Top 10 Idli Maker To Buy Online in India 2018

If you like to prefer healthy breakfast with a dash of taste then this post is for you.  There is no wonder Idli is one of the healthiest and yummiest breakfast ever. Breakfast is one of the important meals of the day and you must consider what you put in your body. In this world of variety, we’re offered with so many choices that figuring out the top Idli maker for your home. Here’s why we’ve come up top bestselling Idli makers.

Pigeon Stainless Steel 6-Plates Idly Maker

Pigeon needs no introduction in the field of home and kitchen appliances. The brand is known for providing the best service possible to their customers through great quality products. Their idli maker is strong and sturdy in build, comes with a thick gauge for high stability. Since it is rust-proof and hygienic enough it requires less maintenance. It comes with 6-pieces plates and you can make more idlis in less time at one go.


  • Strong and sturdy build
  • Has a thick gauge for high durability
  • Easy to wash and clean after use
  • Induction Compatible
  • Comes with 6-Pieces Idly Plates
  • 6 months brand warranty

Hawkins G05 Mini Idli Stand for Pressure Cooker, 3-Litre

Our next pick is from Hawkins they’ve range of kitchen appliances in the market and has made their name on the value they provide to their customers. This ideal nonstick idly maker is compact in size

And can make easily 16 idlies at one go with the induction base. You can use the same on the gas stoves as well as induction. It is light in weight and weighs less than average. It comes with cool touch handle and equal spaces which make sure even distribution of heat.


  • Can be used for both induction and gas stoves
  • Skid Proof Design, Great Handling
  • All aluminum construction
  • It comes with a Manual and recipe book inside box
  • It is ideal for 3 Liter Pressure Cookers
  • Idli maker is Dishwasher safe

Ideal Nonstick Idly Maker Chubby Small-16 Idlies Induction Base

Our pick is from Ideal. It’s not that famous among users but it has good reviews so far and with a price it comes and features that tags along makes it appealing.  



  • Idli maker includes 4 Non-stick idli plates
  • Can be used for both induction and gas stoves
  • Cool Touch Handle & Knob
  • Equal Spaces Ensures Even Distribution of Heat
  • Skid Proof Design, Great Handling
  • Light Weight and easy to use

Pigeon Stainless Steel Multi Kadai, Blue

Pigeon is one of the best brand available on the list here’s why we picked their best two models. Don’t forget to check out this sturdy and strong idli maker with less to no maintenance. The maker is rust proof and is all hygienic which is why it is less on maintenance. It is made of stainless steel. The product comes with six months warranty.


  • Strong and durable
  • Gas Stovetop Compatible
  • Easy to wash and clean
  • Rustproof and hygienic
  • Package Includes 3-Pieces Idly Plates, 1-Piece Kadai, and 1-Piece Steamer Plate

PRISTINE Stainless Steel Idli Cooker, 21 cm / 4 Plates

Pristine idli maker is one of the best available in the market these days. Its induction is compatible. It is professionally made using high-quality material and heavy gauge stainless steel. The package comes with 1 pc idli cooker and 4 idli plates.

  • Traditional Idli Cooker Set
  • Professionally manufactured using High Quality & Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel
  • Long lasting Stay Cool Riverted Bakelite Handles
  • Package Contents: 1 Pc Idli Cooker (21 cm) and 4 Idli Plates

Vinod Cookware 2 Tier Steamer, 18cm

This idli maker from Vinod is multi-purpose. It can be used as a pot and a steamer. It comes with a vent made from thick material, smooth mirror finish, easy to clean. It comes with 2 tier steamer and is superior quality. The product comes with a 2 years warranty. The package comes with 1 piece pot and one piece steamer with glass lid.


  • Tempered glass lid with steam release
  • Vents made of thick gauge stainless steel for greater durability
  • Smooth mirror finish for lustrous appearance and ease of cleaning
  • Stainless steel hollow handles that stay cool for touch
  • Excellent quality
  • Easy to clean and hygienic stainless steel
  • Color: Silver, Material: Stainless Steel

Royal Sapphire Stainless Steel Steamer with Idli Stand     

This idli maker from Royal Sapphire comes with 3 plates and makes up to 12 idli pieces at one go. Their quality is the most talked about feature. It simple and easy to clean and prevents food from getting burnt.  They also offer idli stand, tong and serving spoon. It conducts heat fast and evenly which ensures even cooking of the food.

  • Excellent quality, easy to clean
  • Facilitates fast cooking
  • Prevents food from getting burnt
  • Get Idli Stand, Tong and Serving Spoon

Diamond Pearl Idli Cooker / Steamer 30 Idlys

This fancy idli maker of Diamond Pearl is ideal and very cost-effective. It is the first ever idli steamer and can make 30 idlies at one go. It means it is good for feeding large number people at one go. The induction cooktop is compatible and is made of heavy gauge stainless steel.

  • First ever idli steamer with 6 plates for making 30 idlies
  • Induction Cooktop Compatible
  • Crafted backlite handles / Steam holes for extra soft Idlies
  • Made of heavy device stainless steel

Prestige Stainless Steel Idli Plates, 5 Litres, Silver                   

Prestige is the oldest and the most reliable brand on the market available. It comes with 5 plates wherein you can easily make 20 delicious idlis at one go. You can use the idli maker with the pressure cooker that’s the appeal of this maker. It is quick, convenient and quite economical. It is simple to use and easy on pocket here’s why anyone can try this product.

  • Prestige 5-plate Stainless steel idli stand makes 20 soft idlis
  • Quick and suitable
  • Versatile and economical
  • Suitable for Prestige popular pressure cooker

Handcuffs Multipurpose Stainless Steel Idli Cooker 

Handcuffs multipurpose idli maker is one the best quality idli maker available in the market today. It comes with 4 idli plates, 2 dhokla plates, and one patra plate. It is made from a stainless steel and is quite durable and can be used for longer period of time.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Simple and easy to clean
  • 4 idli plates, 2 Dhokla Plates, 1 Patra Plate
  • Strong and robust made from Stainless Steel

Top 10 Idli Makers to Buy Online bEST pRICE lIst

All South Indian dishes are healthy and Idli is no exception. It is healthy, nutritious and tasty and ideal breakfast option. You can enjoy Idli's anytime including lunch and dinner. It is very simple and easy to make delicious idlis from the convenience of your home. In this post, we've listed down top 10 best idli makers from all the top bestselling and reputed brands which are reasonably priced and is an absolute must-have for your kitchen.

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