10 Best Sewing Machines In India (November 2022)

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In case you are an apprentice who desires to perform fundamental hemming, or a professional sewer with your visions set on a complex quilt or ingenious curtains, purchasing the Best Sewing Machine in India is going to be the finest option to go about it. Certainly, having needle supremacy back in trend, your sewing machine might be able to triumph of a place inside your house– and in case you opt to buy the appropriate one, it might even last you a generation.

Top 10 Best Sewing Machines In India

Therefore, today we have aligned the Top Machines for Sewing in India that you may purchase, describing every single thing, ranging from the entry-stage sewing machines for beginners to the professional models for cross-stitch or tough materials. Further, in case you don’t recognize your buttonhole from the bobbin, or that feed dog from the free arm, we have also come up with a Sewing Machine Buyer’s Guide, which delivers you the smallest of things that you should look for whilst purchasing a sewing machine from the market.

Editor's Picks: 5 of the Top Sewing Machine Brands In India

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The Best Sewing Machines In India You Can Buy Today

1. Brother FS 101 Computerized Sewing Machine Review

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When we are to give you a list of the best sewing machines, we shall always present the efficient ones. And on this list of best sewing machines in India, our first choice is Brother FS 101 Computerized Sewing Machine. Those of you who are already in the world of sewing needs no information about this brand. It is one of the popular brands in the industry that offers you an excellent product at a considerable price. You can buy this sewing machine online from

The FS101 sewing machine from Brother comes with many amazing features. It comprises 100 innovative built-in sewing value stitches, attractive, heirloom and quilting sews. Apart from this, you also get 55 alphanumeric stitches for better sealing and 8 types of buttonholes. The device features a suitable STOP/START switch with which you can easily control it. The stress-free speed regulator helps you to control the speed more efficiently. The machine also features a built-in open arm feature which encourages originality and diversity to a limitless platform. It is an efficient option for sewing on tough to reach regions such as the sleeves and cuffs. All these exciting and efficient features come with a 2 year warranty period that ensures the best user experience with the assurance of achieving the benefits for longer.

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Product Information

Brand                                   Brother
Model                                   FS 101
Built-In Stitches                                100
Colour                                    White
Stars Rating                        4.9

Pros & Cons

Computerized sewing machine No demo provided at home
8 styles of button holes
Inbuilt needle threader

2. Brother GS 1700 Sewing Machine Review

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On our list and in the heart of many excellent sewers, this specific brand produces top of the line sewing machines that will make your work easier and smoother. It is the primary reason why a lot of tailors, fashion designers, and other professional sewers choose Brother for their professional sewing needs. Brother GS 1700 Sewing Machine is the next top sewing machine on our list. The sewing machine comes with many excellent features under a considerable price range that you can purchase online from It can be one of the best choices for beginners or intermediate sewers. 

One of the best parts about this sewing machine is that it includes 17 stitching models that help you to do different kinds of stitching jobs at ease. The LED lights at the sewing point are bright enough to give you a clear vision, even when it is totally dark. Another amazing feature that eliminates the struggle of needle threading is its automatic needle threading system. There is also a 4-step buttonhole system present in the machine which allows you to make beautiful buttonholes in a hassle-free way. The quick-set bobbin on the top lets you start your sewing task much faster because the bobbin can be easily set.

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Product Information

Brand                                    Brother
Model                                    GS 1700
Built-In Stitches                                 17
Colour                                   White
Stars Rating                         4.5

Pros & Cons

Top load bobbin feature Doesn’t offer many accessories and tools
Automatic needle threader
4-step button hole

3. Usha Janome Allure 75-Watt Sewing Machine Review

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Usha needs no introduction to any of us. It is one of India's leading brands in the industry of home appliances. Moreover, the brand has gained a huge reputation in every part of the continent thanks to the high-quality products and their performances. Needless to say that the brand takes care of all your worries and complaints while resolving them as soon as possible. Therefore, the next sewing machine on our list is Usha Janome Allure 75-Watt Sewing Machine that you can purchase online from for a very reasonable price. Now, let's see what this sewing machine has to offer you.

Usha's Allure sewing machine is one of the popular models from the company's Janome series of sewing machines. It is an automatic machine that features electrical zig-zag sewing stitching which allows you to choose the stitch length. Thanks to the free arm of this machine, you can sew in circular motion quite conveniently too. This sewing machine comes with 21 applications, including stretch stitching, button fixing, rolled hemming, zip fixing, satin stitch, and smocking, etc. And it can be the perfect option for you if you are looking to enhance your sewing skills. This machine features two dials which let you choose from 13 inbuilt stitching functions, such as zig-zag, tricot stitch, blind hem stitch, satin stitch and others. Most importantly, thanks to the compact design, the device is extremely portable, and you can store it even in a small cupboard. 

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Product Information

Brand                                   Usha
Model                                    Allure
Built-In Stitches                                 13
Colour                                    White
Stars Rating                         4.3

Pros & Cons

Free arm automatic zig-zag machine The demo isn’t provided for the sewing machine
Light in weight sewing machine
Comes with a carrying handle

4. Singer Promise 1408 Sewing Machine Review

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Singer Promise, an American manufacturer of Sewing machines has been serving for more than centuries now. It is another prominent brand in the industry known for its excellent products and service efficiency. Next on our list of best sewing machines in India, we present the outstanding machine from the brand- Singer Promise 1408 Sewing Machine. This sewing machine is very much capable of delivering the result that you want. Also, thanks to their amazing build, it is a safe investment to go for. You can purchase the machine online from at a reasonable price. 

This sewing machine features a strong metal design which ensures the durability of the product. Thanks to the heavy-duty frame, you get assured stability while working since it does not move from its place. The sewing machine lets you choose among the 8 preset stitches that you can use for various stitching jobs and you can use the sewing machine in a multifunctional way. The stitches include straight, buttonhole, zigzag, rick rack, blind hems, scallop, and rampart. You can easily switch between the stitch patterns by turning a regulator knob attached to the machine. Here you also get some preset stitch length and width so that you don’t have to do it manually. The removable free-arm feature offers you better circular stitching. It provides easy access to otherwise difficult to reach areas such as collars, cuffs, etc. 

This machine also comes with a good range of accessories, including four Snap-on presser feet, edge or quilting guide, bobbins, large thread spool cap, pack of needles, spool pin felt, L-screwdriver, darning plate, seam ripper/lint brush, soft-sided dust cover. You can also add further accessories as you keep on progressing with your job. Along with all these amazing features, the machine also comes with a 2-year warranty on its purchase which makes your purchase more secure.

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Product Information

Brand                                   Singer
Model                                   1408 Promise
Built-In Stitches                                 8
Colour                                   White
Stars Rating                         4.2

Pros & Cons

Automatic 4-step buttonhole feature The after sales service is poor
Really easy and straightforward threading
Heavy-duty metal frame

5. Usha Janome Wonder Stitch Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine (White)

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We have already mentioned how famous and trustworthy a brand is Usha. Usha products have always been regarded as one of the most excellent and efficient ones. So, the next on our list and the second-best Usha choice is nothing other than Usha International Prime Sewing Machine. If you are a beginner who is tight on budget, this sewing machine can be the perfect option for you. Needless to say, the brand has not compromised its quality as compared to its price. You can purchase the sewing machine online from at an excellent price. 

Like all other sewing machines on our list, this one is an automatic zig-zag sewing machine that offers many pattern-stitching. Thanks to the efficient performance of the machine, you can stitch any sort of cloth material with a lot of ease. It includes 6 built-in stitches to accomplish various types of stitching works. Thanks to the single-touch reverse stitch, you can reverse the stitching hassle-free as per your preference. It also comes with the 4-step button holing that provides a lot of handiness. Thanks to the picot application, it further enhances the quality of the sewing machine. As far as the build quality is concerned, the device has a sturdy build. So, if you’re a beginner who wants to experiment with the machine without worrying too much about the device getting damaged, it is just the right choice for you.

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Product Information

Brand                                   Usha
Model                                    International Prime
Built-In Stitches                                 6
Colour                                    White
Stars Rating                        4.2

Pros & Cons

Automatic zig zag machine The thread might often break
4-step button holing
6 Built-In stitches provided

6. Usha Janome Dream Stitch Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine (White And Blue)

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Another excellent Usha sewing machine on our list is the Usha Janome Wonder Stitch Sewing Machine. Having a Zig-zag electric sewing machine eases up your stitching work. Therefore, you can rely on the stitch’s quality also. With this machine, you get lots of adjustment options to make it perfect for your specific purpose. The device comes with many excellent features, making it one of the must-have choices for those who are passionate about sewing. You can buy it online from today. Now let us show you a descriptive picture of the device. 

One of the best things that we liked about the machine is its spacious design. It gives you a lot of space to focus on what you are doing. It also offers you 13 different stitch modes, which enables you to select from various types of stitches. The 21 different essential stitching functions in this machine include blind stitch hemming, zip fixing, rolled hemming, smocking, button fixing, and stretch stitching which helps you to acquire various styles and fulfill different purposes at ease. The magical part is that there is also a chamber inside the machine, which lets you store different accessories in it. 

As mentioned earlier, thanks to the larger base, it has a sturdier design that stabilizes your sewing experience. Besides, the machine has a speed of 860 stitches per minute which makes your job pretty fast. Usha Janome Wonder Stitch Sewing Machine comes with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty which further ensures the safety of your investment. 

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Product Information

Brand                                    Usha
Model                                   Wonder Stitch
Built-In Stitches                                14
Colour                                   White
Stars Rating                        4.2

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Automatic needle threading The customer support isn’t that impressive
Comes with stitch-length selection
Comes in with a carrying handle

7. Singer 8280 Sewing Machine Review

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You can only craft a high-quality product when you have the perfect instrument. And for sewing jobs, you must be very much careful while choosing a sewing machine. Following that, purchasing from Singer is definitely one of the greatest decisions that you can make. It is where we present this review of the Singer 8280 sewing machine. This particular sewing machine is loaded with features that you will need to acquire the desired result at best. You can purchase this sewing machine from a great price range. As you are going to read further, you will surely get impressed with the advantages and the features that this machine has to offer.

The sewing machine has an amazing build quality which ensures the durability of the device. Thanks to the lightweight of the machine, it is highly portable and can be used for various purposes. You get 7 built-in stitch patterns that offer you various pattern-stitching and 24 stitch functions with a maximum stitch width of 5mm. Moreover, thanks to the high quality and powerful motor, the needles drive through bulky fabrics. It has a built-in thread cutter which can cut down the thread more precisely without even the help of a third-party cutter. Thanks to the removable arm, it gives you better circular stitching. 

The LED light can assist you in stitching even in a darker condition. You can put all the tools that you are using on your sewing projects in the accessory storage to make everything more organized. The oscillation half-shuttle mechanism makes the flow of the thread much smoother and prevents any kind of mishaps while using the machine. All these features come with a 2-year warranty period, making your purchase more secure and trustworthy. 

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Product Information

Brand                                    Singer
Model                                   8280
Built-In Stitches                                7
Colour                                   White
Stars Rating                        4.2

Pros & Cons

Change presser feet in seconds Asking for demo is a big headache
Accessory storage in extension table
Oscillating shuttle mechanism

8. Usha Janome Automatic Stitch Magic Sewing Machine Review

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The next top choice on our list and the best eighth is again an excellent product from Usha. Usha Janome Stitch Magic Sewing Machine is one of the best sewing machines for beginners as well as professionals and fashion designing lovers. The machine offers a smoother performance which makes it easy to use since it is loaded with features that you can always utilize as per your needs. Usha Janome Stitch Magic Sewing Machine is available on at a great price offer. 

The first and foremost loved feature of this machine is that with Usha Janome Stitch Magic Sewing Machine you can get 13 different stitchings which makes your many jobs much simpler. Another point that would surely impress you is that the machine can make straight or zig-zag stitches. There are several other features such as an automatic thread cutter, triple strength stitch strength as well. It also has different length adjustments. You can change these settings with the help of a dial stitching pattern and slider controllers which are easy to use and adjust. The Triple Strength Stitch ensures that the stitches are strong enough to last for extended periods. 

The machine has a speed of 860 stitches per minute that allows you to finish your sewing project quickly. With the thread tension control, you can manipulate the proper amount of tension that is needed for your threads for safer and more efficient sewing. Overall, the machine gives you a lot of conveniences, features. The brand offers you a warranty of 2 years on this product that ensures the genuineness and longevity of it.

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Product Information

Brand                                   Usha
Model                                   Stitch Magic
Built-In Stitches                                 23
Colour                                    White & Blue
Stars Rating                         4.2

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
One-step button hole The thread gets stuck at times
Automatic needle threader
Full aluminum body

9. Usha Janome Marvela 60-Watt Sewing Machine (White/Blue Decals)

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Assurance of the quality is what you need before you buy any sewing machine. Sewing machines handle the creation of our clothes and their repair when necessary. Hence, while choosing only the best machines, we have come up with the Usha Janome Marvela Sewing Machine, another top and efficient product from the brand Usha. This sewing machine has a lot to offer that gives you a smooth sewing experience with any type of clothes. You can purchase this machine online from 

Usha Janome Marvela Sewing Machine a sewing machine that is truly light in weight which makes it extremely easy to carry wherever you go. Thanks to the compact size and sleek design, you can fit this machine in your cupboard easily. It comes with built-in stitches that let you select among the 7 various stitches that you can use for your various designs. The device has an auto tripping bobbin system that makes the rethreading in an automatic way sparing you from the huge time and effort in doing manual threading. Another useful feature is the built-in thread cutter that cuts the thread automatically or when necessary and offers a much quicker sewing session. Thanks to the single touch reverse switch, the machine automatically does a reverse maneuver every time you are sewing. The LED lights are bright enough to assist your sewing in night or under any low light condition. There is also a free arm for better circular stitching. All these features are backed by a 2-year warranty period from the brand that assures the product quality. 

[amazon box=”B0836DGCT1″]

Product Information

Brand                                    Usha
Model                                   Marvela
Built-In Stitches                                 7
Colour                                   Green Decals
Stars Rating                        4

Pros & Cons

Thread cutter at needle bar The reverse switch button has a problem
4-step button holing
Compact & portable with handle

10. Brother GS 3700 Sewing Machine Review

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The last one on our list is none other than the sewing machine from one of the most known brands, Brother, the Brother GS 3700 Sewing Machine. This sewing machine, like all the preceding ones, offers certain excellent features that ensure the total convenience and efficiency of your sewing experience. 

The machine features an auto needle threader, thanks to which the insertion of the thread in the needle is done automatically, which lessens your workload. The LED lights offer a fine view of the cloth even when there is no light around. You also get the stitch length and width selector, which allows you to choose the proper length and width of the stitches easily. The machine can also create wide buttonholes automatically thanks to the 1-step buttonholing feature. Unlike any other devices before, the Brother GS 3700 Sewing Machine features 71 Built-in Stitching Functions which gives you the ability to choose among the 71 stitching functions for a wide array of projects.

[amazon box=”B00E9NDGM8″]

Product Information

Brand                                   Brother
Model                                   GS 3700
Built-In Stitches                                 37
Colour                                   White
Stars Rating                         4

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Top load bobbin utility The buttonhole switch is problematic
Inbuilt free needle threader
Automatic button hole

Best Sewing Machines To Buy Online: Products Table

Personal Recommendation

All the sewing machines that we have reviewed above have all the amazing features that a sewing machine must have to provide an awesome sewing experience and maximum power and authority. With our reviews, every one of our users will find it easier to buy the finest model of sewing machine available in the market. But, the customers who are still finding it tough to choose one out of the tally may go with our personal suggestion.

This is our personal recommendation:

[amazon box=”B00SPROE20″ template=”list”]

The Brother GS 1700 Sewing Machine comprises of 17 built-in stitches, LED light, Top Load Bobbin function, and the automatic needle threading system along with 4-step buttonhole functionality.

Things To Consider When Buying A Sewing Machine: Buying Guide

You might require a sewing machine for solving plenty of purposes, and to perform stitching on a diverse selection of fabrics or clothes. Top Sewing Machines require having a diversity of features to be capable of handling a wide assortment of fabrics, deprived of extending or doing away with the cloth. Somebody who distinguishes how to work up a sewing machine would certainly need these features to be there in the sewing machine. If this is your primary time in purchasing a sewing machine, we would like to help you out in finding the best one with our buying guide.

Things To Consider When Buying A Sewing Machine: Buying Guide


Automatic Buttonholer

An automatic buttonholer function is a sewing machine, which assists you to easily prepare a hole in the shirt, devoid of triggering any woe. It ensures that you don’t need to halt and turn the garment of the shirt. Some sewing machines offer this function, which moreover permits you to inset the button hooked on the slot short of any tough work so that the machine stitches a buttonhole inside it.

Feed-Dog Fine-Tuning

A few sewing machines assist you to perform stress-free stitching for the faultless needlework and design owing to the existence of this function. This function assists you to outrun the customary apparatus of stitching to style the best of the garments.

Good Controls & Ergonomics

Sewing machines should possess user-pleasant controls and must be receptive to the applied pressure on that foot pedal. It moreover shouldn’t howl or stall whilst sewing dense fabric or manifold layers. The existence of cool controls turns it easy for the users to grasp and operate them and permits the operators to make comprehensive use of their sewing machine.

Needle Position

Sewing machines permit their needles to travel around effortlessly to a bigger surface area so that user is capable of moving it about the garment as ample as likely. This function turns it possible for the sewing machine to simply lift up the pressure foot and move a corner deprived of utilizing a jump stitch.

Needle Threader

The sewing machine’s needle threader allows the machine to tug the thread from the needle’s eye, which certainly saves a lot of effort and time. It turns it really easy to perform this gallingly annoying task of setting your thread into the needle’s eye, which turns it a pretty necessary feature.

Presser Feet

You should recognize the number presser feet that are available in your sewing machine prior to purchasing one. You might require a multi-purpose foot to perform the most fundamental stitching job, such as zigzag and straight stitches. However, for a further compound stitching job, you might require a more progressive buttonhole foot and zipper foot to get the task performed.

Power Switch

The power switch function assists the user to switch their sewing machine off or on. A power switch provided with your sewing machine should be the safest function in your machine to assist in preventing any sort of a mishap.

Speed Control

This functionality assists the user to decide the speed at which the sewing machine is going to function or the speed upon which the material is served into the machine, confirming the best-stitched job. A continuous speed assists the user to get a smooth stitching design, deprived of halting in the middle.

Tension Adjustment

This feature aids in adjusting how taut the needle thread is held, which requires to be altered as per the job in hand. You should look for the supreme stitch length of a sewing machine prior to purchasing it, together with the sewing machine’s width.

Top-Load Bobbin

The up-to-date sewing machines comprise of a built-in functionality of a top-load bobbin, which turns it conceivable for the sewing machine to humbly slip open the panel and drop the bobbin.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What does it mean to have an automatic buttonhole system?

It means that the needle with the thread is attached to the sewing machine, and is computerized. This is one of the most important features of a sewing machine.

2. What is a zig zag sewing machine?

A sewing machine that follows a zig zag pattern is called a zig zag machine, where sewing is done side by side instead of in a straight line.

3. Is the number of stitches available important?

It is! The more different types of stitches your sewing machine offers, the more flexible and creative you can get. Some patterns will need specific stitch patterns to be ideally created.

A Final Word

So, these were all the Best Sewing Machines you can find on the market! I remember when I was small, I used to help my mom and grandmother in getting the thread into the needle. Those were fun times. But since then, sewing machines have come a long way. I imagine I can sew by myself if I wanted to with these beginner-friendly and ultra-functional sewing machines. If you are more interested in making things easier, check out the top computerized sewing machines for faster and easier sewing!

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