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Best Foldable Wardrobes In India

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We have got a number of clothes for ourselves. There are different clothes for different occasions. The formals for office, the casuals for daily wear, nightwears for wearing at night, inner garments, and a lot of other stuff. All of these need to be fit in a clean and tidy place from where they can be easily set or removed when needed. Almirah made of iron or steel is not much used nowadays as they are heavy and hard to move and cover a lot of space. Instead, they have been replaced by the top foldable wardrobes for enhanced convenience. You can now choose your best foldable wardrobe in India from the list we provide and save an ample amount of money and space. 

Best Foldable Wardrobes In India

You can be a person who is always on the go or does not have much space or needs an additional wardrobe to store an additional number of clothes. All of these issues can be solved with foldable wardrobes as they are flexible and easy to assemble as well. These can store a good number of things while saving you that extra space that your normal iron cupboard wouldn’t. We can be your guide and take you through the options, you have to make the ultimate decision.

Editor's Picks: 4 of the Top Foldable Wardrobes In India

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5 Best Foldable Wardrobes In India Reviewed

1. CbeeSo 6 Racks Portable Wardrobe

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The product that sits pretty top on our list is this 6-rack portable wardrobe by CbeeSo which is one of the best portable wardrobes in India. This brown colored wardrobe just weighs 4.5 kgs and has a handy carry box. This wardrobe can be assembled easily and can rack up the toys of kids as well. 

The wardrobe is of strong quality with a matte finish and powder-coated steel tubes. The unbreakable connectors and a high-grade zipper add to the quality. You can arrange your daily garments or hang the seasonal clothes in this freestanding wardrobe and it barely takes any space. 

People living in a dorm room would love this as it has a fabric rack solution with each rack holding up to 10 kgs of clothes. You wouldn’t have to worry about clothes getting destroyed by dust, bugs, or moisture as there is also a dust-proof and easy maintenance non-woven outer cover. 

Coated steel frame and UV resistant PP connectors have a molded precision to the metal pipes. Metal pipes are powder-coated to form the structural balance and enhance strength & durability.

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  • Weigh very light
  • Each rack carries up to 10 kg, making it a total of 60 kgs
  • Strong connectors and pipes
  • Clothes remain clean and free from bugs
  • Hanging rod can carry a lot of weight
  • Not very attractive

2. CbeeSo 10 Racks Foldable Wardrobe

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Yet another CbeeSo product is the proof of the extremely high quality that CbeeSo delivers. It ensures the comfort and space for people and can cater to varying needs. This time it has brought a 10-racks wardrobe with it. With the weight of a little over 5.5 kgs, it is capable of holding much more weight. 

The material is of fabric and metal frame with a modern attractive style. There are 10 high capacity foldable racks with each rack holding up to 8 kgs of clothes. Your stuff can be kept clean inside the racks as there is a dust-proof cover that is easy to maintain. 

The fabric is of higher GSM non-woven quality where the high-level of uniformity can enhance the aesthetics and can be maintained with the dust-proof standards. It can be dissembled and assembled pretty quickly as it is very easy to carry.

The steel rods enhance the strong build of the wardrobe. There is a center rod as well to hang the shirts. Unbreakable connectors and metal pipes also play their role in making it a robust wardrobe.

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  • 10 large capacity racks
  • Can be carried easily
  • Dust-proof quality
  • Sturdy steel rods
  • Not the greatest looking

3. ALTERED LIFESTYLE do-it-Yourself Wardrobe (10 Racks)

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This altered lifestyle product will remove all the issues you have with clothes. With a spacious unit and large loading capacity, it can handle all of your piled up clothes and can be assembled very easily. Being the best-rated foldable wardrobe, you can rely on this option!

Setting up this wardrobe does not require any advanced skill as all you have to do is follow the instruction manual given with the package. Connect the steel rods using PP connectors to complete the framing and put the fabric cover on. 

The connectors here are made of plastic and are high-temperature resistant so they can be set up conveniently. The steel tubes should be rotated while inserting in the plastic connector so all the tubes reach to the bottom of plastic connector holes. 

A steel rod of about 16mm diameter can carry heavy loads of clothes and ensures sturdiness. The hanging bar can handle the capacity of 25kgs, short shelf can handle 8kgs while the overall load capacity is 90kgs. 

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  • Easy to move
  • Really easy instructions in the manual
  • Highly durable
  • Spacious
  • Plastic joints are of average quality

4. FOLDDON Foldable Wardrobe

Folddon foldable wardrobe weighs just around 3 kgs and has a guide to assemble. Instructions are pretty clear-cut and can be followed easily. The rods are of steel which does not weigh much either but has the structural rigidity to hold clothes. 

There is a 3-way connector pipe as a part of set up. These can be carried anywhere if you travel a lot. The storage capacity is impressive. It is bigger in length but not too broad and has drawers one upon the other. 

Blankets, clothes, tubs, and suitcases can be stored in this collapsible wardrobe. It looks like your normal cupboard at home but is much sturdier than that.

  • Weighs very less
  • 3-way connector pipes
  • Traditional cupboard look
  • Not too strong

5. Amazon Brand – Solimo 3-Door Foldable Wardrobe

Among all the other brands, Amazon has also come out with its impressive product. This 3-door foldable wardrobe, often termed as the top portable wardrobes, comprises of 10 racks to manage all your stuff. There are detailed instructions in the manual to set up the wardrobe without any tools. It can be moved around with ease too and disassembled when not in use. 

Each rack of the 10 racks can handle up to 10 kgs of weight, with the hanger loading up to 4 kgs. This wardrobe is stable and sturdy due to the 10 shelves made from non-woven 100 GSM fabric. You can store clothes, bags, stationery, everyday stuff, etc.

Corrosion-free metal parts and metal pipes have been used in making this wardrobe. There are high-quality plastic components too and the outer cover is of premium quality. There are side pockets as well to store small objects.

  • 10 large-capacity racks
  • Good combo of plastic and metal
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • No internal vertical partition

Things You Need To Consider Before Buying A Foldable Wardrobe In India

To choose the best foldable wardrobe in India, you need to go through various factors and keep them in mind. It can help you in many ways and thus you need to consider them. The foldable wardrobes are often light and portable. They do not require much work but can be put to great use. 


With Cover

The portable wardrobes with covers are very durable. It is a long-term investment as it helps you for years and protects all your stuff from dust and bugs. The covers can be washed and used again as good as new. We have mentioned the best folding wardrobes with covers as well. 

Without Cover

There are portable wardrobes that come without any cover as well. These are more durable than the ones with covers. You can put any of your accessories in them but they would be exposed to dirt. 


There are different purposes for buying the wardrobe. You can be a student living in a PG or a hostel and look for a temporary folding wardrobe or a permanent one for your residential house. Folding wardrobes are often bought for a temporary period as they can be assembled easily. 


You would want your product to be durable and long-lasting. It shouldn’t just crack open due to little inconveniences. Foldable wardrobes that are made up of steel material can be much more durable than the other ones. The quality of steel ensures sturdiness. There are T-zipper and D-zipper arrangements for wardrobes and if you prefer durability more than convenience, you should go for D-zippers as the T-zipper can cause trouble in the long run due to excessive weight. 


The material of your wardrobe holds considerable significance as it determines longevity. You should look for material that doesn’t get worn up easily. High-quality standard material should be your preferred choice while looking for top foldable wardrobes. 


A portable wardrobe should be resilient enough to tackle varying seasons, dust, insects, etc. It should have the resiliency to last for more than a couple of years. The wardrobes made of polyester canvas can ensure you of the sturdiness. Plastic material is a good choice for the long-term as well but it should be of high-quality and not any cheap plastic. 

Things You Need To Consider Before Buying A Foldable Wardrobe In India


We are aware of how zippers can wear out easily, mostly due to their cheap quality. There are covers on wardrobes that have zippers to open them. Without the zippers, covers wouldn’t be of any use. You should make sure that you trust the brand and that they will deliver the quality you desire. 


As the portable wardrobes can be moved around with ease, they are not capable of holding as much as the cupboards. There are still the wardrobes with the ability to hold up to 50-60kgs. The wardrobes we have listed fall under the high-capacity range and can easily rack up to that amount of weight. 


There might be concerns regarding the space these wardrobes eat up. You could do so much in that area but it is covered with them. Dimensions should be minimum yet good enough to hold some weight. Our suggestion would be to get yourself a wardrobe that has more length to it than the breadth. It will be narrow yet capable of handling good weight. 


As these are foldable wardrobes, they come in various parts inside a box and need to be assembled before making their use. These components should be easy to set-up and the instructions in the manual should be clear as well. The lesser the components, the easier it is to set up. 


The term “wardrobe” immediately pictures a cupboard full of clothes in our mind. But it can be used for other purposes as well. You can rack up your shoes, bags, hats, other accessories and prevent them from dust. If you have kids at home, their toys can go in them too. There are wardrobes with hanging rods as well that let you hang the ironed shirts with no wrinkles on them. 


You should be able to trust a brand before you purchase from them. That trust is built upon the service of the brand. When there is a good warranty, consumers know that our product is ensured and can be serviced or replaced if any problem arises.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can I lock my portable wardrobe?

We don’t think you necessarily need to lock the wardrobe as it is used several times in a day. But, if you are living in a hostel with other roommates, you would want your stuff to be safe and secured. Not all the brands offer the lock feature but some of them do. You don’t need to be concerned if your wardrobe doesn’t have a lock as it can be welded manually too.

Q. How to wash my foldable wardrobe?

It can be washed with a normal detergent but you should give it enough time to dry. It should be completely dried before using or the moisture can ruin it.

Q. How to assemble my foldable wardrobe?

There are instructions mentioned in the manual that comes with the product. It should be easy to follow. If you still find any trouble, you can contact the brand’s customer support and follow-through.

Q. Which foldable wardrobe is the best in the budget?

If you are looking for a cheap foldable wardrobe that still satisfies you, Folddon folding wardrobe is the best in the budget from the list here.

Q. What is a Collapsible Wardrobe?

Collapsible wardrobe/portable wardrobe/folding wardrobe are all one and the same thing. They are also called collapsible wardrobes because they can be assembled and disassembled easily.

Q. Can a foldable wardrobe be used for a summer camp of a couple of months?

These are made for this exact purpose. They can be immensely useful while traveling and you can set them up wherever you want. They can be carried for vacations and will be extremely beneficial.

A Final Word

After going through all of this, you wouldn’t need to just pile up your clothes on your chair or a bed. You can keep them safely in the wardrobe and they will be protected. Not just clothes, you can also keep your suitcases and other kinds of stuff in these wardrobes and disassemble them after using them.

On an ending note, we personally recommend you to buy:

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Coming in with 10 large capacity racks backed up by sturdy stainless steel rods, this foldable wardrobe is one of the best you can buy right now. Adding to that, it is dustproof and easy to carry.

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