utility that turns off the machine automatically when there is no grain. It has the child safe feature, which doesn’t let the machine to run if the door remains open. The machine also works producing very low noise as compared to a mixer grinder and it consumes very less electricity. It grinds nearly 8-10 Kg of grain within an hour and further there is no wastage of flour.

Haystar Flour Mill Deluxe Review - Best Domestic Atta Chakki Check Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!


Product Information

Brand                                     Haystar
Model                                    HFM_123
Colour                                    White
Grinding Capacity              10 Kg/h
Stars Rating                         4.8

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Heavy duty die-cast iron formulation The cloth filter isn’t like it is displayed
iSafe feature offers automatic shut-down
Copper wire motor

Haystar Domestic Flour Mill Standard Blue Review

This flour mill from Haystar is really easy to clean and requires vacuuming unit and thus avoids the high-maintenance plastic chamber. You can also read about more machines related to Breads and Atta by clicking here! It also has the child safety feature which doesn’t let the machine to run if its door is left open. The machine is fully automatic and has the capability to grind any kind of grains with a long lasting and durable construction. The multi-channel airflow offers better cooling for the motor and a longer life to the mill. It further comprises a self-cleaning milling chamber as well.

Haystar Domestic Flour Mill Standard Blue Review - One of the Best Flour Mills in India!Check Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!


Product Information

Brand                                     Haystar
Model                                    HFM-126
Colour                                    Standard Blue
Grinding Capacity              10 Kg/h
Stars Rating                         4.7

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Really very easy to clean The mill is a bit noisy
Long lasting durability of the unit
Multi-channel airflow keeps motor cool

Natraj Florence Automatic Domestic Flour Mill Review (Author's Choice)

The Natraj Florence Automatic Domestic Flour Mill is known to be the best as well as affordable flour mill made for the household usage. The door of the flour mill has a light for visibility and is really easy to move. The unit further has a modular unit and a special filter to provide fine ground grains to you. It also comes in with overload protection, child safety lock, and a microprocessor driven control unit which makes it really user-friendly.

Natraj Florence Automatic Domestic Flour Mill Review - Best Flour Mill in India!Check Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!


Product Information

Brand                                     Natraj
Model                                    Florence
Colour                                    White
Grinding Capacity              7 Kg/h
Stars Rating                         4.6

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
High-gloss two-tone finish The flour doesn’t fall completely inside the drum
Food-grade ABS material
Easy to maintain

Haystar Domestic Flour Mill Deluxe Review

This Haystar Domestic Flour Mill comes in with the iSafe feature that turns off the machine as soon as the grains are over in the machine. The child safe feature is also available which doesn’t let the machine to turn on while the door is open. The unit also produces really low noise while being used and the electricity consumption is also less as compared to other units in the market. The motor is also powerful as it is capable of grinding 8 Kg of grains in an hour’s time.

Haystar Domestic Flour Mill Deluxe Review - Best Domestic Flour Mill!Check Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!


Product Information

Brand                                     Haystar
Model                                    HFM-122
Colour                                    White
Grinding Capacity              8 Kg/h
Stars Rating                         4.4

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
iSafe feature is available The flour spills a bit
Child-safe locking feature
Very energy-efficient

Haystar Flour Mill (Gharghanti) Review

This Haystar flour mill unit is fully automatic in its operation and comprises of die cast-iron that offers you a seamless 20-year long-lasting endurance. The unit further has the capability to grind any king of grains, millets, spices, and sprouts as well. The unit comes in with the isafe feature that automatically turns off the machine while the grains aren’t present in the grinder. The child lock safety feature also helps to prevent any kind of accident that might occur and the unit is also really energy-efficient and saves you money.

Haystar Flour Mill (Gharghanti) ReviewCheck Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!


Product Information

Brand                                     Haystar
Model                                    HFM 125
Colour                                    Brown
Grinding Capacity              8 Kg/h
Stars Rating                         4.3

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
iSafe feature for automatic shut-down No vacuuming unit for cleaning
Child lock safety feature to avoid accidents
Silicon stamping copper wire motor

Milcent Neo Talky Domestic Gharghanti Review

The brand names Milcent has been manufacturing such products for exactly 70 years straight now and has been evolving in a really positive manner. The units provided by Milcent offer many useful features and utilities. The new and advanced feature that this flour mill has is its taking ability and the way is provides you instruction to ground the grains. The unit further has a really powerful motor that has the capability to grind each and every kind of grains.

Milcent Neo Talky Domestic Flour Mill Review - Best Gharghanti in India!Check Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!


Product Information

Brand                                    Milcent Model                                   MT 2300 Colour                                   Dark Brown
Grinding Capacity              8 Kg/h
Stars Rating                         4

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
It is talking flour mill No vacuum cleaner provided
Powerful electric motor
Consumes very less energy

Haystar Flour Mill Modular Wooden Review

This domestic flour mill from Haystar has all that one would like to have in its flour mill at home. This flour mill offers a really modular look along with the wooden finish on the exterior that goes with any kind of interiors. Above that the machine is fully automatic and works really well. The flour mill is capable of grinding any kind of grains and spices. Apart from that it comprises of a isafe feature that automatically shuts down the machine whenever the grains have been ground. The child lock safety feature also helps to avoid any kind of accident that might cause harm.

Haystar Flour Mill Modular Wooden ReviewCheck Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!


Product Information

Brand                                     Haystar
Model                                    HFM_102
Colour                                    Wooden
Grinding Capacity              10 Kg/h
Stars Rating                         4

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
iSafe feature to shut down the machine automatically No vacuuming unit provided with the unit
Child lock safety feature
Long lasting durability

Flour Mills (Gharghanti) – Buying Guide

What are Tips & Tricks for Purchasing a Quality Flour Mill?

Selecting the Best Flour Mill for your shop or home is pretty crucial for the reason that the incorrect one might not be appropriate in accomplishing the desired task in the way you want. If any of our users are searching for a top-notch or an ideal flour mill, considering the below-given tips for purchasing a flour mill before you hit the market to buy one is really essential.

Type of Power

The most significant tip or trick to think through is to recognize the several different types of flour mills. There are plenty of such types that are available on the market like the electric flour mills or the petrol-powered flour mill. Both of them possess their personal share of qualities and flaws. In fact, the electric flour mills are shabby and light in weight. On the other hand, it also needs an electrical outlet and isn’t as durable and commanding such as the petrol-driven flour mills.

Conversely, petrol-driven flour mills are even more dominant and are impeccable for recurrent tasks and don’t necessitate any power or electric supply. In a majority of situations, the petrol-driven flour mills are worthy whilst there is an absence of electric power supply close to you or in your locality.

Flour Mill Size

The subsequent tip is selecting the appropriate flour mill size that is ideal for getting the task done. It is significant to ponder upon the number of grains prior to purchasing a flour mill since that would drive the performance of your unit in the ideal direction.

Handling Ease

The final tip that we would like to surface down here is to select the flour mill that offers the appropriate fit, which suggests that it might be transported and hang down contentedly whilst being stored, kept idle, or when migrated. Following this intrinsically allows the users to function pretty superiorly that viewing at the available space in addition to the handle size in the middle of the front and back handles is necessary.

In purchasing any flour mill, you just make sure that the instrument isn’t tough to transport or move. It is superior if you grip them first prior to purchasing then making past any sort of doubt that the size and weight are appropriate. The consistency is similarly looked-for where there are the numerous prevalent four mill brands for sale on the market.

When we want to buy a mill the doubt is … which is the one that suits me?

  • Electric home mills:  If we are going to grind small amounts of flour, a small Electric home mill is sufficient, but if we want to make several kilos of flour, larger mills are recommended to avoid heating. The mills for home use are designed to grind no more than 3-5 kg of grain at a time. If we buy a more powerful mill, we get it faster. The power does not determine that the flour is more or less fine.
  • Electric mills for semi-industrial use: These are used for small bakeries, communities, groups. The big size mill is the best options for milling several kilos at a time. They are mills between a homemade mill and an industrial mill.
  • Manual mill: the manual mill can be converted to electric if the optional motor is adapted. It is a good option for all those who do not have good electricity supply or who do not want to depend on electricity. It is a small mill, in case you need a manual mill that offers higher performance, we recommend the Manual mill.
  • Mixed mills:  Mixed mills integrate grain mill and flakes. These mills are the ideal option for people who want to make flour and flakes at home, since in a single mill they have both pieces. In this way they take up less space and the flake mill, when integrated into a larger casing, does not need to be clamped, as is the case with individual manual grinders.

Things to keep in mind while buying the flour mills for the home:


All the flour mills have a shield for excess heating; they mechanically stop and do not permit them to be put back into process until the essential security time has beyond. This happens when they are overused, that is to say more time than recommended, thus avoiding possible breakdowns. As an example we will say that all the mills can grind continuously between 30 minutes to 45 minutes, depends on the power of the engine. In any case we recommend that you always grind the flour necessary for immediate use, it does not make sense to grind a Kg of flour if you are going to use half a kilo.


The motor of the flour mills should be of superior quality because if we by a flour mills with low quality motor then it will damage soon. We have to spend lots on repairing


According to the use to which the mill is dedicated, the guarantee is:

  • Home use: 12 years
  • A shops, small restaurants, artisan bakers, universities, etc: 2 years

Personal Recommendation

There are many domestic flour mill units available in the market and we have presented the best units in front of you featuring our Top 10 Flour Mill listing. Choosing one out of them might also be tricky at times and some might also find it easy to choose. But in any case, we here also offer you our personal suggestion so as to which unit you must buy to never get troubled by any sort of trouble afterwards.

Natraj Florence Automatic Domestic Flour Mill Review - Best Atta Chakki in India!Check Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!


The domestic flour mill that we are going to suggest you to buy is the Natraj Florence Automatic Domestic Flour Mill, which is a very decent model within the seamless range of domestic flour mills. The unit offers an inbuilt vacuuming unit, door-light, safety features, and a very powerful motor. So, buy this domestic flour mill and become a smart buyer.

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How do flour mills work?

The smaller homemade flour mills work in the same way as the larger industrial mills. They usually work with electric power or can be operated manually. The electric mills for the home are quite easy to use and the operator simply introduces the grain, lights the mill and, very soon, has freshly ground floor.

The milling process is the most important step in the milling machines. The manner in which the grain is broken affects the subsequent operations of sieving and purification. The grinding process can be classified into four systems:

  1. The rupture system, which separates the endosperm from the bran and the germ
  2. The size system, which separates the small pieces of bran attached to the large pieces of the endosperm
  3. The reduction system, which reduces the endosperm to the flour
  4. The tailings system, which separates the fiber from the recovered endosperm from the other three systems.

The quality characteristics of the flour particles are greatly influenced by the grinding action used in the reduction system. The most obvious effects are the amount of starch damage in the flour and the variations in the color of the flour due to the contamination of the bran.

In the milling operation, the energy is spent to separate the bran and the endosperm and reduce the endosperm to the flour. This uses approximately 50% of the power connected to the milling system and results in the generation of heat and the loss of moisture in the soil material. The first primitive mills consisted solely of grinding to reduce the grain of wheat to flour to make a bread product. As the taste for refined white flour grew, so did the complexity of the milling system. It is during the grinding process that the basic work is done. All other operations (transport, sorting, purification and other mixing operations) use less energy and could be considered secondary requirements for the milling system.

The effect of roller mill rolls to grinding

There are two types of roller mill rollers such as crushing roller mill rollers and reduction roller mill rollers;

  1. Crushing rolls grinding rollers form an angle in the rolls to fulfill the missions of cutting-opening, excavation, crushing and division of wheat. For this, it has threads that extend. Their numbers, angles and heights in centimeters vary according to the way in which these threads will destroy and cut the product. Unless there is an adequate selection of roller threads, there will be problems related to efficiency and quality.
  2. Rolling roller reducing rollers is straight with straight rollers. The task of the reduction roller is to gradually convert the semolina obtained in the grinding system into flour and make flakes by grinding bran and germ particles. They perform the tasks of compression, crushing and crushing. The expansion occurs at the edges due to the heat released due to the compression and crushing of these rollers; A small bend is given to the central part to ensure the crushing in parallel and also while the rollers are running. This curvature varies according to the density and structure of the product to pass. If the proper tilt is not selected, complete shredding cannot be provided and, therefore, quality defects with performance losses are observed.
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