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Best Keyboards For Typing In India

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Man craves speed and efficiency. From desiring to ride in wheels rather than laborious walking to traveling the whole world in a day and communicating over thousands of kilometers in seconds – technology has advanced with the primary purpose of making us more efficient and reducing time. So in this digitized era, why use a slow typing keyboard and stay behind? Keyboards have become an essential weapon for your computer and to give you the utmost speed and efficiency, we present to you a collection of the best keyboards for typing in India.

Best Keyboards For Typing In India

Think of the time when no keyboard was used. Can you now imagine a life without a keyboard? No computer games to play, people doing businesses without a keyboard, writing a term paper without a keyboard and what worse to think of! Even though we have available keyboards to work with, in a fast world, every work must be fast too. How hectic do you feel to type on a basic keyboard for hours? And have you ever tried to feel your fingers that cried out and pleaded for help to change the keyboard? Take care of your wrists because they are irreplaceable. What is replaceable is your subpar keyboard.

You may think it’s possible to speed up typing on a basic keyboard but I can assure you it’s the most inconvenient way to do so. The result is pretty quick to observe once you make the shift to a new keyboard and finish off any work instantly. Typically, typing an article of 5000 words with a basic keyboard takes around 1 minute per 20 words which is nearly 4 hours to complete, whereas with a fast typing keyboard, continuous typing would produce 40 words per minute and completion time is 2 hours – double the efficiency and without any wrist pain. This is why we recommend getting the best mechanical typing keyboard for faster speed and lower time consumption!

Editor's Picks: 5 of the Top Keyboards For Typing In India

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The Best Keyboards For Typing In India That You Can Buy Today

1. Amkette Xcite Pro USB Keyboard Review

[amazon fields=”B01MTL9R88″ value=”button”]

What do we mean by underrated? Underrated is one which deserves recognition among everyone but isn’t highlighted properly like the big name brands. Amkette is an underrated company but does not compromise on serving high quality products. The Amkette Xcite Pro comes with mind boggling features at an affordable price and also our best choice of the day. You may not believe your own eyes!!

It’s a multi-functional keyboard with exciting features such as multimedia buttons. Unlike any other keyboard, the multimedia featured buttons are so responsive and not only do they include volume, play/pause, and mute but also internet functions. Isn’t that neat? The design is not an old fashioned one; the keyboard color is orange on black which is a very unique combination, and both the sides have small orange buttons protruding out of the keyboard. In short, we felt this is a very eye-catching design in a good way.

Say no to clicky sound with this fancy-yet-cheap keyboard. It is super responsive to the softest pressing. You will fall in love with this keyboard, trust me. Moreover, the UV coated keys just never fade away unlike the low quality keyboards.

And lastly, and very importantly, it is spill-resistant which protects it against spilt water or drinks. It will withstand a few spills and other depreciation too as it comes with a one year warranty.

[amazon box=”B01MTL9R88″ title=”WHAT WE THINK” description=”Maybe this company hasn’t been in the competition but still doesn’t fail to give a good quality product. The features are amazing at this available price. It’s highly recommended to at least give a shot with this device.”]
  • Multimedia featured buttons including volume, play/pause, mute and even internet functions
  • Spill-resistant
  • The design is very unique and appealing.
  • Very cost-effective
  • UV coated keys – meaning the letters won’t fade away
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty
  • Nothing to complain, other than traditionalists not digging fancy design!

2. Dell KB216 (HVG5J) Multimedia Keyboard Review

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Dell is among the best global competitors in producing technological devices like computers, laptops, and even keyboards. Dell came up with a typing keyboard with multimedia functions to refresh the user with music while typing. The KB216 makes you go for constant typing without any hindrance of pain and not only that, a tap on the play button can groove your mood with your favorite music alongside.

The small buttons at the top allow access to play, pause, rewind etc functions which are very likely not available in other keyboards at such price. It not just avails you with easy typing but also makes your work easy by alerting you of the caps lock, number lock and scroll lock with blinking LED lights. For instance, imagine having both eyes constantly on the keyboard and typing a long email without even checking the caps lock or number lock button and not even the monitor to check errors. Ahh! Can you undo a mail? What if you don’t simply notice at all even after sending… 

This keyboard is compact in size but still manages with a full-sized keyboard and a number pad. It is supported in both Windows and Linux operating systems; just plug-and-play. Overall, it is a perfect keyboard to use at office as well as at home.

[amazon box=”B01BJ008U6″ title=”WHAT WE THINK” description=”Dell is a very well-known company and this keyboard is affordable and useful at the same time. Typing is super awesome and with the multimedia buttons, it becomes easy to monitor volume, music and whatnot.”]
  • Multimedia buttons are very useful.
  • Durable keyboard for everyday use
  • 3 alert lights to represent caps lock, number lock and scroll lock
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty
  • Not spill-resistant which means there is risk of spilt drinks ruining the keyboard

3. Logitech K120 Wired Keyboard Review

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Logitech is a company which has been serving their loyal customers with loads of useful devices in the computer technology field for a long time. Ever made an excuse to yourself to rest your wrist from typing for a long time? And do you still want to further type on a big-buttoned keyboard? Logitech brings you the best keyboard for typing in India, K120 Wired Keyboard. There is no question on their build quality as they are a reliable global company. They fight to give you the right priced product to boot.

How irritating does it feel to type on a clicky, gigantic keyboard? Most of you probably know what I’m talking about, what with the continuous annoying clicky sound and all… But with this keyboard, you no longer have to become irritated, as the low-profile keys on the K120 makes no sound unlike any other keyboard, and it also follows a standard keyboard layout with full-size F-keys along with a number pad. Moreover, Logitech is extremely cautious about your comfort and designed this keyboard to type specifically to avoid no wrist pain.

Don’t say you never spilled a cup of coffee on a keyboard accidently or perhaps even intentionally to avoid work from your boss! This keyboard saves your money from flowing off with its spill-resistant design (but you now can’t ruin the keyboard with ‘spilled’ drink for an excuse at work!) and the thin, sleek design just makes you type effortlessly in no minute. The best and mind boggling part is it comes with a 3 year warranty which no other company dares to give.

No matter how roughly or forcefully you type, the sturdy adjustable tilt legs won’t break off unlike the other competitors. In addition, the durable keys will last nearly 10 million keystrokes which no other company could assure till now. The superfast plug-and-play USB works really quick with Windows and Linux operating systems. Moreover, the characters on each key are visible which makes it easier to read and type accordingly.

[amazon box=”B006FEPRO4″ title=”WHAT WE THINK” description=”There is no limit to praising Logitech products and this keyboard is a very responsive typing keyboard to make your life easy. One will not get bored of typing as it is super smooth and doesn’t lag in speed.”]
  • Negligible clicky sound
  • Spill-resistant design which avoids damaging the keyboard
  • Typing is very comfortable with no wrist pain.
  • The sturdy tilted legs are very durable.
  • Durable keys with a guarantee of withstanding 10 million keystrokes
  • Comes with 3 years of warranty
  • Basic keyboard design
  • No hotkey function: volume, mute etc.

4. AmazonBasics Wired Keyboard Review

[amazon fields=”B005EOWBHC” value=”button”]

AmazonBasics is a keyboard from Amazon Company which produces many gadgets including keyboards as well. We all want as many options as possible with our endless desire. To cover up some of the demand, this keyboard comes with numerous extra buttons which are used on a regular basis like volume controller, mute, calculator, music, My Computer and many more. This long-listed demand is not fulfilled by other keyboards at this price.

Though this is subjective, no other keyboards are as attractive as this keyboard. The shiny, slim black keyboard knows a lot about consumers' interest and performs better than expected too. The well-spaced keys are very smooth and responsive which don’t interfere any double touch with other keys. Don’t worry of clicky noise as the low-profile key is accurate in movement.

Most of us have hygiene issues and the next feature is for those who actually feel the need for cleanliness. Most keyboards may get unresponsive in time due to accumulated dust which is hard to clean. However, this keyboard is very easy to clean with the advantage of well-spaced keys which also have high longevity.

[amazon box=”B005EOWBHC” title=”WHAT WE THINK” description=”First of all, the design rocks. This keyboard has great benefits of featured buttons which is used most often and the well-spaced keys helps to prevent accidental touch to other keys while typing.”]
  • Well-spaced keys to avoid accidental touch
  • Sleek and ideal design for your computer
  • Extra featured buttons for volume, mute, music and so on
  • Can be cleaned easily
  • Responsive clicks and less clicky sounds
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty
  • Premium quality means high price tag
  • Not spill-resistant

5. HP 100 Wired USB Keyboard Review

[amazon fields=”B07L4VCBLM” value=”button”]

HP is recognized to be a globally renowned company, serving for almost two decades. There is no fancy stuff on this keyboard but no complaints on the performance as well. Even though being among the best providers, HP always gives the best to the consumers in a limited budget.

Their very first attempt was to reduce the pain and guess what, the design is done so perfectly which not only allows you to sit in a comfortable position but also gives a good comfort to your wrist and hand. What else do you need other than comfort? It also comes with a total of 109 keys which includes 12 working function keys and 3 hot keys. Hot keys have become one of the must features of a keyboard nowadays and are also a feature of the HP 100.

Moreover, LED indicators have also become a necessity to avoid error typing. For instance, accidental touch on the number dial pad can cause error while typing. Simply switching the Number lock off will avoid you from any errors generated from accidental touch. To fix this problem, HP also availed LED indicators to reduce your burden. No other keyboards provide LED indicators at such a price.It is compatible with Windows operating systems and supports USB ports to build a quick connection easily.

[amazon box=”B07L4VCBLM” title=”WHAT WE THINK” description=”HP is a concerned brand and they provide quality products at a reasonable price. This HP model has all the important features instead of the anti-spill feature, and is a great value for money.”]
  • LED indicators which make typing error free
  • Available hot keys for adjusting volume and for playing/pausing
  • Minimizes wrist pain
  • Extremely cost-effective
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty
  • Not spill-resistant

Why Do I Need The Best Typing Keyboard?

We use many devices and each of them has a different purpose to serve. For instance, some use smartphones to connect to others through social media whereas some use them to play games or capture images. Most likely, not everyone has a common purpose to fulfill. But before buying a product, do question yourself about the intention behind the purchase.

Why Do I Need The Best Typing Keyboard?

If you are a gamer and don't have much typing related work then buy mechanical keyboards which are especially made for gamers. And if you are an office worker or who has to type a lot of articles for prolonged periods, then buy an ergonomic keyboard fit for typing.

It’s better not to waste your hard earned money on products which don't fit your needs.

Types of Keyboards

There are various types of key switching technology used in keyboards. Some unique features define each keyboard and its uses.

1) Membrane Keyboard

The Membrane keyboard is also known as the dome keyboard which has pressure pads underneath the keys. Pressing completes the circuit and sends the command to the computer.

The following are some advantages and disadvantages:

Ease of Use

It is easy to set up without any complications and simple to use. Moreover, it weighs less than half a pound and so it is easy to carry as well.

Less Noise

The distance between the keys and circuit board is very short. So, upon pressing on the keys, negligible sound gets emitted.


They are not as expensive as the mechanical keyboard which also comes with similar features.

Less Longevity 

They do not give a long service like a mechanical keyboard. Try to buy ones which come with a warranty

Not Fast

Each key press requires a full compression to transfer the command to the computer. This makes it slower and time consuming compared to the mechanical keyboard.

Membrane Keyboard - Types of Keyboards

2) Scissor-Switch Keyboard

This name came from the mechanism of how it’s built. Two pieces of plastic underneath each key interlock like a pair of scissors, resulting in a sensitive mechanism upon the slightest of pressing. It is used in laptops and this mechanism helps to reduce the overall weight of the laptop and also reduces the size of keys to fit into the laptop.

3) Mechanical Switch Keyboard

The mechanical keyboard uses an individual spring and switch for each key. With every press, instant tactile feedback is received and also the audio feedback is observed which reminds of the traditional clicky sound. It’s a delight for gamers and typists who find it quick and responsive. Going for the Best Mechanical Keyboard for Typing would be a delight!

Following are some pros and cons:

Good Longevity

They have higher longevity than membrane keyboards. Since there is no membrane inside the mechanical keyboard, it takes time to wear out.

Good Typing Speed

Unlike membrane keyboards, you don’t have to press down the keys completely to command your computer. A slight press will do, thus ensuring high typing speed.


It is heavy in weight and doesn’t slip off the desk while typing or playing games. However, that also means it is slightly less portable. But that is negligible. How tough could it be to carry a keyboard, really? Unless you’re a toddler, of course.

Key Rollover

Multiple keys can be pressed at a time and this is a great advantage for gamers.

Removable Keycaps

The keycaps can be removed and customized according to your choice of color. This enables you to match with the desktop theme or game background to make the keyboard look amazing.


It is expensive compared to a membrane keyboard or any other keyboard on the market. This type of keyboard gives a very different feeling in comparison to others and so it has every right to charge a high price.


It does produce a clicky sound after every press. To some it may be disturbing and to others it may not. Before purchasing, do try pressing the keyboard and clear your confusion whether to buy or not.

What Are The Most Popular Typing Keyboard Brands To Buy?

There are actually a lot of brands who manufacture keyboards. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Logitech
  • Dell
  • Amkette
  • HP
  • Live Tech
  • Rapoo
  • Targus
  • TVS
  • Zebronics

Things To Consider Before Buying A Keyboard For Typing – Buyer's Guide

Things To Consider Before Buying A Keyboard For Typing Buyer's Guide


Keystrokes is an important issue for most users. This relates to how sensitive the keys are, level of noise and comfort. Mechanical keyboards are not noise proof; each press almost sounds like a typewriter. However, the keys are very sensitive to touch in mechanical keyboards and very comfortable. If your buying intention is related to typing, then follow our product review to get a noiseless yet sensitive and comfortable keyboard for your needs.

Wireless or Wired?

Wireless keyboards are trendy to users who don't like tangled wires and limited to movements. Wireless keyboards use Bluetooth or RF chips to communicate with the PC. However, the communication is sometimes disturbed by outside signals and hampers the performance. Most importantly they use batteries and also little power consumption from the PC.

Wired keyboards do their job perfectly fine without any miscommunication. The USB cord simply makes a direct communication and no loss in signal is occurred. This simply takes a little power from the PC to operate and no external batteries are required.

Our Take: The best wireless keyboard for typing is overall better than the wireless version.


Design of a keyboard also plays a major role in typing experience. It is a game changer in many ways. There are three types of design: standard (basic) keyboard, gaming keyboard and ergonomic.

A standard keyboard consists of 104 keys and gives a basic vibe but nothing extraordinary. On the other hand, an ergonomic keyboard is especially designed to reduce strain at hand by allowing a comfortable wrist rest. As for gamers, a mechanical keyboard is built for them which consists of special keys to have a better gaming experience.


Of course, he more we desire increase in features, the more expensive the keyboard becomes. Based on your needs, and not more, select the best one. If you are looking for a fast typing keyboard but also want extra featured keys with less money to spend, try to decide which is more important and buy according to your budget.


A wired keyboard is connected to the computer by a USB port whereas a wireless keyboard is connected by Bluetooth which comes with little complicacy unlike a wired keyboard. Some keyboards may require some software to be pre-installed in order to use the function keys. Basically, all keyboards are compatible for windows, but not all have compatibility with Linux. Make sure your keyboard is compatible with your PC.

Additional Function Keys

Besides the normal keyboard keys, there are some other supplementary keys which are provided by some of the best typing keyboards. These are called hotkeys which are shortcuts to various functions like music controller, open browser, direct power management etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why do all keyboards have bumps on F and J keys?

Good eye! Bumps on F and J help you to memorize the entire keyboard which will allow you to type without looking at the keys. You can just let your hands feel for the bumps without having to look at the keyboard. This technique requires practice and can be learnt within a month, though of course it depends on your dedication.

2. Which one is better to buy between wired keyboards and Bluetooth keyboards?

A wired keyboard is easy to set up: just inserting the USB cable in your computer would suffice. And no extra power is consumed unlike the Bluetooth keyboard.

Wireless keyboards do have some advantages over wired keyboards. You don’t have to mess with the wires and can comfortably place it anywhere you like without worrying about any wire. Imagine lying in bed and using the best wireless keyboard for typing!

However, since it depends on Bluetooth, it has a specific range to follow. And it requires batteries to operate in addition to the Bluetooth consuming charge from the computer.

3. Do all keyboards come with a backlight on keys?

Certainly not all keyboards come with backlit on keys. There are available keyboards on the market which have backlit functions. And this may require additional software requirements. So, before purchasing do ask the seller for such requirements.

4. How do I safely clean the corners of a keyboard?

Firstly, avoid spilling water on your keyboard, especially if it is not spill-resistant. It may damage the circuitry and cause you to buy another keyboard. You can use a half wet cloth and wipe it gently over the keys. And for cleaning the edges, use brushes and swipe it carefully.

5. How can I avoid stress while typing on keyboard?

Now this is a very important question. If you are a person who gets angry quickly then please get a small stress reliever like a sponge ball or fidget spinners to make you calm your stress. You can even try hearing music to avoid any stress. But don’t break the keyboard!

A Final Word – Our Personal Recommendation

Typing on a comfortable keyboard not only allows fast typing but also saves you from injuries caused in your wrists and hands. The significance of this is lost on any typist, trust me. Moreover, the remaining time left over from not using a subpar keyboard can be utilized to spend with family or at least taking good care of yourself. 

As we came to the end of our review, we hereby declare our personal recommendation:

[amazon box=”B01MTL9R88″ template=”list”]

Amkette Xcite Pro is the deal of the day with lots of features included, not to mention that it comes with an affordable price. Starting from spill-resistance to hotkeys, it even has an eye-catching design. In spite of not being made by a renowned brand, this keyboard has so many good features which are not even provided by branded companies at such price. 

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