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5 Best Electronic Safes and Lockers In India (November 2022)

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People nowadays have become pretty cautious about their private belongings and stuff such that they do not want any sort of compromise with them. They are really possessive about their personal stuff and don’t want anybody to catch hold of them. Therefore, they keep them locked inside a safe wherein they may keep their cash, jewelry, important papers, and other kinds of vital belongings. But, even these mechanical safes or lockers might be opened using a duplicate key.

Hence, today we have lined up the Best Electronic Safes and Lockers in India that are going to keep your belongings safe with an electronic encryption code. Knowing the assigned code, only you or the person with whom you have share the code will be capable of opening the locker as and when required. The security lock of these safe and lockers cannot be breached unless the person gets hold of the code by any means. So, if you want to keep your important stuff out of reach of other people, buy one from the products given below as per your storing requirements.

Best Electronic Safes and Lockers in India

Yale Guest YLG-200-DB1 Steel Digital Safe Box Review

Are you in need of an electronic safe or locker to keep your personal belongings safe? Here we have come up with the impeccable digital safe way out for guest houses, homes, and hotels offering you with the basic security to your valuable stuff together with its stress-free organization. This safe box or locker has been made up of steel to provide you with the desired durability that a user longs for whilst buying an electronic safe. Further, being a laptop-size safe or locker, it provides you with ample space to store the belongings or valuables in a really organized manner.

Yale Guest YLG-200-DB1 Review - Best Electronic Safes in India!5 Best Electronic Safes and Lockers In India (November 2022) 1

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Provides you with the security that you want for your valuables
  • Appropriate to use as a locker inside hotel rooms and guest house
  • Offers appropriately sufficient space to facilitate organized storage
  • Programmable for up to 3-8 digit long guest or user locking code
  • Crafted out of stainless steel to deliver utmost durability and long life

Godrej Filo Digital 40 Electronic Safe Review

For those of you who want a truly indestructible safe, the Godrej Filo Electronic Safe has been tailor-made for you. Having a tall design, the Godrej Filo has been particularly manufactured to provide protected storage and cool entree to significant files, papers, in addition to other belongings. The multiband design of the Filo together with the motorized shooting bolts delivers the user a much superior security. It is further equipped with a few hi-tech specifications like the low battery indication, cutting-edge fingerprint detection and quick & precise authentication for genuine access.

Godrej Filo Digital 40 Electronic Safe Review5 Best Electronic Safes and Lockers In India (November 2022) 2

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • A cuboidal mild steel electronic safe for utmost protection and safety
  • This electronic safe has further been enabled with a master password
  • Provides a mechanical override operation if the password is forgotten
  • Comes with the non-volatile memory that avoid password erasure
  • The safe moves to auto-freeze mode after consecutive wrong attempts

SYSTEMATIKS Electronic Safes & Locker Review

For a compact and solid way out to keep you valuables safe, this electronic safe and locker from Systematiks is the best option available on the market for you. With this electronic safe, the protection of your jewelry, significant documents, and other treasures or belongings has turned out to be really easy. For enhanced security, this safe or locker comprises of digital locking machinery coupled up with the auto freeze feature for consecutive wrong attempts. It provides further enhanced security with the motorized shooting bolts in addition to concealed password entry specifications.

SYSTEMATIKS Electronic Safes & Locker Review - Best Electronic Safe in India!5 Best Electronic Safes and Lockers In India (November 2022) 2

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Offers an ultimate level of security with powder-coated steel
  • The digital keypad allows you to set a unique code for locking
  • Resetting a new code is really easy with the Systematiks Safe
  • Comprises of the previously drilled holes for easy installation
  • Comes with the override keys for use in emergency situation

Safetee MRK 20 HL Home and Office Safe Review

Do you want to keep your files and important paper safe in your office cubicle? The Safetee MRK 20 HL with digital keypad is going to provide you with exactly what you want. The powder coating steel on this electronic safe makes this really resilient and hard-wearing. It has been equipped with the solenoid working system, which provides you with the handle to close and open the safe. In addition, it comprises of a reset button to change the security code as and when you require. The override keys have also been offered in case of emergency usage.

Safetee MRK 20 HL Home and Office Safe Review5 Best Electronic Safes and Lockers In India (November 2022) 2

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • The electronic safe is locked using digital keypad arrangement
  • Powder-coated steel finish to provide the uppermost durability
  • Makes use of a handle to open and close using a solenoid system
  • Helps you to change the security code easily with the reset button
  • Comes with the pre-drilled holes to facilitate easier installation

Ozone OES-BAS-10 Core Series Safe Review

For all the people who want a budget and pocket-friendly electronic safe or locker, this model from Ozone is going to be the best option available on the market for you. This locker is going to provide you the facility of setting up a 3-8 digit user or guest code for utmost safety and security. Further, this locker or electronic safe comes with the powder coated exterior as well as interior for utmost durability and robustness. It comprises of the manual override keys for emergency coupled up with the previously drilled hole within the electronic safe along with the fixing bolts.

Ozone OES-BAS-10 Core Series Safe Review5 Best Electronic Safes and Lockers In India (November 2022) 2

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Let’s you to set a 3 to 8 digit long user or guest code
  • Moves the safe into secure mode after 3 wrong inputs
  • Makes the keypad inactive for 3 minutes with auto-freeze
  • Really easy to install and setup owing to the pre drilled holes
  • Covered by a 3-years of manufacturer’s warranty on defects

Personal Recommendation

As now we have done and dusted the overall review and analysis process, it might be really easy for our customers to find the best electronic safe for their home or office, hotel, or guest room according to their usage and preferences. All the electronic safe and lockers that we have reviewed down here comprise of a really sturdy design and digital keypad to set up a unique security code that is around 3-8 digits long. Further, all the electronic safes provide you with an auto-freeze function that locks the keypad after 3 wrong inputs from an unauthorized user.

Yale Guest YLG-200-DB1 Review - Best Electronic Lockers in India!5 Best Electronic Safes and Lockers In India (November 2022) 2

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Even after going through our reviews, if there is any customer who isn’t really certain about which electronic safe/locker they must opt for, then they must go with our personal recommendation for sure. The electronic safe and locker that we would suggest to our users is the Yale Guest YLG/200/DB1 Steel Digital Safe Box, which is a really sturdy and balanced laptop-size guest safe. With the abundant space that this electronic safe provides you with, allow you for an organized storage of the valuables and important files and documents of your office.

So, if you want to keep your personal belongings, jewelry, documents, important papers, and other valuables safe in an effective manner through a unique security code, go with our personally suggested product and keep your mind free from the thoughts of any kind of breach in the security.

Why Electronic Safes are Better than Mechanical Safes?

The electronic safes and lockers have a price just above the manual lockers, but the additional outlay is worth it for the below-described reasons.

More Expedient

Provided the option, a majority of individuals would rather, not lug a locker key whilst they are attending an event. Either you are swimming or at an anniversary or in the gym, a key might be pretty uncomfortable to carry, or a thing which persons would fear about misplacing or dropping.

An End to Misplaced Keys

Every business having the involvement of lockers is going to recognize how often the keys might get misplaced or stolen. Owing to a remembered code, there might not be any keys to drop. With the key card scheme, misplaced cards are much quicker, low-cost, and stress-free to replace a compared to getting a new key made.

Reduced Deterioration

Physical apparatuses are bound by much more wearing away when compared with the electronic ones. Either putting a code in place or swiping the card, both the approaches signify there isn’t any mechanism or keys to get bent or broken.

Less Management

In the mechanical lockers, someone requires to have a watch over the keys, sign them out, collect them, and swap them. Whilst using an electronic system, the users have the expediency of just remembering their individual codes, decreasing fruitless costs and staff time.

Improved Security

A lot of mechanical lockers might be lock picked. Therefore, a few vendors solely vend top-class mechanical lockers, but the electronic safes and lockers are further protected since there is merely no entrance to the lock. Electronic safes similarly turn it relaxed to set up theft alarms.

Improved Revenue

In case you desire to generate money, you are going to need an electronic safe or locker. These lockers not just diminishes expenses as stated above, it further permits you to rapidly fix a price from 25p to £99.95, trying diverse price points for concentrated revenue.

Extra Visually Striking

It might appear shallow, but the looks certainly count. A chamber crammed with electronic lockers might be much more remarkable and contemporary as compared to the room occupied with the mechanical units.

Improved Flexibility

The electronic safes are reconfigured to offer lots of comfort as compared to the mechanical lockers. The price charged, the digital code for every locker, for how much time it will remain unlocked or locked for, etc, are all definitely yanked and tested.

Laid-back Monitoring

It is probable to install monitoring using electronic lockers. This permits you to keep a check on the lockers deprived of a fellow of staff requiring staying inside the changing rooms.

Superior Analysis

Moving a step further with monitoring, you might be able to utilize analysis to develop your service. Which lockers are used often? How does the safe or locker uptake associate to the totality of people utilizing that room? When are you working at capacity?  These permit the user to plan the utilization of space in an organized manner, future necessities, and price points.

Therefore, the next time you want a safe or a locker to keep your valuables, jewelry, money, documents etc., all you need to have in your mind is an Electronic Safe or Locker to get the best security possible.

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