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5 Best Coffee Grinders in India

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If you’re a coffee lover, then surely you must have tried your hands on best of the best coffee makers in the quest of sipping the best morning coffee ever! Are you still in the quest? If yes, then do you know why? It happens for one simple reason when we fail to realize a simple fact that no wonder how good and exclusive our coffee maker is unless the beans you’re using is of the utmost quality, it won't appeal you. And, if you’re a true coffee snub then you know how true it is. To get better tasting, fresh coffee of all times, grind your beans good enough. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do it all by yourself. Our list of the Best Coffee Grinders in India will do the trick for you. If you’re making coffee why not make the best coffee ever! This list is prepared after having a detailed and thoughtful conversation with best coffee makers from around the corners. And, it all boils down to the one thing that can make a world of difference in the coffee that you make and that is – A Coffee Grinder.

In this post, you’ll find the best-rated top 5 coffee grinders but before you scroll down to the best options let’s talk a bit about why you need a coffee grinder in the first place. To make the best sane decision, you must know your product right. Be a smart consumer, and yes you’re as you’re reading this post and smiling. Stay tuned!

Things to Know

Pre-ground coffee isn’t good enough

That bag of pre-ground coffee went musty long before you swallowed it. When you grind coffee, it proximately begins to issue aromas – and you’ll notice the variance this makes in the cup. A beverage prepared with coffee that was ground just fifteen minutes ago wills dearth the same flavors and smells as worthy, freshly ground beans. And if you’re buying specialty coffee, you want it to taste its finest.

You want the right grind size for your brewer

Do you know the grind size you need for your favorite brew method and recipe? Every brewing method has an ideal grind profile. Pre-ground coffee won’t just be stale; it also might be too coarse or fine. (It’s also worth mentioning that, while most grinders offer a good range of sizes, some won’t brew fine enough for Turkish coffee.)

You want to switch between brewing methods – or recipes

Let’s say you have numerous brewing methods: a V60, a French press, and a home espresso machine. Why would you buy discrete coffee for your different brewing means when you could buy one bag and grind suitably at the comfort of your home?

What’s more, grind size is key to abstraction and, by testing with slight differences in it; you can control the flavor of your coffee.

You’re fed up with inconsistent or bad coffee

An erratic grind can lead to a bad brew, whether the problem is bitterness, acridness, or merely that you cannot get the same taste twice. But when you use a poor-value grinder, you’re possible to have larger and smaller pieces (“boulders” and “fines”) mixed in with your grounds. The boulders will under-extract, making a sour and unstable taste; the fines will over-extract, toting bitterness.

Just imagine: you bought an extraordinary coffee (and perhaps paid quite a bit for it). But at the present, you just can’t get it to taste the same way it does in the café – and it’s all because of your grinder.

You want to have a little more control over your espresso

We all want our espresso, don’t we? Then it’s time to get a little methodological! There are couple of things that matter including temperature and humidity, the time of day, and even the age of your roasted beans can affect the ideal grind size for your espresso machine and recipe. For example, when humidity is greater, the coffee beans will captivate some of that wetness.

Having a good grinder will let you more precision over the grind of your coffee beans – which simply means you can have the same great coffee in spite of the weather, time of day, or if your beans are a few days older. You can also take a look at an Espresso Machine to make your espresso on time and that too perfectly!

Best Coffee Grinder in India Reviewed!

1. Glen SA4045G 350-Watt Mini Grinder Review

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Coffee is more than just a drink. It provides you with enough energy to start your day with a brand new spirit. So, as you are passionate about it and finding a quality grinder, our job is to present you with the best options available in the market. Glen is one of the most reputed manufacturers of Coffee grinders in India. The brand has received a huge reputation for its product because of its quality, performance and durability. Following that, Glen SA4045G 350-Watt Mini Grinder is our first choice on the list that you can buy online from It is also one of the best models manufactured by this brand.

The best part about this grinder is its compact design. If you want something more personal, this coffee grinder can be the best option for you to move. It comes with a 30g jar, which is sufficient enough to serve a couple of cups at a time. The transparent lid allows you to watch what is happening inside. So, you will always know when to stop the machine. The push-button switch offers easy accessibility. It has rust-resistant blades that will last longer and serve with efficiency. The device is also backed by a 2-year warranty period which ensures the durability and longevity of the device.


[amazon box=”B00NZND5LU”]

Why we recommend it

  • It’s small and compact in size, transparent lid for clear prominence and push button switch
  • Push button switch, rust-resistant stainless steel blade and ideal for small quantity
  • Capacity: 30 grams, Power: 350 watts
  • The grinder comes with one year warranty.

2. DR MILLS DM-7452 Electric Dried Spice and Coffee Grinder Review

[amazon fields=”B08JTL9S92″ value=”button”]

When it comes to Mixer Grinders, DR MILLS is one of the most famous manufacturers of electrical goods in the market. They manufacture a variety of products, starting from kitchen appliances to fans, lights, etc. This brand nowadays hardly has any competition in the market. Their commitment to their consumers is incomparable. And that is followed by the quality of their products too. Therefore, the second choice on our list is DR MILLS DM-7452 Electric Dried Spice and Coffee Grinder. You can purchase it online from This coffee grinder from Dr Mills is one of the most efficient options available in the market. It can be used for multiple grinding jobs as well. 

The first thing that attracts you to this one is its aesthetic design. It looks so modern that not only compliments but enhances the modern interior decor of your kitchen. It has a sturdy SUS304 stainless steel body which ensures the longevity of the device. It has a capacity of 50gms which should be enough to serve a couple of cups of coffee. The sharp SS blades are anti-rust, durable and do their job efficiently. You can also use it for grinding spices, nuts, grains, etc. It houses one pulse speed that offers the consistent texture of ground spices and coffee beans. The design helps you to manage space easily. Thanks to the lightweight, you can carry it with you too. The Non-slip feet ensure the safety of the user and the device both. Considering all these features it is safe to say that this DR MILLS device is one of the best grinders available in the market. 

[amazon box=”B08JTL9S92″]


Why we recommend it

  • SUS304 Stainless steel body, sleek and compact SS design
  • 50 grams grinding capacity and 10cm height including SS Jar
  • With safety lock feature, long lasting and anti-corrosion sharp SS blades
  • One pulse speed for the consistent texture of ground spices
  • Easy to use and store one-touch control
  • Usage – spices, coffee beans, bread crumbs, nuts

3. Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder Review

[amazon fields=”B007F183LK” value=”button”]

Our next top choice, Baratza, is an American grinder company founded in 1999 that makes grinders for professionals as well as home users. The ‘Encore' is the most basic model available from Baratza, which is also one of the most popular ones. Hence, Baratza encore conical burr coffee grinder is the third choice on our list, which is one of the best burr coffee grinders. 

If you are seeking quality and performance in one model, this can be your choice. Baratza Encore Conical burr coffee grinder is manufactured in Europe which comes with 40 mm conical burrs that grind for many styles of coffee. It is also extremely energy efficient, which gives you an advantage in the electricity bills. Since the model houses conical burr, it offers a consistency that grinds from very fine to very coarse. It also features a robust build which ensures the durability of the machine. The removable bowl is easy to clean. As enhanced safety, the device has an interlock on/off switch, which will not work unless the lid is on correctly. The brand has provided a 1-year warranty period on the product. All these features make the coffee grinder one of the best available options available in the market. 


[amazon box=”B007F183LK”]

Why we recommend it

  • It’s small and compact in size, transparent lid for clear prominence and push button switch
  • One pulse speed for the consistent texture of ground spices
  • Easy to use and store one-touch control
  • Push button switch, rust-resistant stainless steel blade and ideal for small quantity

4. Krups Black Fast Touch Oval Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder with Free Cleaning Brush

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Grinding the beans is not merely an easy job. It takes precision and practice to acquire perfection. But, with the right equipment, it is no big deal. And when it comes to technology, what can beat the Germans? Krups is one of the most famous German manufacturers of kitchen appliances. Krups Black Fast Touch Oval Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder is one of the brand's most efficient and popular products that you can buy online from It comes with a free cleaning brush too. 

Krups Black Fast Touch Oval Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder bear an outstanding modern design that complements your kitchen's decor and enhances it as well. It features a 200-watt energy-efficient motor that provides fast grinding. It also has lid activated safety which prevents the device from working until the lid is properly set. Most importantly, the machine can grind beans for 12 cups of coffee at a single time. It has an oval design along with stainless steel blades that ensures uniform grinding. All these features make it one of the best choices for you to consider. 


[amazon box=”B00004SPEU”]

Why we recommend it

  • Electric Grinder With 200-Watt Motor Provides Fast Grinding
  • Large Grinding Capacity Yields Up To 12 Cups Of Coffee
  • Oval Design And Stainless Steel Blades Ensure Uniform Grinding

5. TIMEMORE Chestnut C2 Manual Coffee Grinder Review 

[amazon fields=”B08BX3HLG9″ value=”button”]

Yes, you read that right, Last on our list we have a manual Grinder. The device offers some outstanding features and houses an attractive design that traditionally compliments not only your kitchen but also enhance your camping experience. It has a capacity of grinding 25 grams coffee beans. Using this machine is extremely easy, which encourages people to try some experiments. Trust us, after using this product you'll start appreciating the coffee you make. It is very compact to carry around or to fit it in your camping equipment. It has Patented Point to Point Coarseness Adjuster so that you have full control. TIMEMORE Chestnut C2 has Aesthetic yet attractive design.


[amazon box=”B08BX3HLG9″]


[amazon box=”B0833SDN8M”]

Why we recommend it

  • Makes dry grinding easy so anyone can be inspired to try fun, new things at home like spice or coffee grinding
  • Easy to use: fill beans in the container, start press the button, after about 10-30 seconds of release the button, then it ready.
  • Features , stainless-steel blades and interior for fast-even grinding, durability and easy cleaning.
  • Compact and easy to carry for camping or travelling.

Conclusion/Personal Recommendation


[amazon box=”B007F183LK” template=”list”]

Being a smart consumer never ever negotiate on the quality of the kitchen appliances like coffee grinder you buy because of money. An appreciated coffee grinder is readily available on the Internet if you’re on a budget. If you are having a hard time finding one, we have identified a good option for you. Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder (1.00 is a worthwhile, performance oriented and a reasonable product. It is also sturdy and has a well-engineered design that will provide the best tasting coffee ever.

Things To Consider Before Buying Coffee Grinders

Coffee and relief have become synonymous in the modern dictionary of life. And while many may claim that the prior is not beneficial for your health, there are arguments. However, one thing is pretty clear that coffee helps to relieve stress and enhance our daily life. A morning that starts with coffee is said to end well. Therefore, above all the arguments, one can not deny how helpful coffee is to complement our workload and reduce stress. However, if you are a hardcore coffee drinker or love to carry a coffee encyclopedia, the restrained variety of coffee preparation in Indian shops may not suit you. So, to explore the taste more, you may want to give it a more personal touch. And what can be better than a coffee grinder in such context? 

Well, a coffee grinder lets you make your coffee exactly how you want it. But spending thousands on such a machine can not be considered cheap. And who would ever like to see the investment returning nothing? Considering that, we have prepared a list of some standards that every coffee grinder should meet. Follow the below-mentioned criteria and see if your choice grinder has those. Also, make sure that you do not compromise the quality of the price. Making coffee is an art, and you should have the proper brush to finish the painting. 


Before buying a coffee grinder, you should make sure which type you want. Blade and Blurr are two types of espresso coffee grinders. Blade grinders are the cheaper option, and they are manual, meaning you have to grind the beans on your own. Many coffee lovers widely derided this type of grinder for being inconsistent and avoiding purchasing it. Also, these grinders take too long to do your job. These are time-consuming which may not be suitable for modern-day use. There is also a risk of burning the beans if you use it for too long. But if you use low-price coffee beans, you may not notice much difference with this, and it will work fine. Plus, the price is also very tempting. 

But, if you do not mind spending a little more, we suggest you go for the Burr grinders. They help you to bring the best taste out of your coffee. These grinders are automatic, meaning they use a motor to rotate the blades minutely for the time until your coffee powder is ready. The reason behind the perfection is consistency. It produces ground coffee which is uniform with all the particles measuring the same. 

So, it depends on your preference which one you choose. Our recommendation points you towards the Burr coffee grinders which, although costlier, provides you with the best ground coffee and brings the best taste out of the beans. 

Grind Size Plays A Huge Role

Grind size or the size of the particles matter the most in quality coffee preparation. The particles of the coffee should be uniform to produce the best taste. It is one of the most important things you should consider in your search for a new coffee grinder. This factor relates directly back to the flavour and aroma you’ll get from your coffee. The quality of the beans plays a huge role in such grinding. But one cannot deny the importance of the grinder in it. Obviously, the Burr grinders have the advantage in this field over the Blade grinder. It is supremely because of their consistency of grinding. But, there are also differences in Burr grinder models. Hence, you should look carefully before buying one. Achieving fineness is the most important for espresso lovers.

Also, many grinders come with a grind size adjustment feature. It allows the connoisseur to adjust the size of the grind particles accordingly. There are two types of grinders that let you adjust the size, Stepless and Stepped. While Stepless grinders offer the connoisseur with infinite options when controlling the coffee, it may become hard to replicate the settings over and over. However, a Stepless grinder works well with espresso coffee and provides perfection. 

Stepped grinders have a limited number of controls which is enough to give you the desired quality for a perfect espresso shot. If you are a beginner, we recommend you to go for the stepped grinders. And, as you master the art, you may move forward to the Stepless ones in the future. 


Capacity is another crucial factor that works while buying a coffee grinder. It certainly plays a vital role here. You will find coffee grinders with a different capacity that you pick accordingly. Now, it depends on your usage, of course. For example, we recommend grinding coffee beans every time before making coffee to get a better flavour. Now, as you do so, that grinder that you will be using can only hold a certain amount of coffee each time you use it. By this logic, if you are making coffee only for yourself or for two or three of you, you generally won't need a high capacity for your grinder. But, if you shall regularly make coffee for several people, you should find one that can hold a good amount in it. So, considering the amount you will need frequently, one can find out the capacity that he or she will be needing to enjoy the best coffee breaks. 


Speed of a coffee grinder is another important playing factor that confuses many. While most people settle the game when they find a speedy grinder, a coffee grinder should be precisely the opposite. While grinding the coffee beans, one must be very careful about not burning the coffee that may negatively influence the flavour and aroma. But, when you ground the beans in a high-speed grinder, you are more likely to face this threat. So, high-speed grinders tend to be a cheap and lower-end model. On the contrary, the high-end and efficient models should have a low speed, leading to it taking longer to grind a cup’s worth of beans. So, while buying a coffee grinder, you should better look for a low-speed one. And if this point seems one of your priorities, check for the phrase direct drive grinders when you find a coffee grinder. The low-speed grinders are called the direct drive grinders in the industry. 

Build Material 

Burr coffee grinders are generally made of two types of materials, ceramic and stainless steel. Both these materials have their own pros and cons, which makes it tricky to choose one. Again, they are also different in conductivity factor. And as heat plays a vital role in coffee grinding, your selection of the types would matter a lot. For example, the ceramic burrs have a relatively lower thermal conductivity. It takes more time to get heated but also ample time to become cool.  On the contrary, the stainless steel burrs heat up as well as cool down pretty quickly. 

As far as durability is concerned, ceramic burrs tend to last longer than stainless steel ones. However, ceramic burrs are costlier too. Stainless steel burrs are, therefore, more common. But they will soon need a replacement in some years. But despite that, the shop owners prefer stainless steel burrs because they are cheaper and replacement is generally a pretty easy process than replacing ceramic burrs. 

So, it is safe to say that this will be your choice to pick a side and start grinding the beans. In any way, both types are well enough to serve you with the best quality coffee when you feel down. 


The peace-loving men and women always love to have something quiet and peaceful. And while the days are wild enough with screaming, honking, shattering and shouting, we want to enjoy our coffee at peace. Considering that you are a coffee lover who loves to put extra effort into grinding rather than just buying it, you will never want something to cause you immense noise. However, noise is common with the appliances that use a motor. The question here is, how much noise it will make? Will you be able to save yourself from being frustrated soon enough? Will it make your people not scream as they cannot hear the television? These probabilities are always there when we use a grinder. It makes so much noise that we easily get frustrated. The best way to know whether your device is noiseless or not is to read the description or the reviews. At some point, a reviewer will obviously address this issue which will help you know more about the grinder. 


While most coffee lovers are likely to value functionality over appearance in their decision, if your coffee grinder will be living on your kitchen counter, ideally you would want it to be something you would love looking at. So, appearance, too, matters a lot when you love your kitchen and have decorated it with passion. Modern kitchen appliances come with a design that compliments modern kitchen interiors. And coffee grinders are designed more with an appearance in mind, available in a variety of colours and finishes. If this thing matters to you, you would better want to browse other options and wait until you find something appealing. And with thousands of options available online, you will end up finding something that will match the decor of your kitchen. Hence, start looking for the one that appeals to you and your kitchen. 


Size plays a huge role while buying any kitchen appliance. You would never want something that does not fit in your available space. So, it is always better to run a quick check, in your kitchen. It is one of the practical considerations that you should make before buying a coffee grinder. So, before starting your search, make sure you have checked how much space you really have to work with. Coffee grinders are not that large, but you have to keep them somewhere. So, whether it sits on the countertop or gets stored away when it's not in use, you should make sure that you buy a product that fits in the place you have decided beforehand. 

Customer Reviews

Knowing the quality of a device before using it is almost next to impossible. And even if a brand says it all, you would want to run a practical check on that. But how can you do that without using the grinder? And if you do not want to invest your money at risk, the customer reviews help a lot in this regard. Every e-commerce website, including Amazon, has a place where customers put their reviews. These reviews basically involve the experience of purchase. The customers who have bought the product before you, leave their experiences in that slot and rate the product accordingly. 

They generally cover all the pros and cons that they faced with it. Hence, you will know the difference between the description- the promised performance, and the practical one. And if that experience satisfies you, you can go to make a purchase, and if not, you can leave it there. Look for the products that have more reviews with a higher rating. Reading a review helps to safeguard your investment by ensuring the quality of the product and the practical implementation of the descriptions mentioned by the brand. 


The price of a coffee grinder depends on various factors, including type, size, efficiency, capacity, brand, etc. And if you plan to buy a quality one, you should expect to spend a little more. So, it is better that you have a budget preference beforehand. It will help you to find the grinders accordingly and understand what you should expect better. But you should never compromise the quality for the price. A higher upfront cost may seem harder to swallow at the moment, but the long-term performance would recover than soon. Also, if you want high   -quality coffee, you should better consider higher-end models.

What are the Different Types of Coffee Grinders Available in the Market?

You are going to discover two primary choices in your pursuit to buy the best coffee grinder with every single one of them delivering a discrete level of quality and worth.

Blade Grinders

Blade grinders, also known as the manual grinders, are pretty commonly seen since they’re inexpensive. Unluckily, they’re low-priced for a cause. The coffee fans extensively put down this kind of grinder for being erratic – the coffee beans that you grind are going to be delivered partly coarse, incompletely powder and every other sort of particle sizes amidst.

In case you utilize a blade grinder for an extensive time period, there is a threat of burning the coffee, which is further going to disturb the eminence of the flavor. To be reasonable to the blade grinders, they function in an appropriate manner when the spices are to be ground. Further, if you generally twig with low-cost coffee types, then you may not perceive a lot of variance with a blade grinder against a top-end model; however, that reasonable price tag might be pretty tempting.

However, in case you propose to devote money on top-quality coffee beans, then you would perhaps be more contented spending on a coffee grinder that is appropriate for them.

Burr Grinders

In case you desire to purchase a grinder that is going to assist you in getting the finest flavor out of the coffee, you are going to be content with moving a step ahead from the blade grinders to buy the burr grinder. The burr grinders deliver well-ground coffee that is smooth – every single particle comes out having a similar size. The coffee enthusiasts catch that this constancy makes a big variance in the superiority of the coffee’s flavor.

Burr grinders are available in 2 distinct types: flat and conical plate. There are minor differences in the manner they go about grinding the coffee beans, but at large the quality of the particles is alike amongst the two. The flat burr grinders charge more and are superior at producing constancy in the size of the particle. The conical grinders are pretty reasonably priced and silent.

However, at this point in your shopping escapade, the main decision you require making is whether a burr grinder or a blade grinder would do the job for you.

Steel Burr vs. Ceramic Burr

The burrs are generally crafted out of two distinct materials: steel & ceramic. You might not believe, but the selection might be a bit notorious – and it (customarily) relies on the thermal conductivity of the material. Steel is a quality material for thermal conduction, which signifies that the burrs are going to heat up as well as cool down pretty quickly.

On the other hand, the ceramic burrs have a relatively lower thermal conductivity on offer; it is going to take a longer time to get heated but also ample time to become cool. Additionally, the ceramic burrs incline to have an extended lifespan and might also be pretty costly. Though, they are might be really brittle. This is doubtful to become a difficulty except you have a small stone inside the hopper, but it makes a few coffee shop vendors select steel.

Automatic Grinders vs. Manual Grinders

In a domain dedicated to immediate satisfaction, consuming time to perform a task that is as modest as grinding coffee beans might appear to be a needless obstruction on the route to your morning coffee.

In case you desire the finest flavor in a smaller time frame, or you would only rather fit in a few more minutes to the morning sleep, opt to purchase an automatic coffee grinder. They’re obtainable with burrs or blades, and you might as well discover one to fit inside your budget.

Yet, some things are really worth the wait, and whilst making use of a manual coffee grinder may slow you down slightly, the coffee beans that are hand-ground would renovate and uplift the flavor of your coffee and its richness, which you might not obtain from the automatic variant.

So, after going through the sections discussed above, we are certain about the fact that our users would now be capable of taking a smarter and well-informed decision when in the market to buy a coffee grinder.

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