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10 Best Garment Steamers In India

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Who doesn’t want to wear trendy and fashionable clothes? Everyone does! But after buying branded and costly clothes, you need to take utmost care so that they remain in the same shape and shade. However, maintaining and taking care of your clothes is a tedious chore for several people since washing, drying, and then ironing the clothes in the traditional manner takes a lot of time. Therefore, the people who are always in a hurry might not be able to get this done every single time.

10 Best Garment Steamers In India 1

Thus, today we have lined up the Best Garment Steamers on the market, which are going to provide them the reprieve they desire from the traditional way of ironing clothes that requires a lot of time and patience. The garment steamers that we have listed down in our review are all from the top brands and are going to provide you with the finest performance devoid of any sort of hassle or stress. Furthermore, we have provided our users with the Garment Steamer Buying Guide, which is going to help them all in selecting an appropriate steamer according to their preference, requirements, and budget.

Editor's Picks: 5 of the Top Best Garment Steamers In India

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The 10 Best Garment Steamers In India You Can Buy Online

1. Russell Hobbs RGS1800-Professional Garment Steamer (Black)


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Why we recommend it

  • The steamer heats up as fast as 45 second
  • It comes with an adjustable telescopic pole
  • It has 6.5ft power cord length
  • The auto shut-off safety feature when water runs out * Patented drain plug for cleanness and easy maintenance
  • The product has a translucent water tank with 1.6l capacity delivers 45 minutes of constant steaming with casters for easy moving.
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  • Translucent water tank with 1.6l capacity
  • Provides 45 minutes of constant steaming Auto shut-off safety feature
  • It comes with 6.5ft power cord length

  • No extendable hanger for clothes

2. Philips GC504/35 1600-Watt Garment Steamer (Pink/White)

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Why we recommend it

  • An extra-large plate placed on the steamer head which helps in fast steaming.
  • It comes with detachable and transparent tank along with the safety gloves.
  • Steam nozzles in the steamer provide the steam regularly and help to crease in seconds.
  • This smart steamer from Philips is safe for all kinds of clothes including silk.
  • The steam pipe is made of the silicon which is ideal for the steam.
  • The steamer pole comes with a hanger which helps to fold the clothes.
  • High steam bust is provided with this steamer
  • It is powered by 1600 W 220-240 Volts
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  • Includes: Garment steamer, Adjustable pole, and glove for extra protection
  • Operating Voltage: 220 – 240 volts
  • Power: 1600 watts

  • Some grievances of hot water seeping from the head

3. Usha Techne Direct 1000-Watt Garment Steamer (Purple/White)

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Why we recommend it

  • The steamer comes with steam output feature of up to 21gm/min.
  • It comes with vertical steam facility for easy wrinkle removal
  • The steamer shuts off overheat thermostat for safety
  • The product comes with 2years of warranty
  • It comes with detachable fabric brush with lint removal facility
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  • ABS plastic body
  • 2 years warranty
  • Auto shut off safety feature

  • Some complaints that it tips over too easily

4. Havells Glanzo Garment Steamer 1650 Watt (Blue and Grey)

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Why we recommend it

  • The steamer comes with steam output feature of up to 38gm/min.
  • It comes with vertical steam facility for easy wrinkle removal
  • It comes with dry heat protection which safeguards the product from damage in case it is switched on without water
  • The product comes with 2years of warranty
  • Having detachable & transparent water tank
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  • 1.3 meter flexible & insulated hose
  • Steam get ready in 45 seconds
  • Operating Voltage: 220 – 230 volts
  • Power: 1650 watts

  • Water tank is small

5. ORPIO (LABEL) Portable 1500W Handheld Garment Steamer

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Why we recommend it

  • Large water tank- 250ml
  • High-temperature pressure and steam within minutes
  • Ergonomic design
  • Detachable brush head and measuring cup
  • Auto shut off feature
[amazon box=”B07PYRS13R”]

  • Travel-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Ideal to use both vertically and horizontally

  • Built quality could have been better

6. QUBA Garment Steamer GS 14 Professional Model

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Why we recommend it

  • It comes with 2.1 L detachable water tank
  • Easy to use nozzle brush
  • It provides 60 minutes of continuous steaming. 
  • It sanitize and refreshes the delicate fabrics
  • This steamer is equipped with 30 % larger steam plate compared to other models.
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  • 10 heat settings
  • 40 g per minute steam output
  • Comes with dry boiling protection & over heat protection.

  • Only 4 months warranty

7. Philips Handheld Garment Steamer GC360/30

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Why we recommend it

  • It comes with automatic continuous system
  • Offers better crease removal with a touch of your hand
  • The product is powered by 1200 W
  • It comes with 2 years warranty
  • It also includes heated plate and brush
  • The product includes Warranty card, Garment steamer, User Manual, and Accessories
[amazon box=”B07DXRGWDJ”]

  • Ready to use: Light indicator
  • Power: 1200 watts
  • Can be used as vertically or horizontally

  • Small water tank
  • Power cord is small

8. Philips Handheld Garment Steamer Gc310

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Why we recommend it

  • The product is Ergonomic designed
  • It comes with automatic continuous steam
  • It is powered by 1000 W
  • It comes with 2 years warranty
  • The product has additional attachments like brush accessory
[amazon box=”B015Q7KGPA”]

  • Super-fast heat up
  • Ergonomic designed Brush accessory
  • Power 1000 W
  • 2years warranty

  • Several reports of spitting water

9. WisTec Reliable Dash 1500 Watt Handheld Garment Steamer

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Why we recommend it

  • The body is made is ABS plastic
  • It is powered by 1500 W
  • It comes with non-stick plate which protects the garments
  • The product comes with high end thermostat which automatically shuts off steamer in case of over heating.
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • It works on all fabrics and prevent them from any sort of damage
[amazon box=”B085WWPVCC”]

  • Includes: Garment steamer, Adjustable pole, and glove for extra protection
  • Operating Voltage: 220 – 240 volts
  • Power: 1500 watts

  • Some grievances of hot water seeping from the head

10. Inalsa Professional Series -Swiftix Garment Steamer-1600W

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Why we recommend it

  • Swiftix Garment Steamer comes with 1600 W of power
  • 5 modes variable continuous steam
  • The garment steamer comes with Dry Boiling Protection and Over-Heat Protection
  • Swiftix releases powerful steam burst 15g/min-40g/min with the option to select from any of the 5 steam modes.
  • This garment steamer comes with detachable fabric brush
[amazon box=”B08HMBL8LN”]

  • Includes: Garment steamer, Adjustable pole, and glove for extra protection
  • Operating Voltage: 220 – 240 volts
  • Power: 1600 watts

  • Water tank capacity is not that good.

Things to Consider Before Buying Garment Steamer – Buying Guide

So as to purchase the Best Garment Steamer that is going to conform to your requirements, you need to keep below-given aspects and features in mind:

Decent Reach

As the garment steamers are utilized not only for the clothing but frequently for curtains in addition, a lengthy hose and/or an extended power cord is going to reach places at a height-deprived of needing to turn to any step stool, even though you might require using an extension cable together with the handheld clothes steamer.

Decent Water Capacity

A bigger steamer is going to possess a bigger reservoir, which offers extended periods of nonstop steam. Even those small, handheld garment steamers, although, must be capable of steaming incessantly for no less than 10 minutes.

Auto Shut-Down

 In case the steamer goes dry, this feature is going to shut it down prior to any motor breakdown takes place. It further makes sure that in case you move away from the garment steamer, it isn’t going to function.


The full-size steamers are going to weigh anything about 20 pounds; equipped with the caster wheels is going to turn it easier to shift the unit from one place to the other.

Racks, Clips, & Hangers

The hangers, racks, and clips are going to permit you to ensure complete access to every single side of the clothes and keep the task near the steamer. The finest full-sized garment steamers are also going to have inbuilt racks or hangers in addition to a hook to hold the hanger.

Detachable Water Tank

Having a detachable water tank or reservoir turns the garment steamer much easier to clean and fill.

Benefits Of Using Garment Steamers

In our everyday life, we face the question from many people, “Why a steamer when I have an iron?” or “Does steaming clean my clothes properly?” Before answering this, we want you to understand that garment steaming is a new technology to improvise the garment cleaning and to take it to a new level. So, the short answer to this question will be: YES! A garment steamer can offer you more benefits than an iron. And it can clean your clothes too. Furthermore, garment steamers are safer to use. They are also more convenient than traditional irons and offer easy handling. Hence, to eliminate any doubt happening inside your head, we have made a list of certain benefits that the garment cleaners have to offer to you. 

Easy To Use

One of the primary benefits of using garment steamers is that they are easy to use. As we see technological development, we get the results in hand faster than before, which shows how efficiently modern appliances work. Garment steamers are no exception in such cases. They help in keeping your clothes wrinkle-free and fresh for a lengthier period. When you are using a garment iron, all you need to do is to hang your clothes, turn the steamer on and start steaming.

Kills Bacteria And Removes Odour 

Another advantage of using a steamer is that they not only keep your clothes fresh but also kill bacteria and maintain hygiene. Steam kills most of the bacterias in your clothes. It also removes those smelly odours that build up from sweat or due to the overuse of harsh chemicals when cleaning. However, it is recommended that you clean and dry your clothes first before steaming them. 

Safe To Use

Garment steamers are safer than irons. They offer a much more delicate process than traditional ironing. Unlike ironing the steamer does not make any physical contact with your clothes. Thus, there is no fear of burning or unintended creasing. Also, there is always a physical risk prevailing with ironing. Careless handling of irons can do severe damage to one. On the contrary, steamers are much safer to handle. 


Garments steamers are much faster than normal irons. With a garment steamer, you don’t have to lay your garment flat on the surface. Or, you don’t need to keep repositioning your clothes like you do when you iron them. It makes the process quicker and more convenient. You can save a lot of time if you have a powerful cloth steamer that generates a high steam output. It can help you to get rid of wrinkles quickly.

Serves Multiple Purposes

Garment steamers can serve you for multiple purposes. If you think that steamers can only be used with clothes, then you might be wrong. You can use these garment steamers to remove any kind of creases from your home furnishings too. Since steamers kill most of the germs and odours in the process, it is an outstanding choice freshening up your bedding, curtains, pillows, rugs and much more.

Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Garment Steamer

How often will you use your garment steamer?

In case you require a garment steamer solely for random use — or to utilize in several spots in and around your house — a minor steamer is going to function very well. Even the handheld steamer that merely generates steam for 15 minutes per top up is adequate for numerous jobs. In case you are involved in tasks where a lot of steaming is required — or you're frequently steaming heftier fabrics — a bigger steamer is the superior choice.

What are the kinds of garments you need to steam?

In case you're predominantly steaming nimble, gentle fabrics, then a handheld steamer having a minor steam output will be a good choice as compared to the full-size garment steamer. On the other hand, if you need to steam dense, weighty fabrics, a full-size clothes steamer is going to be further operational and require a smaller amount of time for the de-crumpling procedure.

Require a garment steamer for travel?

The travel garment steamers offer an amazing way to rapidly de-wrinkle the suitcase-wrinkled garments. Ensure that the garment steamer you select is sufficiently small and adequately light to settle down inside your suitcase — even a few pounds might augment the weight of a wholly-packed bag. Furthermore, in case you are always short on time, make sure that you purchase one that doesn’t leave the water spots that might necessitate time for drying.

Which garment steamer feels at ease?

You require holding the clothes steamer in the hand to perceive if it fits ergonomically or not. For the handheld clothes steamers, ensure that it must not be really heavy and bear in mind that you are going to be filling it with water. In case you have problems with your wrists and hands, the steamer that is small and light is going to be perfect.

Do you require buying an iron?

The garment steamers are exquisite for solely flattening wrinkles there on the fabric, but they might not be able to provide the perfectly pressed appearance that ironing offers and you may not anticipate that outcome using a garment steamer. In case you require sharp creases in the chinos or to you require keeping folds crisp, then you should opt to purchase a steam iron.

Do you require purchasing the steam cleaner?

The solo criticism we discovered on plenty occasion was the fact that a garment steamer isn’t capable of eliminating the odors or stains, though, this kind of steamer isn’t manufactured to do any of these things either. In case you necessitate a steamer for cleaning the garments, you require purchasing a steam cleaner in its place. Steam cleaners are utilized for a diversity of jobs, but several might be utilized on clothes too.

Personal Recommendation

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I hope with the post above now it’s easy for you to choose garment steamer for your home and still if you’re confused or looking for the second opinion then go with Philips Handheld Garment Steamer Gc310.It has all great features and total value for money. You can pick this one without a shadow of a doubt this is the best pick for your clothes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.Is garment steamer better than iron?

Steamers are much faster than irons. Handheld garment steamers beat irons in terms of convenience because they are lightweight and require little space. A disadvantage with a steamer is that creases cannot be pressed into fabrics. Your dress shirt won't look crisp if you use a steamer.

2. What is the use of garment steamer?

clothes steamer, also called a garment steamer or simply a steamer, is a device used for quickly removing wrinkles from garments and fabrics with the use of high temperature steam.

3. Does garment steamer disinfect?

Not only are garment steamers handy for cleaning and sanitizing a range of surfaces, but they also give you a healthy and inexpensive way to deodorize, disinfect and break down grease, grime and dirt.



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    • Thank you for showing your valuable interest in Review Fantasy! We would be really happy to recommend a quality handheld garment steamer to you! The handheld garment steamer that we would recommend you to purchase as per your preferences is the WISTEC Techne Direct 1000 Watts Handheld Garment Steamer. This handheld garment steamer provides you with a stainless steel bucket head that is really useful whilst you steam horizontally, detachable brush, jet unlock feature, transparent water tank or reservoir to keep a check on the water level, and an adequate water storage for steaming your clothes for a longer time.

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