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5 Best Symphony Air Coolers In India (November 2022)

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Indian summers are known for their sweltering, scorching heat no matter in which part you reside. We all are familiar with the extremeness of the weather conditions which is getting worse as every season passes by. When the blazing heat is at its peak, the top desire is to chill out, literally! For those peeps for whom AC is not an option, air coolers come in really handy. They are cost-effective, performance-oriented, and energy-efficient for easily providing a cooling solution. In this post, we will be reviewing the Best Symphony Air Coolers in India!

With blistering, blazing pesky weather conditions, the present need of the hour is an AC, but don’t worry if that’s not what you wish for as you’re not alone. They might not offer the same kind of satisfaction as AC but they’re one-fourth the price and are easy on your pocket. Nowadays, markets are overflown with multiple options to go with and that’s where it gets taxing to select one product that fits the bill on all aspects.

Add a modern, sophisticated statement to your home with this elegantly designed Symphony air cooler.

Editor's Picks: 4 of the Top Symphony Air Coolers In India

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The Best Symphony Air Coolers In India You Can Buy Today

1. Symphony Diet 12T Review

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Add a modern, sophisticated statement to your home with this brushed-chrome Air Cooler. Symphony Diet 12T is an idyllic choice for both indoors and outdoors and is the best symphony cooler in India. The main reason behind it is the cost-effectiveness with such great features. The multi-turning wheels assist a person to steer the blower side conferring to the needs. The Honeycomb media is helpful in creating a spread flow of air. Symphony offers a 12-month warranty on this astonishing product. It offers a capacity of 12-liters with air delivery rating of 1000 cubic meters. The cooling reporting area spreads up to 100 square feet. Three-speed settings ensure that you get the cool waft at the expected flow.

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Why We Recommend It

  • Large 12 Ltr. Tank capacity, High-efficiency honeycomb pads
  • Always allow for Cross-Ventilation in your area/room, else cooler won't work efficiently
  • Manufacturer Warranty, Automatic louvers, consumes only 170 Watts
  • The Dust filter and Mosquito filter keep the harmful insects and toxins at bay
  • High-efficiency honeycomb pads, Air Throw Distance: 30 Ft

2. Symphony Hicool i 31 Ltrs Review

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Now you can enjoy top-quality AC like performance with this premium air cooler. Symphony Hicool I 31 L Air Cooler comes with special castor wheels which are specially provided for offering convenience to the desired place. It comes with additional features including Dura pump technology, empty water tank alarm, and ice tray at the top of the cooler which offers additional cooling. This model also offers system restore function which controls the humidity of the surroundings. It also keeps the place dry and chilling at the same time. It comes with additional honeycomb pads for providing extra cooling where you don’t need to change the pads on a regular basis. It saves a lot of time and energy and provides effective services.

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Why We Recommend It

  • The castor wheels are provided for conveniently moving it to the chosen place
  • The air cooler is a handy, compact and strong which can be placed in a medium sized room for effective cooling.
  • The powerful motor cools the room quickly. Its 37 feet, effective air throws feature lets the air to reach everybody present in the room frequently.
  • It consumes 185 w powers for cooling and 230v, 50 Hz power is mandatory to run the motor efficiently.
  • It comes ABS brake and comes with 3-speed settings, 31 L Tank Capacity

3. Symphony Touch 35 Ltrs Review

Ask experts about the best brands in air coolers, and you certainly won’t miss the name Symphony Touch on the list. And, for the obvious reasons, this model uses Honeycomb cooling media, which comes with special filters to hold water for the air to get past. This model also directs more water to the front parts of the pad where there are better chances for evaporation. This model is quite famous among the users online and for all the right reasons. It offers a variety of attached filters like TiO2 Filter, Antibacterial Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, PM2.5 Wash Filter, Pre-Filter and PU-Filter, which keeps out most contaminants and pathogens, really augmenting the quality of air outputted by the cooler. It is one of the best symphony air coolers in India!

Why We Recommend It

  • The 35 L capacity is ideal for a room size of up to 200 SqFt.
  • This model is known for allowing the cross ventilation in the corners where others coolers are not as effective.
  • It uses i-Pure technology, Digital touchscreen, and Voice assist technology for providing extra cooling
  • It comes with additional high-efficiency honeycomb pads, with the detachable water tank.
  • It functions with round 7 hours timer feature

4. Symphony Sense 50-Litre Air Cooler Review

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When you're longing for fresh cooling air in this sweltering hot Indian weather season nothing fits better than Symphony sense. The best part about this model is that you don’t need to break your bank to buy something as elegant, effective and fancy air cooler like this. It gets the job done affordably and effectively. With a decent 50 L capacity this model is ideal a for a room size up to 200 SqFt.

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Why We Recommend It

  • High-efficiency honeycomb pad, Automatic vertical swing, empty water-tank alarm, Sense control
  • 50 L capacity, cost-effective, ideal for 200 SqFt. Room size.
  • It’s designed in an elegant, effective and fancy model with unique features
  • Always allow for “Cross-Ventilation” in required area/room, else cooler won't work proficiently
  • Manufacturer Warranty, Automatic louvers, consumes only 170 Watts

5. Symphony Jumbo Review

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Adorn your home space with Symphony Jumbo this blistering hot season and save yourself from pesky weather conditions. It is one of the most elegant looking and functional air coolers which provide cooling solutions in no time. This model from Symphony offers system restore function which controls the humidity of the settings. We have reviewed that it does a good job at keeping the place dry and chilling at the same time.

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Why We Recommend It

  • 51 L capacity to offers cooling solutions at every corner of your home space
  • Always allow for Cross-Ventilation in your area/room, else cooler won't work capably
  • Manufacturer Warranty, Automatic louvers, consumes only 185 Watts
  • The Dust filter and Mosquito filter keep the harmful insects and impurities at bay
  • It also offers high-efficiency honeycomb pads, Air Throw Distance: 30 Ft 

What Is An Air Cooler?

To begin with, air coolers are box-like units which consist of internal fans, and come with water soaked pads and a pump to provide effective cooling solutions. It’s very simple to use air coolers. All you need is to fill the same with the appropriate amount of water.

After you switch on the cooler, the hot air from the area is circulated in the cooler and is sent through the water-cooled pads. It eventually lowers the temperature of the air by quite a few degrees before this cool air is blown out into the room.

Types Of Air Coolers

Generally, there are two kinds of air coolers – namely, desert cooler and a room cooler. Both of them work in the same manner, evaporation of water assist the cooling of the surroundings while there are few additional features that set them apart.

Types of Symphony Air Coolers in India!


Desert Cooler

The desert cooler is typically snug outside a window and takes in the air inside out. The fan present in this unit is used in the form of an exhaust. In actuality, it frequently offers better cooling. However, it also necessitates more space, water, and power.

Room Cooler

The room cooler, on the other hand, is less powerful than a desert cooler. This air cooler is placed inside the room on a trolley that can be stirred around.

Our Verdict

If you’re actually looking for cooling unit to help combat the heating issues, then the desert cooler is perfect. On the other hand, if the room is compact and the temperature is not too sweltering, a room cooler will provide the best service. Based on how they operate, there are different kinds of coolers – direct evaporative coolers, indirect evaporative coolers and two-stage evaporative coolers.

Comparison Table


Symphony Air Cooler Buying Guide

Budget Friendliness

The budget is the first thing that comes to your mind before purchasing the appliance. The cost is an important factor and should be given priority as the air coolers usually range from about 2000 to 20000 depending upon the specifications.

Best Symphony Air Coolers - Buying Guide



The air coolers are appliances used by the whole family and should be hence easy to handle – as otherwise, they might not be useful for the whole family. If the controls are too complicated that the older generation have trouble using them, or if it is too heavy and its wheels don't work smoothly, that's a total drag, in more sense than one.


One of the main things desired in any appliance on which you spend your money is the durability of the appliance. The air coolers are usually used during summers and hence it is not practical to get one new cooler each summer. Though weighty air coolers will be tougher to move around, they will be more durable.


Nowadays rooms are compact and hence a bulky huge cooler might not be suitable in your case, so compact coolers are desired. A compact air cooler will save space for other things in the room instead of not ending up sticking out. The sleek coolers with efficient cooling are more desired.

Working Mechanism

You should know how an air cooler works before buying one. Most of the coolers accessible nowadays are evaporative coolers, also famous as swamp coolers or desert coolers. In these air coolers, hot air from the exterior is passed over water. The water takes up the heat from the outside air and it evaporates. Henceforth due to the exchange of heat from the air to water, the temperature level of air declines, making it moderately cooler. This cool air is then directed inside the room. This procedure when repeated continually brings down the total temperature of the room, making it pleasing during a hot sunny day.

The Effectiveness Of Coolers At Various Temperatures

Generally, air coolers work the best in hot and dry weathers. The functionality of the air coolers is subject to the evaporation of water into the air. Henceforth if more water evaporates, the air will be cooler. But there is an edge to the air holding capacity of the atmosphere, so if the air is already humid, it will not be able to hold more water and as a result, the air is not cooled to the extent it would cool in drier climates. Hence higher the humidity, lesser will be the effect of the coolers. These days makers are creating coolers with a feature called ‘Humidity Control' to dazed this downside. There are multiple leading brands such as Bajaj and Symphony manufacture models having superior features for adjusting humidity and can be used in moist coastal regions as well.

Power Consumption, Efficiency, And Other Factors
  1. The power expended by the air coolers is very less as compared to air conditioners. A 1-ton AC would ingest 0.8 units in an hour while an air cooler for the equivalent size of the room would only consume 0.1 units in an hour. Similarly, a 1.5-ton AC would consume about 1.2-1.3 units in an hour whereas an air cooler for equivalent size of the room would only consume 0.12 units in an hour. Higher energy consumption translates to higher electricity bills. Hence along with being eco-friendly, coolers are also easy on the pocket!
  2. Apart from climate facet, even the cooling pads used add to the competence. They use multiple patterns – namely, aspen and honeycomb. The major difference between both patterns is the size of absorbing water and simplifying the passage of air through it. Aspen pads are about 75% effectual as compared to honeycomb pads that are around 85% competent.

For any air cooler to work proficiently, it is very significant to use a cooler having apt size as per the size of the room for effective cooling. Another factor is the sizing of the cooler which is determined by the CFM unit. This unit is also used to measure the air flow. The higher the CFM is, the more the fan is affecting air into the room. There is an easy calculation that will help you find the apt size of the air cooler you look for.

This was the whole Cooler Buying Guide that you had to look at to know which cooler is the perfect choice for you!

Air Cooler Vs Air Conditioner

You have been given the buying guide of an air cooler and all the types you need to know, but when this scorching heat is sweating you out, the first thought is always to get the air conditioner or an air cooler. While the air cooler would be budget-friendly, AC is more inclined on the luxurious side, leading you to get stuck in a perplexed state of what to buy. We are here to assist you with that.

  1. Functioning

While the purpose of both the air cooler and air conditioner is the same, they both function in a different way. You can fill the air coolers with warm or normal water, which then passes through the wet absorbent pads to cool the air. There is a storage space in the air cooler for filling it with water to a limited capacity. This water is then passed further. Air conditioners, on the other hand, use a chemical coolant for conditioning the air and changing the temperature. Air cooler helps in cooling the air to some extent while the air conditioners, as it is in their name, condition the air so there can be the facilities for manual changes of temperature and humidity. 

  1. Installation

Both of them have a vast difference in the way they are installed. An air cooler can be placed at any place in the room or an office and all you will need is a power outlet. If that’s not simple enough, there are also ultra-portable air coolers having a 1-liter capacity that can be placed on a desk or a table. An air conditioner has special requirements. It cannot be moved like an air cooler. A wall or a window is needed to install it and once it is installed, you cannot change the place until you unmount the entire unit, disassemble and then take it any other place. Air conditioners cannot be carried with you like air coolers and thus need some extra work.

  1. Environmental Effect

Air coolers pass the hot air through the vents to cool it whereas air conditioners use CFL that can negatively impact the environment. Hot air is compressed and released outdoors in the open space, leading them to be less eco-friendly than air coolers. 

  1. Maintenance

Once an air conditioner is fit, it does not require much maintenance other than timely supervision. On the other hand, the air cooler requires to be filled every day with water so it can pass the cool air. 

  1. Power Consumption

Here is where the difference is seen. Air conditioners can consume a significant amount of power while the air coolers are much more efficient in this section. 

  1. Price

Most of the things come down to the price of the product, don’t they? In this case, you will find yourself in the same state as the difference is quite apparent and understandable. You can get the air coolers very well under your budget while if you opt for air conditioners, you would have to loosen your pockets a bit more. 

Personal Recommendation

I hope with the post above now it’s easy for you to choose the Best Symphony Air Cooler for your home and still, if you’re confused or looking for the second opinion, then go with this one:

[amazon box=”B00IYD493O” template=”list”]

Upon reviewing this product, we felt this has everything you need out of an air cooler and more. make the product a total value for money. Mark our words you'll not regret buying this Air Cooler ever. This unique part about this model is a honeycomb pad that offers effective cooling solutions and at the same time saves your valuable time and energy as you don’t need to water the cooling pads on a regular basis. If you couldn't find what you were looking for, check out the Bajaj Air Coolers or Kenstar Air Coolers!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the need of buying an air cooler if you already own an AC?

An air cooler is portable, and so you can drag it any place you want: right in front of you to get direct cool air, bring it with you in the kitchen area or the balcony.

2. Are air coolers bad for health?

No, an air cooler simply cools the air. It is of course bad for your health especially if you have a fever or you get your face exposed to it for a prolonged time.

3. Are air coolers power saving?

Yes, they consume much less power (80-90%) than an air conditioner.

Q. Which is the best, AC or air cooler?

Both have their benefits. While an air cooler is much cheaper, it does require timely maintenance and filling up from time to time. If you are ready to pay a good bunch of money, you can go for AC, otherwise, the air cooler is perfectly fine. 

Q.  Is an air cooler worth buying?

 Air coolers are worth it. You can get them for a song and they would still work well. However, it might not perform up to its level in the humid environment

Q. Which air cooler is the best for a small room?

Tower air coolers have a capacity of 15 to 30 liters and they can be placed in the corner. They are ideal for a small room and the best one in these would be Symphony Diet 12T.

Q. Where should I place my air cooler?

 Air cooler is of no use if you do not place it near windows. Air cooler near windows helps to throw the humidity out of the windows for cooling the room.

Q. Which air cooler is the best for a humid climate?

Room or tower air coolers are an ideal choice if there is a humid environment. These air coolers use blowers instead of a fan to circulate the cool air. All the models of Symphony have such coolers. 


Symphony is a renowned brand in the realm of air coolers and none of the above air coolers would disappoint you. Make sure you go through the features and contents well so you can buy as per your needs. Their prices won’t disappoint you as well and you can tackle the summer season well enough. 

If there is scorching heat and summer doesn't suit you quite well, you can go for Symphony Sense 50 Ltrs as it is the Top Symphony Air Cooler for such times in India and would give you much more than cooling. The huge capacity of 50 liters is what makes it a grab as there is no need to maintain it on a day to day basis. 

You would be able to find one as per your desired specifications as well. Everything has its pros and cons so we would advise you to spend wisely.

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