5 Best Bread Makers in India in February 2020!


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5 Best Bread Makers in India in February 2020!

5 Best Bread Makers in India in April 2020!

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Nowadays, people are really concerned and focused on keeping their body fit and healthy to keep themselves up for the game. To perform any task or work, we need the energy to get it done in the way we like it. To get ample amount of energy to subsist for the whole duration of the day, having a quality wholesome breakfast is a must. Further, no breakfast is complete without having a few loaves of bread together with butter or cheese and going to the supplies shop daily in the morning to fetch a packet of bread might be pretty monotonous.

Therefore, today we have lined up the Best Bread Makers on the Indian market, which are going to help you prepare various types of bread within a small period of time. Having these, you don’t need to go to the market to buy bread for the morning breakfast. Additionally, you might be able to precisely prepare the type of bread that you would like to have for breakfast or any other meal. The bread making machines on our listing provide you with ample features and functionalities to easily prepare bread at home.

Best Bread Maker Machines in India – Reviews

Oster CKSTBRTW20 Review

Oster is a brand that deals in many home and kitchen appliances of decent quality and loads of features. This bread maker from Oster too has loads of positives to take from and is perfect for big households. The unit comprises of 9 distinct bread loaf settings along with 3 different crust programs to provide a decent variety of bread, dough, and jams. It also comes with the Expressbake setting, with which you can prepare fresh baked bread in pretty less time.

Oster CKSTBRTW20 ReviewCheck Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!

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Product Information

Brand                   Oster
Model                    CKSTBRTW20
Power                   650 Watts
Colour                   White
Stars Rating         5

Pros & Cons

Prepared bread faster with Expressbake The non-stick coating fades over time
13-hour programmable baking timer
Large LCD display

Kent 16010 550-Watt Atta and Bread Maker Review

Today, Kent is a brand that has come up with several amazing products such as the much-known water purifiers, noodle maker, Vegetable and Fruit Purifier, etc. Thus, the trust of the brand is increasing day by day in the eyes if the customers. This Kent Atta & Bread Maker comes with 19 different functions for preparing fast yet simple bread and Atta, to facilitate the preparation of chapattis and a wide assortment of bread loaves by only choosing the desired function.

Kent 16010 Review - One of the Best Bread Makers in India!Check Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!

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Product Information

Brand                   Kent
Model                    16010
Power                   550 Watts
Colour                   Steel Grey
Stars Rating        4

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Hygienic kneading process The non-stick coating isn’t that good
Easy to clean and store
Energy-efficient unit

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Kenwood BM450 Bread Making Machine Review

The Kenwood BM450 is a useful bread maker that comes in with a silver appearance. It comprises of a convection fan that permits you to prepare and cook a crunchier crust over your loaves of bread. This unit provides you outstanding home-produced bread for your household to relish. The BM450 offers you 780 watts of baking strength to provide you flexibility while you bake. There exist 15 different functions to select out of, comprising the rapid bake that prepares a 1lb bread loaf in less than an hour.

Kenwood BM450 Bread Making Machine Review Check Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!

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Product Information

Brand                    Kenwood
Model                   BM450
Power                   780 Watts
Colour                    Black-Silver
Stars Rating        3.8

Pros & Cons

Automatic ingredients dispenser The bread maker uses a lot of power
58-minute rapid bake setting
Touch panel controls

Kenwood BM230 600-Watt Bread Maker Review (Author's Choice)

Having this amazing bread maker from Kenwood, you will be able to prepare a size of loaf that would be ample for your family in nearly 3 hours. The Kenwood BM230 comprises of 12 distinct baking utilities and functions with the help of which you will be able to bake nearly any sort of bread you desire for your family, which would be out of gluten, and you could even make use of this bread maker for home-produced jams and jellies.

Kenwood BM230 Review - Best Bread Maker in India!Check Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!

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Product Information

Brand                    Kenwood
Model                   BM230
Power                   600 Watts
Colour                   White
Stars Rating        3.6

Pros & Cons

Cool wall plastic body The display isn’t that effective
Useful carrying handle
3 crust colour settings

Glen SA-3034 615-Watt Bread Maker Review

Making use of this amazing Glen Bread maker you will be able to relish the delightful aroma of freshly prepared bread in your personal kitchenette every single day. This intellectual appliance comes in with the capability to take care of every single point of the preparation of the dough. Everything you require doing is just pour all the condiments and, following a few hours, your preferred, sweet-smelling bread is going to be prepared, which you may relish with every member of your family.

Glen SA-3034 615-Watt Bread Maker ReviewCheck Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!

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Product Information

Brand                   Glen
Model                   SA-3034
Power                    615 Watts
Colour                   Grey- Black
Stars Rating         3.2

Pros & Cons

Fully automatic baking operation The non-stick coating isn’t very effective
Detachable baking pan
Cool-touch housing

TOP 5 Bread Machines – Comparison Table

Product Name Power (in Watts)Buy Now
5 Best Bread Makers in India in April 2020! 1

Oster CKSTBRTW20  

650 5 Best Bread Makers in India in April 2020! 2
5 Best Bread Makers in India in April 2020! 3

Kent 16010

550 5 Best Bread Makers in India in April 2020! 2
5 Best Bread Makers in India in April 2020! 5

Kenwood 0WBM450002

780  5 Best Bread Makers in India in April 2020! 2
5 Best Bread Makers in India in April 2020! 7

Kenwood BM230 

600   5 Best Bread Makers in India in April 2020! 2
5 Best Bread Makers in India in April 2020! 9

Glen SA-3034

615 5 Best Bread Makers in India in April 2020! 2

Personal Recommendation

Since we have now fully and comprehensively reviewed the Best Bread Makers in India, we think that it is going to be really easy for our users to select the best one that suits their needs and requirements and further comprises of the functionalities that they desire a bread maker to have. In case, still there are some users who are confused regarding which bread making machine they must buy, then they must go with our personal suggestion.

Kenwood BM230 Review - Best Bread Machine in India!Check Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!

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The bread making machine or the bread maker that we recommend to our customers is the Kenwood BM230 600-Watt Bread Maker, which comprises of 12 distinct programs for preparing bread loaves and also 3 crust colour settings. This Kenwood bread maker offers 600 watts of power that makes is energy-efficient and comes in with a reasonable price tag. So, buy this amazing Kenwood BM230 Bread Maker and experience the effortless way of making fresh aromatic bread loaves.

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Bread Maker – Buying Guide

In this section, we are going to probe into the things the buyer needs to distinguish before purchasing a bread maker:

What are the different types of bread makers?

At present, there are 2 kinds on the market:

Horizontal Bread Makers

In case you are an individual who is specific about the appearance of your loaf, then we would like to recommend the horizontal bread maker machine to you. The bread that you bake in this looks similar to the ones you purchase from the daily supply store.

These are equipped with 2 mixers in place of one provided in the vertical counterparts. They are appropriate to bake every kind of flour loaves perfectly and also the gluten-free bread.

Vertical Bread Makers

These  machines prepare bread that is tall and has a shape similar to brick, different from the orthodox shape of bread. These bread maker machines are inexpensive, consume lesser space on the countertop and provide a broad loaf having a soft cover.

They are going to bake decent loaves of bread in case you utilize good constituents, in place of using the general flour utilize the bread flour, and latest, active yeast.

How much time does a bread maker take to prepare a loaf?

One of the primary apprehensions of a usual consumer is going to be the time consumed to prepare one bread loaf. No one would like if their bread maker takes a longer time to prepare a loaf, particularly when you don’t have spare time.

A customary white bread cycle is going to take nearly 3 to 4 hours on an average. Relying on the kind of bread, the time of baking is going to vary. The time required to prepare the whole meal bread is going to be longer when compared to that needed to prepare white bread.

A few of these machines comprise an express cycle mode, which helps in baking a bread loaf within an hour.

What functions does a Bread Maker perform?

Even the modest bread makers provide you with a degree of control over the baking program. The controls that you would commonly find in a bread maker comprise the crust color, only baking, or kneading the dough.

Then, the additional controls are going to permit the user to prepare different kinds of bread such as the gluten-free bread, whole wheat bread, artisan bread, French bread, and sweet bread. The remaining kinds of machines comprise programs that permit you to prepare cakes, jams, pasta dough, and pizza dough, in addition to preparing bread.

You might as well go for the machines comprise the delay-start time, which is the feature that permits you to pre-plan your individual recipes.

In case you require adding fruits or nuts to the bread, you can go for the bread making machines that come with indicators, which lit up when it is the best time to add added ingredients and some also have a distinct compartment along with a trap door to facilitate the addition process.

Finally, we also have makers which are equipped with a convection mode, which is going to generate an even bread coloring and a few even have smaller racks to prepare baguettes.

What are the features you need to consider before purchasing a bread maker?

Here are a few useful features and settings that you would like to have in your bread maker:


You might add all the ingredients in the bread maker, push the delay timer button relying on the time you want your bread to be prepared and that’s it! You might have the bread freshly served straight from the bread maker.

Dough Setting

This feature permits you to knead any sort of dough, which might be utilized to prepare pasta or buns or pizza to bake inside the oven. This function would keep your hand away from the toiling work particularly the days that are really exhausting.

Express Cycle

In case you have to leave for an urgent meeting and you don’t have all day then you must purchase a bread maker that has an express bake cycle on offer. This baking mode is going to facilitate faster preparation of bread, say within an hour.

Pre-Programmed Bread Cycles

In case you desire to prepare a diversity of bread then this mode would be pretty convenient. You might bake any sort of loaf ranging from the whole wheat bread to the artisan bread and a few bread makers also comprise features to regulate the color of the crust.


A few makers are equipped with microprocessors that inflict slight variations consequently whilst the bread is being baked, generating reliable bread quality.

Transparent Window

A few people prefer seeing the baking progress. In case you come in that category, you should go for a bread maker having this feature.

Non-Stick Paddle

You don’t need to worry if you may be able to de-mold the bread deprived of any harm or not. Having the non-stick paddles, the divine loaf is just going to slide out easily.

Automatic Ingredient Addition

With this feature, you would not have to distress on the ideal time to put in the nuts or yeast. All you have to do is put them inside the given compartment and allow the bread maker to prepare the fines loaf of bread.

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