Top 5 Best Philips Trimmer For Men 2018

Aren’t able to produce the style of beard you want? Here we are reviewing the Top 5 Philips Trimmers in India so that you get the precision and accuracy while trimming your beard making use of the Best Philips Trimmer for Men available in the market both online and offline. 

Top 5 Philips Trimmer for Men reviews 

Philips QG3347-15 Multi Grooming Kit

The Philips QG3347-15 grooming kit comprises of all the shaving and trimming accessories that you might require while grooming your facial hair. You will now be capable of changing your look on daily basis using its full-size trimmer, the mini shaver or the detail trimmer for additional precision.

This water-resilient grooming kit makes sure that you get a hassle-free shaving experience and the cordless utility turns it further convenient to use. It also comprises of a travel pouch for the ones who go out often.

Product Details

Brand                    Philips
Model                   QG3347-15
Cordless Use      35 Minutes
Colour                    Black
Stars Rating        4.3

Pros & Cons

Skin-friendly trimmer blades Take a lot of time to charge
Convenient to use
Offers a whole array of accessories

Philips BT1000-15 1.00 Pro Skin Battery Operated Trimmer

The Philips 1000 series of beard trimmers offers an effective and skin-friendly trimming outcome on daily basis. You may use this Philips trimmer for nearly 2 months exhausting just a pair of batteries.

The razor blades remain very sharp so that they shred the hair pretty neatly, but comprise of the curved blade tips along with combs to avert any sort of irritation. This trimmer offers a 2-year international warranty and they certainly don’t require any oiling.

Product Details

Brand                   Philips
Model                   BT1000-15
Cordless Use      120 Minutes
Colour                   Blue-Black
Stars Rating        4.1

Pros & Cons

Skin-friendly curved blade tips Doesn’t have an inbuilt battery
Very easy to clean
2 years of worldwide warranty

Philips BT9280-15 Waterproof Beard Trimmer

The Philips beard trimmer offers the assurance to produce exact and symmetric beard styles you ever desired to have. The tough to reach ear & nose hair is just a walk in the park. Having the zoom wheel utility, you may just lock the desired length as per your requirement.

It is a twin sided trimmer, which is ideal for both 15 mm and the 32 mm trims and in case you are searching for a 3-day beard on daily basis, then the 0.4mm stubble utility is going to provide you exactky what you want.

Product Details

Brand                    Philips
Model                   BT9280-15
Cordless Use      60 Minutes
Colour                   Black-Silver
Stars Rating        4

Pros & Cons

High-performance blades The trimmer is very expensive
Comes with an LED display
Water-proof utility makes it easier to clean

Philips QT4018 Pro Skin Advanced Trimmer

Do you desire having a beard similar to those celebrities? Purchase the Philips QT4018 so that you may trim your facial hair really fast and produce a really smooth shave.

This innovative and effective beard trimmer allows you to choose the length of hair that you require, so you might provide an anticipated outline to your stubble. So as to attain an optimal trimming outcome, you may lock the chosen setting for hair length.

Product Details

Brand                    Philips
Model                   QT4018-15
Cordless Use      120 Minutes
Colour                   Black-Gray
Stars Rating         4

Pros & Cons

Removable head for easy cleaning No trimming accessories provided
Curved skin-friendly blade tips
Titanium coated blades

Philips BT1005-10 Battery Operated Beard Trimmer

The wide range of Philips trimmer is amazing and offers several innovative features that one would want to have in a trimmer so as to be perfectly groomed and style their facial hair.

The Philips BT1005-10 beard trimmer is skin-friendly and provides an exquisite shave time after time. You may use this trimmer for around two months making use of just one set of batteries. The stainless steel blades in this trimmer are non-scratching to provide more comfort to the user.

Product Details

Brand                    Philips
Model                   BT1005-10
Cordless Use      120 Minutes
Colour                   Black
Stars Rating        4

Pros & Cons

Smooth skin contact with curved blade tips Not suitable for ones having heavy beard
Even trim with contour following comb
Seamless 120 minutes of cordless usage

Top 5 Philips Beard Trimmer Price List

Product Name  Price (in INR)Cordless Use (in Minutes)Buy Now
2,510 35
969 120
7,200 60
2,640 120
1,030 120

Personal Suggestion

These days a lot of people favor trimming above shaving since they like to keep that beard look constantly. This might not be a problem now since we have now provided you the detailed analysis and review of the Top 5 Philips Trimmer in the market. You may choose one of the above described trimmers to get yourself an everyday buddy in the bathroom. In case, some of our users are still dazed about the fact that which trimmer they must buy, then they may go with our personal recommendation.

The Philips Trimmer that we are going to recommend to our users is the Philips QT4018 Pro Skin Advanced Trimmer, since it comprises of all the utilities that a beard trimming enthusiast wants his trimmer to have such as fast charging, longer run-time, handy-grip, precision, and an irritation-free shave.

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