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5 Best Meat Grinders In India (November 2022)

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Whether you cook for yourself, family or loved ones, we understand what all you face through the process. And, especially when you have to cook meat for burgers, or sausages and that entire home cooked sounds like a blessing, right? Though quite often we chicken out from such work due to the time and effort it consumes. But it shouldn’t be a concern any longer. In the post below, we’ve listed the top 5 best meat grinders for all sorts of purposes. Whether you’re prepping for veggies, meat cutlet for burgers or even a glass of juice we’ve got you covered. With these food processors, everything is in the palm of your hands.  Here is our list of the top 5 best meat grinders in 2019.

Best Meat Grinders in India – Reviews

1. ORPIO (LABEL) ABS Stainless Steel and Glass Electric Meat Grinders 

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Designed and developed by the known Orpio, this electric meat grinder/mincer model has everything you need to grow your know-how in food processing. It rests to receive great reviews on the market, a sign of outstanding performance and excellence. It features a powerful 300-watt motor and 2-speed settings; Low, high, reverses, for the best performance and production.

The circuit breaker on this machine is there to make the most of your well-being when using it. If you want to make the best-grinded meat or sausages for your loved ones, then you can count on this electric meat grinder model.


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Why we recommend it

  • 4 detachable stainless steel blades allow the upper and lower blades for maximum efficiency
  • 2 Modes to Select – “I” Button and “II” Button.
  • Plastic Bowl of 2 Liter Capacity
  • Removable and Dishwasher Safe

2.You God Electric Meat Grinder Mincer

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If you’re eyeing for a good meat grinder that does its job truly fast, you’re in the right place. This machine comes with 3 speeds for you to select from. However, as a safety feature, it comes with a circuit wave. Comparable to other products, this comes with its full gears to serve the drive of grinding meat.


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Why we recommend it

  • Easy to use on and off switch
  • Two types of blades (mid/fine)
  • Slant front panel design
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Power: 3000 watts; Operating Voltage : 800 volts
  • Includes: Meat and Food Grinder

3. Black & Decker FM1700 550-Watt Meat Mincer

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We’re going to look at Black & Decker meat grinder that runs on 55000W. Being potent isn’t the best quality that this meat grinder has. You can effortlessly keep this machine clean since accumulating and stripping is planned to be modest. Not to comment, how quiet this appliance will run. Contrasting a lot of meat grinder that marks loud noises, this will proficiently run without making blasts. The best part about this appliance is that you can slog meat truly fast and competently. You won’t have to wait long before you start creating the feast.


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Why we recommend it

  • 1700 watts locked rotor power, 3 vegetable slicing disc
  • One speed and reverse operation, High on performance stainless steel blades
  • Kebbe and sausage accessory, Accessory compartment
  • Warranty: 2 years on product
  • Power: 550 watts; Operating voltage: 220-240 volts

4. ANDREW JAMES Keema Machine 2000W Meat Mincer/Grinder

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Andrew James meat grinder is also an additional creation that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. You will love how this mincer will grind meat with the machinery that is instigated. This meat grinder is very easy to start, all you need is just the push of a button and you’re golden. You will only be supposing consistently mixed meat with this mincer. With that said, this meat grinder is quite hefty and large but that will give you a more constant feeling.


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Why we recommend it

  • 3-in-one kitchen tool; minces, grinds, and makes fresh pasta from scrape
  • It comes with two screens; coarse mincing plate and fine mincing plate
  • It comes with three pasta attachments; rigatoni, spaghetti and linguine
  • It also comes with a secure suction base and locking key
  • Comprises a sausage funnel add-on-stainless steel blades

5. Geepas Meat Mincer 2000watt keema machine for home use

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Let’s talk about this meat grinder from Geepas. With this meat grinder/mincer, you will get a suave experience with whatever you will be grating. Not to reference, this appliance can handle up to 150lb of meat, as well. So the diversity of food that you can cook is boundless. The corporation’s method in the projects of this machine is to make the procedure very humble however keeping the machine robust. You can simply have this on by persistent a button. Bring together won’t be taxing, moreover.


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Why we recommend it

  • Powered by 2000 watt Copper motor, this mincer is ideal for your home space
  • Material – Stainless Steel 304 Mouth, Other parts are made of ABS Food Grade Plastic
  • The product comes with one year warranty
  • Out Put – 3kg per hour, sausage attachment is there
  • It’s an insurgency for sanitized and fresh meat grinding at home with ease, it’s easy to clean and use at home.

Now that we’ve stated all the best grinders that you can get, you can lastly find ease in the kitchen. With the help of some best of the best meat grinders, you can cook many diverse types of food as well as the trial with it. Optimistically, you’ll find your favorite on our list.

As mentioned, the primary function of a meat grinder, also known as a meat mincer, is, as the name suggests, grinding meat. While some customers might view the practice as a redundant task, there is much assistance to grinding your own produce in the domestic setting of your kitchen.

Contrary to what you might trust, your local grocery store most probably does not grind their own meat. It is pre-ground in a factory and then sent to your site, where it sits for numerous days to a week, all the while mislaying its taste and cleanness. You don't know the circumstances in which the meat is managed at a factory, which can be disturbing for some. So by buying meat and grinding in at home, you can rest guaranteed knowing that your kitchen is hygienic and that you're at a lesser risk foodborne disease.

At the same time, grinding your own meat is also economical. At a local grocer, a ground roast will be more costly than its whole complement. As a customer, you are paying a finest for somebody to run the product over the grinder. It may be superior to grind it yourself and experience some of the savings.

To grind or not to grind

A meat grinder is a simple machine with only a few indispensable parts: the motor, auger, blade, and plate. The motor size will have the prime effect on the convenience of your grinding. And, smaller models have trouble grinding large portions of meat, as you must pare down the chunks beforehand you add them to the unit. This is time-consuming and appears to reverse the drive of a grinder. A larger apparatus, though, will let you process larger amounts with better ease. This is also emanated into play when grinding bone or gamey meats like beef.

Albeit occasional, manually-functioned replicas still occur, where your muscle power substitutes the motor through the use of a hand crank. With those elements, you control the speed of the engine and are not imperfect by electronic power. This may not be the best choice when doing high capacities of grinding, of course, as your arm will tire and you may not work at a reliable pace, resultant in a less even tedium.

The blade and plate work in parallel to cut the meat and push it over. The prior merely cuts the meat into an adaptable size to pass over the latter, which breaks it down into long, soft bits. The size of those parts is resolute by the plate's holes, which can vary in width. Models that comprise unlike sizes of plate holes allow you to choose how large you'd like the chore to be.

A grinder add-on can also be added to present kitchen applications, such as a stand mixer. Kitchenaid, for example, excellently brags that any of their brand's mincers will fit on Kitchenaid mixers. If you do not own a mixer and mean to purchase a separate unit, though, our list has amassed the best.

A Brief History of the Meat Grinder

Nowadays, as more and more users become health aware, the request for meat grinders has improved. The recent reaction against GMO foods particularly has many people turning to their own means of meal groundwork. Join the drive and you too can create gourmet, fresh meat with one of these units.

Conclusion/Personal Recommendation


[amazon box=”B07BLLQTLM” template=”list”]

Being smart consumers never ever compromise the quality of the home and kitchen appliances Meat/Food Grinder you buy because of money. Appreciated food grinder is easily accessible on the Internet if you’re on a budget. If you are having a hard time finding one, we have identified a good option for you. Geepas Meat Mincer 2000watt keema machine is a worthwhile, performance oriented and a reasonable product. It is also sturdy and has a well-engineered design that blends and mixes out perfectly.

A guide about meat grinder

The meat grinder is a kitchen utensil that is used to chop beef, pork or veal to cut into small pieces. It allows you to make several meat recipes including ground beef, stuffing, sausage, meatball, pudding, etc.  Playing with its grids, it is possible to have a rendering in different forms. Since one can quickly get tired of always eating ground meat, the meat grinder also allows varying its products by turning them into kebabs, sausages, strainers and other.
The meat choppers are equipped with a large electrical power of around 2000 W at a minimum, which is a good asset in terms of time saving during preparation. 

What can you do with a meat grinder?

Manual or electric, the meat grinder has everything to please you. And for good reason, it is always good to use meat grinder. It makes it easy for you to avoid using the services of a butcher every time you want to chop meat. It also offers you the opportunity to concoct various dishes based on minced meat, such as meatballs and sausages. Rest assured, you do not have to buy the same model as your butcher's. There are many meat grinders that fit perfectly for domestic use. All this to say that having this device is both useful and economical.
Useful equipment for cooking: The meat grinder is available in two models: the manual meat grinder and the electric meat grinder. They have the advantage of chopping meat in minutes, but each has its own characteristics. The manual meat grinder is very convenient in case of power failure. Indeed, as it works using a crank, you will not need to connect to a circuit socket.
To prepare various dishes based on minced meat: Thanks to the meat grinder, you can make varied recipes based on minced meat, without going around the butcher shops. If grilling tempts you for this summer, why not prepare minced meat steaks? Accompanied by salad, these dishes will surely put you in the mouth. If not, use it to prepare your hamburger. A snack that will please your children. A meat grinder will also be useful if you want to concoct a Mediterranean specialty. 

Manual or electric?

It must be admitted that the choice lies more in terms of the features and functions offered by each type of device. It is clear that the manual meat grinder is the best, as far as the anti-stuffing system is concerned. Nevertheless, the latest meat grinders of the moment are also rival competitors, given the power that is administered to them.
Obviously, for an electric meat mince, the higher the power is greater than 1000 watts, the less it risks a jam. But it should be noted that this only applies to meat in large quantities, because less meat requires much less power and less effort for the machine. It is worth remembering that a manual chopper can hold only 2 kg of meat, while the electric meat mince has appliances that can chop up to 5 kg, in an instant.
Manual or electric, all these devices are equal; just determine its frequency of use, and the capacity of meat to chop regularly. But it is also common to see people chopped breeds, with his personal chopper.
So, in terms of efficiency, the two devices are almost similar. Only the manual model limits its power to the user's ability to crank the crank. In terms of capacity, it has been noticed that most manual choppers have greater loading capacity. Anyway, it is possible to find electric choppers with large capacity.

What if you own a stand mixer already?

If you already have a stand mixer, then you can buy an attachment which work as a meat grinder. An attachment will play same role as like and good option for those who want to take benefits of meat grinder but cannot buy it. Attachment give you all the option that meat grinder will give you so you need not to spend too much on meat grinder.  Attachment with stand mixer is good option for small family but if you have big family then it will not work for you.

Does my meat grinder need any service? 

Yes meat grinder needs service. But to avoid devices takes the below precaution

  • For the maintenance of your chopper, clean with a damp cloth or sponge to remove stains, stains or other spills.
  • Do not wet the chopper body to avoid damaging the motor. 
  • All accessories such as the hopper, grates, knives, funnels  … can be washed with your usual washing-up liquid.
  • Once cleaned, remember to dry them well to prevent them from rusting.
  • Grease the grates and knives or wrap them in greasy paper.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Meat Grinder

Nonveg food items can be a lifeline for many people. And whether it is a chicken burger or other meat items, there is another fun in cooking these at home. Meat grinders are, therefore, one of the best devices that help you ground meat at home. These devices are pretty easy to handle and come with many features that complement different food processing. Most importantly, these machines are easily available in the market at an affordable price range. As you are here, looking for the best meat grinder, we presume that you have got something innovative in your mind. 

However, one question that is bothering many of you is whether you should buy one or skip it? Considering you will be investing your money in such an appliance, it is quite natural to have these doubts. Therefore, our team has pointed out several reasons why you should have a meat grinder. These are basically some advantages of using a meat grinder. We hope that these following points will help you to clear your head and make a decision faster. But if you buy, do not forget to follow our buyer's guide to know the features you should be expecting in your purchase. 

Build Quality

The build quality of any appliance plays a huge role in the performance and longevity of the device. No one will ever want to buy a product that breaks easily or stops working soon. And if it happens, it will only be a mere waste of your time and money. So, to avoid any waste of either, you must be careful while making a choice. It is better to check the build quality of the device beforehand. You can check the description where you will get some idea about it. Many meat grinders have a sturdy ABS plastic body, while some have a metal body. Both these builds have their pros and cons. However, having quality plastic does its job perfectly. It will protect the inside components and can withstand small accidents without causing much damage. So, before purchasing any device, let it be a meat grinder or something else, always make sure that you get the best out of your budget. Avoid buying some cheap machines which have low-grade plastic and cheap quality blades. 

Electric or Manual

There are primarily two types of meat grinders available in the market- electric and manual. The type that you choose plays a huge role in the performance. For example, with a manual meat grinder, you have to do the job manually, where, on the other hand, an electric grinder runs automatically without needing any special assistance. But there are other factors too. For example, time is a factor while we cook. We certainly do not have the whole day to prepare food. A manual meat grinder takes a lot of time and effort, while electric meat grinders are faster and more efficient. 

There is also a difference between the price. It is quite natural that electric meat grinders are costlier than manual ones as they offer more convenience and efficiency than the latter. So, picking the right type decides many factors. For example, it decides how much effort you have to put or how much time it would take. All these considerations play a huge role in your purchase. But, at the end of the day, the choice is yours. However, we recommend you to go for the electric grinders if you plan to use it more frequently. It will make your jobs a lot easier. 

Ease Of Use

Better cooking requires a comfortable kitchen atmosphere. And by the atmosphere, we also include the appliances that you use in your kitchen. Indian kitchens have no age boundary. You can see minors to senior members preparing their favourite meal there. Therefore, it is necessary that the devices you pick are easy to use. For example, if you buy something for your grandmother who you find cannot use that, it would be an embarrassment for her and a waste of money for you. Therefore, you should always avoid purchasing such appliances with complicated functions. 

The same goes when you plan to buy a meat grinder. Meat grinders are exceptionally easy to use. However, there are options that come with several complex features that make it harder to understand. On the other hand, some devices require your effort too. For instance, manual meat grinders will require your effort, which may not be suitable for elderly people. So, if you plan to buy a manual meat grinder, ensure the rotating parts are moving properly so that you will not have to apply more effort when grinding the meat. And for the electric grinders, you can check the setting knobs, the motor quality, the power rating, and other things. 


Different meat grinders are available in different sizes. But when you are purchasing one, the last thing you will ever want is to find it occupying more space in your kitchen. So, it is better than before buying a meat grinder you run a quick check on the availability of the space in the kitchen. You can decide where you intend to keep it and how much space you can afford. Making these calculations will be helpful in purchasing the perfect device. You can then check the product description and match whether it would fit in there or you need to find another.  


The price of a meat grinder depends on various factors, including its type, design, build quality, capacity and size. For example, electric meat grinders are costlier than manual ones. Again, if you go for a metal build, you will have to pay more. So, when you plan to buy a meat grinder, it is better to have a budget preference beforehand. You can also draw the features you want in your machine. In this way, you can have your grinder much easier. It also helps you to understand the features better than you should expect in that price range. 

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