The 10 Dehumidifiers For Home in India 2019 – Complete Buying Guide

During the wet rainy season or as we predominantly say “monsoons” is that time of the year when the moisture or relative humidity in the air is at its peak. In this season, after the rain falls, it generally becomes pretty muggy and really uncomfortable. Apart from that, owing to the increase in the moistness in the air, it upsurges the overall growth of bacteria and viruses that give rise to various diseases. Hence, to keep this dampness away and at bay, we need to have an appliance installed inside our house or office named ‘Dehumidifier’. 

Dehumidifiers are good for homes especially if you live in the locations in humid climates. It helps to save the wall of your home as in case of excessive humidity leads to mold, fungus, and mildew which can severely damage your furniture and clothing. However the excessive moisture in the air creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, viruses and which can also affect your health.

You might be able to find a lot of dehumidifiers on the market both online and offline but choosing the one which will suit your requirements might be a bit tricky. Therefore, we have listed the Best Dehumidifiers for you, which are going to help you come to an easy decision when you want to buy one. All the dehumidifiers that we have reviewed down here are the ones that offer you with the best specification and features.

Best Dehumidifiers in india – reviews

La Ittalia By Renesola LD 10 220W Dehumidifier

This extremely solid dehumidifier is no superior to any of the smaller, less great options. It comes with 2.0 Ltrs with 40 % to 80% humidity control and 10Ldaily water extraction.  This dehumidifier from La Ittalia comes with a defrosting temperature drop down less than 16 C, incessant drain for extra suitability. The product comes with 2 years warranty and is powered by 220 W and offers full-time protection with a sound alarm with an indication when the reservoir is full.

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Why Do We Recommend This

  • 2.0 L Water Tank Capacity, Humidity Control Range: 40 to 80 %
  • Automatic defrosting for temperature drop down less than 16 C, Continuous drain for added convenience
  • Automatic shut-off feature to prevents water from overflowing Water drip protection,
  • Power 220 W
  • Unit will sound an alarm with indication when the water tank is full
  • 2 years of Warranty on product

Bionaire BD20 360-Watt Dehumidifier

Our next best Dehumidifier is from Bionaire with 4.5 L water tank capacity and is ideal for 60Sq m that run on slow setting with around 8Hrs minimum/tank and 20L daily water extraction. The product comes with one year warranty. It comes with a unique oscillation function among 45 to 90 degree and is ideal for 60 Sq m.  It is constantly draining for additional suitability, automatic shut off feature which prevents water from overflowing. It is powered by 360 W and added wheels on the bottom to move the dehumidifier simply.

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Why Do We Recommend This

  • It comes with a LED Display
  • Runs on Slow setting: 8 Hrs Minimum/Tank
  • Oscillating function: between 45 to 90 degrees
  • Humidity control range: 40 to 80 %
  • Ideal for Room Size: 60 Sqm
  • Time control Range: 8 Hrs. on/off
  • Temperature display range: 5-35C

SereneLife – Dehumidifier Compact Thermo Electric 20 Oz 

This fancy dehumidifier from SerenLife is super-efficient in controlling moisture which regulates humidity air dampness which aims to eliminate the fungus. It is ideal for homes as it comes with an automatic power with an empty tank including wall power adapter. It comes with washable and reusable air filter ultra-air filter with LED indicator lights and is an easily removable water tank. 

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Why Do We Recommend This

  • Efficient room moisture control
  • Simple one-switch button activation
  • Built-in ventilation fan for extended air flow
  • Built-in air filtration system
  • Washable & reusable air filter
  • LED indicator lights   

LD 20 Dehumidifier LA Italia By Renesola

Renesola is a reputed brand in the world of dehumidifier which is why we’ve picked their models in this list. This dehumidifier comes with 5.5 L capacity and controls up to 40 to 80% of humidity. It comes with unique features like automatic shut-off, 20L daily water extraction, water full protection and wheel on the bottom. The product comes with 2-year warranty and is powered by 360W.

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Why Do We Recommend This

  • Power 360 W, 5.5 L Capacity
  • 2Years warranty
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Controls 40 to 80% humidity
  • Automatic shut-off feature
  • Sound alarm with indication

Gurin Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier – 1100 Cubic Feet

Our next pick is from Gurin Electric Dehumidifier, comes with Quiet technology, and is a removable 16ox reservoir with indication light and smart auto shut-off feature. It is CE and UL approved and is ideal when it comes to energy consumption. Make your surroundings safe and moisture free with this smart technology and Save yourself from excess humidity conditions that lead to mold, fungus, and mildew.

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Why Do We Recommend This

  • Small Dehumidifier with Whisper Quiet Technology
  • Detachable 16 ox Reservoir with Indicator Light
  • Auto Shut Off Safety Feature when Full
  • Low energy consumption
  • CE and UL Approved 

Homasy® Portable Mini Dehumidifier 22w

This portable mini Dehumidifier from Homasy comes with smart whisper Quiet Air Dryer. It is perfect for a small room with Peltier technology and removes up to 80z water every day from Humid Air.  It is a great home appliance and helps to reduce bacteria from the air. It comes with an intelligent auto-off system and is low on energy consumption and saves up to 20 square meters. It also has intelligent auto-off feature.

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 Why Do We Recommend This

  • Peltier Technology, Quiet Air Dryer
  • Energy-efficient saves up to 40% relative humidity
  • Intelligent auto-off feature
  • Compact and lightweight

Eva-Dry E-333 Dehumidifier

Eva dry is one of the largest and first Astronomy Company in India. Their products are imported from the USA. The pricing includes customs duty, customs charges, local shipping and delivery to your doorstep. This humidifier is energy efficient and requires no electricity to operate. It is ideal for small enclosed spaces Eva-Dry dehumidifier requires no batteries or electricity to operate. It’s not apt for large spaces. It operates without any batteries and comes with five-year warranty and is low on capacity. The product comes with a five-year warranty. The dampness is vented to the air when released, so retain that in mind when picking a space to recharge the unit — out-of-doors or a next to an open window in the big room works well.

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Why Do We Recommend This

  • Five-year warranty
  • Good for small, enclosed spaces
  • Operates without batteries or electricity
  • Very low capacity

SereneLife – Portable Dehumidifier Thermo-Electric 16 Oz

This portable dehumidifier is energy efficient and regulates humidity and dampness which eventually eliminates the fungus. It is compact in size and comes with inbuilt ventilation for extended air flow. It has unique LED indicator lights, automatic power of the system, simple one-switch button activation, and reusable air filter. It is perfect for home and office use.

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Why Do We Recommend This

  • Removes fungus & odors
  • LED indicator lights
  • In-built air filtration system
  • Compact lightweight
  • One switch button activation 

Remington Model 500 Mini-Dehumidifier

It comes with a re-chargeable mini-dehumidifier contains a plastic case covering water fascinating silica gel minerals. It has no moving parts, noise-free, clean, safe and eco-friendly and is the best type for use in small bounded areas of the home such as storerooms. The important point here is that the Remington is advertised for gun safes by an esteemed maker of guns. It appears improbable that Remington would do so if the company assumed that humidity control for guns is essential and that this device is an apt choice for a gun safe.

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Why Do We Recommend This

  • Protects against excessive moisture within 500 cu. ft. of enclosed space
  • No battery or cord needed
  • Works up to 10 years
  • Non-toxic and eco-friendly – child and pet safe

White Westing House Splendid Home Dehumidifier

White Westinghouse is a famous American home appliance brand. Its Splendid Home Dehumidifier is suitable for comparatively larger rooms and therefore is a bit on the exclusive side. It comes with an LCD display with a number of buttons together with for adjustable speed settings.  This 22 liters model with a water tank capacity of 6.5 liters is comparatively superior to most of the other models of dehumidifiers. The nonstop drainage feature makes it appropriate when using the product for extended periods. An extra valuable feature is an auto on/off timer which can be set as essential. The noise produced while in the process is lower than 45 dB, henceforth it can be measured to be almost muted.

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Why Do We Recommend This

  • LCD display
  • 22 L model with 6.5 litres water tank capacity
  • It is suitable for larger rooms up to 220 square feet
  • Nonstop drainage feature
  • It comes with an Auto on/off timer
  • It has less than 45 dB operating noise
  • The product comes with 1-year warranty

A dehumidifier is more or less like a vacuum cleaner as it sucks in air from every corner of your room and takes moisture out and blows back out into the room. The moisture drips down through a collection tank which needs to be emptied on a regular basis. When it comes to removing the moisture that's where it works more like an AC it all gets so much confusing at times. Here's why we've come up with the detailed look of what actually dehumidifier is all about.

Best Dehumidifiers to Buy Online

ProductRoom SizeBuy Now
60 Sq m
60 Sq m
1,100 Cubic Feet
335 Cubic Feet
1100 Cubic Feet
20 Sq m
333 cubic feet
1100 cubic feet
500 cubic feet
220 sq fm

A dehumidifier can completely revamp the damp feeling out of a basement or laundry room and avert a few other sticky situations like moisture levels above 50 % can raise dust mites, mildew, and activating allergies or other severe health problems. Naturally, the damper your space, the more capacity you’ll want in a dehumidifier.

How does a dehumidifier work?

Dehumidifier work in multiple ways one is by a refrigerator which uses cooling air to remove moisture using similar technology to a refrigerator or another option is where they use absorption where the moisture gets absorbed onto a drying material and then it gets removed.

Let's see how it works through Refrigeration

Initially, the moist air gets sucked in through a grill from one side of the machine through an electric fan draws the air inwards. Then warm air is passed through over freezing pipes through which coolant gets pumped and compressed.

As air get cooled down the moisture stored turns back into liquid water and drips down from the pipes. Now the air free from moisture passes through the heating element and warms up to its original temperature.

 Warm air gets blow back into the room through the grill. The present moisture in the air naturally drips down into the tray at the bottom of the machine. A plastic float in the machine rises upward as the collecting tray fills up. When the tray is completely full, the float trips the switch that turns off the fan and indicator light intimating the machine needs to be emptied.

Though a dehumidifier doesn’t cool the air, it makes the air comfortable and decreases humidity.  But then again a dehumidifier does not function well below about 65 degrees F.

A dehumidifier’s fan must have coils to evaporate, and a proper charge of refrigerant and other controls must work for the dehumidifier to work. Likewise, a thermostat controls a heater or AC, a dehumidifier is cycled off and on by a humidistat that measures a room’s moisture.

What are the Features Offered by the Best Dehumidifier?

So as to make sure that the dehumidifier that you purchase comes with all the essential features, you need to keep the below-given features in mind:

Bigger Capacity

The professionals assert that in plenty of circumstances, the best humidifier is going to be the unit offering the largest capacity. This is even true for the minor spaces and more modest moistness difficulties since a bigger capacity humidifier is going to cycle fewer times and has greater condensate gathering containers.

Sufficient Collection Container

In a majority of situations, the bigger the collection container, the less frequently it is going to require being emptied. This might not be as big a concern in case you strategize to drain your dehumidifier incessantly by means of a hose. The sole benefit of a minor container is that it might not be that hefty a load to carry in case the distance amid the sink and dehumidifier is big.

Numerous Fan Speeds

The portable dehumidifiers frequently have no less than 2 fan speeds. The sluggish speeds are normally less noisy as compared to the top speed, but it would draw out the moisture pretty slowly.

Automatic Shut-Down

The automatic shut-down feature is going to deactivate the dehumidifier whilst the gathering canister gets filled, an important feature to avoid flooding.

Automatic Defrost

Whilst the dehumidifier is utilized in the cooler spaces, its coils might frost up, making the equipment unusable. The automatic defrost feature is going to assist in thawing the coils deprived of any manual action.

Full-Container Indicator

Deprived of an indicator light, it might become tough to make sure if your dehumidifier isn't functioning since the container has been filled or if it's as it's amid cycles.

Automatic Restart

During a power failure, the auto-restart feature is going to restart the machine's job as soon as the power is reinstated. This is a really important feature for the people installing a dehumidifier in the region where somebody might not be always available, as the vacation homes, or whilst the dehumidifier is set up in a comparatively unreachable location, for instance inside a constricted crawl region.

Cold Temperature Operation

Relying on where you propose to utilize the dehumidifier, you are going to desire to select a unit that functions efficiently at the lowermost temperatures it is going to be working in. Partial basements and slink spaces, for an example, incline to have lower temperatures when compared with the finished vaults or primary living spaces.


The Energy Star approved dehumidifiers are going to function more proficiently in comparison to the non-Energy Star models. In case you're live in an area with higher levels of humidity and are going to be operating the appliance frequently, the Energy Star-qualified dehumidifiers are going to save your money on the energy bills. Additionally, the local utility corporations from time to time provide a rebate for buying an Energy Star appliance, counting dehumidifiers.

Assured Warranty

The buyer needs to be mindful of the warranty options whilst choosing a dehumidifier. On the whole, the dehumidifiers are going to last for some years, even though malfunctions are likely. As far as the portable dehumidifiers are concerned, the normal warranties on offer are for a period of 1-year, although a few components, like the sealed compressor system, are going to be covered for an extended time.

What are the Things to Know Before Purchasing a Dehumidifier?

Before visiting the market to purchase a dehumidifier, there are a few considerations that you need to make:

How big is your room?

Prior to purchasing a dehumidifier, you are going to require knowing the size of your room in which you want to utilize the dehumidifier. This is principally significant for the crawl spaces, where a few units aren’t going to fit. The dehumidifiers diverge considerably in the area they might efficiently eliminate sufficient moisture from, so select a unit offering adequate coverage, or consider purchasing 2 units.

Would you like to change the dehumidifier’s position?

At times, the customers buy a dehumidifier that they want to shift from one place to the other inside your house. If that’s what you want, the heavier dehumidifiers aren't going to be a good choice. Reflect on the fact that where you would be installing it, whether you are going to require relocating it upstairs or downstairs and whether the unit you're eyeing has been intended to semi-permanently or permanently arranged in a single place. Several, though not every unit, the portable dehumidifiers are equipped with casters that might help in the transportation somewhat easier but on the same level.

What is an appropriate dehumidifier capacity?

The modest answer is to purchase as large a dehumidifier as your budget allows. The larger capacity dehumidifiers might be able to handle a broader range of moisture issues deprived of persistently cycling off and on, which increases the chances of wear and tear and deducts operational lifetime of the appliance.

Can the bucket be kicked?

Whether the gathering container is small or big, and irrespective of how frequently or occasionally you would require emptying it, doing this won’t be an easy task owing to the weight whilst it gets filled and the random splash or spill.

A majority of portable dehumidifiers allow the user to plug in a hose in its place to constantly empty the condensate it gathers into a bottom drain. A few comprise a pump that is going to permit the user to drain the gathered water into a sink or out from the window of the basement — but a few professionals assert that an improved way out is to purchase a top-quality dehumidifier and choose a third-party pump as an alternative. The basement dehumidifiers or the units for the entire house don’t comprise a bucket – the condensate is let out by means of a hose using pumps usually provided by the manufacturer or that might be purchased from third parties.


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