10 Best Car Phone Holders In India

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In today's world, to make our lives easy and in order, it's essential to have access to smart gadgets. We know the majority of road accidents occur every year are due to receiving phone calls while driving. A mobile phone with good battery life is not just enough if you are a frequent traveller. Receiving a important phone call while driving can lead to a major accident, and apart from this there are chances that your Phone can slip, fall and break. This can make you waste thousands on repairing it. As they say, Prevention Is Better Than Cure. Car Phone Holders are one of the smartest devices ever made to minimize huge losses from worldly things to life.

The Car Phone Mounts or Holders can hold your cell phone just in front of you, and you can look into it for guidance from the map or attain some important call. The Car Phone holders will help you all the way long. Even if you are travelling alone or are with someone sitting beside you, you don't need to irritate another person to receive your phones or to guide you with the map Car Phone Mounts are there for you. Using phones like this while driving is the main reason for so many car accidents in India and it is advised to have a car dash cam so it is easy to know whose fault it was and for insurance claims. This is why we have reviewed, in this post, the 10 Best Car Phone Holders in India for your vehicle.

Editor's Picks: Top 5 Car Phone Holders In India

[amazon table=”12635″]
We have reviewed 10 of the top Car Phone Holders on the Indian market. Before you read them all, we would like to direct special attention to the best product according to us.

Our top recommendation is:

[amazon box=”B07H9BXCK7″ template=”list”]

More details on the full length reviews!

Benefits Of Car Phone Holders

Before going to the full length reviews, let us first familiarise ourselves with the multiple benefits of a Car Phone Holder. Though there are a wide array of benefits of a Car Phone Holder, here are a few of them:

  • Car Phone Holders keep your Phone attached and safe
  • With the help of Car Holders, you can use your Phone as a Navigation device to get directions
  • Allows you to attain your call even while driving
  • You can easily control an entertainment system in the car
  • Prevents the Phone from slipping or falling, and from further damage

The Best Car Phone Holders In India You Can Find Today

The car phone holder is an important accessory one should carry while travelling. There are a variety of holders available in the market from the cheapest quality to the best-branded One. It all depends upon the buyer and his budget and expectations. Many cheap holders work perfectly in holding your Phone and many expensive holders that have the same features as a cheap one and do not even last long.

If you are buying a Car Phone Holder online, then it is imperative to check the reviews and go with the product which has the best reviews, which is something we will be doing here! Now many new holders are introduced in the market by well-known brands with amazing features for the consumer to make these holders more beneficial. If you are going to buy one, then you will be confused with the variety of holders available in the market. It is not easy to select from infinite numbers of holders available in different price, features and by well-known brands.

There are few best holders you should check before buying one. Below is the list of best ones in the Market!

1. [amazon fields=”B07H9BXCK7″ value =”title”]

[amazon fields=”B07H9BXCK7″ value=”button”]

If you are a frequent traveller, then a Car Phone Holder is something you need the most to make your journey safe and comfortable. The [amazon fields=”B07H9BXCK7″ value =”title”] is a fantastic device to make your trip safe and secure, and it is genuinely adjustable with 230-degree rotation to capture any views on your way with an 8.3 inch long telescopic arm. You do not need to make lots of struggle to mount the Phone inside the Holder; this Holder comes with the system lock by which you can release your Phone from the Holder with just one finger touch. This Holder comes with fantastic quality, and its one-touch mounting system makes it a great deal for you. You can also connect your charging cable or AUX while the Phone is mounted, your Phone is just an inch away.

Apart from this, if you want to install the Holder on a textured surface, then there is another Dashboard pad provided with the product. You can also install this Holder on the table or your desk to make video calls or videos with great adjustability. This Holder comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty. The most unimaginable part of this mounts is they come with iGrip Drive-Assist App to provide the best possible experience to the users. They call it a companion App; this App helps you to track the mileage of your car. This App enables you to find your vehicle within a minute in the vast parking lot where hundreds of other vehicles are parked.

[amazon box=”B07H9BXCK7″]


  • The iGrip Drive-Assist App is the most unimaginable feature of these holders
  • Supremely Adjustable with 230-degree rotation to capture any views with 8.3 inches Telescopic arm
  • Adjustable Bottom foot
  • Excellent one-touch mount system
  • Quick to operate, just in one figure touch
  • Comes with stunning feature and sound quality
  • Strong grip gel on a suction pad to hold firmly any bottom which you can wash easily and reuse
  • Easy one-handed operations
  • Ideal looks
  • Easily adjustable with any small to big phones


  • Common design
  • Not suitable for bumpy roads or off-roading
  • The adhesive quality of dashboard mount is not too good
  • The suction pad is comparatively weak


  • Can I use this in my i10 sports Car?
    • Yes, you can easily use this in your i10 sports car
  • Does this hold firm on Ford Figo Air Vent?
    • Yes, just like Other cars it holds on Ford Figo Air Vent as well
  • Is the size adjustable with the Phone?
    • Yes, that's the most fantastic feature of this Holder it can hold your large Samsung A50 easily to small iPhone 5s too.

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2. [amazon fields=”B01CE3DYOO” value =”title”]

[amazon fields=”B01CE3DYOO” value=”button”]

If you are looking for a perfect fit of your new trendy smartphone, then [amazon fields=”B01CE3DYOO” value =”title”] is the best for you. It's the most durable and easy to use product made in Germany. These holders manufacture using durable, high-quality ABS material with a scratch-proof matt finish. After simply placing your Phone in the Holder it instantly and automatically gets locked. To release your Phone from the Holder, you simply need to press both open bars together at the sides of Holder. You can use this Mount on Dashboard and windshield with the help of 3 M dashboard disc provided with the Holder. This robust product is heat resistant and has a good life span.

[amazon box=”B01CE3DYOO”]


  • Single-handed and easy to use for a smart and safe drive
  • Excellent quality and scratch proof
  • Advanced rotary lock system with vacuum suction
  • Adjustable legs to customize the height to ensure the device does not block
  • Great 360-degree rotation


  • Cannot hold phones with horizontal width above 77 mm
  • Chances of phone hanging down due to sudden break or in bumpy roads


  • Will it fit with my iPhone 6s?
    • Yes, It will fit comfortably fit with your iPhone 6s
  • Will it hold One Plus 2 along with cover?
    • Yes, it will easily hold your One Plus 2 with cover

3. [amazon fields=”B01LXUGD8U” value =”title”]

[amazon fields=”B01LXUGD8U” value=”button”]

If you are looking for something with good life span, comfortable to use and genuinely flexible, then [amazon fields=”B01LXUGD8U” value =”title”] is a good option which can stand up to your all your expectations. This car mount is adjustable and flexible, with 8.3 inches long adjustable telescopic arm. It is easy and convenient with the one-handed driving operation. You can connect the AUX cable or Charging Cable while the Phone is mounted. The product boasts a super sticky suction gel pad which is washable and reusable. This product comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase.

[amazon box=”B01LXUGD8U”]


  • Amazing Quick One Technology which makes it possible for you to remove and place your Phone in the Holder in just one touch
  • We verified its Super, sturdy washable and reusable sticky gel pad
  • It can be Mounted on Windshield or Dashboard of your car
  • Universally compatible with a variety of phones with 2.3 to 3.2 inches width phone
  • Rotatable, Expandable and Foldable

Cons :

  • When compared with other Car Phone Holders, this one has very common looks
  • We felt quality can be much better this

FAQ : 

  • Will this sticky Gel deteriorate due to exposure to sunlight and heat?
    • No. But it may get dusty and less sticky you need to wash it on time 
  • What is Return Policy for this product?
    • Ten days returnable if you get the damaged product

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4. [amazon fields=”B079Y46KTW” value =”title”]

[amazon fields=”B079Y46KTW” value=”button”]

This is one of the cheapest Car Phone Holders in India, with the best quality and features ever. It is an adjustable mount with one-touch technology for easy access to the Holder.  With high 360 degrees rotation swivel Ball Head, you can freeze any moment or operate phone while driving. It works on your car dashboard, windshield as well as office desks.  After using for a long, suction gel pad turns dusty so you need to wash it and dry it. The gel pad will recover as new again. Ease of cleaning and repeatable use of Gel Pad are other excellent features of this Holder. This Holder is lightweight, durable and available at a very affordable price and in beautiful colours. The Holder has a telescopic arm which can extend up to 13 inches.

[amazon box=”B079Y46KTW”]


  • We found it convenient to operate while driving with one-touch technology
  • We found it to have an attractive design and made of good quality material
  • We were fascinated by its supreme 360 degree rotation
  • Extendable 13 inches telescopic arm


  • We discovered that it makes unnecessary noise during the drive
  • We unfortunately found fitting issues with some smartphones


  • How will it fit in my car?
    • Normally sticks on Dashboard 
  • Does iPhone 6 plus fit in it?

Yes, your iPhone 6 Plus fits in this Holder

5. [amazon fields=”B074CWYNVP” value =”title”]

[amazon fields=”B074CWYNVP” value=”button”]

Another excellent product you can buy to make your drive safe and comfortable. This Holder fits comfortably on your Dashboard and windscreen of your car. The Holder consists of 190 degrees Swiveling Telephonic arm to make it convenient for you to use the cell while driving with 360-degree rotation. The Holder material of a right quality product with locking sidearms and release button on one side to pull your Phone without putting any efforts. With fabulous quick Touch Trigger Button and Adjustable Bottom foot, you can prevent your mobile from getting a block in the Holder. The Super Sticky Gel Pad ensures reliable experience and 270-degree angle adjustment to move the Holder whichever side you wish to have. This Universal smartphone holder to hold any of your Phone from a minimum width of 2.1 to 3.3 inches. With two-step locking lever, with no sticky stains on the Phone. The Holder unites 50000+ Happy Costumer all over the world.

[amazon box=”B074CWYNVP”]


  • We were fascinated by its Quick Touch Trigger Button technology
  • Adjustable Bottom Foot to adjust the height
  • Release Button for the immediate release of your Phone from Holder
  • We verified its 360 degree Angle Adjustment
  • Adhesive Gel and powerful suction
  • Multi-purpose Mount


  • We tested that it cannot hold smartphones above 3.3 inches width
  • We found it to be quite weak in extreme climactic conditions
  • When compared to other products we reviewed, we felt its design is common


  • Can I remove the Holder from the Dashboard after fixing once?
    • Yes, You can remove the Holder from the Dashboard 
  • Is it portable? Or can I shift it to the next place?
    • Yes, you can easily remove from one place and fix it to another place 
  • Can it hold my Moto G5?
    • Yes, it can hold your Moto G5.

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6. [amazon fields=”B0791FPV5S” value =”title”]

[amazon fields=”B0791FPV5S” value=”button”]

This is a Mobile Holder for cars with extremely appealing looks and highly appreciated life span. They manufactured good quality material to survive extreme weather conditions which support all types of devices firmly. This Holder is portable, and you can use it for multi-purpose work. This is a magnetic mobile holder with customized design and rich look. You can place this Holder on any surface of your car like Dashboard, above AC Vents, next to the Steering. It has a strong and firm grip with a strong magnet that can hold your Phone correctly and prevent it falling on the bumpy road as this Holder is of sturdy aluminium metal and alloy which makes it durable and robust. This Holder comes with 360-degree rotating ability.

[amazon box=”B0791FPV5S”]


  • With 360 degrees rotating Holder for maximum safety
  • We found it to have astonishing Looks
  • The 3 m adhesive Sticker for stability prevents slip and holds the Phone firmly

Cons :

  • This Mount cannot hold mobile vertically when placed on the Dashboard

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7. [amazon fields=”B014H03Y06″ value =”title”]

[amazon fields=”B014H03Y06″ value=”button”]

This product boasts the new ZAAP Quick Touch Mount which delivers versatile, secure and premium functional mount solution. With amazing features like Quick Touch Locking, Super Sticky Gel Pad and new features like Anti-Vibration locking lever, Shock Stabilizer, 3X Extra Telescopic arm pull force, Anti-fall mechanism, 3X Extra Gel Pad strength. Though this Holder is quite expensive, but it provides 100 per cent assurance of prevention of damage with features you will not get anywhere else in any Holder. As this product is made in Korea, it has incredible durability and excellent quality life span. With brilliant design and features, this Holder can hold devices with the width from 2.3 to 3.5 inches width. You can mount the Holder on Dashboard, Windshield and desktop. Reusable Super Sticky Gel Pad which is easily removable and can use on another location. Its Super Long Telescopic Arm which can be extended from 4 inches to 6.5 inches.

[amazon box=”B014H03Y06″]


  • Product with one year warranty
  • We dug its long telescopic arm
  • We found its appearance extremely stunning
  • Made in Korea, has excellent quality and life span
  • We verified its Shock Stabilizer
  • We tested out its Anti Vibration Locking Lever
  • We ensured the efficacy of its Anti Fall mechanism


  • Expensive
  • Difficult to resist in bumpy roads and other climatic conditions


  • Is it possible to mount this Holder on Dashboard?
    • Yes

The [amazon fields=”B014H03Y06″ value =”title”] is the best car phone holder in India simply because of the above mentioned features and its bestseller rank. This means that people all over India are buying it. In fact, it is the top in this category, and judging by the reviews, it hasn't failed them the way it hasn't failed us.

8. [amazon fields=”B07CRKLX4C” value =”title”]

[amazon fields=”B07CRKLX4C” value=”button”]

The cradle-less Hinge car holder with excellent quality and smooth adjustments. The high-quality product is made of aluminium alloy, unlike other holders that are of plastic. It's easy to adjust and you can use it anytime. The strong adhesive is tight and prevents any fall due to external forces. As per its name, it really does boast the world's smallest ball head, which gives both convenience and style to the product. The One-touch technology format with a maximum 360-degree rotation is of course a treat.

[amazon box=”B07CRKLX4C”]


  • We liked its Cradle-less design with the world's smallest ball head
  • We dug its small yet powerful holding capacity
  • We verified its great quality and durability
  • We tested that it can be used on Dashboard or Windshield


  • We found it Costly as compared to other holders


  • Is there any negative impact of the magnetic field on the mobile?
    • NO

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9. [amazon fields=”B07N9234VX” value =”title”]

[amazon fields=”B07N9234VX” value=”button”]

The most affordable and great quality holder to be your best companion in the journey is here. With demanding features like Quick release Button, 360-degree rotation, Compatibility with most smartphones, and Single-handed operation – all these make [amazon fields=”B07N9234VX” value =”title”] the most reasonable for users. You can mount the Holder on the Air Vent which makes it easy to use. This Holder can hold phones in a range of 1.9-inch width to 3.7 width with a quick-release button.

[amazon box=”B07N9234VX”]


  • Safe eye-level view as mounted on AC vent
  • Quick-release button technology
  • 360 Degree rotation
  • Single-Handed operation


  • We tested that it is not compatible with Pixel 5 smartphone

FAQ : 

  • Does it hold Air Vents Tightly?
    • Yes 
  • Does iPhone 7 Plus fit in it?
    • Yes 

10. [amazon fields=”B07C58N6W9″ value =”title”]

[amazon fields=”B07C58N6W9″ value=”button”]

This product comes with high quality and extremely affordable price, and is ideal for use with almost all types of cell phone and GPS. It is easily adjustable and can be used on a car windshield and Dashboard. It is compatible, easy to install, adjustable and easily removable for phones of different companies and dashboards of different cars.

[amazon box=”B07C58N6W9″]


  • We checked that it is compatible with most mobile phones and GPS devices
  • We found it easy to install
  • We felt the design to be simple and decent
  • Adjustable and affordable


  • Not for long or rough use
  • Poor quality


  • Does it support all mobiles?
    • Yes, it almost supports all types of smartphones.

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Features Of The Best Car Phone Holders

To get a brief of how essential a Car Phone Mount is and to know the features you must search for while buying one, here are some suggestions :


The most crucial function after prevention from accidents, is Protection from damage. The sturdy base of Car Holders protects the Phone from harm, and it makes using Phone easier than usual.

Strong Hold

We know as the car bounces due to unsatisfactory conditions of the road our accessories fall, but with Car Phone Mount your Phone will not fall, and the condition of your Phone is secure.

Features Of The Best Car Phone Holders

Easy To Attach

You can attach your Phone anywhere from the Dashboard, base of the vent or a windshield. You can enjoy using your phone anywhere in the vehicle, making the Car Phone Holder the most convenient product ever.

Easily Adjustable

Car Phone Mount can help you keep your Phone at the eye level of the user to use it comfortably during driving.


The most unimaginable feature of Car Phone Holder is that you can capture the beautiful sceneries or freeze the moment by recording it on the Phone without even holding it. All you need to do is rotate the magnetic head of the Holder, and the image will be captured!


Almost all smartphones are compatible with car phone holders, Car Mobile Holders attracts the back of the mobile with the help of magnetic base and keeps it attached to it.

Weight Bearing capability

If you are travelling on bumpy roads, don't worry if you have a Car Phone Mount. The average Car SmartPhone Holder can bear 3 kgs of weight.

Here's an interesting place to attach your Car Phone Holder!
You can even attach it on the rearview mirror. A neat and convenient place, if we do say so!

Gel Pad

The Sticky Gel Pad, which is at the end of the Holder, can be used multiple times. Of course, you need to wash it, and again it will be back to its sticky feature. You need to keep it clean for better results.


Most of the Car Phone Holders comes with one year warranty. You get the chance to replace it if requires within this time frame.

Easy Process

Fixing Phone inside the Holder or pulling it back from the Holder is a straightforward process with the help of Easy Touch Technology.

Types Of Smartphone Car Holder Attachments

Staying connected to your business, work or your loved ones is the most crucial thing no matter where you go in the entire world. Car Mobile Mounts Helps you stay connected. Here are the different types of Car Mobile Holder attachments. You can check to see which you need the most in your car:

Wide Mount

If you want the best quality of Car Phone Mount regardless of how expensive it is, with the best quality and long-lasting then Wide Mount is the best option for you. Wide Mount is the best for those who keep on changing phones with the trends. You can attach the Wide Mount at the centre of the Dashboard of your car. The slim design of the Mount keeps your smartphone safe. Even if the Phone may be sturdy, a Wide Mount will hold it effectively. A Wide Mount is for those who own very heavy and big smartphones which can not adjust easily with ordinary Holders.

Magnetic Mount

The Magnetic Mount works with just one magnetic base to attach the Phone. No other handles are attached to the Holder. Only one strong magnetic base will work wonders! The grip of the magnetic plate will keep your Phone safe from any damage. The Magnetic Mount is the most convenient type of Mount for drivers. It is easy to use – no need for long process and efforts.

Short Mount

This Mount type is the one which won't occupy lots of space of the Dashboard or any other place of your car. If you are someone who does not like using a phone but needs to use it for a guide about navigation, then short Mount is a good option for you. You need to adjust or settle your Phone on the Mount, and it will be at least an arm's length far. Short Mount is useful for frequent travellers.

Car Phone Holders – Buying Guide

Here are a few things one should consider while buying a Smartphone Car Holder to make the right choice:

Car Interior

All Car Phone Holders may not be suitable for your car. For example, for round car air vents, it is impossible to install air vent holders as they won't be securely mounted. So, examine your interior and the location you wish to use the holder the maximum amount of time well, and then select the One for purchase.

Types Of Attachments

Mainly, two types of attachments are available, i.e. Cradle and magnetic attachments. If your Phone is big, then Cradle attachments are best for you, but it won't work best with small accessories. Magnetic phone attachments are convenient to use with any phone but are not secure enough like cradle attachments.

Car Phone Holders - Buying Guide


The only motive behind using a Car Phone Holder is to protect the Phone from external damages, and to avoid harm or scratches to Phone after falling due to poor roads.  The grip should be robust and healthy enough to attach the Phone with Holder at any condition. Whichever type of Holder you buy, check the base to ensure its reliability.

The material of Holder

To save a few bucks, don't go for cheap quality Holders. They won't live up to your expectations. The Holder should be strong enough to hold the weight of the Phone and should be of the best quality material. Poor material content will lead to breakage of the Holder, and you need to rebuy the new. Thus, buy a good quality Holder one time in order to not having to buy another late out of disappointment.


While buying any electric devices or something expensive, don't forget to check the Warranty of the product. There may be conditions you will be using the Mobile Phone Holder roughly, which may damage it. In such a case, you need a warranty card or claim to repair or replace the Holder with some better one you can use for a more extended period. So don't forget to ask about the Warranty.


If you want to capture the moments in your Phone while you travel, then the most crucial function you should look for is Flexibility. Most Cap Phone Holder users expect that after accurately adjusting the Phone to the Mount, all they need to do is rotate the handle and adjust camera the way they want. Be one of them and take this for granted. But for the Holder to fulfill these expectations, it requires Great Flexibility. The Flexibility of Holder is a must if you wish to do calling or video calling with your Phone, as you need to adjust the screen with your face.


Check everything from button to rotation well to make sure the model works correctly. Press the button and try once the attachment and pull process, as the driver cannot do the lengthy or stressful process while driving. Check all functions and make sure all the buttons work correctly, and that you are satisfied with the Holder. By the way, that's something we as reviewers have to do always!

How Do Car Phone Holders Work?

How Do Car Phone Holders Work?

The Car Mobile Holder is a great initiative to minimize the growing rate of accidents occurring every year due to using Phone while driving. Such careless driving will put you as well as your precious lives into danger. A Smartphone Car Holder has proved to be a useful kit to make driving more comfortable and less risky. You can attach the Mount with the help of stands. There are four types of positions or ways of successfully connecting your phone as follows:


The Dashboard or Windshield is the standard way of connecting the Holder to the car. People usually prefer to have attached their holders to panels as it's convenient and easy to make video calls. It makes easy for drivers to operate the Phone. You can quickly release the Phone and attach again easily if the Holder is attached to the Dashboard.


Adhesive type of holders can provide comfortable grip to any kind of surface. Hence it is another standard way used quite often. With the help of sticky legs, the Holder can stick to the cover – it may be on bikes, the Dashboard of the car, even on the table. It's arguably the most common way of using Holders.

CD Slots

The CD slot mount is for music lovers. If you are not interested in calling or messaging while driving, then just attach the Holder to the CD slot of your car and enjoy the journey.

Air Vent

There are holders which can attach or detach in minutes with a magnetic base which sticks firmly on any surface. If you are not interested in air venting, then you can quickly bond with this style of attaching. You can immediately release and connect the Phone from the Holder with the help of buttons and manual. It is overall comfortable and beneficial while driving.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. If I use a magnet Mount, will it damage my car?

Good question. There is a possibility of damage due to magnetic force if a large magnet is used. This can disrupt the car's metal devices. However, the magnets used in Car Phone Holders are not that big. So, don't worry.

2. Will a magnetic Mount damage the phone, as it is made of metal components too?

No, the the internal area of a mobile phone is made of non-metal components. Moreover, mobile phones today have LCD screens which are not vulnerable to magnets.

3. If I use an air vent, will my phone be damaged?

Yes, if hot air constantly blasts onto the mobile phone, it may overheat and then turn off. You might notice that the battery gets hot sometimes of an old mobile phone. Such phones may switch off anytime.

A Final Word

After an extensive review, we have little else to add. You must have probably made up your minds on the type of Car Phone Holder you would want to buy for yourselves. If not, gloss over the features and the Buying Guide, or simply choose one from the 10 premium Car Phone Holders we listed!

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