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Best Electric Shavers for Men In India

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The first thing that men working in corporate offices and workplaces do is to shave their facial hair so that they look well-groomed and maintained. The untidy and irregular whiskers emerging from here and there won’t give you a dapper look. Still, there are quite a few people who tend to use those outdated and blade-driven shavers, which might not be able to give you a cleaner shave and your skin is generally at risk to acquiring cuts and blemishes. 

Therefore, to give you shaving experience a new edge, we have reviewed the Best Electric Shavers for Men in India that are going to help you get a faster and easier shave every single morning. These electric shavers provide you with both dry and wet usage along with being water-resistant. Hence, to help you out in getting the most remarkable electric shaver as per your requirement, we have made this Top 10 Listing especially for you. So, get the closest trim along with suitable features like the digital display and adaptable head settings by choosing one of the below-listed electric shaver choices. If you are more into Trimmers and looking to get a new Trimmer then we got you covered! Head to the article on the best trimmers in India and you will surely find something for yourself!

10 Best Electric Shaver for Men in India

Umanac SH9000 Review

This electric shaver is a 360-degree unit that comes with triple rotary heads which glide pretty smoothly over your facial skin, so that you get a close yet comfortable shave. It comprises of an overall acute shaving arrangement. Its pop-up trimmer is ideal for priming sideburns, moustache, and beard. It offers a cordless usage of nearly 45 minutes when fully charged for 8 hrs. Further, it comprises of LED charging indicator and a safety cap.

Umanac SH9000 ReviewCheck Price and Reviews on Amazon!

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  • Comes with 3 rotating heads for smooth shave
  • Offers an overall acute shaving experience
  • Pop-Up Trimmer is ideal for maintaining your side locks and moustache
  • Provides close yet smooth shave at once
  • Charges fully within a period of 8-hours

Philips S7320/12 Review

Now you will be able to get that edge off your shaving experience. The Philips S7320/12 has been particularly intended to be comfortable over your sensitive facial skin, and it comprises of exclusive comfort rings having an anti-friction layer. The shaver slides smoothly throughout your face and makes your skin charming and smooth. The heads smoothly bend in 5 ways for additional comfort. Obtain a relaxed dry or revitalizing wet shave owing to the AquaTec. Just as Philips Trimmers provide you the best performance, the shavers are nothing behind performance wise!

Philips S7320/12 ReviewCheck Price and Reviews on Amazon!

Check Price on Amazon


  • Comes with comfort rings having a unique coating
  • Offers a smart click accurate trimmer for trimming
  • It includes a one-level battery indicator
  • Provides a gentle precision blade system or arrangement
  • Gives in a 50-minutes of cordless shaving experience

Braun Series 3 Shave & Style 3010BT 3-in-1 Electric Wet & Dry Shaver

Each one of the electric shavers in the range of Braun shavers moves in straight, with intuitive strokes so you don’t require circling one the same area two times, assisting to minimalize the irritation of skin. The dedicated shaving or cutting essentials are pressure penetrating and safe by means of an original metal lattice known as SensoFoil for a fresh and close shaving experience with exceptional skin relief. Every Braun shaver from Series 3 has been planned and manufactures in Germany for crucial precision and devotion to detail.

Braun Series 3 Shave & Style 3010BT 3-in-1 Electric Wet & Dry ShaverCheck Price and Reviews on Amazon!

Check Price on Amazon


  • It is a 3-in-1 tool for trimming, shaving, and edging
  • Comes with 3 pressure-sensitive shaving elements
  • Interchangeable trimmer top for precise shaping
  • Ready to use with water, foam or gel
  • Offers 2 years of warranty on the product

Braun Series 3 3040 Rechargeable Wet & Dry Electric Foil Shaver

This electric shaver from Braun comes with a triple action shaving arrangement, which can easily adapt for your facial curves. Its MicroComb Technology offers it the ability to catch more hair for the best shave. The SensoFoil, which is the company’s patent, provides and effectually close shave. It doesn’t compromise performance since it might be used in both wet as well as dry conditions. This shaver is IPX7 certified, therefore, it might even be submerged up to 5 meters. It charges pretty quickly since it can be charged fully within an hour’s time.

Braun Series 3 3040 Rechargeable Wet & Dry Electric Foil ShaverCheck Price and Reviews on Amazon!

Check Price on Amazon


  • Offers the MicroComb Technology for cutting more hair
  • Comes with the effective Triple Action Cutting Arrangement
  • Comes handy in both Wet & Dry conditions with no stress
  • Charges fully within a time period of one hour
  • Provides 2 years warranty on the product

Panasonic ES3833S Review

The electric shaver from Panasonic utilizes a solo blade coupled up with a fine-cut shaving top. Its blade has been installed at a 78-degree slant and comprises of a motor offering a speed of nearly 8500 RPM, so that you may attain a charming look. It comes with a moving head that bends to the curves of your face. Comprises of a nickel-free blade and which makes it anti-allergic, and the foil has been designed with stainless steel, thus, it won't annoy the user having a sensitive skin. The blade is really sharp and hard-wearing, so you obtain an effectual shave on every occasion.

Panasonic ES3833S ReviewCheck Price and Reviews on Amazon!

Check Best Price on Amazon


  • It is battery-operated, doesn’t need to be charged
  • Ideal for the people who like cordless shaving experience
  • Suitable for both wet & dry usage
  • Comes with a handy pop-up trimmer for sideburns and moustache
  • Offers close yet a pretty comfortable shave

Philips Aquatouch S5050-06 Review

Philips has been a world-leader as far as its range of rooming products is concerned. This electric shaver from the collection of Philips shavers is a fabulous deal, which is pretty simple to use. This shaver provides overall protection of your skin and is also waterproof. It comes with the finest 5-direction bending head arrangement, which provides a comfortable and desirable shave. With a charging time of nearly 8 hours, it offers 30 minutes of shaving.

Philips Aquatouch S5050-06 Review Check Price and Reviews on Amazon!

Check Price on Amazon


  • The precision trimmer makes it perfect for moustache and sideburns
  • Offers a 2-year Philips India Warranty on the product
  • A fully charged unit works for nearly half an hour
  • Comes with the ComfortCut Blades to provide protective shave
  • Being waterproof, it can be used in both Wet & Dry conditions

Panasonic ES-SA40K Review

Now, you will be able to relish the expediency of dry process or using it with foam or even gel for a comfortable and really close shave. This electric shaver from Panasonic might as well be used while taking a shower. The slide-up trimming unit is amazing for mentoring your sideburns and moustache. You require sliding it up whenever it is ready for using and fold away whenever you’re done. The water-resilient arrangement allows you to you wash the shaver to keep it clean.

Panasonic ES-SA40K ReviewCheck Price and Reviews on Amazon!

Check Price on Amazon


  • Ideal for providing both Wet & Dry shaving
  • Comes with a floating head for an effortless fast shave
  • This Panasonic shaver provides nearly 30-minutes shaving experience
  • The unit is pretty lightweight and easy to utilize
  • Wash the whole unit with water since it is waterproof

Nova NAS740 Review

Nova is a brand that manufactures grooming tools and gadgets for both men and women. The selection of electric shavers for men that it offers is of decent quality and provides a nice shaving experience. The Nova NAS – 740 needs to be charged for nearly 8 hours prior to use so that you get uninterrupted shaving experience. It comes with the GyroFlex and Float technology, which makes it adjust to your facial contours or curves.

Nova NAS740 ReviewCheck Price and Reviews on Amazon!

Check Price on Amazon


  • A nice budget option for teenagers or new shavers
  • Suitable to use in both Wet as well as Dry conditions
  • Comes with the adaptable GyroFlex and Float technology
  • Offers a decent shaving experience when charged fully
  • Deals with your hair very comfortably and smoothly

Havells PS7001 Review

Havells has been newly introduced in the market of grooming gadgets and devices. But, the machines that they have developed are definitely up to the mark and performance oriented. This electric shaver from Havells is a portable shaver, which has been intended for the teenagers. A 2-hours charge provides a decent one-hour shaving run-time to the user which is pretty impressive. Its single-blade cutting arrangement provides a really smooth shave.

Havells PS7001 ReviewCheck Price and Reviews on Amazon!

Check Price on Amazon


  • Very portable and travel-friendly electric shaver
  • The smart foil provides close yet comfortable shave
  • The battery can be charged using any Micro USB charger
  • Comes with removable heads for easy cleanup
  • Provides a smooth shave every time with its ultra-thin blades

Nova NAS730 Review

You are going to now adore a stimulating shave devoid of any stress about harming your facial skin. Make use of this shaver from Nova together with foam or gel to get that desirably superior skin relief. Moreover, you may shave using foam or even water to make your hair softer and enhance its gliding for added relaxation or you may also shave dry to get both speed and handiness. It comes with a 2-year warranty on the product, which tells you about the quality of the product.

Nova NAS730 ReviewCheck Price and Reviews on Amazon!

Check Price on Amazon


  • Impressive 4D Aqua-Tech Electric Shaver
  • Comes with the Precision Trimmer for moustache and sideburns
  • Offers the ideal Flex and Float Technology
  • Ideal for wet as well as dry usage anytime
  • Adjusts pretty easily with your facial contours

Visiting the barber’s shop every now and then to be perfectly groomed might be really cumbersome. Therefore, today we are reviewing the Best Electric Shaver for Men so that you can get that perfect shave at the ease of your home. The electric shavers on our listing are really performance inclined and offer the desirable shave within a few minutes of time.

Who is the front-runner amongst the Rotary & Foil Electric Shavers?

  • I personally favor utilizing the Foil option above the Rotary choices owing to the intimacy, softness, and design that they offer.
  • The electric shavers with the rotating blades were introduced primarily to offer a relaxed shaving performance along with a shaving top heads. Undoubtedly, the rotary shavers are really comfortable when equated to the foil shaving choices but they particularly fail to deliver a really close shave.
  • While, in contrast, the foil shaving choices are proficient in providing closeness. They comprise of really sharp blades together with an innovative technology which I actually prefer and desire.

Below we have mentioned some of the aspects that you must check out while buying an electric shaver.

Cordless & Corded Shaving

Some of the electric shavers permit you to clean up whilst your electric shaver is charging whilst some units might not. The Braun series 9 electric shavers doesn’t permit corded shaving experience whilst the Braun series 7 does permit it.

LED Indicator

The charger coming with an LED pointer is really sufficient to keep you informed about the present level of charge in the battery. Inform you while you are charging the unit and notify you when the battery is at a low level.

Pop-Up Trimmer

 A majority of the electric shavers comprise of an inbuilt trimmer which might be taken out via a pop. You might also utilize that trimmer for priming, moustache, and sideburns.

Cleaning and Usage

Ensure that the design of the electric shavers you opt is comfy to use as well as cleanup. A wide range of electric shavers that have been enlisted by us above are really easy to utilize as well as clean. There are a lot of electric shavers that come with a cleanup dock, everything you require doing is to dump the shaver into that dock and tap the cleaning button. With the models that do not offer a cleaning dock for the shaver, you will have to clean it up manually, which isn’t a problem as it might take very less time.

Wet & Dry Expertise

The Wet & Dry expertise permits these shavers to be utilized even while having a shower, shaving with foam or gel, or Dry for faster checkout. In case you have got a really sensitive skin, then you are going to desire shaving using the gel foam. It is the situation where the electric shavers offering Wet & Dry technology become useful and convenient.

Best Electric Shavers Comparison Table

Why Buy Electric Shavers?


The electric shavers are suitable for any kind of skin owing to the fact that they have electric blades, which slide easily on the facial skin. Therefore, you will not experience any sort of skin cutting, annoyance or any other kind of problems with your skin.

Time Saving Option

Using the electric shavers, you won’t require being concerned about water, fresh blades, and other irritating things. All you need to do is turn it on and obtain a smooth and clean shave on every single occasion.

Convenient for Styling

A majority of people have a particular area on their face where they like to keep stubble. Keep that area precisely at the matching position, making use of the tools provided with the shaver. Absolutely, the electric razors do have one set clipper that allows you to get that precise shave every time, as per your requirement and desire.

What Should a Quality Electric Shaver Have on Offer?

To help you find a quality electric shaver from the market, we have listed a few aspects that you must consider:

Brand Name

Experts assert that when you consider purchasing an electric shaver for men, you essentially get what you spend for – the branded products from the house of Philips Norelco, Braun, and Panasonic incline to offer a smoother, more relaxed shave; they similarly are long-lasting. On the other hand, if the budget is pretty tight, Remington has a foil shaver on offer that is worth purchasing.


A majority of electric shavers comprise a trimmer to cope with the long hairs and shaping up the sideburns. Most of the pop-out trimmers, but in a few units, the trimmer is present in the form of an attachment instead.

Money-Back Guarantee

It is going to take up some time for the beard and skin to become familiar to a new shaver, so you would like to give it a shot for virtually the complete trial period. A few makers provide a trial ranging 45 to 60 days and that can also make them the best shavers for men on the market.


2 years is the standard warranty period in the shaver industry. Moreover, you must verify if the blades and foil, or the shaving head and cutters, are debarred from the warranty. This might not seem surprising, but it's a decent thing to distinguish at the start.

Quick Charging

You might not experience anything worse than just being trapped with solely half the face shaved. The best shavers might be able to recover sufficient juice to get your shave done after charging the shaver for just 3 to 5 minutes. A few dry-shave razors are also going to allow you to continue the shaving whilst it is being charged, but for protection, that's might not be a good choice for the models that might as well be aimed at wet shaving.

Sufficient Shave Time

An electric shaver must deliver no less than 45 minutes of shaving time once charged completely.

What to Know Before Buying an Electric Shaver for Men?

To make the most of your shopping experience, there are a few things that you should mull over before hitting the market:

How stretched to you anticipate going amid shaves?

The professionals assert that the rotary models might be able to handle the longer hairs better when compared with the foil models.

How much noise-sensitive are you?

Whilst a few expert analyses rate the levels of noise generated by the foil and rotary shavers similarly, several users state that the rotary models are somewhat quieter.

How important is a close shave to you?

Generally, the foil shavers would allow you to get the feeling of shaving with a blade. Additionally, the experts would suggest you to shave counter to the course of the hair growth whilst you are utilizing a foil shaver.

Do you find it tough to shave along contours?

The manifold, individually spinning shaving heads present on the rotary model would do a superior job of managing the tough contours such as the neck and chin in comparison to the foil models.

Do you shave using a lotion or cream?

If that is the case, you would require an electric shaver offering both wet/dry capabilities.

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