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5 Best Food Steamers In India

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Often when you cook rice at home, which generally requires steaming, the rice often at the bottom might get burnt a little, deteriorating the actual taste of rice. In such conditions, you might often discard the rice which has been burnt giving rise to wastage of food. Thus, to make perfectly steamed rice, the best food steamers in India would genuinely come to the rescue. With the timer setting that they provide, the result that you get is perfectly steamed rice without any burning.

There is a wide variety of food steamers available in the market, so it might be a little tricky when it comes to choosing the best one. Therefore, we churned down the available options to 5 of the most reliable food steamers in India that you can buy online. Further, to make the decision-making process a bit easier, we have provided you with the Food Steamer Buyer’s Guide at the end of the product review so that you end up purchasing the best one as per your requirement.

Editor's Picks: 3 of the Top Food Steamers In India

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The Best Food Steamers In India You Can Buy Today

1. Steemo Multi Steam Cooker With Non Stop Soup Cum Sprout Maker And New 30 Sec. Turbo Steam Generator

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Steemo is a really prevalent brand that manufactures the top appliances to ease off your daily chores. Similarly, this food steamer from Steemo comes with an Aroma Infuser, which enhances the delicious fragrance of the spices and herbs, passing all the more taste to steaming.

You simply need to pop the desired spices and herbs inside its booster, and allow the steam to perform the rest. The heat that is released in the form of steam infuses subtle aromas out of the spices and herbs added by the user, for mouth-watering flavors. Further, it comes with Dual-Steaming which saves your time.

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Why Do We Recommend It?

  • All the parts of this food steamer are safe to use in a dishwasher
  • Comprises of a food timer for making fish, rice, and steaming veggies
  • Provides you with the desired nutrition by steaming in a healthy manner
  • Comes with Dual-Steaming
  • 60-Minute Timer And Easy to Cook

2. Sabichi 3-Tier Manual Food Steamer

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For all those people who are on a look-out for a budget food steamer on the market, let me tell you that you search is over since this Sabichi Food Steamer is the best that you can get. The Sabichi food steamer comprises of a 3-layer arrangement so that you might be able to cook several dishes at a time without even the aromas of each one of them getting mixed.

The food steamer further comprises of a hefty 7.2ml water tank capacity using which you might be able to cook any steaming dish devoid of worrying about the water getting over. It comes with the transparent steaming baskets for keeping a check on the overall steaming process along with a buzzing timer option.

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Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Comprises of a hefty 7.5ml water tank capacity for any steaming dish
  • With the 3-level arrangement, steams down several foodstuff at once
  • The transparent steaming baskets help you keep a check on the dishes
  • Comes with a 60-minutes mechanical timer for precise steaming of food
  • The buzzer provided with the timer tells you that the dish has been cooked

3. Panasonic SR-WA22H(SS) – 750 Watt Automatic  Cooker Warmer 5.4 Litre Food Steamer

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Generally, the food steamers offer a substantial capacity, so that you might be able to steam an entire meal at once. This food steamer from Panasonic might be utilized exclusively like a vegetable steamer, but they're sufficiently handy to further be used as the rice cookers.

It is an electric steamer, which doesn’t take up a lot of countertop space, so you might as well cook other dishes at the same time. In case you would not like using the gas stove slightly, you may surely steam the whole meal at the same time and not warm up your whole kitchen.

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Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Effective to be utilized as a cooker, steamer, and dehydrator
  • Ideal for cooking or steaming rice and vegetable within no time
  • A multi-functional electric food steamer for healthy cooking ability
  • Saves a lot of time as compared to other method for steaming rice or veggies
  • Helps you in keeping the calories away since you don’t require any oil

4. Hilton Steamex Multi Steam Cooker

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Steaming is a cooking technique in which we make use of natural heat convection wandering in the air. This mode of cooking turns the food really healthy, hygienic, rich in flavors, and appearance. This Hilton Steamex Steam Cooker may also be utilized as a food warmer, which helps in retaining that standard taste of the food that you had refrigerated.

It is ideal for making pure vegetable soup, which helps you in getting a glowing skin and allows for good growth of your children. This food steamer has been innovatively designed and comprises of 3 unbreakable polycarbonate jars along with a water level indicator as well as exterior water filler.

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Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Retains the original taste of the dish even if the food has been refrigerated
  • Makes the food hygienic and healthy to evade the probability of diseases
  • Comprises of 3 unbreakable polycarbonate jars for durability and safety
  • Comes with a water level indicator so that the food doesn’t get burnt
  • Offers an external water filler in case the water is insufficient whilst cooking

5. Amazon Brand – Solimo Stainless Steel Induction Bottom Steamer/Modak/Momo Maker with Glass Lid (2 litres)

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If you need steamer for induction or gas stove then Solimo Bottom Steamer is best option for you. It is made from 100% food-grade stainless steel and it have heavy-gauge induction bottom which means you don't need to worry about the quality. Both the top casserole and bottom steamer come with a capacity of 2 litres which is more than sufficient.

It also comes with the double-riveted stainless steel ear handles on both pots which makes it easy to use. And it is multipurpose you can use it also for steaming food items such as momos, khandvi, modaks and more.

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Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Compatible with gas stove as well as induction cooktop
  • Ideal for steaming food items such as momos, khandvi, modaks and more
  • Both the top casserole and bottom steamer come with a capacity of 2 litres
  • Rivetted handles.

How To Use A Food Steamer

Here are a few general tips and tricks that are going to assist you in distinguishing how to must use your food steamer in addition to preparing dishes that are going to taste the best.

How To Use A Food Steamer


Boil the Water First

Since you are starting to distinguish how you should steam veggies, it is really common to desire solely throwing them all inside the pot simultaneously and turning the steamer it on. On the other hand, you are going to catch that the last dish is superior whilst you initially get the water boiled and then put in all the veggies or any other food product.

As soon as the water gets boiled, just put in the veggies, put on the lid and permit the steaming procedure to begin. You might as well desire to try out with increasing the heat or decreasing it whilst the food is being steamed.

Don’t Pour Excess Water

Primarily, the most significant component of cooking food by steam is water. Indeed, adding an appropriate volume of water is a key factor. Whilst you are utilizing the steaming basket over the stove, you are going to desire to begin by putting in nearly 1 or 2 inches of water inside the pot. You might not desire the water to move out of the steamer basket as soon as it has been put inside the pot since this is the quickest way to degrade your meal.

On the other hand, you also shouldn’t add less water since this might give rise to the burning of the pan in case the water gets boiled prior you have ended the cooking process.

Increase the Steam by Utilizing Stock & Herbs

Even though the most prevalent method for steaming food is by utilizing water, but you should never limit yourself to only water and be a bit more creative. Impart a slightly different sort of flavor to your food. In place of using only simple ole water, you should try and use vegetable or chicken broth. Possibly add a little lemon or salt to the water prior you start boiling. In case you want to be further adventurous, you might as well add any herb to the water, like the sliced garlic, rosemary sprigs, lemongrass, or dill sprigs.

You are going to get a mild flavor, but it is going to be lesser in comparison to if you utilize the herbs straight with the food. Whilst you experiment bear in mind that these might alter the extent of time it is going to take to get boiled, which may influence the total cooking time.

Don’t Steam Extensively

It is a factor when food steaming becomes tricky. The steamed veggies are going to take a few minutes time to get cooked, so they are going to be the final item in the to-do listing. But, still, there will be occasions when you may discover that your veggies or other food items have finished steaming even before you planned to get them ready.

In case you come across such as situation, solely turning the steamer off isn’t going to be sufficient. Apart from that, leaving the stuff inside the pot is going to continue cooking the gradually, turning them soggy, put them inside a bowl full of ice water. This is going to keep your vegetables crispy.

Prepare the Foodstuff before Steaming

One more method to prepare a delightful meal through steaming is to cook the food or get the food ready prior you to begin the cooking procedure. For the veggies, you may hope to add a few herbs, garlic, or spices to the mix. Instead of solely dashing the herbs inside the steaming pot, you must roll the veggies inside a bowl that has a small amount of olive oil mixed with the required herbs.

Ensure an Air-Tight Seal

For the food to get cooked in a proper manner using the steamer, the steam should, in fact, touch the food. In case the lid isn’t fitting well, then a small quantity of steam is going to come out and the food isn’t going to be cooked properly.

Many times, this might only be a problem that prolongs the course or marginally modify the taste of the food. On the other hand, in further severe circumstances, for instance, if you’re preparing chicken, the food could be under-cooked. Using a meat thermometer is the finest method to avert you from serving food that isn’t properly prepared.

In case you’re utilizing a steam basket over a stove, a slack fit is going to take place at times. Whilst it happens, you should try putting in tea towel amid the lid and the steamer’s top. In case you are using an electric steamer with a slack lid, then you mustn’t use it.

Personal Recommendation

Since we have now comprehensively reviewed all the top and cheap food steamers on our listing given above, it might be really easy for our users to decide on which product they must opt for according to their needs. With the features such as the mechanical timer, transparent steaming baskets, aroma infuser, safe dry boil operation, and lots more, the food steamers that we have listed above surely are a touch apart from the ordinary steamers available on the market.

In case still there are a few users that are unable to find out which food steamer they must opt for, then they may readily go with our personally suggested product. The food steamer that we are going to recommend to our customers is this one:

Skyline VT-7063 3-Layer Food Steamer is a real budget model when you want to buy a food steamer for regular use at home or even for the commercial purpose. Above all that, this food steamer provides you with an overall range of features that you might love your food steamer to have. So, choose the Skyline Food Steamer and turn every steaming process a breeze.

Best Food Steamer – Advantages

The food steamer or a steam cooker is an innovative electronic device in which the food gets prepared to utilize the Hot Steamers, such as the bread makers, are mainly the appliances to simplify and systematize the kitchen effort. Preparing food with steam has numerous benefits above other approaches of cooking, amongst them that are worth stating the following:

Best Food Steamer – Advantages


Absence of Fats & Carcinogens

While we cook food making use of steamers, we don’t require using the veggies and animal fats. There is going to be no fatty materials or the carcinogens in boiling food owing to this.

Preserves Vital Mineral & Vitamins

The food is predisposed by not a really high temperature while making use of steam, like in the other approaches for cooking. Consequently, the vitamin ingredients are not exposed to really solid thermal effects, and a lot of it isn’t stored deteriorated.

Preservation of Taste or Flavor

The steam offers a subtle impact on the appearance or flavor of the food that is being prepared. The steamed materials hold a majority of its appearance and flavor, so the foodstuff that is prepared in the steamer is fairly delicious.

Since we might be able to see out of the information provided above, the electrical steamer is a really handy appliance to buy for your kitchen.

Best Rated Food Steamers: Price List

Things To Consider When Buying A Food Steamer: Buying Guide

There are several types or kinds of food steamers or steam cookers like Idli Maker Steamers or Momo Steamers, etc. available on the market, out of which, choosing one might be really tricky. Therefore you must bear the below-provided aspects in mind before you actually end up buying one.

Power of Steamer

The speed of steaming or cooking the food relies on the food steamer’s power rating. The superior power permits you to quicken the cooking pace. The contemporary food steamers offer power that ranges from the 600 to 1800 or even to 2000 Watts. The food steamer offering 850-1000W steaming capability might be suggested for the regular family.

Number of Steam Bowls

The steaming baskets or the bowls is a distinctive dish where the products are put in for cooking. From 1 to 3 steam baskets might be provided in the food steamer. The steamers comprising of only a single basket are fairly rare to obtain, thus the choice is going to be among the steamers offering 2 or 3 steaming baskets.

In case you utilize a steamer to prepare food simultaneously inside only one or two baskets, the two steaming bowls are going to be sufficient for you, but in case you desire to cook even more dishes, it is superior to purchase a steamer comprising of r steaming bowls. The rice bowl that is used to prepare rice is a distinct bowl, which utilized for numerous cereals and not only for cooking rice. The rice bowl has been provided in one amongst the fundamental bowls. Hence, you should pay attention to the existence of the “rice bowl” while buying a steamer, since in a few models this bowl might be missing.

Things To Consider When Buying A Food Steamer Buying Guide


Basket Volume

The quantity of foodstuff that you might be able to cook at once relies on the capacity of the steaming baskets. The bowls or baskets might offer you with a capacity of about 1.5 – 3.5 liters. You might easily decide what volume of a steaming basket you would need, according to your cooking requirements. Distinctly, you must also have a look at the capacity of the “rice bowl” – it might suggestively fluctuate from capacity offered with the basic baskets.

Steam Control Type

There are 2 kinds of control that are namely mechanical and electronic, which might be utilized within a steam cooker. The mechanical control comes with a regulator, which is employed with an easy rotation to the desired setting.

The electronic control, on the other hand, offers the selection of the preferred mode over a distinct board comprising of buttons.


One of the most crucial things to consider before buying a food steamer is their type- whether you should choose an electric steamer or a gas stove one. Now, as you can see, many people stumble while making a choice between these two. Electric food steamers run on electricity that saves a lot of gas usage, saving you money on your kitchen budget. However, they consume electricity. Hence, make sure that you are buying an energy-efficient one to get the best result without spending too much. On the other hand, gas stove food steamers are cheaper and do not cost your electricity consumption much. However, after comparing both the types thoroughly, one would mostly choose electric steamers over traditional ones. 

Build Quality

Ensuring build quality is equally important as ensuring the performance of the product you are buying. And when it is an electronic appliance, you should better check the quality to safeguard your investment. Make sure that the product which you are buying comes with a sturdy build. The body of the machine should be made of strong ABS plastic. The transparent walls of the baskets should also be sturdy enough. Good build quality will ensure the longevity of the device. The outer build protects the inside components ensuring longer life and a lesser threat to accidents. 


When you are choosing an electronic food steamer, unlike traditional gas stove steamers, there is always a lesser chance of getting hurt due to heat. However, it does not eliminate the chances. So, our next concern should be ensuring the safety of use. Make sure that the food steamer which you are buying comes with extra added features such as automatic power cut in case of electric fluctuations. Many even come with timers that would stop the machine automatically when the work is done. It protects the device from overrunning or saves your food from being overcooked. Hence, make sure that your device offers extra protection features to be 100% sure of your safety.


As mentioned earlier, many electric food steamers feature an in-built timer. It is a great feature to consider when it comes to ease of use. A timer automatically turns off the device when cooking is done. For example, suppose you have a visitor to attend while you are cooking. With food steamers, you can turn on the timer and go out while your food is prepared on its own. And when it is done, it turns off automatically or gives you an alarm. So, it protects your food from being overcooked. 


The price of a food steamer depends on its type, size, and capacity. For example, a food steamer with more capacity will cost you more than one with low capacity. So, when you are planning to purchase a food steamer, it would be a wiser task to fix a budget beforehand. Since the market is full of choices, having a budget would help you find your product faster. 

Pallet Quantity

A pallet is a position where the steam condensates, as well as the fluid from cooked products, move down. A wide majority of the food steamers comprise of only one pallet. The condensate and the juice generated in every single bowl flows into the pallet. In the other kinds of models, every single steaming basket comprises a distinct pallet.

You may select the steamer comprising of individual pallets if you like to desire that the liquids coming out of distinct baskets don’t get mingled with one another. This might be pretty useful, for an instance, while cooking several kinds of sauces or soups.


The attachments that might be used with a food steamer might not be required for general usage but they provide you with further capabilities while you steam the food. The food steamer attachments are namely:

  • Water level indicator which allows you to make sure that there is sufficient water inside the steamer.
  • The water inlet for adding water assists you in adding the water in case the level is inadequate.
  • Egg holders assist in cooking the eggs with a whole lot of ease.

Following you have gone through the above-mentioned characteristics, you may quite effortlessly decide on which is the best food steamer, to take care of all your steaming requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What does a food steamer really do?

Food can be cooked in a number of ways. A food steamer steams food rather than frying or grilling it.

2. Is steaming food a good option?

It's a great option since steamed food is healthy. Steamed food requires no oil which means none of that extra fat and cholesterol.

3. What food can be cooked using a food steamer?

All kinds! You can cook not only rice and vegetables, but even fish and meat! We recommend you try so. It will make for a very healthy diet.

A Final Word

Steamed momos are so good! It's the rage these days. With the best food steamers on the Indian market, you can binge eat momos using the steamer and all sorts of other food as well! And do you know what's the best thing about it? It's that it's all healthy since steamed food requires no oil unlike grilling and frying!

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