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Best Car Wax In India

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Every car owner loves their wheels. As in, who cannot just stop to stare at them all day long? However, with the baby you have parked in your garage, there comes a stern task of maintaining it. People spoil girlfriends for being too tough to maintain, wait until we get into the basics here. Regardless, you will never sleep happy knowing there's even one scratch on your car. To be very honest, a man's heart is always stuck with every nick and scratch of his car. That saying now goes true for women as well.

Best Car Wax In India

So let us end our pep talk and move straight to the main topic: How do I keep my car all shiny and clean? You must have noticed how other cars lose their sheen and sparkle finish over time? How can you maintain that? It looks inevitable. And the biggest reason for this happening is how during your travels you expose your car to chemicals present in your normal car washes. It is recommended to wash your car at home using these Pressure Washers!

While we're discussing car washes, you don't apply sunscreen to your cars so those UV rays don't do it good either. Once again, this does not stop you from getting a new paint coat. Just hop in your car, or better yet, read this review to the end and get a good polish from a reputable brand. If you want the best car wax in India, at the cheapest price possible, dare I say, you're in the right spot.

We have ranked the best wax for cars considering every nick and scratch of the details that matter the most – mind the dedication we have to satisfy your needs. From shine to quality to price to even ease of application, we have literally everything studied and tested. Your shiny requirements need a glittering product to shine your car up long term. Thus, without wasting time, let us just get on the ride, like you always like to?

Editor's Picks: 5 of the Top Car Wax In India

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The Best Car Wax In India You Can Buy Today

1. Formula 1 615026 Carnauba Paste Wax – The Hardest Wax Known To Mankind

[amazon fields=”B0060HVCEU” value=”button”]

The tagline tells you what you are getting yourself into when you opt for this paste wax. A resin made from the “Tree of Life” in Brazil, carnauba wax has been widely acclaimed to be the strongest known wax in the world. And with this miracle resin, Formula 1 has dominated the world of car care products and reigns at the top. The US brand now sells this premium wax specifically geared towards cars to 75 countries worldwide.

Now we know that a car wax is not a magical substance which can make your car look brand new at the drop of a hat – cue GTA Vice City spray paint montage! But exactly what effect can the hardest known wax to mankind bring to your dented car? This car polish provides water beading protection which lasts for six months! Not only does the car polish polish the car, but it also makes it immune to pollution (including acid rain), rust, scratches, color fading due to heat. Maybe it really is a magical substance!

Be careful though of streaking. Don't just assume that a large amount of this awesome substance will do better than a small amount. Go through the Buyer's Guide for more on streaking. Also know that the premium ingredients also call for high expense. So know that your pockets will get a strain for the pursuit to supreme car waxing.

Another thing we are going to touch on here is about the fact that Formula 1 manufactures its own products. Typically what happens is that car products have local contracts to produce products on which they just put a brand name. However, Formula 1 is responsible for the selling as well as making of the world's toughest wax. What does that mean for the product's value? It means Formula 1 will stop at nothing when it comes to quality when manufacturing the best wax for cars in India.

[amazon box=”B0060HVCEU” title=”WHAT WE THINK” description=”Formula 1 is truly number 1 in the industry of car care products. Using the hardest wax on the globe, the brand has dominated the market, and its patented carnauba wax deserves all the accolades and more.”]
  • The ingredient comes from a Brazilian palm tree called the “Tree of Life” – enough said, but we'll say more anyway!
  • Carnauba wax is known as the hardest known wax known to mankind.
  • It provides water beading protection which lasts for up to six months.
  • It protects cars from scratches, pollution, rust, and heat.
  • Premium quality means high price tag.
  • It's a paste wax, which isn't as easy to use as liquid sprays.

2. 3M IA260166326 Auto Specialty Liquid Wax

[amazon fields=”B00MHQ8JKS” value=”button”]

This is a liquid car wax (and thus easy to use) with the specialty of maintaining the gloss of paint of the car. As you travel, visible and invisible dust and wear and tear are bound to catch up to the car's paint job. The paint fades away slowly (or not so slowly depending on how much you take care of your car) in time and the only thing to bring it back to before is a paint job. But do you know what can extend the paint job's lifespan? Why, a car polish like Auto Specialty Liquid Wax which keeps removes oxidation, cleans, polishes, and even protects it!

We find this car wax a very cost-effective product. No, we didn't choose one of the cheapest models on the market for the sake of catering to people on tight budgets. We said cost-effective, meaning that this car polish is a good value for money. Its value is only increased by the fact that it can be bought in packs of up to 4. Thus, you can stock up on many car polish products at once and of course with a reduced price!

Not only can you buy the product in packs, but you can also choose to buy another car care product along with it. Take a look at the wide range of options below:

  • Dresser + Wax [amazon link=”B07TYCKL1M” title=”Buy Now” /]
  • Wax + Chain Lubricant [amazon link=”B085YFJ7BZ” title=”Buy Now” /]
  • Wax + Cloth (Pack of 2) [amazon link=”B085YDV5TK” title=”Buy Now” /]
  • Wax + Flush [amazon link=”B085YFDP8X” title=”Buy Now” /]
  • Wax + Foam Tape [amazon link=”B085YFF3DX” title=”Buy Now” /]
  • Wax + Microfibre Cloth [amazon link=”B085YFJTFR” title=”Buy Now” /]
  • Wax + Shampoo [amazon link=”B085YF1521″ title=”Buy Now” /]
[amazon box=”B00MHQ8JKS” title=”WHAT WE THINK” description=”This liquid wax is an easy to use product which also comes at a good value for money. Its selling point is its retention of car paint.”]
  • It extends the time that car paint stays on.
  • Since it is a liquid wax, it is easy to use.
  • We deem it quite cost-effective.
  • You have the choice to buy packs of it, or buy another car care product alongside it. We found the range of choices quite abundant and useful.
  • It is not of premium quality like Formula 1 products.

3. Waxpol Silky Touch Liquid Wax

[amazon fields=”B01J3KS61M” value=”button”]

The first thing that caught our eye was its high price, and then we saw its quantity. 4 liters for 4000 INR sounds like a steal, not just a deal! Yup, it is very cost-effective. Oh, you think you wouldn't want to buy 4 liters at once and would rather buy in small amount like the other products? You got your wish, as this car polish comes in 300 ml as well, and not in a high price even then. What's more, if you should so desire, you can even get 12 packs of those 300 ml bottles!

How long do you reckon a car waxing session takes? With this car polish, you can get done in merely 10 minutes. Just spray and polish! And if you are wondering with what you can use it, wait for our guide on how to use wax a car. For now, just know that you may use it by hand (a foam or sponge works well) or by machine.

Wondering how safe such a cost-effective product could be? As in, since it is cheap, it's not so high in quality? Not only does it offer long-lasting protection on paint jobs, when it comes to safety, this product takes the cake. Unlike a paste wash which can potentially damage car windows, a liquid car polish like this is plenty safe. Furthermore, it is universally compatible for not just cars, but also bikes, yatchs, and even homes and offices.

[amazon box=”B01J3KS61M” title=”WHAT WE THINK” description=”We like this product a lot. Its versatility and safe ingredients make it a solid product on their own. Add to that a cheap price, and you've got another big dog in the fight.”]
  • It extends the time that car paint stays on.
  • Since it is a liquid wax, it is easy to use.
  • We deem it very cost-effective!
  • It is universally compatible with all cars and bikes and even apartments!
  • You have the choice to buy packs of it, or buy a large flask of it at very cost-effective prices.
  • It is not of premium quality like Formula 1 products.

4. Formula 1 517360 Premium Fast Spray Wax

[amazon fields=”B00S0OCKR4″ value=”button”]

Here comes another bonafide powerhouse. In fact, this one is even stronger than our first product as its name itself has “premium” written on it. What's more, it's a spray wax (not to mention “fast”) as opposed to the other Formula 1 car polish being a paste wax. Details on the different wax types are in the Buyer's Guide.

You can use this wax for a car (of course) and even a bike. Its super polymer technology makes the wax seep deep into the surface coating, providing not just gloss but also high durability. When compared to run-of-the-mill car waxes, this product gives twice as long lasting polish. Talk about sheer power!

As far as disadvantages go, this product has an even higher price than out other Formula 1 product. And that's probably it. No other flaw could we find of this supreme car wax in India.

There is one silver lining when it comes to price. If you decide to buy this car wax, then you can choose to buy another car care product among the following: Wax Wash, Glass Cleaner, and Tire Shine. We highly recommend the Wax + Wash deal to get the ultimate experience of using this superior car polish.

[amazon box=”B00S0OCKR4″ title=”WHAT WE THINK” description=”Far and beyond the most supreme car wax on the market, you will get everything and more out of this product: from powerful efficacy to ease of usage. However, it comes really hard on your pockets.”]
  • The ingredient comes from a Brazilian palm tree called the “Tree of Life” – enough said, but we'll say more anyway!
  • Carnauba wax is known as the hardest known wax known to mankind.
  • It super polymers result in both sheen and protective covering on cars.
  • You can buy another car care product along with it.
  • Very expensive indeed, not surprising though

5. Meguiar's G6207 Black Wax 7 OZ

[amazon fields=”B009OBW29S” value=”button”]

This here is another premium and very costly car wax. The synthetic polymers of this black wax make for an incredibly deep shine and gloss which stay for a long time to boot. The coating created is very smooth and clear. What's more, the wax is beautifully dark and shiny in color – simply badass, if you ask us.

This wax is sounding too good to be true, eh? Well, it does have some bad points. For example, its price is sky-high compared to others on the list and on the market. What's worse is that this wax is suited for cars with dark to black paint, which means that if your car is, say, yellow or red or white, then the wax might look really visible… That's a negative, by the way.

For every paste wax, there is the inherent disadvantage of usability. You need to be extra careful when using this product. However, you will be happy to know that the Meguiar's Black Wax can be used by hand, with a hand applicator pad coming with the product!

[amazon box=”B009OBW29S” title=”WHAT WE THINK” description=”This is an extremely high-end and sophisticated car polish suitable for black or at least dark cars. If you own a suitable car and money isn't a problem for you, you can't get a much better car wax than this.”]
  • Has supreme efficacy
  • The wax is in beautiful black
  • Extremely price-y
  • Since it is a paste wax, you need to be careful administering it.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Car Wax (Buyer’s Guide)

It is quite great how many amazing products are available online. However, you cannot just go buying everything you see on an online marketplace. Nonetheless, as we have presented you with a problem, we provide you a solution. Here are some top features you should always look into and consider before you go off purchasing a car wax for your car:

Things To Consider Before Buying A Car Wax (Buyer’s Guide)

The Delivery Method

As you know, car waxes do come in different forms. Whether you call it liquid, or you name it cream or even paste. But the real question you should ask is which one is the best for you. As per our knowledge, we'd like to tell you that both cream and paste waxes need additional buffing or even a rub to provide you maximum shine and remove scratches. However, on the flip side of this shiny coin, liquid car wax requires less buffing and rubbing as all you have to do is just spray it to the car surface. 

Our Take: Go with what fits well with your comfort, but for us, liquid wax is at a clear advantage.

Synthetic Or Natural?

Car waxes not only come in different forms but are also made of different kinds of substances, be it natural or synthetic. This decision is totally in your hands. However, while we're pouring information, natural car wax will offer you better shining. Nature always wins, doesn't it? But don't count out synthetic wax just yet because it has better quality coating and offers more car paint protection.

Our Take: It’s pretty simple: you want more shine, go Natural. If you want protection and quality, go Synthetic.

Hand Or Machine?

After having a tug of war between natural and synthetic, we get in a hand vs machine debate right up ahead. Car waxes are designed to be applied in two specific ways, either by hand, or by machine. This decision of hand or machine is up to you, but make sure you choose the right product.

Our Take: There's nothing big in this. Just choose a product that is best applied based on how you plan to apply car wax on your car.

The Price

It is definitely annoying how everything comes to price, but in here we believe these car waxes are priced fairly. Look out for your budget: if you can afford an expensive product, go for it; otherwise, a medium-priced one will do you just as good. Just make sure you give more importance to features rather than price.

Our Take: This is your car in question here, so we highly advise you to go for the best product available, because your car looking great is what's best for you.

How To Wax Your Car

As we have already gone through so many amazing products, let us face it, none of it is worth it if you don't know how to wax your car. Now don't get us all wrong; despite looking so easy, this can be a serious trouble to deal with. And this is how you can get over these troubles, by just following these steps:

How To Wax Your Car
Machine Wax

1. Wash Your Car

Back to the basics, the first step is to make sure you tidy up your car. Make it look clean because that’s how everyone likes their car, and that is as easy of a first step as can be.

2. Ensure It’s Cool And Clean

Never wax your car right away. You have to ensure that your car's surface is cool and dust free. Also keep your car in the shade. And in the end, don't apply the wax after driving your car because that would keep the surface still hot.

3. Stay Away From The Sun

As we mentioned in step 2, we decided to make another step because that's how important this is. NEVER wax your car in direct sunlight.

4. Room Temperature Wax Is Best Wax

You have to take precautions to not wax your car when it’s too cold as it might leave streaks on your new paint finish. This is why we firmly advise you to wax your car any time from around 10 AM to 4 PM, when the atmosphere goes easy on you and the temperature is normal. No humidity in the air helps you twice as more.

5. Avoid Streaking

Choose not to apply multiple coats of wax just to think that might better your results because that is not what happens. You have to avoid streaking, so just apply a thin layer of wax. A thick layer is going to make the removal very tough and you'll just end up wasting product.

6. Apply It In Circular Motion

While applying wax, just pick up a small area. Take your time and preferably apply the car wax in circulation motion, for your own benefit.

7. Use Clean Microfiber Cloth To Remove Wax

Make sure to use a smooth cloth while removing wax. This will also help you get a shiny finish, and a clean microfiber cloth will do just that.

8. Your Car Is Ready

After all the hard work you went through, you finally get your prize. A shiny car that you’ll want to look at all day long. Now, to keep it clean, you can add some floor mats and add a purifier to keep it fresh too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is it good to wax your car?

When you coat your car with wax, you prevent it from many negative effects such as discoloration, fading, oxidation and a lot of such common sun damage effects alongside giving your car a shiny finish. So yeah, it's good to wax your car.

2. How often do you need to wax your car?

We recommend waxing your car around 4 times a year or run into a 3 months cycle. That'll serve your car well. A minimum of 2 times works just as good but 4 is a preferred number.

3. Will wax ruin your car paint? 

No, it won't damage you car paint until you do it wrong. This is why we have added a step-by-step guide here to make sure you do it right.

4. Should you rinse your car after waxing it?

We advise you to rinse your car as you see fit as it will help you remove all the remaining soap residue or else it'll dry on the surface and might mess things up for you.

5. What is the point of waxing your car?

Waxing your car protects your car paint from any kind of environmental damages or mechanical stresses which your car is exposed to on a daily basis.

A Final Word – Our Personal Recommendation

We can guarantee that these are the best waxes available in India. All of these will absolutely be helpful for you in many ways for what you need. We advise you to go through the products again, check what each product offers, and choose the best wax for your car. And as per our personal recommendation goes, we would suggest you buy:

[amazon box=”B0060HVCEU”]

You knew that we would be choosing the Formula 1 Carnauba Car Wax, didn't you? Well, it was a no brainer as it is indeed the Best Car Wax in India. The question was which one we would go for. We choose this over the Premium Fast Spray Wax because of keeping budget in mind. However, do feel free to opt for that one if you aren't concerned over budget. That one is a spray wax as opposed to our personal recommendation which is a paste wax. So choose the type of wax you are most comfortable with.

Have fun shining your car up with the best car polish on the market!

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